Lady Anne

Did you ever toss and turn through the dark of night  trying to figure how to make a gown out of an old black leather coat and studded leather pants?

Anne #1

If your answer is “yes”, I feel your stress!

Anne #8

Lady Anne is inspired by Norman who donated the coat & pants to my “Art Gowns” supplies stash.

Norman is a musician & composer. He works in film & television, and is an amazing guitar player.

Anne #12

Black leather and studs made me think “Hard Rock” and “Metal”.

Anne #6 However, this is Anne #7a gown, so I thought Rock Ballads” and bought 9 meters of very inexpensive cotton gauze and Chantilly lace.

I removed the coat’s sleeves, and each sleeve became half of the bodice.

The pant legs became the skirt’s front panels. I cut scallops around the raw edges, and used glue to attach the fabric.

I surgically removed  the lower half of the coat’s fronts and the entire back in one piece.

Ane #15This Anne #9became the back of the gown. I split this up the center to add a flouncing bustle with  skirt of gauze.

I over-layered the skirt of gauze with a triangle of lace.

I needed something to pull Lady Jane together so I pulled a grommet laden S&M harness from my pile of leftover production stock, and chopped that up.

Anne #10

Lady Anne is, Medieval, Elizabethan and Renaissance all rolled into today.

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Her name, Lady Anne, came to me as I was shooting her.

Soon after I was humming Lady Jane, an old Rolling Stones tune. In the song, Lady Anne is being left for Lady Jane. There is only one color to describe that feeling …. blue.

"My dear Lady Anne, I've done what I can. I must take my leave, for promised I am This play is run my love, your time has come my love I've pledged my troth to Lady Jane." Mick Jagger/Keith Richards
“My dear Lady Anne, I’ve done what I can.
I must take my leave, for promised I am
This play is run my love, your time has come my love
I’ve pledged my troth to Lady Jane.”
Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

Norman, Lady Anne is like the music you make, a romance of many eras, places and feelings. Thank you for the inspiration!

Norman Orenstein Music

Anne #16

“Art Gown” Lady Anne designed by Resa McConaghy – November, 2013

All photos of Lady Anne taken by Resa McConaghy – November, 2013

114 thoughts on “Lady Anne

  1. To quote Mick again “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” certainly doesn’t apply to me as I got the privilege of watching the master at work. Being with you while you created this beautiful work of art was truly my pleasure. You know how much I love and admire you for everything you encompass but I want to say it again…you rock!

    I miss you already and am sad I won’t be there for the next gown but we’ll always have Lady Anne xoxo

    1. Thanks Cindy! Your praise is music to my ears. I admit I had to look up “penultimate”. I love learning new words.
      It seems I had to wait forever to design another Art Gown, and it is such a satisfying feeling. Take Care _Resa xo

  2. My favorite Stones song is ‘Factory Girl’
    Waitin’ for a girl she got stains on her dress
    Waitin’ for a girl and my feet are gettin’ wet
    She ain’t come out yet
    Waitin’ for a factory girl – Jagger/Richards
    So I’m obviously no fashion expert, but I likes what I sees!

    1. “hahaha”, I had a feeling you might not toss and turn about designing a gown.
      Thank you, (and a big hug) John! I love it too. You know, my Art Gowns are like people to me. Once they get to a certain point of creation, I talk to them. _Resa

    1. Imelda! Designing my girls is sooo satisfying! I know you understand the thrill of completing a creative project. After months of working, I was chomping at the bit to design an Art Gown.
      Now I’ve wound down….. a bit…. and have started reading your latest book, “Playing By The Rules”. (xo)

  3. nutsfortreasure

    Thanks honey for the link it is AMAZING!!!! The OLD BIKER in me has always adored Leather and Lace TOGETHER! This is stunning BRAVO Resa

    1. A million thanks Eunice!! I know hey, leather and lace is so rock! I luv it!
      You what I think? I think you can take the girl off the bike, but you can’t take the bike out of the girl.
      Lots of HUGS to you, too! xo

      1. nutsfortreasure

        I totally agree, 🙂 I will love the freedom of the road with 2, 4 or 18 wheels forever 🙂 I have also been a rocker since 45’s records in the late 60’s 🙂

          1. nutsfortreasure

            LOL never thought of it in those terms 🙂 Absolutely never see the interesting parts of me lol

            I love you for your constant encouragement 🙂 XO

              1. nutsfortreasure

                XOXO Honey one min I have reader the next this old beast wont let me find you all maybe I better blog reg. now 🙂

              2. nutsfortreasure

                🙂 Well I am dancing along with feedly on laptop a little newer and so far so good reading away are you on FB? Are you on my FRIEND LIST?

              3. I’m not on FB… maybe I’ll put my gowns there one day. I like the small WP community. It’s cozy and easy to manage. Work takes huge chunks of time.
                We can have our own FRIEND LIST, as we always have.
                😉 🙂 😀 😎 This is my entire collection of emoticons, and I send it too you!
                Have a great Saturday night and a fabulous Sunday! XO

              4. nutsfortreasure

                Thanks honey and I love each of them 🙂 Yes It gets crazy with selling my prints on 4 stores online then friends on FB and some are even cross overs 🙂 I will have coffee with FB and evenings curled up with WP and wait for emails telling me I SOLD A PRINT! 🙂

  4. Oh Resa ~ you are beyond amazing. a touch of medieval times here.. Absolutely stunning, and powerful in so many ways. I LOVE it! Thank you for always finding ways to surprise and delight us. I’m missing being around here – and this was just the perfect post to stumble upon tonight… Sending Love and a GIANT HUG for my brilliant and beautiful F-G-S always, xxoo Robyn

    1. Dearest Robyn,
      It is absolutely wonderful to see you here. I’m so happy it was my door you stumbled into. I totally admit when I posted Lady Anne, I missed you already. It must be FGS energy that guided you here.
      I’m so pleased that you like Lady Anne, and yes Medieval is one of her strong energies.
      I’m sending a GIANTER HUG to you my very beautiful and one and only FGS.
      _Resa xoxo

  5. Oh… dear Resa… stunning , amazing and unbelievable dress. I love it!! Hard rock and lace.. one enhances the other.. Elegant and yet making such a fabulous statement! It’s good to see you back!
    love and hugs from across the blue big pond!

    1. Love and hugs back to you, Francina!
      Yes, Lady Anne is a beauty, I just adore her.
      It is great to be back! My last job was wonderful, but it took over 4 months, 3 of them out of Toronto.
      Take Care _Resa

  6. I keep checking…and finally you’re back with another gown. I’m guessing you’ve been busy with work.

    Your newest gown is edgy and innovative. What a surprise. Leather and lace combined. Beautiful. Your creativity knows no bounds, Resa.

    Big hugs!!! -Lori

  7. Big hugs back to you, Lori!
    Yes, I was working very hard, in Ottawa for 3 months. All in all it was a 4.5 month long project. It’s great to be between jobs again!
    Thanks for visiting and liking my newest girl ….er gown! “lol” See you on the patio, soon! xo

  8. This captivating Lady Anne Gown is perfect for those who are courageous enough to face the manifold hardships and the vicissitudes of life. Beneath their armour beats a passionate heart whose love is still waiting for the right person.

  9. Oh my goodness, am I glad I had time to come by your site today! You make the leather look so malleable and soft, yet it looks so tough, no doubt like the woman who will wear it. ❤ I love this. I swear, if I am ever a famous author, I would want YOUR gowns for events.

    1. Diana,
      So glad you like Lady Anne! The fact that she evokes thought from you, my poet friend, means I am taking my Gowns beyond clothing, and into art. which is what I am trying to do.
      I hope you do become a famous writer! <3! _Resa xo

    1. Thank you, Le Drake! It makes me happy that you enjoy my work. 🙂 Your tux would surely go crazy if he saw Lady Anne. She is a unique beauty, but then all my girls are. “lol” Your poor tux must be suffocating in that closet. 🙂

    1. So far I have been designing my gowns as an Art form equal to music or painting (in my mind).

      Therefore anyone, can imagine wearing one of my Art Gowns to a party or to do the dishes, even.

      I create them, name them and photographically capture them. Then I dismantle them.

      It’s a project I started about a year ago. I have a few ideas for next possible steps, but honestly, I just want to create them.
      I’d like them to be used in some way for charitable endeavors, and therein lies a special occasion.

      1. I was thinking of a beautiful young bride biker girl in the dress & then of course she’d need a veil to match her train & you’d have to make a special tux to coordinate for the handsome young groom biker boy. Tee! Hee!

  10. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    Lady Anne is really cool
    but…Blue Venus and Atlantis Mermaid is still my favorites
    Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season and
    May your New Year be filled with all your wishes…!
    Take Care….You Matter…

    1. Oh Thank you! Happy Holidays, Subhan! So nice to see you again. I really fell off the map for awhile. I went away for months to design the costumes for a Canadian mini-series.
      Nonetheless, I’m unemployed again, and back at my blog.
      I just checked out your blog, and saw your new post. As always you impart a beautiful message.
      Take care and love, peace and joy to you in the New Year! _Resa ♥

  11. Hello Resa 😀 You may have wondered why I didn’t comment on this post. In fact I did ! BUT Akismet put all my comments into spam at the time. That’s all cleared up, thank heavens. I came back to ask if you have another gown on the go and at the same time to congratulate you on another wonderful gown which would be perfect for Halloween (not for me to wear that is ! 😉 ). I hope you are having a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

    1. Hugs to you, too, Ralph! ❤
      Yes, I do have another gown on the go! I didn't win that shawl contest, a lousy piece of rat fur won. Luckily I am a good loser. 🙂
      So, I am turning the shawl into a gown, along with more lace and paint and whatever else.
      It will take several or more weeks, however. They usually take 1-3 months, once I start.
      Also, I'm working slower than usual, as I am dealing with a gravely ill family member at the moment.
      Thanks for stopping by! xoxoxo
      You make me excited to finish my next Art Gown!

      1. What a lousy rat fur ! You should have won. That stinking rat !

        But ! I am so pleased to hear that you have yet another gown in the works. That would be a lovely Christmas present to look forward to (whichever year doesn’t matter, but preferably this year 😉 ).

        I do understand about you caring for a family member as I did the same 24/7 for many months. Carers should get medals ! Please make sure that you have some “me” time. ❤

    1. You are a darling Francina!
      It’s been awhile, but I have done a new Art Gown. I’m taking the photographs as I write this, and hope to have the new Art Gown post up next weekend!

    1. Well, Lady Anne was designed for the man in my life! The love I felt while designing this was very intense.
      I am so honored by the fact that you are viewing so many of my Art Gowns. Thank you, Eva!

  12. Sheer genius, Resa! I love the upcycle element, but it wouldn’t be gorgeous if you didn’t wave your talented magic needles over the garments! Your gowns are lovely, you are a true fairy godmother, LOL!!!

    1. Thank you dear Roxie!
      Lady Anne is possibly my fave. All of the Art Gowns have an upcycle, recycle, found in my basement, bargain bin, art (ie painting, dying) element. I am not allowed to buy all new fabrics. When I buy a new fabric, it must come from ends, or remnants store. xo

    1. So, next I’m doing a reblog of a Charlotte Hoather post, then 2 sketches of Aquileana in Goddess Gowns, then you, as Lady Anne.
      However, my new Art Gown could intercept.
      Working on it!

            1. So, I’m over here, studying “Lady Anne”. Will be using you w/sunglasses. It will take a month. I’ll do a front and a back.
              You still in?

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