“Art Gowns” is a spin-off from my old “Queen’s end” blog.

Some of the old “Qe” posts work fine on “Art Gowns” in an “Art Gowns” scrapbook, as I feel they have Glamor.

These Posts, converted to Pages, appear in the Drop Down Menu under Scrapbook.

Also, I am adding new drop down pages to Scrapbook, as they occur.

The painting of Janis Joplin below was painted by my father-in-law, Leo Orenstein. It is now the cover of my Scrapbook.

Leo Orenstein© Estate of Leo Orenstein

5 thoughts on “Scrapbook

  1. ShannonRaelynn

    OMG!!!!!!! These are incredible. Beautiful. Right now I am dying for the opportunity, money and body to pull any one of these off.

  2. Ooooh I can imagine my Emeraude character in the Contessa Fiori gown as she dances with The Dealer, Resa. Of course with her penchant for green, she’d have it perhaps in dark forest green (rather than black) and chartreuse, I think. 😉
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Hugs.

    1. Making the Art Gowns is so Zen, and then satisfying! Forest green and chartreuse is a fab combo! I find it neat that everyone’s fave is different. 😀

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