Spring Rhapsody

Ever dream of making an Art Gown that burst forth from the drab of winter?

Then, it blooms into the brilliance of spring!

Surely that Art Gown would be a flower garden.

Which is why I dedicate  Spring Rhapsody to Amy Rose. Amy takes superlative photos of flowers, and she grows the most beautiful roses. She takes fabulous, magic photos all year long. Yet, her flowers, especially roses are stand out.

Her photography was recently featured on another post focusing on spring. Frank’s Beach Walk Reflections on Spring.

The Making Of:

It all began when a friend sent me about 40 pounds of old fabrics. There was a damask pillow case, that worked with a shiny coppery brown fabric. It seemed a bit earthy coloured for a gown. I thought: earth, garden, Amy’s flowers.

The shiny coppery fabric is odd: rubbery, perhaps used for upholstery, annoying to work with and exceptionally lustrous.

The box also included many scraps of colourful acetate linings, and scriffles of a delicate net embroidered with gold and pearls.









The colourful acetates picked nicely into the subtleties of the Damask. Shapes were cut out of the net scraps, overlaid onto the acetates and stitched on.

Gold buttons, from another friend’s buckets of buttons, were used as centres to gather the flowers around. Then began the biggest mess ever made, in the making of an Art Gown.

The mess was worth it!

I couldn’t take enough pics.


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This girl was a joy, from morning…

….until night.

Art Gown Spring Rhapsody © Resa McConaghy – 2021

I send my best to all of you, my blog pals. I adore you all, please take care and have the best spring ever!

189 thoughts on “Spring Rhapsody

  1. Just came for another look, Resa. Oh dearest friend, I still cannot get over what you did here. I wish I could actually see this in person but as we both know I am not able to come into Canada. One day I shall! I’ve been so so busy with my gardens …. is it age or is it wisdom that I am no longer willing to burn the candle at both ends by posting as often as I used to? I get here when I can. Sending you so much love!! Just know I know in my heart that a day is coming that the continuing nightmare will come to an end. Just writing that I sighed a huge sigh of relief. Hug those trees. Everyone needs hugs! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. xoxoxoxo
      Amy dear,
      I post when I feel like it!
      It can become a lot of work. However, this is not a job. It is my enjoyment, something I share. If I feel like sharing once a week, or 10 days, then that’s what happens.
      I burned the candle at both ends in my career. That’s enough of that!

  2. Just beautiful, it would make a lovely gown for a Titania from Midsummer Nights Dream there is even a space for her wings. I don’t wear brown very often but it goes well with pink hmmm.

    I love to see your skill and inventiveness Resa, and patience of course.

    1. Thank you dear Charlotte!

      I think of you in pinks, turquoise, white… You’d be dynamite in black or red, for the right roles.
      As you know, I have my eyes on an Art Gown dedicated to you.
      I never know what’s coming my way, but I’m hoping for a stretch fabric for the basic body.
      That way, if I sent it to you, there would be a good chance it could be fit to you, easily.
      Also the right fabric would pack into a box, without getting crushed to death.
      Most of my Art Gowns would need to be shipped in a proper wardrobe box, and the shipping cost would be prohibitive.

      Anyway, we are still in a stay at home order, so I won’t be finding anything in the near future.
      I just started a new Art Gown, to be dedicated to Tim Price, Off Centre Not Even. Hopefully the pandemic will be over when I finish it.

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