Wishing everyone love and joy every day in every way!
I truly miss my blog family very much. Though I still have a long way to go, I believe I’m making slow and steady progress with my recovery.
Photo © Robyn Sheren
Photo © Robyn Lee


The following shot is at my special “healing place” on the beach. You can see my blanket there spread out amongst the spectacular rocks. This summer I’ve been lucky to spend some very peaceful moments sprawled out on these natural wonders.  Indeed, they do help keep me grounded and hopeful.  It’s quite lovely, and when I can manage to visit them, they always soothe my soul.

Photo © Robyn Sheren
Photo © Robyn Lee



4 thoughts on “Robyn

  1. Dearest FGS Resa ~ that means the world to me! As you know I have not been very active with my photography or writing as of late, but when you asked for a shot for this update, I was inspired to take a look through my ‘lens’ once again. Thank you for being you! Love and Blessings!!

    1. I Inspired you… I am so honoured! Well, l hope this inspires you to look through your lens, again! You have a beautiful eye!
      You keep being you, too! xoxox

  2. Hi Robyn. I was thinking about you the other day, I stopped by yours to see if there was any news.

    I am glad you are on the mend. Do what you are doing and take it slowly.

    Thank you for the update, for letting us know. Keep on keeping on.

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