Robyn One


To All of My Loving and Wonderful WordPress family,

Please know you are all in my heart as I continue to heal and progress in my recovery.
Yesterday was three weeks since my surgery, and I am making small strides each day. I am working with a wonderful physical therapist here at
home, and will see my surgeon again in 2 more weeks.

Although it is still early days, and I am facing some challenge, I am encouraged to find my mobility slowly returning, and  and pain 
mostly manageable. I have been told that it will be 3 months for initial healing, and then 6 months to 1 year after that before I can expect to assess how my muscular adaptations have settled.  I was also informed I will be needing to work very hard during this time. I intend to!

I feel so very  blessed to have so many incredible people — all of your huge loving hearts from across the universe, cheering me on. 
Thank you for all your unyielding love and support, and your passionate presence in my life. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and
all the touching comments on my dear friend Resa’s recent post featuring my story and her beautiful poetry shirt and pendant.

I miss each and every one of you more than I can say, and hope to soon be able 
to spend more time with all of you again, visiting and enjoying this magical wonderful world very soon! 

Much Love and Blessings Always, 

20 thoughts on “Robyn One

      1. are you geting about on your own ? Using crutches or a walker ? Can you ride an exercise bike ?

        My hips never formed right, and I had my right done about 5 years ago and my left looks like it is on the radar now.

        Good luck with your recovery!

  1. Robyn, dear, when you finish your work and are healthy and happy again, we’ll all still be here. Just do what you need do to be well. Be kind to yourself, and be happy. ~xo~ Paul

  2. Robyn, take your time, and healing will have its tender way with you! Hard but do not overdo. It a blessing to see you progressing and with a smile. You are always embrace in a lot of healing prayers for you. Have a beautifully blessed weekend and keep smiling! Hugs and blessings to you always!

    1. You are correct dear Wendell — it’s hard not to overdo when a good day descends upon me! I am see in g some nice progress just this week though, and know all the prayers and good energy sent my way from here has so much to do with it! Thank you! Smiles and Love ~ Robyn

  3. So glad to hear you are going well, Robyn. I’m sure the road will seem long sometimes, but with your attitude, I’m sure you will travel it triumphantly. We’re thinking of you.

    1. Thank you Imelda! I so appreciate your wonderful wishes and warm sentiments. I am still in awe of Resa’s generosity of spirit and love – and all the magic that happens here at WordPress land! I am looking forward to reading your romance novels as well ~ and this gown – it is spectacular!! Much Love to you – Robyn

  4. Kev

    It’s such a blessing to hear from you again Robyn. We’ve all kept very busy in the blogging world, but we haven’t forgotten about you. Your presence and your poetry has been sorely missed…you’ve got some catching up to do gal! 😉

    1. Oh Kev – thank you so very much! I can feel all the love here -and know it’s a great part of the stead progress I have been making as of late! I know – so much catching up to do when I get back!!! Sending Hugs and Love ~ RL

  5. “Your persistence is your measure of faith in yourself” – I’ve forgotten who to attribute that to Robyn but hope that it resonates with you today (;

  6. Oh dear Mike – that is thought-provoiking indeed. I will remember — and try to maintain high levels of faith and confidence through the healing process. I’m doing better this week – and feeling hopeful indeed. Miss you ~ lots of Love – RL

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