Ballroom Lux

Did you ever design a magic gown that seemed to light itself?

ABC #1

Well, this “Art Gown” inspired by Carolyn from ABC of Spirit Talk turned out to do just that.

I love Carolyn’s “Reflections” and she has been a joy to me for almost a year now.

When I realized she enjoys Ballroom Dancing and loves a Waltz, I saw flowing white swans.

After she told me gold was a favorite color, I saw this modern fabric called Liquid Lamé. I decided to combine it with the most delicate of traditional white netting, shimmered and dotted with gold. Would these diametrically opposed fabrics work together?

ABC #2

As usual, I began by draping the bodice. The ruching down the center back took about 30 pins to hold in place. I was thrilled with the outcome.

I draped the underskirt in Lamé, added the over-skirt in net, and took a making of shot. I repositioned Judy, and shot the front. It was then I saw the dynamics of light with this creation.

ABC #3

I took off the over-skirt, threw a sash around Judy’s waist and made the tails into rosettes. I shot the gown in this state then re-attached the over skirt, and shot some more. Here’s what happened.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s incredible what the gown revealed. Sometimes the net even looked like clear plastic.

“N” said if the pics were in black and white, it would look like it was from another era, another place in time.  I couldn’t resist. Sure enough, Carolyn’s gown is not only lux magic, it is lux mystic.

ABC #12

Carolyn’s gown welcomes us in one place then says farewell from another.

Much like Carolyn, her gown is divinely enchanting!ABC #13

94 thoughts on “Ballroom Lux

    1. Thanks Boomer! That means a lot coming from you. It seems the more I design these “Art Gowns” the more ideas I get.Too, bad work keeps me so busy. I have a definite idea for “The Art Junkie” down the road!

  1. You waved your wand and look at the magic you created. A gown that is the stuff that dreams are made of. Who wears this gown will be indeed be Cinderella at the ball. Pure alchemy. Absolutely gorgeous and lush, sophisticated and sexy. Bravo. V.

    1. Virginia, Thank you so much for your lovely words! I haven’t been around much due to work, but I have a few days for fun, and I’ll see you over at your blog! Pure alchemy … I like that!

  2. It’s so GORGEOUS, Resa! And you’re right, it looks as if it’s stepped out of another era. I can imagine Grace Kelly in this. That liquid lame stuff is amazing. It deserves a red carpet, this frock.

    1. Thank you Imelda! You took Grace Kelly right off the tip of my mind! Carolyn is a great inspiration, as are all of the beautiful women I want to design a gown for.
      So many gowns. So little time!

  3. Lori is absolutely right, Resa… You are an artist with words and gowns….

    What a magnificent creation you’ve woven for the beautiful Waltz. It is stunning… I can see it shimmering and shining as it waltzes around the ballroom; reflections of light dazzling the room.

    I also adore the ‘other era’ slinky, sexy, black and white creation. This look doesn’t need a dance-floor; just a will to look fantastic..!

    Thank You so much, Resa. I am so delighted to be viewing a most wonderful gown inspired by one of my most favourite pastimes..! 🙂


    1. Dear Carolyn,
      I’m so happy you like this “Art Gown”!
      It was a very fun and satisfying time designing it. Thank you for the creative energy, and keep on dancing! I think it’s wonderful how one of your favorite pastimes can inspire one of my favorite pastimes.
      😉 xoxoxo

      1. My dear, dear Resa… At last I have been inspired to Re-blog this wonderful post…. It has been a very difficult thing not to do so; and yet I could not until now…

        You deserve all the accolades your designs bring to you… Thank You so much for designing this incredible gown; it is truly inspirational… xoxoxo

      1. You’re welcome! No, I don’t use film anymore, but I shoot directly b/w so I don’t have to post-process. In other words, I just set my camera to get the desired effect, and the photos I get are exactly the ones I publish, in 99% of the cases. I shoot my last roll of film in 2001, if I remember correctly 🙂 Then in 2004 I switched to digital…

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  5. My Dear Auntie Resa….as usual, you created another amazing masterpiece! Thank you for sharing this gown with me throughout the process. You already know how much I adore and admire you but I still love to remind you. Remind you how much you inspire me in everything you do. From your fashion creations, art, photography, cooking and writing to your loyalty, kindness, knowledge, generosity and sense of humor. I take great comfort in looking up to you. You are the total package and I miss you everyday. Love you always xoxoxo

    1. My dear Sherrie,
      You are the best niece, and you are also one of my best friends. I can hardly wait until we get to be together again. We sure know how to have fun together!
      I admire you, too darling. It seems we are both total packages.
      Sharing with you has satisfying rewards.
      I miss you everyday, too.

      Love you always,xoxoxo
      Think I’ll send you a text now!

  6. Oh Resa ~ can I have this one??????? teasing of course, but Carolyn is a lucky lady — this is magical, stunning, elegant, mysterious and sexy too. You are brilliant dear lady…
    I adore ~ Sending so much love and huge hug to you …. xxooo Robyn ps: still away but have laptop here… did not see this in my reader though — so wonder if i missed it or it just didn’t show … regardless so happy to see it this day!!! Much LOVE!

    1. Dear Robyn,
      You’re still away! Please take care, and I hope it means good news.
      Thanks for your compliments and enthusiasm about “Ballroom Lux”!
      It is my 3rd “Art Gown” and they are becoming exceptionally special to me.
      And yours is next … and I’m so excited … and the photo you featured on your blog today inspired me further, into the blue!
      Love, dear Robyn, LOVE!

  7. I love this kind of gowns and you creates some really beautiful ones – evening dresses are many things nowadays both men and women – at the right time I love to make it a bit extraordinarily, because for many years suits have been my “working suits” in the business life – so I love to put on my tuxedo or exceptionally my dress suits with long tail and bow tie – so it’s “let’s party time”… ‘hahaha’

    1. Thank you, Karen! I believe a gown can be as artful as a sculpture, an oil painting or a charcoal sketch if presented as such.
      You are a dear to see art as all encompassing!
      Cheers to you and to all of us artists! – Resa

  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    My gosh, this is just beautiful – & especially beautiful for how it was inspired. Indeed, I love Carolyn’s readings also 🙂

    I’m not much of a dress wearer because I reckon myself too square, plump, but mercy, this dress is so so magical. ANY girl would want to fit into it. I think you’re enormously clever: you sew magic.


  9. Yaz

    This gown is unbelievably lovely, and I totally understand that you are inspired by Carolyn’s words. I would love to see her in it, dancing, in one of her videos that she puts out. Thanks for the beautiful photos!

      1. Thy are extremely beautiful works of art. They would make beautiful art pieces with the right model and the right scene, I’m sure you know. Your work and photography is beautiful. Have a nice day.

          1. Wow , you are very talented and amazing, Im honoured to receive your reply. Well I guess you have no shortage of super stars wanting to wear your gowns if you ever wanted. All of your work is stunning, and I can see a life time of hard work in there too, good on you.I find costume design amazing. Thank-you for the link.

  10. I love your gown! How amazingly talented you are. I actually came across it trying to do some research on what types of paint would work best on gold lame’ fabric. I am helping my daughters ColorGuard team paint their flags for a performance and I am so nervous about getting the right paint that will work well on the gold lame’. Not having too much luck getting any information on the web yet. Do you mind if I ask what type of paints you used on your gown? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and I hope you keep creating these amazing works of art. How fun would it be to wear one!!!

    1. In my posts “Graffiti Girl Glam” and “Art Gowns Trip Tease”, I used acrylic paint with fabric medium. Both are available at proper art supply stores.
      I have had good luck here, but every man for himself!

    2. I can’t believe I forgot to thank you for your lovely compliment! Thank you, and I will design more gowns. Also, If you are not washing the flags, the acrylic paint with fabric medium should be fine. However, I have not tested the Lamé gown in the rain.
      I did 10 t-shirts using the acrylic paint and then heat set it. 1 of the t-shirts has been washed a dozen times and the paint is almost all gone. However, it didn’t start to fade until about the 4th washing.
      I hope this helps.
      Also, I didn’t mean to sound flippant in yesterday’s comment about “every man for himself”… It’s just that I have attempted to paint clothes off and on for years.
      Remember to test the paint with the brushes or sponges on a scrap piece of fabric first!!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I love Ballroom Lux! I’m still in Ottawa on the shoot. I’m working hard & will be heading home in a month. Then… a new Art Gown will begin! xoxo

    1. Aww, thank you!
      I’ve been working out of town on a TV series. My days are 12 – 14 hours & my weeks are 7 days.
      It’s almost over… 1 more month & then I’ll be around more.
      Take care!

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