A Bouquet of Holly

Holly, as Rene Rosso; drawn to 3 hours of Janis Joplin.

Good evening! Welcome to A Bouquet of Holly. I’m AGM Marina, your host for this Art Gowns Special.

It all began when Resa wanted to say Thank you to Holly for posting a Cheetah Girls video. Click on the pic of my new gown (above) and visit the post!

Resa (One-Eye) is ever thankful to Holly – House of Heart for all the inspiration over the years, and quite frankly it’s about time that a gala event was held in her honour.

Yes, Resa wrote that poem, for Holly. Not quite the same as a Holly poem, but still delivers a heartfelt message.

When I was asked to host, I immediately thought of two gifts, two paintings for Holly.

“One for the ocean during sunset or dawn [Holly time 🥰]
Atom Sea No18 Watercolour”
We will get into my second gift shortly, but first I’d like to share some of the gowns of Rene Rosso. Resa loves to draw this talented, sexy and gown wearing Diva of a Torch Singer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ahh, such beauty, however let me back up to the beginning of all this gluttony of drawing. One day Holly & Resa were cutting up in the comments on GLAM, Resa’s street art blog. They came up with some idea that there should be Go-Go dancers to dance in front of street art found in the alleys.

Boogapony Holly was born. 

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Then there was a Free Comic Book Day on Resa’s street. Within an hour of attending the event, she found Marvel super hero art on a wall. A post was made out of that. Again in comments, Holly and Resa came up with Princess Blue Holly.

You know some heroes were raised by wolves, or born of a lab accident. Our Blue Holly was abandoned in a patch of holly, and raised by the plant. I jest not here! Blue Princess Holly is a real plant.

A beautiful member of the popular Blue Holly series, Blue Princess (Ilex x meservae) is a female plant that produces tiny flowers and knockout red berries. 

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After Princess Blue Holly, came the Art Gowns Models, which led into adventures where Princess Blue Holly could be her super hero self. Here is Art gowns Model Holly in her Gown Of Wildflowers.
Here is AGM Holly’s sister Chicklet, Wildflower © Georgiann Carlson
As we near the end of “A Bouquet of Holly”, I’d like to present my second gift to her.
I think of her standing in the middle of an ocean painting the sea with her passionate words.
In Limbo – Cinnabar
Rene Rosso was invented to be Princess Blue Holly’s alter ego in real life.
Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even gave PBH & RR a special Tangle-Heart tree to guide them. Hyperion brought in his Dragons to aid Blue Holly.
Soon after, Rene Rosso hired Rebecca Budd to Art Direct all of her shows with the Art Gowns Models. Insider tip: a new character will appear in the next adventure of PBH & the Art Gowns Models!
It’s been a whirlwind of drawing, and it all began simply as some fun between Holly and Resa.
Holly, Resa has asked me to make sure this song is dedicated to you!

Rene Rosso, Princess Blue Holly, and Boogapony Holly © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter.
January 2018 – present February 2021

216 thoughts on “A Bouquet of Holly

    1. AGM Shey!

      I am so very thrilled to have an Art Gowns Model up first in comments.
      This is my first Bouquet of Holly, and you are right. Bouquets of Holly are the best.
      You know, AGMs should be wary?
      xxxxxxxx thank you xxxxxxxxxxx

  1. I LOVE this post, Resa! You know how to celebrate life, friendship, adventures, challenges, victories – all of which are energized by glamour and elegance. I will be back to read all the comments. Holly is a brilliant poet!!! I know she will be thrilled with your poem, which came from the heart. I am so glad that you chose me for the Art Director. Wearing palazzo pants as I write this comment!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Rebecca!
      I have a lot of fun with these posts. Whether a tribute, one of my ongoing PBH stories or a new Art Gown, (which is coming soon), it’s all somehow keeping me sane.
      Holly is definitely an amazing poet. She is also kind hearted & a whole lotta fun!
      In 3 years we have managed to create a fun and adventurous world, a world in which the Art Director wears palazzo pants! {{hugs}}

  2. Great post, Resa, Holly and guest author/artist Marina! Love all of the drawings, though I have to admit, I read “Rene Russo” at first… Why does Holly masquerade as the actress? Oh! :”Rosso”, not “Russo”! Never mind…

    1. Thank you, Trent! We had a lot of fun with this.
      Yeah… Easy to make that mistake Rosso/Russo.
      We came up with the name – Rene – Holly’s middle name … Rosso – for her red hair.
      The back stories are coming out!

  3. Dearest Resa, you brilliant super nova, how do I thank you for all the fun and the awesome friendship that we share. This, completely unexpected, blows me away. I teared up when I listened to this gorgeous song, It really brought back some far off memories. Thank you so much, I adore you dearest friend! Life wouldn’t be the same without you! Your poem went straight to my heart.
    Marina, you are so sweet, absolutely beautiful and wonderful and to have such a lovely friend is such a huge blessing and joy. You are such a gifted artist and I love the painting you have chosen for me. I would hang it on my best wall. xoxo
    Rebecca, you are astounding, you are the light that shines ever bright. You are so appreciated. Without Hyperion and Tim’s Tangle Heart Tree the AGM’s might have been lost in the deep but they are always there.
    Thank you again my dear friend and co-conspirator. It’s so much fun!
    Love you all.

    1. Dearest Holly,

      Love that the poem touched you!
      We are having a wonderful moment to appreciate each other and our pals. Why not? We’ve been having a lot of fun.
      Drawing all of our characters has been a huge boon to me. I see how my work has improved, and branched out.
      Thing is, you were my inspiration & co-conspirator that started it all. We’ve created a world.

      Marina is a doll to host this Art Gowns Special. She got 2 new gowns to keep, had it put into her contract She said learned about keeping the gowns from RR. Love the paintings she chose for you! They’re simply mahvelous, dahling, mahvelous!

      Dragon, Tangle-Heart & Art Director are the trifecta.

      Love you to pieces meeces! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

        1. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

            1. That’s what I love about us… we never get caught up using too, many emoji!

              1. Ha! I’ve resisted late night baking but it’s seldom more that a few days go by without me in there baking cookies. Bill is the same, never gains a pound. He’s from a long line Of never needing to diet folks. Bastard. ☕️🍪

        1. Have you noticed, Holly, that serendipity brings kindred spirits together so that the art that is created draws more kindred spirits. We are not alone, we are together. Sending hugs!

      1. We both love “Suzanne “. The most beautiful lyrics , “ tea and oranges that come all the way from China” and “children in the morning “… she is wearing rags and feathers “. Soooo beautiful!

  4. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    Dearest Resa, you brilliant super nova, how do I thank you for all the fun and the awesome friendship that we share. This, completely unexpected, blows me away. Thank you my friend and favorite co-conspirator! You are Awesome ❤️

              1. I don’t have any! I see here and now that what I really need is rear plumage. Let me work on that! 💃🕺🎶🤸🏿‍♀️
                Googling – where to buy feather seeds!

  5. Timothy Price

    What a beautiful post for Holly who is sweet, gorgeous and such a wonderful poet. Lovely drawings in her gowns, wonderful art by Marina, the Tangle Heart Tree, and Rebecca directing. A perfect post for a well deserving and beautiful Holly.

    1. Tim!
      This was a lot of heart felt fun for me.
      It’s amazing what has grown out of our years connecting. Agree! Holly is well deserving and beautiful.

    1. Frank!
      Thank you, and I have the best models ever!
      You’ve heard of super models?
      I’ve got THE models.
      Marina’s art is very special. S grateful to have it in this post.

    1. Thank you, Janet. Drawing has become addictive. It keeps me sane.
      I adore Suzanne! It does bring back memories. Still, I have never stopped listening to it.
      Hope you are enjoying the warmth!

      1. I am, although I’m unhappy to have missed my opportunity to get up in the mountains and see some snow. It’s all melted now. 😦 That being said, I’ve been enjoying sitting outside to read.

    1. Thank you dear Thunder aka AGM Dale!
      It’s kinda crazy, but what started out a lark, drawing Boogapny Holly, has mushroomed into this fun world. A big bonus for me is that I am drawing better than ever.
      Can hardly wait for you to see AGM Dale’s next gown. I’m about 1/2 way through the drawing.

      1. Your lark turned into something fabulous. And truly, your drawing is outstanding. These last ones are spectacular, truly.
        Oooh! I can’t wait to see them all! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Cindy!
      I salute you back! You share a lot of beauty with us. I’m sure you miss travelling. Never mind! Keep taking pics of all those birds in the Holler!

  6. Ohh, how I wish I were here when this came up! Time difference argh…….
    Resa, my dearest friend, It’s an honor being a small part of this PERFECT dedication to sweet Holly!!!! Your Art Gowns ROCK and I love your wonderful poem to Holly.
    Rebecca, Gigi [ah that gorgeous Chicklet, Wildflower!], Tim, ah…
    Such a moving post…
    Holly: Here’s looking at you kid! Keep inspiring us! I can really picture you painting an ocean with your passionate words. ❤️ Love you to the Moon!
    …and Resa, you’ve made me a Resa Art Gown & Art Gown drawings addict [well long ago!]! I can’t have enough!
    I adore ALL that you do and ALL that you are!
    L O V E !!!!!!!!!

    1. No worries! ❤
      You are here now. We are 7 hours apart.
      Marina, thank you so much for hosting this tribute to Holly. The paintings are wonderful.
      It was a lot of fun doing the drawings. And now, I've got 5 out of 10 done for the next episode of PBH & the Art Gowns Models adventure.
      I've always been a huge fan of your art, and have been enjoying your artist profiles, immensely.
      And…. of course, Holly's inspired poetry stands on its own mountain.
      Love, love and love

      1. I am actually always here even with the hours apart. I’ll just say that I’m proud to be your friend [and Holly’s] and although I didn’t do much, my heart is full of smiles and love for you. Thank YOU!!!!!!!
        Can’t wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!!

        1. Sweet! I’m 5 drawings into the next episode. I think I need 10. Also the new Art Gown is approaching the home stretch. Not sure what will be finished first. Just going with the flow.

    2. Dearest Marina, thank you, you are a truly gifted artist and musician, and above all a lovely lady through and through and outside too. Thank you for this! Sending bouchée flowers and Godivas! 💐🎶♥️

      1. Ah, Holly, I can’t tell you how happy I was to contribute even as little as I did. These two paintings made me think of you, especially the ‘In Limbo”, I really saw you, like that tree, gracefully and passionately, painting the sea with your words.
        Sending you many many hugs and love
        …and Godivas! 😉

    1. Ooooo, I’m sure I answered this. Must be the ghost of comments past.

      Thank you, Merril! Love the word cornucopia, and I’m thrilled to be in one.
      I tried not to make the background too, lengthy. I have a lot of crazy ideas.
      IKR! Leonard Cohen! I adore his work, and Suzanne is my FAVE!!!

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  8. What a lovely tribute and gifts to our beautiful Holly. You’re both amazing creatives and wonderfully kind and thoughtful people. ❤ The world needs more Hollys and Resas and the beauty you creative.

    1. What a lovely comment, Diana!
      ❤ Once I get this post and its comments under control, I'll find a Sue Vincent post to reblog on my other blog, GLAM.

    1. Vell, I vill post almost anyving, iv I can put dravings in it!

      Seriously, I’m hooked on drawing women in gowns. I’m working on one for AGM dale, aka Thunder right now.
      Thank you kind, blovver!

  9. What a beautiful day for a fashion show! My hands hurt from applauding so much! It’s a little intimidating to be surrounded by so much glamor. Fortunately, I’m pretty glamorous myself! 😊

    1. THANK YOU!!!!! We are in a way, on Art Gowns! Working on the next adventures episode, but have not been well. Been in bed mostly for a week. Will be by soon. I only have 1/2 hour at the computer and then I’m done. ❤ ❤

  10. Thank you! It’s not a cold. I had a stupid accident. I’ve a serious ankle sprain. Unfortunately, there was an odd lesion just above my ankle before the sprain. After the fall, it became a wound. That is healing slowly, as is the ankle. RICE – rest, ice, compression, elevate.
    With that I’m headed back to bed with an ice pack. You are very sweet to care! Happy Valentines Day!!!! xo

        1. Welcome! Also, I sprained my ankle quite badly. I’ve spent a lot of time in bed with my foot up! After about 4 days, I began drawing. Now I can make a post!

          1. Is it better now? I hope it is. I’ve been trying to draw and watch stuff. I’m going to begin to go to my day job I haven’t been able to do much with the snow outside because I can’t walk in the snow much. I live in New York

            1. NYC is a fabulous city. I live in Toronto, so I know all about walking in snow and slush.
              My ankle is not all better, yet, but it is getting there. It was a bad sprain. Chris, thank you for asking!

  11. I second what Diana Said. She always knows just the perfect thing to write, too. This post was so much fun! I LOVE the gowns and I like to envision my muse in one of them. Unlike me, my muse is fancy and loves to dress up in gorgeous clothes. I also LOVE the two paintings: Ocean during Sunset and In Limbo. xo ❤

    1. Thank you for popping by!

      Diana always makes fab comments. She’s been very kind to Sue Vincent. I did a reblog for Sue, on my other blog.
      Ahh, your muse sounds very neat! As you can see I have many muses, or perhaps amuses. There are so many talented people here on WP.
      I started with these “Gowntoons”, as a way to do posts between actual Art Gowns. The Art Gowns take about 6 months each to make, so there was a lot of time between posts.

      I hope I don’t lose track of you, again!!
      xo ❤

    1. Thank you. Lonely! 💜

      Actually, It hadn’t occurred to me. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting idea. I have a lot of drawings at this point, and could put a show of my faves together. OR redo one of my fave collections.
      I dislike my recorded voice, but……. let me work on that!
      I’m trying to finish my new Art Gown, and have a fashion show post almost ready to go. All the gowns have been inspired by Picasso art. I call it Picasso-esque.

      I will do something for your channel, but not right away.
      Thank you, dear Lonely. I consider this comment a massive compliment! 💜💜


    1. LOLOL!!! ❤
      All this, and they're only drawings.
      However, I really enjoy drawing gowns, and Holly. Love drawing the other models in gowns, too.
      Well, your enthusiasm is a wonderful thing. Thank you Jonathan! ❤ ❤

        1. You are a sweetheart! Thank you so much! Not many consider drawing gowns an art. Also, getting people to see my Art Gowns as art, not clothing has been a challenge. Hey, I’m having fun! YOWZA!!!!! xo

            1. Hahahahahaha!!!!
              The other thing is, I have a very difficult time drawing men. I did Frankenstein… that came out great, so now I’m moving on to Dracula! 😀 😀

    1. Joni!
      Sorry for the late rely! I was over on my GLAM blog. Then when I came back here to do a new post, I found you in my SPAM folder, and fished you out!
      It’s important to check SPAM regularly. I have fished some of me best blog buddies out of there!

      Now, thank you for your lovely comment!!!

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