What’s Your Fave Biker Song?

Dahlings!“Get your motor running” by posting your fave biker, freedom feeling or road trip song in comments.

While you think of your fave song, here’s one of mine!

We’ve also got the AGMs on the catwalk in Biker Inspired Gowns.  Under the stage lights, her famous palazzo pants chopped, is RB, Art Director extraordinaire.

Thank you Rene! I’m lovin’ the feelin’ of freedom, and the gowns are outta sight! AGM Dale, our concert’s Maitre’d Mama, is on the runway. In a “Heavy metal thunder” gown with gauntlets, she has a message.

“Yeah darlin’ gonna make it happen”! Put your fave freedom riding song in comments. BUT, we don’t want the browser crashing.

Good to know! Oh, if you mess up, Art Gowns will fix it up!

On her way to the “Lookin’ for adventure” awards is AGM Holly. Resplendent in thigh high boots, metal studs & disparate arm bands; her dainty skull evening bag hangs on steel chain.

 In a mesh t-shirt under a skin-tight’n’tailed gown with velvet boots & accessories, we have Marina about to “Take the world in a love embrace”.

“Racing with the wind”, RR is back in a wardrobe change. Her gown’s skirt will look like a hurricane flying off the back of a motorcycle. Take it away Rene!

“I like smoke and lightning” and that’s what it was like going to the “AFA Weekend Concert Series”.

However, Frank is at the beach, but he has given the go ahead for Art Gowns to pick up the music where he left off. He reminds:

He also sent us this song.

“In whatever comes our way” AGM Gigi can kick start her ride in these hand crafted biker boots, the perfect augmentation to her bad ass gown & snake tattoo.

Shey will lure you in with her amply ruffled fish tail gown. Adorned with heavy duty zips &  decolletage trimmed with black nails, she evokes – “Born to be Wild” 

RR wears the perfect wedding dress for a club house ceremony ! Hop in her sidecar, as she “Explodes into space”. 

Dahlings … Don’t regret the ride you didn’t take! Race the rain! Leave me your song!

RR & Princess Blue Holly characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter – since 2019

 (except Poison, from Frank))

Visit the AGMs on their blogs – Holly – House of Heart * Gigi – Rethinking Life  *  Marina – Art Towards a Happy Day  *  Shey – Smexy Historical Romance Dale – A Dalectable Life

Visit R.B. – Lady Budd

Motorcycle beauty shots © Timothy Price – Off Center Not Even

Join Frank on a Beachwalk

424 thoughts on “What’s Your Fave Biker Song?

  1. You got me at Steppenwolf+two. An amazing band from the wild days when I constantly forgot who I was for day after day after day. A fine post, for sure. All the best, TOF

      1. Sorry to have taken so long returning your question, young Resa. Band wise, loads and loads of diamonds. If I’m picking just one, I’d go for Velvet Underground…‘Pale Blue Eyes’ song especially. The clock has just ticked, ‘tis time for me to swallow a million heathy pills again, pills that look after me, whereas back then it was the glorious opposite. It’s a funny old life, but I was lucky to have ‘grown up’ when I did. Have a jolly fine day, TOF.

          1. Thank you for the song. ‘Tis one I love. I should add, all gals are young. Maybe in years some would say different, not me though. Be 100 years old or just 1 year, you gals will always be young in my mind. Regards, TOF

          1. Nope, I never dated any band members. I had a boyfriend who is a pilot (then and now) and we had some interesting adventures in small planes when things went wrong. I just love the song and play it when I am happy. I play it when I’m feeling overwhelmed too, it makes me happy.

            1. Music can work wonders for the soul!
              Things going wrong in a plane/ That is one adventure I never want to have!
              I’ll have all mine on the ground! 😉

              1. Lol, from the ground! That sounds good.
                So, I’ve been watching your wonderful footage of the animals in Africa.
                Love it!
                I should be doing my review of “Lion Scream” in about 2 weeks.
                Have a fab week, Robbie!

        1. That is correct, Merril! We did go on and on. 😀 Once my dad had his motorcyle, he would use it to do his shut-in calls. Picture an overweight middle-aged man in clerics, complete with Roman collar, aside his ride with a milk crate attached to the back containing his Bible, prayer book, and communion kit. He made quite a sight!

  2. Now I don’t ened to crash your site cos Born to be WIld is my fav biker song. How did you guess??????? You are EPIC. Love, love, LOVE this post and you to death and so glad I did not miss this while I was in Prague.

        1. We did. it was wonderful. I really love Prague. Hoetl was gorgeous and the best cited one we’ve had so far. There was a United Islands of Prague Fest on a few minutes away and thats is the kind of local thing we look for when we go anywhere. yeah we are there to see the sites but we leave time empty for thigns like that. So a lot of time spent, buying street food and beer from stalls there. AS well as seeing the sights. xxxxx

          1. That’s amazing Shey. I’ve always wanted to visit Prague. Can you believe I lived in Germany for two years and never went there. I so regret that. I’m so glad you had a wonderful holiday. Green with envy … love you more though. xxxxxx

            1. … and green is the colour of her Art Gown, “Jade”!
              My great niece was here yesterday. She was kind enough to put JADE on. Got enough pics for a post. YAY!

              1. I’m so excited. Not my best pics, but enough decent ones for a post. It was totally unplanned. She threw the gown on, and I had 20 minutes of snapping. I’m thrilled to pieces Meeces! xoxoxo

              2. I listened through the floor. It was amazing. I sewed beads on Charlotte’s gown.
                They played some slower music…. I can’t believe it… they did the most amazing version of “Leaving On A Jet Plane”. Norm’s guitar solo was as sweet as honey.
                They took breaks whenever Sasha needed. ❤️❤️

              3. Thanks Meece! I find sewing quite Zen.
                Apparently S was quite beat (pardon the pun) when they were finished playing.
                Still, it sounded great!

              4. We need to chat about a summer concert!
                Summer themed songs…beaches, holidays, Hot Fun in the Summer Sun, etc.
                The AGMs in wispy gowns of voile, gauze, chiffon, etc! xoxoxo

              5. I can hardly wait, too!
                So, Prague! Lucky you. I know several people who have gone there recently. It must be a popular destination. xxx
                Glad you are home safe! xxxx

              6. Having to your comment about Prague in this box. It is very compact for a capital , It was further than we like flying wise cos we could not get a direct flight but generlaly it is a few hours flight, also it is not expensive for flights accomodation or when you’re there. A big plus right now the way things are here. x

              7. Interesting!
                Still, I bet it’s less $ than flying to most places in Canada from Toronto, and less interesting.
                I think things are a bit messed up everywhere in our presumably post covid world.
                I’m happy we have met each other in this other world. I adore you. Your books make me happy! xoxoxoxoxo

            2. I can beleive you did and never did that, cos that’s life. I think re Prague, what I love best is, it is acapital city but it is not ‘cosmoplitan’ if you get me. It is kind of homely and that is so nice actually. xx

          2. Sounds like a wonderful adventure, Shey. I am looking forward to catching up on all of your photos. Just came back to Canada in time to celebrate Mother’s Day with Frances, my mother.

      1. LOl. That’s mine. Born to be Wild…alas to the great despair of my mother. Truly. I couldn’t believe when it was there. But hey if you want a compilation, I can add more. I don’t want to let the side down after all.

            1. Right, Highway to Hell– AC/DC. Then easing it up a bit, feel the wind in the hair, admire the scenery, Horse With No Name–America, but hey gotta get the foot down again, so Up Around the Bend,–Creedence Clearwater Revival, I Drove all Night — Orbison, then I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – the Stones.

              1. Glad you liked Resa. Truly. Got to rock the road. And I adore you. You are amazing in every way. Yeah we had 3 bookings for Prague all told. The first two were with a budget airline and these flights were pulled cos not enough people were on them. That is happening a lot here now. Before, you’d go in to the travel agent’s just down the raod and it wa slike, take your pock of what flight you want –which was also ridic and an eye opener about the amount of flights, not just out of Edinburgh to Prague, but Edinburgh to all over Europe capital city-wise, and all over Europe to Prague. The 3rd go at getting a flight was through an online co with KLM who were great but did not fly direct from Edinburgh. So we left our house at 5.30 am and finally landed in Prague at 6.30 pm. Fortunately we knew our way about the area the hotel was in for bagging a good place to eat.

              2. Sounds great!
                I’m still reticent to travel (Covid coward) however hubs is off to Nashville in July.
                He’s a musician, so it’s a great place for him to go. Just hope he doesn’t get caught in a mass shooting down there.
                It’s so messed up in the states, in the gun regard!
                Adore you!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

          1. NASHWILLE?? Epic. But yeah there seems to be a lot going on gunwise in the States. So I get your thoughts on that. Also places have been different on Covid. There’s a lot of variation country to county, continent to continent, just as people have been. We just like to get about and sample the life of a place when we do, that’s just us. It’s never anything big BIG. Just fun. xxx

        1. Love that you mentioned us all, Dave! ❦ OH, and I read your post on procrastination. I’ve been meaning to comment on the post, but I’ve been putting it off. I’ll be back!

  3. This is a fabulous post, Sorceress! The work you and Holly have put in is fantastico! I’m sure Frank would be impressed (and hopefully he stops by). Now, of course, as you know Gordon Lightfoot has been taking over my brainwaves since his death, so the least I can do is offer one of his songs! Carefree Highway is where I’m going with this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYuF99VTEdg

    1. Thunder!
      Your choice is right on the money.
      I’m thrilled you picked a Lightfoot song. How wonderful to have this little tribute to him in this post.
      AND it’s crazy fab to have you here maitre d’ ing!
      I gotta run away for 90 minutes. I’ll be back! ⚡️💥🎼xoxo

      1. Glad you agree, Sorceress!! I was holding onto that song until the concert started, hoping no one else would take it! I love participating 😉 xoxoxo 🧚‍♀️🌟

  4. Timothy Price

    Great post, Resa. The gowns are lovely, and I’m happy you made good use of the motorcycle pics. My favorite motorcycle song when I was a kid before “Born To Be Wild” was released was “Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots” by the Cheers https://youtu.be/FtiEtPQUmAM. My mom had a record with that song on it, and I used to play it over and over.

      1. Timothy Price

        It’s a catchy little tune. I think listening to that song lead me down the path to motorcycles. I was quite wild on those motos in my younger days.

        1. It is very catchy! It’s still in my head from listening to it 🙂
          No boys in my family so less of a temptation for us girls. Though my sister’s hubby is a fan and now they both have a bike 🙂

    1. Tim!
      I never heard this song before. I can see how it would have captivated the spirit of freedom in your soul when you were young.
      I love when someone comes up with unusual choices.
      Thank you! …and thanks for the great motorcycle shots. They were a creative inspiration.
      Hmm, I’ll bet if Spunkie-Poo 💋 was a human, he’d ride! xo

      1. Timothy Price

        I still wear black denim trousers, motorcycle boots, and a black leather jacket with nothing on the back. I just don’t have a motorcycle these days. Spunk tears through the house losing traction like he’s riding a motorcycle. Spunk was born to be wild and continues his wild ways. Spunk’s a rebel with four paws. I’m a rebel set on pause.

      1. Timothy Price

        It’s a fun song. There were a lot of fun vehicle related songs from the 50s in my mom’s collections I used to listen to.

  5. You’ve really gotten this Saturday off to a great start. I love the biker gowns , they are perfection! I’m gonna get on my bike and ride , turn that radio up high and breeze down Route 66 with my hair blowing I’m the wind ( of course I’ll have my helmet on! )
    Thank you from one biker chick to all the others. ❤️

          1. There once was an AGM named Holly,
            When she hopped on her ride…gee, golly
            Her hair in the wind
            A joy, not a sin
            But alas I’m still taking the trolley!

    1. Thank you dear biker Meece Holly, for all your help! I couldn’t do these epic posts without your input.
      Route 66, ahh the highway of freedom.
      We should have had Boogapony make an appearance.
      Anyway, enjoy your ride, and Fly Like an Eagle!
      🏍🐭🐭🏍 (Maybe you’ll let me ride on the back for a few miles!)

            1. & it’s my bad! I did not put in the name of the band or the song! Dale caught me being sloppy a couple of times. I’ll change that now!

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  7. What a fun post, Resa. Perfect songs for my road trip to the dump and the farmer’s market today. lol. I love the biker wear, and the boots… the boots make the ensemble. Now to get some music going and load up the car. 🙂 ❤

            1. Me too.
              🎶I’m an old cowhand… from the Rio Grande. But my legs ain’t bowed and my cheeks ain’t tanned. I’m a cowboy, who never saw a cow, never roped a steer, coz I don’t know how. Yippee Aye Yippee Aye Oh!

              1. Fine!
                🎶 She’s the yellow rose of Texas
                She charges fifty bucks
                She’s the yellow rose of Texas
                And all she does is read!

          1. Bucks??? 😵‍💫 I though we were talkin’ buck? 😱 The big Buck! Okay, I’ll make it 2.. NOW we are talkin’ bucks! 💵💃🏽

              1. I’m back! Geez it’s hot out there. Isn’t it still spring?
                Making A BIG SALAD and garlic bread!
                Balance.. yeah.. okay! lol

              2. Sounds good, Thunder.
                Can you imagine how hot summer will be? We’ll have to do a concert post …Songs to Sweat By… OR Hot Fun in the Summer Sun!

              3. Yeah. Gotta take advantage of the “only” 22-25ºC of now coz come summer? Ain’t no same thing! That would be a great idea!

  8. Blown away by the fabulousness of it all. My snake tattoo and I are ready to rumble and the song I chose was already on the blog. I LOVE this post so much and my sisters in Art Gowns know how to rock. Thank you Resa, for all the excitement and bikes…Oh, yeah, it’s perfect.❤️

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    1. My motorcycle must have broken down. I thought I answered this. I went to youtube, listened/watched the song, then included the link with your comment.
      Lotsa fun doing this post. I’m so happy you are here.
      She’s riding the surf! xo🏄‍♀️🧽xo🏄‍♀️🧽xo🏄‍♀️🧽xo🏄‍♀️🧽xo🏄‍♀️🧽xo🏄‍♀️🧽xo🏄‍♀️🧽xo🏄‍♀️🧽

      1. Thank you dahling! I should’ve done that! If you want change the link to iron horse [not fist]… I’ve added the link in a comment. 🤘✌🏻
        keep the suit on!!!!!!

        1. LOL! It’s all good. I sure have had some fun listening to all the songs.
          I didn’t like Motorhead, in the day. I came to like them about 15 years ago.
          I make a point of wearing my swim suit under my clothes when I blog these days… just in case you know who is by your computer!

  10. Road trip time! You asked for my fave song ~ I’d say “I Drove All Night” and choose the Celine Dion version ~ It always gets my mood up and is a fun driving son ~ HUGS

  11. What a fun and clever post. You may have a new fad – biker gowns! I love it. Sorry, no link. Before I even read all the post, Steppenwolf was flashing in my head and I got nothing else. Lol Hugs ❤ xx

            1. 😵‍💫
              PS.. You know when I was looking for the link to Life is a Highway, I bumped into a rap song about Frida Kahlo. At first I was put off. I still don’t like it, as I’m not that into rap.
              …. and well….
              I’m going to on your blog soon. I’ll find the link and leave it there! xxxx

      1. Did you know that Tom Cochrane lived in Lynn Lake Manitoba (my home town) and went to my school. It was surrealistic to see him in concert many years later. Life has amazing twists and turns.

        1. I did know that! (well not about the same school)
          Yes, life does have many twists and turns! Are you back now?
          Did you like how the pic of RB came out with the sun bursts? A happy accident!

          1. I loved the pic of RB. I sent you an email response, but I’m not certain it was able to make the way back to your place. I never know for sure if emails, while I’m on the road, get sent back properly.

        1. No worries! It’s your day. HAPPY THUNDER’S DAY! xoxoxo
          Slacking… lol … I envision someone trying on pair after pair of slacks, but can’t make their mind up!

            1. Well, it’s possible that’s where it comes from. Someone so busy trying on slacks, that they are not getting anything else done.Hence, slacking off!
              Just a theory! ⚡️💥

    1. Oh No!
      So many annoyances happening in blog and online world these days. I’ve been living through many myself.
      Tech is getting too big for its britches.
      I’m thrilled Oannes thinks my work is amazing. I admire him greatly. He has expanded my reach and appreciation of music!
      Love Tull, and I’m off to listen to hie choice.
      Just finished listening to Rick Wakeman!
      Love to both of you! (and Hera!)

      1. IKR?! He can’t even like my posts!!! 😉 It’s been a couple of months or more but at least he could comment via his twitter account. Now that WP has broken off w TW, he can’t even do that!
        We both admire you to the Moon dahlin…
        Love from the 3 of us …
        well… yes…. you know the drill! 😉 xoxoxoxoxo

      1. Thank you, Dale [from both of us! …I have no idea how we’re going to fix this issue with him not being able to like / comment on any blog!]
        I really missed your Maitre’d from Frank’s parties! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

          1. I think it may have to do with system incompatibilities which we’ll hopefully upgrade… in the near future! What happened to the good ol’ days when we could go on for years without an upgrade?!
            You are an amazing Maitre’d! xoxoxoxoxo

  12. What a great party, Resa! I am enjoying all of the music that has come through the comments and have set up a playlist for this afternoon. Sorry for the late response -just got back from blog break.

    Here is my song that brings back memories of my days riding on the back of a bike. (A long time ago, but still feels like yesterday) “The Allman Brothers Band – Midnight Rider https://youtu.be/TZup5YLOWLE

    Well, I’ve got to run to keep from hidin’
    And I’m bound to keep on ridin’
    And I’ve got one more silver dollar
    But I’m not gonna let ’em catch me, no
    Not gonna let ’em catch the midnight rider

    Thank you for creating a wonderful community spirit. Sending hugs and love!

    1. Yeah, I’m having a blast at my own party!
      Thank you!
      Okay, you’re back… welcome home! Just in time for Mothers Day!
      Great choice Rebecca! Love that song. I’m off to listen shortly!
      Community spirit flowing through the arts is a fabulous happening. Hugs and love back at you!

    1. Oh, thinking of doing a summer theme concert w/ fashion show, in the summer. July/August.
      You know, Beaches, Hot Fun in the Summer Sun , Summer in the City, Vacation etc. You should be back by then…I hope!

  13. Yesterday I was out walking and a guy with a parked red bike had “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” playing, coming out from his bike somewhere. It brought so many fond memories of that era… especially outside in the springtime!

    1. Cool song, Marc!
      I added the link to your comment so others can enjoy it, if they are here strolling though song options.
      I’m wallowing in comments, and am visiting all 1 by 1.
      Dale was a huge help managing this concert, and Holly was a gem in helping design the post.
      So happy to see you here!

      1. I love that song any time. But when I’m driving, my goodness yes.

        You? Da sweetest!

        Those two gals really know how to kick it up several notches, tell you what. You have quite the cool posse, Resa.


    1. Yes!!!
      This song moves. It’s not possible to sit still when I hear it.
      Great for driving, riding, dancing or standing in a wind!
      Thank you, Marc!

    1. Ahh, Your pupils are doing a play!
      How wonderful. Hmm, makes me wonder what the play is, that you could use a skull on a chan! lol!

      1. I took on a term as head of music with drama and I had thought I would do scenes from Mary Poppins or Oliver, turns out the plays had already been chosen Julius Cesare and McB plus I added songs relating to Shakespeare for all the year groups to learn and perform, its been busy! I’m adding props and costumes for the main play next.

        1. Oh wow!
          You are so busy!
          I hope your students are rewarding, in that they are learning and gaining.
          Hopefully there are a few rising stars in the group.
          Anyway, sounds fab!

  14. Dear Resa, I ‘m feeling confused, and a little sad. I always keep an eye out for your posts, but I managed to miss this one. And you know how much I love your sketches. Anyhow these are such fun gowns. I enjoyed how you worked the Steppenwolf lyrics into the narrative (love them).
    My song for this would be Radar Love, a terrific driving song and fun to belt out along with Golden Earring singing it. Big hugs.

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