Robyn Two

Dearest Beloved Blog Friends, 

As I continue to work through my healing process, I am ever so touched by all of your warm and caring wishes.  
TrulyI do feel blessed to have such a supportive and loving extended family here. Your kind words, thoughts and prayers have meant the world to me 
during these months.

Now at 8 weeks post-op, I have made some progress, but am still facing significant challenge, and spend most of my time 
focussed on rehabilitation and recovery. As predicted, my body will need several months to adapt and adjust, and I am practicing the art 
of patience and hard work.

In the interim, I think of all of you always, and miss our interactions and creative sharing immensely. I am hopeful that I will be able to resume blogging again
in the not-so-distant future.

Finally, I wanted to share that I‘ve  recently submitted the following images (origninally included on my blog, to a local art show 
themedShadows. I confess, it is very exciting to begin to tap into my creative side once again! 🙂 

Love to each and every one of you; and a very special thank you to my dearest friend and FGS Resa for honoring me with this special page on her beautiful blog. 

Robyn Lee

14 thoughts on “Robyn Two

  1. Thank you so much for the update Robyn, and thank you Resa for posting it here. I am glad you have decided to submit some of your photos, they are really good. You never know, maybe people will even start to think about buying them from you 🙂

    Take care Robyn, and take it slowly and carefully.

    1. Al, so appreciate your kind words and healing wishes. Yes – It’s a nice diversion for me to participate in the show, and was a good fit having a special interest in shadow photography. I hope you are well dear friend ~ Blessings and Love to you ~ RL

  2. Thanks for the update, healing takes time and patience has to become your most valuable spiritual treasure/asset. You want to heal correctly , and as perfectly as possible in whatever time it takes. Hugs and blessings to you Robyn, I will keep you wrapped in prayer!

  3. Dearest Wendell, thank you so much for your sending love and blessings always. I must agree, patience and time … I will remember! Also, wanted to mention that I viewed your new video production on youtube, quite moving and beautiful! Thank you for sending the link via dear Resa. Love to you and yours, with gratitude,
    Robyn Lee

    1. Dearest Lori, thank you so much for kind and loving words. I truly appreciate them, and apologize for being away from the blog universe for so long. It’s been quite a journey but have made some good progress last few weeks. Sending love and blessings your way ~ Robyn

  4. Dear Al, please forgive my late reply. You are ever so thoughtful and I appreciate your keeping me in mind as I continue my journey. It’s been more difficult than I anticipated, and am finally seeing some progress I believe may be significant just these last few weeks. Fingers crossed for more of the same. I hope you are well dear friend ~ Robyn

    1. Healing is never an easy path. You have both the physical and emotional paths to go through, so no worries about the length of time to reply. Just concentrate on getting up to at least 80% Thank you for the update

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