La Esencia de Titania

Did you ever think to yourself,  I’d like to meet an Art Gown fairy?

She would look like the sun shining on rippling pink water and her tail would be made from the forest’s leaves.

Her wings would fold behind her, in many wonderful different ways.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We make fairies here. This may be the first fairy, but it will not be the last.

And who better to dedicate the first fairy Art Gown to than Brenda Davis Harsham from Friendly Fairy Tales.

Okay, a few notes on the making of La Esencia de Titania

It began with leftovers from “O Royal Treasure”. As I was cutting the circles out of  white voile to make her flowers, I noticed the long scraps were fairy airy and romantic feeling.

Using up old things is very Art Gowns apropos.

Shimmering pink stretch cut velvet was draped on Judy, with the white voile scriffles. It was too, pale.

Using metallic bronze and copper acrylic paint with fabric medium, the scraps were painted. A ladder was used for hang drying the pieces.

The result is what I call autumn leaves. After I draped the leaves around the gown, I brought my cat, Jeep, in for consultation

Once she was made, it was a lot of fun folding her wings in different ways.

Of course spreading them for flight was very important, as well!


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La Esencia de Titania heads to the dining room to plan a dinner party for the Art Gowns.

Apparently, the Art Gowns want to move to a place with a larger dining room, more the size of a ballroom, so their tails will fit in better.

La Esencia de Titania and Mini-Me discuss changing Mini-Me’s name to “Mini-Muse”.

Art Gown La Esencia de Titania designed by Resa McConaghy – 2017

© Photos taken by Resa – November, 2017

Brenda Davis Harsham lives in New England. Her site, Friendly Fairy Tales, is for kids of all ages. Her poetry and prose have been published at the places listed in the “Publications” Page on her blog. Fine art prints are available to purchase on  Society6

Brenda wants to pen a Fairy Tale based on Art Gown La Esencia de Titania sometime in the future! Would love it!

La Esencia de Titania takes off for a special midnight mission.

La Esencia de Titania & Mini- Me (Muse?) dream of running away to Hollywood to become stars in black and white movies.

137 thoughts on “La Esencia de Titania

        1. Thanks, it’s nice to be back. I get sidetracked by work, and it does take about 3 months to make one of these gowns.
          I have another blog I’m on more often, although it doesn’t really feature my creativity. I take pics of others’ creativity! When I log back in to it, I’ll follow you from there. It’s called Graffiti Lux and Murals, and I’m still Resa.

  1. Resa w hen I first saw this I literally gasped, this gown is like happening on a fall forest cove to discover a waterfall of pink, glittering metallics in the form of a fairy princess. Such an amazing an incredible work of art and I can think of no one more fitting of the
    This gem than dear Brenda. Brava dear fashionista , breathtaking!

    1. Holly, what wonderful comment!
      Your creative mind has made me very happy!
      I wish I could make these gowns faster, then I would get to dedicate one to all of my fave bloggers…. yes, even Mr. Wapojif! Although, I’m not sure what the he** that would look like…. ??
      Thank you, sweet Holly!

            1. Uch! He is very adorable, but so high maintenance.
              I’d have to dismantle the chainsaws, then drape the chains. Actually, that would really look cool.
              Whatever… high maintenance.

  2. A delicate example of you, Resa… It is beautiful, exquisite, and Brenda will/must be so very pleased with the result.
    I adore the autumn/fall essence of flora surrounding her. What a wonderful story Brenda will create from this muse… And, speaking of muses: mini muse is also superb! (Shakespeare will be so chuffed.)
    I’ve run out of superlatives; though, I know I could find a few more… like; sweet, awesome, unrivalled, outstanding….. A gown fit for a Queen..
    Well done to you, Dear Resa…. ❤

    1. Your superlatives are just fine. Okay, they are better than fine. They are wildly appreciated by me.
      …. And you are superlative.
      OMG! You got the Shakespeare reference in Titania. “(Shakespeare will be so chuffed.)” Wow!!
      YAY! Oh, erm, thank you Mr. Shakespeare. Chuffed… yes!!!
      Much love, Resa xoxoxoxo

    1. Yet, spring is a part of the awesome out and about, too. I fear it is winter that has gotten a cold shoulder here. Thank you, and glad you like my latest creation! (oh, why can’t I paint and write, or sculpt like other artists? I have to make an Art Gown every time?

  3. Oh Resa! A quintessential fairy tale. The world need this beauty. “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Albert Einstein

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! Yes, I agree. And the Art Gowns are a fairy tale. They are my imagined world that I present the way i know how. I’m so happy and honored that you find your way here to enjoy, and find a deeper meaning.

    1. Well, you will see more fairy gowns! However, we need to do a sultry non-fairy, mmm historical vampire gown? Wish I did not have to work! Could do an Art Gown every 5 weeks, instead of every 14! Sending hugs!!!!

    1. They really do evolve. It’s something I see as I go along. Using paint has become a favorite tool, in order to create uniqueness. The next gown will be a painted goddess!
      Thank you for your kind words, 😀

    1. Thanks, Christy! Lol! Those wings… all the drapes were easy and fun, but the spread for flight wings were a challenge. I tried many things, including wire dress hangers reformed. Alas, I wound up using thread, and attaching the thread to the wings’ tips and to the shade on the ceiling lamp. ❤ ❤

  4. Resa,

    You are a superb artist. You didn’t stop at making a floaty gown out of pinks and purples, but instead your gown tells a whole story of a fairy queen emerging for a magical moment. She comes out of hiding, trusting the world with her fragile beauty. A world where a queen can make us care about the environment and the earth.

    Your art is truly transformative, using recycled material and making a powerful a statement on where the future should go. This dress makes a statement. Helps us remember we are all connected to nature. We draw our beauty, our magic, our creativity, our wealth and very lives from it. It’s a moment to remember that we need the trees more than they need us.

    My kids looked at the pictures, and they think you could sell it, and get a lot of money! That seems to be how kids value things these days. I’m not sure they have the words to say how unique and creative the color choices and materials are. They want to know what you do with the dresses. They believe many people would buy them.

    I appreciate your shout out to me, and the input you gave me along the way when you were designing and making the gown. I see some of my values here, my belief that fairy tales shouldn’t be reduced to insipidity, but instead should retain statements on the power of the feminine, a dash of danger and the power of faith that we don’t know everything there is to know. We don’t have all the answers. What we have is imagination and creativity, and surely we were meant to use them to make the world a better, more connected and more beautiful place.

    I so appreciate your talent and hard work. And your values, which mesh with mine so well.

    I am proud to reblog this. I have an event tonight, but I hope to have more time to write a poem soon. I hope you’ll be willing to let me use a photo with credit and a link. I also want to write a fairy tale after NaNoWriMo is over, and my creative wells are revived. I will never forget this dress. I wish I’d owned a dress like this when I was in my 20’s. 🙂



    1. Brenda,
      In tears…. quite choked up by your comment!
      I’ll comment you more tomorrow when I can think more clearly.
      Part of it all is your kids. I will also write them a special comment tomorrow.
      This is a wonderful project, and I am so glad you are here.
      Thank you for all your inspiration! XOXO
      (PS: I think more than a few are looking forward to something you write on La Esencia de Titania & yes, please use any pics you want!)
      No time constraints… I’m very proud of you taking up the NaNoWriMo challenge. XOXO

    2. Dear Brenda,

      This is one superior comment!
      Yes, it would be easy to go out and buy beautiful pink and purple fabrics. I will leave that to Disney and Pixar.
      Art Gowns are made from bargain bin fabrics, and/or recycled anything.
      Such is the challenge I must rise up to & create from.
      I agree that we need the trees more than they need us.
      This Art Gown is definitely a “We Need The Trees” statement.
      You have a wonderful way of putting words, which is why I love Friendly Fairy Tales so much.
      The Power of the Feminine is on the rise, and part of that is embracing femininity in the New Age, in a healthy, progressive beauty that weaves our futures.
      I so agree with you on everything. I’ve always thought you were raised in the woods by fairies.

      Looking ahead to whatever you write! Very excited!. xoxoxoxo

  5. Reblogged this on Friendly Fairy Tales and commented:
    Resa has created an art dress using fairies as inspiration, but it takes fashion to a higher plane. It makes a statement about how connected people and magic are to nature. Its fall colors should clash with the soft pink of the gown, but instead they provide a beautiful backdrop, making the wearer shine. Like van Gogh’s use of color contrast to hold light, it’s as if she created light itself with nap, stitches and fabric. I hope you’ll drop by her site to let her know how wonderful her art is. Have a magical night!

        1. Dear Brenda’s Kids!
          Thank you for checking out this creation that your mother helped to inspire. She is very inspiring, and I am sure you already know that. Also, she told me 2 of you watched Cheetah Girls. Thank you so very much.
          I would love to make $ from my Art Gowns. I would especially also love to make $ from Art Gowns for charities,
          The crazy thing is, that they are not really garments. I know they look fab, but the fabrics are from the bargain bin, and I also use recycled …. anything. Check out “La Vie en Rose” . She is decorated with 300 wine corks. They are completely sewn by hand (a lost craft) Although the last 4 or 5 have been made more securely, and can go on a model, or on anyone for a special night.
          So, they are Art Gowns. They could be good for display to catch the eye for whatever reason. I’m open to any ideas.
          In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your school year! Thanksgiving is around the corner, and the holidays are, too. YAY!!!!

  6. Absolutely stunning. I can see why Brenda was so happy!. This is a remarkable creation… The fabric you have chosen is beautiful and I love the fact that the gown seems to have wings. (The Photograph below the words: “La Esencia de Titania takes off for a special midnight mission” is eloquent in this sense and I love how the wings´s shadows are reflected on the wall!).
    A real marvel, dear Re… Oh and I love the title in Spanish, too!. Sending much love & all my very best wishes. Hugs ❤ 😀

    1. Dear Aq!
      I adore the Spanish Title. It’s the only language that worked in terms of romancing Titania.
      So, I now own 2 small spotlights. I used those to light the dark to create the taking off shadow. The first time I used them was on “Artemis by Moonlight”. They created the circular moonlight.
      I’m sure I will be using them to try and capture a special shot with Athena. Big {{{HUGS}}} back at you, one for each of the 8,953 km between us. ❤ ❤

    1. Dearest LDN!
      Thank you so much!
      I hope your tux is okay! I know the Art Gowns love to have fun with him, but really, they think he is very cute and elegant.
      I’m glad to hear he is still with you, locked in the closet, I suppose. Nonetheless, it’s good to know that you have not had to commit him to an asylum, yet. 😀 xoxo

  7. Hello dear Resa,
    I wanted to read what most of your readers had to say before commenting and I agree with every one of them. You are a Master …umm… Mistress … whatever… of your Art Gown Design and they just keep coming, better and better. Brilliant ! Well done my friend. Love the wings !
    Thanks for letting me choose the Water Aid charity for Royal Treasure. A great honour !
    Must put on my lederhosen and go out for a quick yodel.
    Natascha, Murli, Sonic & Samantha plus myself, Von Ralph, send you, Jeep & Johnny lots of love.
    Ralph xoxox #< ❤

    1. Hello to the Austrian contingent of Art Gowns!
      I really appreciate this wonderful comment, and I also appreciate that you chose Water Aid for your Art Gown’s charity.
      Lederhosen? Yodeling? I’m confused. My friend, Christine yodels, especially after a couple (few) glasses of wine. 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
      Quite the treat to behold, even if she doesn’t don the lederhosen!
      Much love to you, Natascha and all of the cats. BTW? How are all the cats settling in? Quite nicely, I hope!
      xoxoxoxoo <# ❤

  8. She took her enchanted silver scissors and cut and snipped the fabric of dreams. Paint brush in hand she created magical designs taken from every fairy story ever told. Silver needle and thread whispered spells and The Fairy Queen left her Midsummer’s Nights Dream to appear in mortal form. Resa the conjurer had brought Titania to life.

      1. Brenda,
        Virginia always makes the best Art Gown Comments. She is a true romantic, well versed and was a renaissance woman before anyone knew what the heck we are talking about!
        Now…. on to answering her wonderful comment! xoxo

    1. Oh Virginia!
      Your comment gives me shivers.
      You know that my silver scissors and needle brought Titania to life.
      You are correct, Virginia, i do attempt to mortalize the past’s dreams into today’s vision.
      I adore your comments, always, and I always adore you! You are the Empress d’Amore. Always have been. Always will be! Much love to you and yours! _Resa xoxoxoxoxx

  9. So many wonderful comments, not sure how to follow them…

    Another beauty added to the collection. It’s so whimsical. I love the design, colours and story. Bravo! xoxo

    btw…I noticed my bottles aren’t on the mantle 😉

    1. STOP PANICKING! The bottles are on the mantle. 😀
      I had to shove them, each to one side. Unfortunately, when they are clearly in the shot, they take over from the Art Gowns. If you look very, very closely, in the first pic you can make out the one on the left as you face the screen. It is hidden by the plant.
      Thank you for your lovely comment … about the new Art Gown, not the bottles.
      Okay, let’s work on getting the Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison bottles to you in the upcoming year.

  10. A stunning creation my dear friend, with the spirit of nature as you brought this shimmering piece of art to life. Your series of photographs lets us fully appreciate the gorgeous gown. Fabulous work Resa!

    1. Thank you, Mary!!! I think the metallic bronze and copper acrylic paint made good looking leaves! I’m very excited for the next one. I’m hoping to do a street art type painting on a gown!

  11. Resa this gown is exquisitely beautiful and fit for any Fairy Queen.. And just breathtakingly wonderful.. Brenda, and her poetry a perfect match for mutual Wings to fly high..
    Fabulous Resa..
    Love and Blessings and Happy Creating 🙂 ❤

    1. Sue, thank you for your kind words. 😀 I do feel I reached a beautiful height with this gown. I can hardly wait to read what Brenda writes! I know she’s participating in NaNoWriMo, but I can easily wait! 😀 Best to you!

  12. Oh, my goodness – oh, my goodness twice! La Esencia de Titania is magic, she is absolutely stunning! She’s Autumn’s Goddess, Fall’s muse, a Fairy Queen for sure and her glowing beauty takes the breath away! Wow, Resa! I can imagine you working on her like a time lapse movie [hmm maybe an idea… I’d love to actually watch the process in a time lapse video!]. Bravo, my sweet friend and I’m so glad you dedicated your first fairy to Brenda. I know, follow and admire her beautiful poetry for some time now. Love to both girls and xxxxxxxxxx
    ps Hera was also stunned by La Esencia de Titania and she also sends her hugs!!!! xxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

    1. First, and second -Thank you, thank you to you and Hera!
      Yes, La Esencia de Titania is quite the beauty, but then all of my girls are.
      Okay, I will consider a time lapse video, but not too much of my face. Some of my most productive times are in a housecoat with my first Poppies cup of coffee for the day. Hair in knots, and booty slippers with the cats hanging all around might steal the show from any Art Gown. LOL!
      Much love sweet friend! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooxooxooxooooo
      For Hera! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

      1. A-ha-ha!!!! “Hair in knots, and booty slippers with the cats…” you can make it a statement dress code!!! 😉 Sounds very much like my creative state btw! 😉
        ps indeed ALL your girls are extraordinarily beautiful and very very unique. Each one with a story to tell and I love them all! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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  14. This is wonderful, an authentic work of art!!!
    It is true, your magic scissors have chosen the path of art and your works are able to move the viewer, it is a proposal overflowing with beauty and imagination.
    I have seen perfectly the fairy in her gown, she was very similar to you … and I have been able to recreate the whole scenario in which she lives, leafy forests, dry leaves, the moss of the roads …
    I love it, I really love it and I am very impressed with your great talent.
    I adore those beautiful wings, perfect to take flight when you need it, the image with the shadow on the wall is impressive !!
    By the way, I like “La esencia”, sounds very close to me 🙂
    Congratulations Resa!!

    1. Thank you dear Belén!

      Rain is here!!!!!
      I will write soon. I took a few pics & will send them.
      She came last night. I love her tremendously!

      “La esencia” is you! 😀 I am very rewarded with joy that my creation brings fruit to your imagination. Everything you say is what I had hoped people would see.
      Making the Art Gowns brings me joy that is difficult to describe. The more Art Gowns I make, the larger the family grows.
      Much love to you and yours and your beautiful puppies. Okay dogs, but all dogs are puppies, and all cats are kittens… to me.

      1. I think that good artists enjoy creating, they are happy sharing their talent.
        I also think that there is no good art and bad art … there is art that transmits emotions and art that does not manage to transmit them.
        You manage to thrill the viewer, you not only create Art Gowns, you create environments and stories, you transport the viewer to places he knew but could not remember.
        By the way
        “I love her tremendously!” … I like that, I like it a lot … that’s the best reward 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you popped over from Brenda’s blog. I’m sure the fairies will come by…eventually!
      You did, and if you follow Brenda, you are at least 1/4 fairy. 😀

  15. Magnificent, Resa! Love the pale pink and the folded wings. It makes me think of autumn leaves on the surface of the stream, and a pink pearly shell underneath. Love it. Any fairy would be proud to wear this gown 🙂

    1. Thank you, Inese! I keep seeing an emerald green fairy for you. Must be the Emerald Isle! I’m sure there must be some green fairies? With pearl… 😀

    1. Thank you, Dina!
      It is my aim to make gowns … art. They are not clothes to be paraded, but a piece of art, worn for a moment, enhanced by a woman’s grace. She may be 80 or 18, small or large. I want my art, Art Gowns, to speak to all women’s beauty.

    1. Well, it would fit you, I believe! The pink fabric is stretchy, so alterations probably would be minimal, if any at all. You’d look fabulous in it. I have it stored away in a garment bag. 🥰

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