Princess Blue Holly vs Chainelle

“Dahlings! I’m sick with worry about the AGMs.”

“I look into my Tangle-Heart, and it’s dark, save a guiding moon.”

“Chainelle was quite riled by the AGM mermaids fashion show. True, it worked to bring her to the surface of her black underwater cave in the Gulf of Mexico.”

“However, instead of coming out of the black, she sucked the Art Gowns Models  into it. Dale, Holly, Gigi, Marina and Shey are sticking together, but they are not sure what to do next.”

“The last thing I can see is Blue Holly diving into the black and Rebecca Budd – Art Director, tumbling past her.”

Blue Holly watched as R.B. spun down, down, down and further into the dark. PBH couldn’t see anything anymore, so she used her iridescence  power.

Although PBH could see better, she did not see another iridescent light sneaking up behind her.

It was Chainelle, about to attack from the rear!

Suddenly, MerSin appeared out of the black. “Princess Blue, flee with the AGMs! l’ll take care of Chainelle! You spared me once, and now I repay my debt to you.”

“You thrashed me with dragons, then let me live. I’ll threaten to gnash Chainelle with a thousand claws. In the end, I will spare her. I became a more benevolent sea monster due to your kindness. I believe Chainelle will also find power in love and mercy!”

Blue Holly swam using her hydraulic speed power. The AGMs & RB were clinging to her strong red hair, all the while.

Dahlings, the Tangle-Heart is sending a hopeful message! The AGMs and RB are headed home.”

“I’m sending a song to help guide their way!”

“It seems there is one last issue. When Chainelle whorled Rebecca into her black cave, she caused RB’s magic Bamboo to freeze over. You walked through the Bamboo to turn into mermaids. How will you turn back?”

“Swim into the Rio Grande, and channel your Magic Trees!”

As the AGMs channeled their trees, they returned to their normal human selves, the frost on Rebecca’s Bamboo melted and all was well again.

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There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to top off a happy ending. Resa’s tree was content knowing that all were safe, and a new fashion show would be in the planning tomorrow.

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

All music selections by Holly Rene Hunter

Visit DaleHollyGigiMarinaShey

All tree and nature pics © Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even

Visit Rebecca! 

172 thoughts on “Princess Blue Holly vs Chainelle

    1. Thank you dear Frank! It took me awhile to draw my way out of this one! However, now I get to draw a whole new series of Art Gowns for a new show! Yayayay!!!!
      OH, also the new Art Gown for Charlotte Hoather is well under way. Lotsa fun!

  1. Timothy Price

    What a fun adventure. Your drawings are fantastic, and I love how you work in the tree photos and video with the story. So clever and creative. I’m honored you can make such good and creative use of my photos in your stories.

    1. Thank you Tim! I’m honoured to be allowed to run amok with your pics. Now, to spend more time with Char’s gown (coming along nicely) and draw up a new fashion show! xxoo

    1. Thank you, dear Shey!
      I love having you part of these Gowntoons.

      I know, we can’t lose Rebecca.
      There’s a new show in the offing, and we need our Art Director!

      A distant relative of DracGoth has shown up. He’s so hideous, he’s cute. RR & I are keeping all AGMs away from him.
      It’s going to be work, as he is diabolical! xoxoxoxo

  2. Wow, dahling… just wow! Your creations are fantastic! We’ve got to get RB out of the vortex!!!!! [perfectly done btw!] Though ominous, AGMs look gorgeous on black. Love how you did PBH iridescence power. Holding on to PBH hair is an amazing drawing, dahling and Tim’s fab photos set the mood. …wow!
    Sending you huge hugs, LOVE
    and …. tail wags and slobbery kisses from you know who!

    1. Thank you, Dahling!

      I hope Rebecca doesn’t have a headache from all the tumbling!

      The AGMs do look fab on black. (That took me sooooo much time)
      It also took me a loooong time to do the Holding on to PBH’s hair drawing.
      Again, better than last time, will be better next time.

      The iridescence was sort of easy. There’s an iridescent setting in my Iphotos program. It doesn’t always work, but it worked this time.

      Tim is a gem for letting me run amok with his photos.

      I’ll be back. I’ve got to go open a new crate of sponges, and clean the cat litter. (Uch!)

        1. Love you! 🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽🐾😘🧽 – crates half empty!

  3. Spectacular dear Meece!
    I think this is my favorite AGM adventure! Your art is beyond beautiful… thankfully MerSin and Timothy’s tree’s have come to the soldier’s of love’s rescue. You are so brilliantly talented , I’m awed! Thank you for your amazing creativity. xoxoxo

    1. Dahling, thank you so much for being part of these adventures with me! I want my art to get better! With music night tomorrow, I will try harder and begin a new Fashion show, and working on Boogapony’s new fringe collection for my 1500th post on Glam.

      You picked the best song for this tale!
      …. and thank you for asking me to have mercy on MerSin when we did that tale. Here I was trying to draw a horrible creature that the dragons could kill.
      The you said, aww he’s so cute. Does he have to die?
      That opened new channels of thought that I prefer.
      OMG! Would love to do another tale with DracGoth & the smoking snake, Evilomlap Etagloc. (cough, hiss)

      1. Thank you for including me (and all the AGM’s and MerSin, he’s really a darling) and Timothy’s trees. You are the absolute best and I so look forward to these adventures, I laugh, I cry, I jump for joy…you brighten our day. Big hugs to you and hats off to MerSin and Timothy, Rebecca and all the lovely AGM’s, they make my head spin. Your art has captured them perfectly, you are truly gifted dearest Resa. I would love to have another go at DracGoth and Evilomlap Etagloc , hiss, cough, indeed!


        1. I adore you, dear Meece!
          Your praise makes me laugh, cry, & jump for joy.
          (cough, hiss) Those guys are sooo, funny together.
          Then there’s the new monster…the one that looks suspiciously a bit like the Joker.
          He seems interested in one of the AGMs, but I don’t know which one.
          We’ll talk!

              1. Agree, diabolical!
                Will send a full compliment of drawings in a coupe of days. We have a lot to choose from! xoxoxo
                Unfortunately, he’s handsome, in the ugly way. The gals go for him!

              2. ahhh.. handsome in the homely way!
                He is a distant cousin of DracGoth, who he hates. He’s even more distantly related to Rudolph Valentino. He thinks he’s a real ladies’ man! 😂🤗xoxoxo

              3. I know!
                Music tonight! I got a great start on a Boogapony last night. She looks fab, but I’d love to loosen up. So, looking to do that to the music.
                Also…. we have time…. but for the 1500th post on GLAM – A LOVE- IN/MUSIC FESTIVAL! (instead of a gala)
                I’m so excited! xoxoxo

              4. I GOT 2 Boogapony drawings done. I’m happy with both. I just got home, and it’s dark, snowy and tomorrow, too. Saturday some sun. If there is a smidge of sun tomorrow, I’ll take pics. Saturday is more likely. I also got a new PBH started. She’s wearing a brass breast plate and cloak. I hope I don’t ruin it.
                🎶🎵🎸🍷🍷! ❤️🎶🍷👯‍♀️ xoxoxo

              5. Yes, snow!!! UCH!
                I’m back in a parka. I’ll do my best! I just got the pencil laid down for the drawing, and the band stopped. ❤️xoxoxo

              6. No kidding! In the end we should have a slew of Boogaponies to choose from!
                Hmm, I’m starting to like the Movie Star gown thing a lot. I’ve got this book “Movie Star Portraits of the Forties”.
                Talk about glamour! Wow.
                Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo, Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, Carmen Miranda, Vivian Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Claire Trevor, Dorothy Lamour, Lana Turner…. so may more!
                I wouldn’t copy the gowns per se, but do Art Gowns renditions.
                I’ll start with RR ala Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner. Unless you have a fave? Let me know! xoxoxo

              7. Waiting for you to get better, dear Meece!
                🐭🤒🐭😷 xoxoxo
                Think how you might have felt without the flu shot! xoxoxo
                Music tomorrow night!

              8. Hahaha! If the Meece doesn’t show in the notifications, go to the PBH postcomments. Find your comments, and check out the Meece!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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  5. Loved your wonderful story with your brilliant art work Resa…. Working on a black background no easy task….
    I am all for happy endings and the capture of the Moon by Tim in the heart of that tree.. perfect.. Your talent is astonishing.. Sending love to you and all of those wonderful soul- sisters who took part.. 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you, Sue!
      Yes, the black bg. was a labour of insanity. It too quite awhile.
      Tim takes wonderful pics, and he is a dear to let me run amok with them.
      Love all my soul-sisters, all who participate in these “Gowntoon” tales that are about beauty and love as a conqueror. x❤o

  6. Resa – I was on the edge of my seat reading the ongoing saga of Princess Blue Holly vs Chainelle. Your use of mythologies and symbolism interspersed into the adventure added profound meaning that speaks to kindness, compassion and redemption.

    The Tangle-Heart sending a hopeful message and the guiding moon shedding light in dark places was a brilliant opening. When Princess Blue Holly plunged into the depths of blackness to save the AGM’s, I held my breath and knew that I must follow her down, down into the dark. (LOVE LOVE LOVE the GIF) And yet, in the darkness, colour was evident – a testament to the power of creativity to endure. The arrival of MerSin was unexpected and a huge surprise. The kindness bestowed on him by PBH (You thrashed me with dragons, then let me live) had changed him. My goosebumps appeared when I read “I believe Chainelle will also find power in love and mercy.” Redemption! The power of kindness to transform.

    Spectacular all the way through. I am honoured to be included in the adventure. And I am beyond excited that the frost on my Bamboo melted and all was well again.

    Sending many hugs!!!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca!

      Of course our characters don’t have incestuous children born out of their brains, but I think we can do without that bit! 😵‍💫
      Yes, goodness and kindness and humour will always win the day here in “Gowntoons”.
      Holly actually came up with the seeds of kindness that in the original story of MerSin.

      OMG! I laughed like a hyena when I made the GIF. Holly loves it, as does Shey and Marina. When Gi & Dale read the post, I’m sure they will love it.
      I only hope you don’t have a headache!

      This was the perfect tale to bring back MerSin, who had vowed to return to help PBH out of a jam one day.

      There’s a new bad guy coming up. Holly and I are working on it. His drawings are already done.

      Yes, the Bamboo, whew!!!!!
      Rebecca, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are a part of the crazy world here in “Gowntoons”.

  7. These are just stunning Resa and the videos awesome!!
    In my next life l’m coming back as Holly! I mean who wouldn’t right.. or you.
    Loved the song and of course Tim’s trees and I saw mine which made my heart leap a beat as they all looked gorgeous this time of year. Your talent is incredible! ❣️💞

    1. Aww, thank you, Cindy!
      I think I’ll come back as a cat in a GOOD LOVING home. Or a tree on Tim’s place.

      Tim is a dear, and his trees are a thing of magic!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! ❣️💞❣️💞

  8. Hyperion

    The AGM’s are triumphant again! The artwork and special effects were especially good as was Sade. I think I would need a few days off after such a hectic adventure. 😅

    1. Yes, they will need a few days to recoup. 😅
      They will get more, though, because I will need time to draw all the new gowns.
      Love seeing you here. …. anywhere! xo

      1. Hyperion

        I so enjoy your amazing abilities and creativity, Resa. I especially enjoy how you have included other talented people into a collective of good souls.

          1. Hyperion

            Everything is more fun when shared with good company. Wow! I battled trying to get that link to go live and finally gave up. Now, maybe it’s on.

              1. Hyperion

                The happy crew is baffled. There is no reference to the old blog in my Gravatar profile. It’s done right but deep in the bowels of WP, there are some corrupted files. I’m assured it will clear in the near future. 🙄

              2. Hyperion

                🫣 diving deep into the cavernous digital graveyard of the omnipotent WP. I delete my websites every two years to keep everyone guessing about where the insanity lives on WP. I think it’s catching up to me now.

    1. Yes, and I’m sure you have been too!
      You are a wonderful writer. I speak not just of your story, but each sentence is almost a poem.
      Anyway, I’m in the thick. 🤗

  9. This was a terrific story, Resa. Your drawings were superb and the photos outstanding. I just figured out why I have been absent. For some reason, WP stopped giving me notifications. I hope I fixed it. I hit follow which should do it. 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂 🪷🪷🪷🍷

    1. Thank you dear John!
      Yeah, no worries. I have had many Follows go the way of all flesh…Likes too. It’s a WP thing.
      I’ve done the re-follow thing as well. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.
      We just have to remember not to forget!
      My muses: Holly, Gigi, Marina, Shey and Dale have all fallen off the WP radar.
      We have email, like you and I no problemo!
      The band under my bed is playing tonight.
      Lots of drawing will happen. I love drawing to live music!
      OX OX OX 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂 🪷🪷🪷🍷🍷 ohh… 🍷🍷

        1. It’s a jam session. My bedroom has wood floors, and the drums and amps are right under my bed. The musicians are all pros.
          The music is rock, and it rocks. I mean it sounds great! I love drawing when they play. It seems to enhance my ability. I’m not so stiff.
          No headache!

              1. True, but mine died of old age, about 10 years ago!
                Actually it was a Trans Am Thunderbird, T-roof and V8 sticking out of the hood.
                I’ve gone green now.
                I was going to do oxen pulling a wagon, but again, emojis let me down. I figure a shopping cart pulled by a team of oxen is kind of modern?

              2. Hahaha!!! With all that wine the oxen and carts can go to….. OH wait!
                I might need the carts to load the wine in and haul it home. 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🛒🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🛒🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🛒🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

  10. Darling Sorceress! I apologise profusely for my tardiness! I, as always, am stunned by your wonderful creativity! And that GIF! Poor Rebecca! I hope she is not still spinning! You put so much fantabulous work into these. And man, do we pop with that black background (which I don’t doubt took you eons to do!)
    I love that love is what conquers, even against evil-doers. The AGMs with PBH at the helm will always win. Love that iridescence effect! And PBH’s fabulous hair as a way to pull them to safety was a stroke of genius.
    All around fabulous, Sorceress! Love, love, love! xoxoxo

    1. No worries dear Thunder!
      I hate living through renos! I hope yours are over soon. Whether you stay away, or live through them at home, it is very destabilizing. I was worried about you going crazy with all the work & workers.

      LOL, this was a wild post. You know, I just draw, then I think I can make it into this story, or that story. However, after the AGM Mermaids Fashion Show, I had drawn myself into a bit of a corner. It took forever to draw my way out.
      LOL the RB Gif had me laughing like crazy.

      I was excited about the AGMs/PBH escape drawing. I know it’s not my best, but I am getting a bit better at multiple characters in a scene.

      Yes, the love angle… Holly came up with that, and I have stuck to it! PBH will never kill anyone!

      Love, love and love back to you dear Dale!
      xoxoxoxo ⚡️💥

      1. It’s been an experience. A costly one. We’re so close to the end. It’s something else to live in one room with a microwave and a toaster oven in your garage, your freezer as a work table/coffee station/griddler.

        I love that you do what you do and you figured out how to draw yourself out. That was a great gif!

        I think your drawing keeps getting better. It’s been wonderful watching your evolution.

        I think that’s a true sign of strength! Love over death.

        Love in bunches, Resa, my Sorceress of many talents! xox🧚‍♀️🌟oxo

        1. Yuch! It’s like camping in your own home.
          I’m sure it’s been more costly than you had thought. My niece started to redo her rec room and basement bathroom about a year ago. They keep getting stalled, due to the cost of building supplies sky rocketing.

          So, I intend to draw another Fashion Show. I have a new villain… Holly and I like the name Rupert Valentino. (sexy huh? 🤣) I’ve already got a lot of drawings that are left over from a recent commission.

          Let’s see where that takes me and the AGMs!

          Thank you for saying my drawing has evolved. I do try hard. Nonetheless, I have good drawing days and bad ones.

          I trust your renos will be finished soon, and your days of discombobulation 😵‍💫 come to an end.
          Adore you madly, dear Thunder!
          xoxoxo ⚡️💥 xoxoxo

          1. It’s actually worse than camping because, when you are a camper, all your stuff is organized! It cost me double what I thought it would with all the thises and thats and unexpected others.

            Oooh! I love that Rupert Valentino!

            I don’t doubt that it will be wonderful.

            We are right there. If the electrician can just come and give me switches and thermostats for my floors… I’m waiting for my fridge today. Don’t know when my stove and dishwasher will arrive (ordered them on MAY 16th…)
            Adore you just as madly, Sensational Sorceress! xoxoxoxo 👸✨ xoxoxoxo

            1. Uch..the appliance issue! My washer broke down early Covid, during all the road construction in my hood. Could not get deliveries. Even mail didn’t come. Postal workers don’t have to deliver in construction zones. (safety issues) No one told any of the residents. We had to drive 1.5 hours each way to pick up what mail hadn’t been returned to sender, yet.
              Then when we could get deliveries, the supply chain issue had kicked in. I did laundry in the sink, using a plunger, for almost 2 years.
              I need a laundry tower that fits in a closet. I finally got one last month!!!!
              IT’S A MIRACLE!
              xoxoxoxo⚡️💥 xoxoxoxo

              1. Ugh. I remember that postal situation. That was ridiculous. And I still cannot understand how they don’t have more post offices than that! 1.5 hours is ridiculous.
                Oh, MY, GOD… I would have lost my mind doing my laundry in the sink. Jeez, my friend. You are a tough cookie!
                Thank goodness you have it now!
                xoxoxo 👸✨ xoxoxo

    1. The music was great, but I didn’t get to draw. Someone needed to talk! I can listen! xoxoxo
      The guys will be back next week!
      Happy Thanksgiving, dear Meece!

  11. How wonderful, I found myself in a party mood with the Sade song, I just love her work. Then the gowns and the beautiful photographs of sunsets and the trees interwoven into this tale so beautiful, one could feel they got to attend the behind the scene event. I always love the drawings they are so detailed and beautiful and the dresses are just so classy. Don’t know how you do it but so much fun to look at them. Sending big hugs, Joni

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