Soprano Charlotte Hoather 🌹 An Art Gowns Interview

Welcome Charlotte!

You are my only fave soprano, ever! Thank you so much for this interview! Just so everyone knows, I put my questions/voice in regular type. I put Charlotte’s answers/voice  in italics. So, let’s get rolling!

Resa: – Charlotte, have you ever worn an expensive costume, and spilled something on it, torn it or otherwise perhaps even ruined it?

Charlotte: I can remember two occasions with costumes/dresses that I was performing in that I owned. However, stage costume wise no mishaps happily. Touch wood! I’m always really careful.

I was at Edvard Grieg’s house in Troldhaugen, Norway. I was about to perform in the composer’s home. It’s a converted living museum, with his original piano and lots of important antiques around. It has a beautiful concert hall.

In the green room in the basement of the house, I was with the other singers from the workshop. Another person had just made herself a fresh hot red berry tea. She spun around and spilt it down my tight-fitting, gold sequin  evening dress. She was horrified and pregnant, so I spent a minute telling her it was fine.

The boiling hot liquid was all over the tops of my thighs in a huge red berry puddle. When I felt the heat, I ran to the toilet. The dress’s tight fit made the dress cling, and taking it off was a nightmare. I ripped it off over my head and quickly, with everyone’s help, put cold water on my thighs. They rescheduled my songs till later in the programme. I washed the liquid out under the tap and tried to dry it as best I could. It was the only performance dress I had with me, so just before the performance I put it back on. It was like a wet suit, but I wasn’t not going to perform or sing in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I still have the dress. The dry cleaners managed to get the stain out.

The other costume mishap was at the Llangollen Eisteddfod last year. I was going to be performing with the World-renowned tenor Rolando Villazon and was very excited about it. I’d always wanted a Sherri Hill dress, and this was a perfect excuse to invest in a beautiful ball gown stage dress. I was so excited about wearing it. It was a princess line, in pale lilac satin. I’d bought a new strong roll-on deodorant; one of those that last 48 hours. I put my deodorant on, then put my dress on. I normally put my shoes on first, and step into a dress like this carefully. But this deodorant was still wet. I leant forward to tie my shoe buckles, and I then had two perfect wet circles on the front skirt of the dress with no time to do anything about it.
Perhaps I should be more careful with gowns I own!

Resa: Speaking of gowns, I only wish I could have been around to supply you with Balcony Gowns, during the lockdown. I watched and listened to ALL of your balcony performances with George. I’m thrilled that “Je Veux Vivre” will be among the songs on your upcoming CD!

Resa: Have you ever had to wear a costume that fit you like….umm… a ship? Did it affect your vocal performance, or your acting performance?

Charlotte: So far, I’ve worn everything without complaint. The worst for me are shoes that are uncomfortable because most costume people will just adjust wrong fitting items.

I do remember two awkward costumes, but they were from my childhood. I had a costume as ‘Pumba’ in the Lion King. In order to give me more girth, the costume department attached a hula hoop to my trousers. It was fun, and the costume was light. However, it did impact on my spacial awareness. I had to be careful not to bump into the other dancers, and it was awkward to roll around in.

The next one was when I performed as King Louis, from The Jungle Book. The costume department wanted to elongate my arms so they attached mop poles within my costume arms. At the end of the poles, they attached huge purple hands. The costumers put orange/red fur sleeves over my arms and hands, to disguise the added length. I had to make orangutan gestures with those arms. It was really fun, but challenging.  I took care not to hit anyone else. Yet, there was a hood that came over my eyes, which made taking care more difficult 😊. I’d love to do something like that again in an opera.

Resa: Oh, Charlotte! thank you so much for sending in these photos of when you were that cute Orangutan! Everyone will love how cute you are in the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Resa:  As an Opera Soprano, who are your 3 fave female Rock Singers (living or not)? What song from each would you like to sing?

Charlotte: Annie Lennox –  I love her views on singing. She really believes “Singing a song is one thing, but expressing a song is another. It’s deep. There is magic, an alchemic quality. Everyone should feel free to sing. Singing is uplifting and freeing of your spirit. There are no rules”. I’m not sure which song I could manage because I think she’s a contralto/mezzo but I love ‘Walking on Broken Glass’.

I grew up listening to female singers like Blondie [Heart of Glass or Call Me].  Is Kate Bush considered rock? Some of her tracks sound it to me; perhaps Babooshka. Gwen Stefani I loved her songs in No Doubt like Don’t Speak.

Resa: I’d say Kate is in an Art Rock category. She really is an independent artist.

Resa: I’d love to see you and George do a set of Rock Classics – Any songs between 1968 – 1998! What songs would your set include?

Female rock singers I like are usually in the mezzo-soprano middle voice range. Maybe one of Taylor Swifts songs, a Bjork song or Evanescence’s Wake me Up Inside. My Dad loves Queen so something adapted from them maybe. Are Prince, Alicia Keys and Blondie considered rock? Perhaps you could give me some suggestions Resa, I asked my Mum and she said perhaps something by Stevie Nicks.

Resa: Those all sound like great options. Yes, Prince, Alicia Keys and Blondie are all in rock categories. I would love to hear you do a Stevie Nicks song! Of course Freddie Mercury had a great set of pipes, and you are a very colourful singer. I’m sure something could be adapted for you. Just thinking about it gives me shivers!

Resa: Who is your fave male Opera Singer? Which would you pick to do a duet with?

Charlotte: My favourite is tricky. I really enjoyed singing with Rolando Villazon. I also like listening to Joseph Calleja. I met Piotr Beczala, and he was just lovely and friendly. All of them, anybody! I’ve had some great male singers in all my performances.

Resa: Would you ever do a Rock Opera; say the role of Nora played by Anne Margaret in “Tommy” by the Who, or how about Janet Vice in the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”?

Charlotte: Definitely. I absolutely love being on the stage and I like trying out different genres it keeps me on my toes. I was a dancer in The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was younger so I know Janet’s songs inside out and would love to do it. I’ve never heard of The Who’s rock opera but I’ll have a listen now, yes, bring it on.

Resa: Charlotte and I began this journey over a year ago. I began by drawing her face, to get a feel.

Resa: I needed to loosen up, so binge listened to Weber  -Kommt Ein Schlanker Bursch Gengangen and did Crazy Free Art to Music. The abstract of Charlotte’s face, below the video, was the result.

Resa: I did some gown sketches, and asked Charlotte what operas they might be appropriate for. I tried so hard to do my best drawings, that they came out stiff/out of proportion. Although I quite like all of the designs, this is the only one I still like the drawing of. I will redo the others.

Charlotte: The white dress reminds me of wedding dresses, so Suzanna in ‘La Nozze di Figaro’ or Zerlina in Don Giovanni, or Elvira in the mad scene in ‘il Puritani’. Another new aria I’ve learned is Qui La Voce.

Resa: Here’s another design I did for Charlotte, during the loosening up period. She adores the colours!





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✨ Charlotte and George’s Album! Songs From our Balcony” is now available on above links!✨

Drawings by & © Resa McConaghy – 2019 – 2020

95 thoughts on “Soprano Charlotte Hoather 🌹 An Art Gowns Interview

  1. Oh, Resa what a beautiful beautiful interview of/with lovely Charlotte! Been following her for sometime and her voice is amazing! I love all your drawings of her… ALL!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers to both extra talented girls!
    Many hugs and xoxoxoxo
    ps that hot red berry tea, yikes!!!!!!

    1. I’m thrilled to have been given this interview opportunity. As you know, I never liked any classic music. Then I heard Charlotte in blogland. Suddenly, I liked the Soprano voice – Opera, or else wise. She’s done some fab renditions of some very moving songs.
      Then I met Oannes, through you. Finally, I was open to listening to all classic music.
      Okay, I still have trouble with Faust, but we all can’t like everything all the time.
      This last 2 years has been a music education for me. LOL…. and I live with a composer.
      Thank you for your kind words on my drawings. This is another thing over the last 2 years. My drawing skills have improved, a lot. I am in heaven drawing all of my “Gowntoons” characters. That all began with Holly.
      OH!!! Charlotte is now going to be Lala LaSwirl. RR will have something to say! Lots of fun coming up!

      1. Here’s to creativity, my dearest friend!!!!! I also learn from you and I’m in awe of your amazing Art Gowns and now drawings…. and very very proud and grateful for knowing you!!!!
        Many hugs and love and
        Woof wooooooooooof!!!!!

    2. Thank you marina you are too kind, I really enjoyed Resa’s excellent questions, I’ve never really thought about the Rock category before and it really made me think. Resa is so talented and generous I would love to wear her gowns in a concert. Let’s hope so one day 🙂 hugs to you xx
      Best wishes Charlotte

  2. Timothy Price

    What a wonderful interview. Charlotte told some great gown stories. That would be really fun to listen to Charlotte’s interpretation of any of the rock artists mentioned. I wonder if she would be into trying a parody? I’m surprised, but then I shouldn’t be, that Charlotte has not heard of Tommy by the Who. She’s a lot younger than we are. Your drawings are so much fun. You really capture the essence of Charlotte.

    1. Tim,
      Thank you! Doing this interview is very special to me. Charlotte opened my ears, with her phenomenal voice, and her fabulous performances. Somehow, when I watch her sing, I hear better.
      Her gown stories are precious. Wasn’t she cute as button as a kid? I feel very honoured to be allowed the photos for this post.
      Doing this post… the drawings… the questions and answers… everything is a joy, a reward and something I will always remember. Charlotte has a brilliant future.
      Tommy, well yes, released in ’69 but more of a 70’s thing, the movie coming out in ’75. Still, it never reached the fandom of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
      Thank you for this lovely comment!

      1. Timothy Price

        Charlotte was adorable as a child and she’s adorable as an adult. Rocky Horror really struck a cord with bringing out all the taboos pent up in people. I remember seeing it as a teen. It was so weird and cool and such great music. I saw the Tommy movie not long after it came out. I loved the album. I believe Tristan still has it in my vinyl collection I gave her.

    2. Thank you Timothy, Resa has been very generous designing her lovely gowns for me, I am thrilled to see how she has put this fabulous post together, I am inspired to do a reversal interview. I was in the show ‘We Will Rock You’’ we sang a few Queen songs like Radio GaGa my Dad loves Queen so Who Wants to Live Forever might be an interesting cover.

      Best wishes to you,

  3. This was a FABULOUS interview, Charlotte and Resa, I read it through twice and will come back for a third and fourth time. Resa – brilliant questions that brought out so many wonderful memories. Charlotte – your voice is superb and I am thrilled that I have been introduced to your music. I am looking forward to following you on Youtube. You reminded me of the Vincent Van Gogh quotes: “In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism, skepticism and humbug, and we shall want to live more musically.” Thank you to you both for making my day pure sunshine! (We have had a week of rain and another one coming so thank you)

    1. Dear Rebecca,

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment. What a fab quote from Vincent Van Gogh. I’m thrilled that I’ve introduced you to Charlotte. Wonderful that you are following her on Youtube.
      Charlotte is going to blow your mind with her singing!

    2. I listened to your wonderful spoken interview with Klaus about colour he is fascinating and you are excellent at spoken interviews. Resa asked me unique questions which was great and she made me think because Rock isn’t a genre I have focused on even though I was exposed to when at home.

      Great quote that I will remember – I spend a lot of time in my music world 🎶. Thank you for reading and your lovely message.
      Best wishes

  4. Dear Resa and Charlotte, this is delightful. I’m a huge fan of yours Charlotte, I’ve been following your concerts online for sometime and always awed by your amazing talent. Your recent balcony performances are not only thrillingly beautiful but so generous,I’m sure your neighbors adore you and your gifted fiancé. Your adventures with your costume/ ball gowns are fun to look back on ,I’m sure some were distressing at the time but you are a trooper and professional all the way.
    Resa, you know how awed I am by your art gowns and I feel these are gorgeous and you have done justice to Charlotte’s beauty. Wonderful interview. I will go back and read again for fun. Thanks to both of you for an awesome post. I think you’re idea that Charlotte sing a bit of R &R is fabulous, can’t imagine how fantastic that would be. Sending love to you both. ❤️

    1. Dearest AGM Holly, RR, PBH & Boogapony,

      This is such a lovely comment!
      I agree, Charlotte is a fantastic talent! She is fabulous to share her memories and thoughts with us. The balcony performances are all very special. I suppose I could say that these performances are 1 good thing (so far) that came out of a lockdown. They could become classics, one day. I’m sure her neighbours adore Charlotte, and her gifted fiancé, George.
      I know she admires your poetry. I admire the both of you!
      Thank you for your wonderful assessment of my drawings. I do think I have gotten a lot better, and a lot of that has to do with you.
      SO… Charlotte will be playing the role of Lala LaSwirl! This should be a lot of fun!!!!!
      I adore Charlotte and you!
      Sending all my love,

      1. I couldn’t agree more, their balcony performances were incredible and it’s hard to imagine a more generous gift at such a difficult time. I admire them so much.
        And you my dear, you bring joy and a smile on even the darkest days. You are a shining light and so amazingly gifted that I am often left speechless! But I won’t be …cause you deserve more praise than I can begin to give. Thanks for sharing your talents and your warm heart and bringing us all together.
        Do hound…Er …. convince dear Charlotte to sing for us.
        Love you to the moon. xoxoxo

        1. Love you to the moon, too!
          Smiles would be a fab middle name, and you are the sweetest, and as PBH the toughest, as Boogapony the coolest and as RR the Torchiest. Just don’t burn 🔥 the house down! 😉
          Yeah, Charlotte and George gave a lot to their close community, and the virtual community with their balcony music.
          Art really does make life better, be it music, painting, sculpting, writing, etc.
          I must find positivity and beauty and glamour somewhere in our lives.
          Hey, have you seen Charlotte’s new blog theme? Gorgeous or what? Okay.. rich!
          I’m inspired to glamorize Art Gowns with a new theme.
          I know Charlotte will be singing to & for us all for a long time to come.
          Adore you!

    2. Thank you Holly, I just wish I had a half of your way with words 🤩 I am a big fan. Resa asked me very thoughtful questions, I love dressing up and if Resa was closer I’d be begging to borrow her gorgeous real gowns.🌹

      best wishes Charlottte 💞

      1. You’re amazing Charlotte , so incredibly gifted. If I were turned loose in Resa’s gown closet it would be a dream come true. (Even if I have no where to wear them I’d be spending a lot of time in front of the mirror!) Lots of love💗

          1. Omg! I would be so into that triple mirror. And those gowns. Lol. I love Kathleen Turner , she was so brilliant in War if The Roses , a favorite flick of mine and in Peggy Sue got married. Did you design for her my dear gifted friend? I’m star struck 🤩

            1. No, I did some sewing for her. It was in my very early days, in film. Yes, I had done a lot of commercials, and budget films, but I wanted to move into bigger leagues. So, I joined IA, and was very low on the totem pole. Nonetheless I was getting exposed to big stars, because I could sew, AMAZING! The movie was “Switching Channels” with Kathleen, Burt Reynolds and Christopher Reeve (before his sad accident). I’ll have to tell your the whole tale in private. Let’s just say, Kathleen liked my work.
              I did a lot of sewing in those early days. I actually did a lot of personal sewing for Bette Midler when she was in town filming “Stella Dallas”. I would hang out in her trailer with her. She let me eat fruits off of her fruit platter with her. Theodora Van Runkle was the Costume Designer. She won 3 Oscars… oddly enough 1 was for “Peggy Sue Got Married” the other 2 were for “The Godfather – part II, and “Bonnie and Clyde”.
              I would hang out with her in her Design room when Bette was on set. She really liked me, a lot!
              She painted a picture of me. She titled it something like…Resa Storm Cloud.. Resa…Cloud Something? LOL! What a fab career I’ve had! Your awakening of early memories in me enforce how fortunate I’ve been! Thank you, my dear! xxxxxxxooooooo

              1. Your with your absolutely incredible personality and gorgeousness are a bees to honey combination and what do you know? You’re fabulously talented as well. What a winning trinity. You have and had a delightful life and I’m wishing you years and years of the best filled with joy and fun even when we are old and wearing a raspberry beret with green stockings and blue hair! Cheers my dear one 🥂! You have to tell me about Kathleen that’s for sure xoxo

    1. Janet, you are so very welcome.
      Charlotte and I have been working on this for awhile, and it’s great to see the interview completed.
      Drawing gowns for Charlotte is lots of fun!

      1. De rien. Charlotte is earsight to the deaf. So talented, so shining. She wants to conquer the world. And she will. And you, my dear, are unique.
        Oh, I heard Toronto ois going into lockdown? You gonna be all right?

  5. How wonderful to see Charlotte here getting the treatment by your amazingly talented self Resa. Two amazing ladies in one blog. I love Charlotte’s voice She sings with such joy and passion and her balcony concerts were a joy.

  6. Dearest Sorceress… I don’t know what part I like best! Your drawings are fantastic, Charlotte is sublime, the interview enlightening and both of you so generous in sharing with us.

  7. What a fun interview. Charlotte is a consummate professional judging by those dress challenges. I especially loved the balcony performance. That just warmed my heart. A beautiful person and beautiful voice. Gorgeous gowns for Charlotte too, Resa. Hopefully no one will spill boiling tea on them!

  8. Wowowow her voice is exquisite! I love that she has done balcony performances. I wish she lived in our condo complex 😉 Thanks for introducing me to Charlotte and telling us the great stories via interview xo

    1. I adore her blog, and all of the music she shares on it. She is my fave Soprano!
      Christy, I’m very happy you got to meet her here, and enjoyed the interview! xo

  9. Oh, Resa, this interview is absolutely wonderful! I’ve followed Charlotte for many years now and love the balcony performances of her and George. They’re such a cute couple and she has an incredible soprano voice. Your drawings and gowns are perfectly gorgeous, too, and so lovely that you both could team up in this fabulous way. Thank you for sharing both talents of you girls! 💓💓💓

    1. Thank you so very much, Lauren!
      They are a cute couple. Charlotte is a huge talent. So is George. I wish them the best in their future career & marriage!
      It’s lot of fun doing drawings of gowns for her! So glad you got to see this post!

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    1. Thank you, Clare! Charlotte is a huge talent, and a very sweet person. I’m feeling very fortunate to have had this opportunity to interview her.
      Charlotte said, when I inquired about doing an interview, “ask me some kooky questions.”
      It was lots of fun! ❤

  11. Most interesting interview with Charlotte Hoather.🌹she is looking most charming and beautiful in the gowns designed by are really an unique gown maker,dear Resa💖💖💖

    1. Thank you my dear Aruna!
      Not many can sing like Charlotte. So, to design gowns for such a talent is an honour.
      I’m so happy you like my work, and it is always a joy to see you here. xoxoxo

  12. What a beautiful conversation you both had.. Thank you Resa for sharing…

    Loved learning more about Charlotte and her gowns and stories of them.. What a beautiful voice you have Charlotte, and I hope it is not too long before the world comes to its senses and allows the entertainment industry back to bring joy into our world..
    Love and Hugs to you both..
    ❤ 💖💙❤💜

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