🌹 Charlotte Hoather Sings 🌹

 Charlotte Hoather is my favorite soprano. She looks fabulous, but when you hear her sing,  true beauty is revealed.

Thank you Charlotte!

The above performance was Charlotte’s Christmas gift to all of us. You can read the entire post, it’s got the words to the song in German and English, and more! Just click on her pic, or on the link A Video Recording For You At Christmas.

Her blog is wonderful. Follow it at Charlotte Hoather Soprano

A Video Recording For You For Christmas


48 thoughts on “🌹 Charlotte Hoather Sings 🌹

  1. Thank you my lovely friend Resa, encouragement is so important at this stage and I’m very grateful you took the time to do this, and one day for sure I’m going to be singing in one of your fabulous gowns!
    All my best wishes
    Charlotte 🙋🏼💕

    1. It was my joy to do this, and an honour! You are as gracious as you are talented. I know you’ll take the world by storm … and possibly in one of my gowns at times. We are all rooting for you.
      You just might be the classic soprano who crosses into the world of pop culture.
      Resa 🎵❤️🎵

      1. You never know Charlotte Hoather on an Eminem track, my Mum would absolutely love that, she loves his albums but apologies to everyone for his swearing 😂. It’s always been her guilty pleasure, I think she likes the anarchy.
        Best wishes

        1. Hahaha! Eminen has been stretching his wings, so one never knows! Well, my fave rapper currently is Future. He doesn’t swear or use the N word as much as the others.
          OMG… I’m listening to you sing Freundliche Vision. I didn’t realize you had so many pieces on YouTube! I’ll listen to them all!
          Cheers!!! Resa ❤

    1. I’m so happy I finally did this. Char ❤ (love your nn for her) She is a true stellar talent.
      😀 ❤ – excited to show you my painted in sketch!

  2. A beautiful performance by a wonderful talent, Resa.
    Well done to Charlotte, who, I agree would look amazing in a gown created by Resa @ Art Gowns.
    That would be the icing on a wonderful cake.
    Thank You for directing me to Charlotte’s blog, and voice.

    1. I’m so happy you like Charlotte’s voice. I am wowed! What execution, what control.
      She has a distinct focus in life, as we all should. I can hardly wait for her to share her next gift of music. I also wish her great fortune as she strikes out on her career! xoxoxo

  3. Great post my friend.
    Charlotte & Resa, two of my favourite bloggers !
    I hope you can both work something out with a gown.
    Hugs to both of you. Ralph xoxoxo ❤ ❤

  4. Resa, dear girl, thank you for the gorgeous, lush gift – the singing of Charlotte Hoather. I’ve filled our home with her voice. It is bringing brilliance to my day. XX00 Virginia

    1. I believe sharing is a great path to be on. If the post/share works with my Art Gowns theme, then I enjoy having something to reblog, or post about. The gowns take 3 to 6 months to make. I don’t want to be forgotten.
      Like say, if you did a movie quiz about the most beautiful gowns in movies…ie: Sabrina, that could be a reblog for me!

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