O Royal Treasure

Were you ever impassioned to make an Art Gown from 150 O’s?

Yes! Then you probably know this year is Canada’s 150th birthday.

In 1967, Canada was 100 years old. Our national anthem is “O Canada”. In celebration, Joyce Wieland created a famous lithograph of O’s formed by her red painted lips.

Yet, this is the Art Gown dedicated to Ralph from Bluefish Way, and Ralph lives in Spain. Ah, but he lives in Cañada del Real Tesoro, Spain. Canada/Cañada – it was a thrilling discovery.

According to Mini-Me, Ralph, and what Belen Soto told me, it means Path to the Royal Treasure.

Turned out the path to O Royal Treasure was a 4 month trek.

150 flowers were created. Using a dinner plate, and 2 different sized saucers. I cut out 150 circles, gathered the edges, & drew them  into flowers. I painted my lips red, formed an O, and implanted an O on each of the flowers.

The bodice was hell to shape, as it is made from a bargain bin stretch poplin.

To sew on the skirt, I removed the bodice from Judy. When I put it back on Judy, the poplin had grown a size bigger. More shaping was required.

A giant bow was stuffed with net. Perfect for sewing on 22  flowers!

O Royal Treasure outtakes.

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There’s a final twist!

Ralph is engaged! Click n the banner below to read the post!

⭐ An Art Gowns Heritage Moment ⭐

Mini-Me educates O Royal Treasure on how to fit in with Art Gowns. “Never do dishes, vacuum or any housework. Make sure to plan a dinner party for all of the girls, as soon as possible!”

In a a dream-like state, O Royal Treasure heads to the dining room to plan her first dinner.

 © O Royal Treasure designed & made by Resa McConaghy – 2017

Photos © Resa McConaghy – August 4, 5 & 6, 2017

500 Meters of thread were used in the making of O Royal Treasure.

Never, never, never buy stretch poplin!

If you’re an Art Gown, always listen to Mini-Me’s advice. She’s been living in the Art Gowns’ room since before Strawberry Kisses, my very first girl.

124 thoughts on “O Royal Treasure

    1. I’m thrilled about being a Canadian, and making a piece of art to celebrate it, too! ⭐
      You make me proud and happy every day of my life. Love you beyond words my darling Sherrie!
      xoxo ❤

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  2. It’s exceptional, Resa! Ahhh it’s lovely to see the gown in all its glory~ You’ve given it much love over the summer ❤ I adore it as a tribute to Canada's 150th and to Ralph, all with Mini-Me's help (sage advice given, by the way). It's so creative how you've formed the gown of 150 flowers and your pucker in red all across them. I am dreaming of this one in a big ballroom on a lovely hostess!

    1. Thank you dear Christy! ❤
      I really wanted to do something for Canada's birthday, and I think it's interesting how everything turned out in the end for O Royal Treasure.
      As you know, making these gowns takes months, and it so wonderful that you see and appreciate that fact.
      Mini-Me has become quite the little Majordomo to the Art Gowns. I don't know what they would do without her.
      Do you ever get the feeling that I never really stopped playing with dolls, I just got bigger ones!
      Many hugs, and have a great week ahead! ⭐

  3. Hello dear Resa 🙂

    Wow ! O Royal Treasure is absolutely stunning, really beautiful and I am so honoured that you have dedicated this gorgeous gown to me (and Natascha). Can I let you tell your commenters and readers about our little subplot concerning this post ? I have already published my post
    with many links to this wonderful post of yours dear friend.

    Thank you so much for all the work, the many hours that it has taken you and the love that you have put into this gown.

    Love and a really big hug for you dear Resa. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Dear Ralph (and Natascha)
      The post about your engagement is wonderful!
      I am always so overwhelmed when I finish and post a new Art Gown, that I am a bit exhausted for a few days!
      I’ll update the link directly to your new post so people can find out what the “twist” is. I see some have gone over to check it out, already!
      Ralph, you are welcome! You have been a dedicated follower, and I know you have always wanted an Art Gown. Now you have one! Funny how things turn out sometimes. Serendipity!
      Much love to you! _Resa xoxoxo ❤

      1. I can imagine how exhausting the whole process of creating a gown, photographing her and now I read that you have organised a live model. That’s fantastic ! I just can’t wait to see that post. Talking to Natascha, she would love to wear the gown as she has never worn one before. It is such a shame that she lives so far away from you.
        Thank you so much for the link and explaining the twist. What fun !
        Yes, I am amazed as you are that after so many design changes you ended up with the perfect gown for Natascha and I.
        Thank you again for dedicating her to me.
        Love and hugs. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Dear GiGi!
      So glad you came to see her! I must be one of the last people on earth making totally handmade gowns. I believe that helps make them art, amongst other things.
      I’m making one dedicated to Brenda from Friendly Fairy Tales next.
      Again, thank you for coming to see her! Taking a bow and throwing kisses to you!

  4. Absolutely beautiful… Love the details, and the 150 flowers representing Canada´s 150 Birthday… Ralph will be so happy, I can telll. Thank you for being such a special friend and creative woman: You inspire me in many ways… xxoo

    1. Aww, love to you, Aquileana, and thank you so much!
      It seems creativity has never been a problem for me. Making money from it, well, there’s the rub!
      Of course, I am totally excited about our new collaboration coming up Art Gown after next. I just love designing those Goddesses! Hope you are having a brilliant week! Resa xoxo ⭐

  5. 150 Os? Stretch poplin? So much work and patience required! Can I just say this though, my sweet friend: it was all worth it! Every bit of it! You’ve created an amazing beauty! And how wonderful that is coincides with Ralph and Natascha engagement! A huge hug to this treasure: YOU! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Dearest Marina,
      Yes, the stretch poplin was incredibly annoying. How dare stretch, stretch so much!
      Thank you for saying that I have created a beauty! Yes, the Art Gown and engagement were serendipitous events. 😀
      All of the Art Gowns have had their creative challenges. Did you know that Cecilia Lionheart took me longer to make than any other Art Gown? Trying to make all the different patterns in ties work in one piece was a great puzzle.
      A huge hug to you, my dear another treasure! ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I’d like to come over and play dress up!! …although I’m sure none of them would fit… I’m only 5′ ….unless you have a pair of heeled glass slippers hiding somewhere 🙂 Beautiful job Resa.

    1. Height wouldn’t matter in this Art Gown, and you could swish in its pool of delight. Oh… and I just may have some glass slippers for you. You are a perfect muse to wear this gown. 😀 x
      … and thank you!

  7. Its beautiful Resa, I am so happy to be on the edge of your life and witness this kind of creativity. The part about painting your lips red and implanting the O, well that’s a Whitby for you. 😉

    1. Yes, now that you mention it, red lip O’s are very Whitby! 😀
      Thank you for visiting my Art Gowns. I enjoy blogging, but an Art Gown takes 3-4 months on the average to make. So, there’s not a lot of time spent here.
      However, I have my street art hobby for more blogging enjoyment.
      I’m so glad we have met out here in the wild world of cyber! ⭐

  8. Before popping over to Ralph’s treasure trove of understanding I firstly want to say how much I enjoyed this post full of your humour (don’t you just hate it when a bodice grows without permission) and beautiful art gown creativity. It is gorgeous, Resa!
    And to think it is not only made with your elegant fingers, but also your illustrious lips.
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. 🙂

    1. Dearest Carolyn,
      Yes, Ralph is now a treasure trove of wedding bells! 😀 (I love your comment on his post!)
      Hahaha, yes, my illustrious lips are all over this gown. lol
      I’m so happy you know some of our anthem. I will check out Australia’s anthem. You have made me curious. xoxoxo

    1. Funny you should say that! Winter Mint, Mint Lily and many other Mint driven names were considered.
      I will keep After Eight in mind for the future. Wonderful name for an Art Gown.
      … and thank you for the compliment on the gown. I’m beginning to think the Art Gowns are psychic. Once i get to about 25 AG’s I might make a deck of fortune telling cards, as a parlour game only, of course. Mint and happiness to you!

      1. Hey, you could give a box of After Eights (do you have those in Canada?) out with the gowns, along with existential literature and mint tea.

        Why stop at 25 gowns? Aim high. 3,000 is a good limit, non?

        1. LOL! Let’s see, 3,000 Art Gowns should take about 800 years, if I step on it!
          I’m sure to have arthritis by then. Which would, of course slow things down!
          Nothing’s easy, innit!

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  10. Hello dear Resa!
    So beautiful! Captivatingly beautiful. Everything about O Royal Treasure is special, from the first thoughts and ideas for her creation, to the final stages and the day of completion. All very special. I love everything about it! The shade of blue and the red of the lipstick for the flowers, with the beautiful creamy white, and the shape of her. Perfect! Ralph absolutely loves it, and so do I. You have an absolutely amazing talent.

    And thank you so much for your kind words for us, in your emails to Ralph.
    Hugs and Love,
    Natascha 😊

    1. Well, the emails were to both of you near the end. How could they not be? I’m so happy you both like the gown, and I wish you the best life together, and may the cats love each other, too!
      Take care, and as I said, I’m looking forward to the wedding pics! Hugs & love 😀 ⭐

    1. You are the first person to consider the implanted red O’s, as kisses. In my heart, I know they are kisses! 😀
      So, the fairy gown is up next. After a 2 or 3 week break, I will begin with the ideas. We”ll talk in the mail! xo

      1. My 8-year old daughter and 13-year old son watched it with me tonight. My oldest is at summer camp. They loved the movie and the costumes. I thought they definitely achieved the pop star teen look. You did a good job making the cheetah look expansive enough for four girls over multiple scenes. Coordinated, yet distinct. Impressive! I liked the four different colored track-outfits in the last number, We Are Sisters.

        1. It was a fun movie to design!
          I’m so happy your daughter and 13 year old son got to watch it.
          Brenda, thank you for this! Your review of my designing is wonderful.
          I have been making other creator’s visions come to life for many years. Now, I have Art Gowns to express my visions.
          Stephanie, the official Art Gowns photographer will be shooting O Royal Treasure in a week. It’s very exciting. She’s very young and loves shooting weddings.
          It seems she will be submitting the photos for an editorial in a wedding magazine.
          Will keep you posted.
          Again, thank you! (Fairy Art Gown will be sooo unique)

          1. Your visions are wonderful. I’m glad you’re giving expression to your inner voice. So exciting that your O Royal Treasure will be in a magazine. I’m still looking for an agent for my mss. Maybe one day… I keep working hard and dreaming big. XOXO

  11. OMG, Resa!! I’ve got goosebumps! I sew so I know I KNOW how many hours of labor you put into that dress. It is gorgeous, something I have never seen, a one of kind, and unique. I am stunned by your creativity. As I scrolled through each picture my mouth opened in “OH!” again and again. Stunning …. I am just blown away! Someone needs to get married in that dress. If that is not a true love dress, I don’t know what is. And all those Kisses? Wow!! 😚🌸💞

    1. Oh, Amy Rose,
      Thank you!
      I can’t begin to express how much my Art Gowns mean to me, and the fact that you sew, and therefore know, brightens my day.
      I am delirious with joy that you have seen my girls.
      Well, I send you more kisses than I planted on the flowers. HUGS!!!!

      1. I really hope you will at least be able to sell that gorgeous dress. I can picture someone paying thousands of dollars for that creation, Resa. The work you put into it blows my mind!! 😳

  12. So lovely! I can see Vivian Leigh carrying this off perfectly, drifting down the staircase at Tara to meet Rhett Butler who would be so besotted he would say, “Frankly my deah, I give a very big damn…..”
    You are magical Resa~

    1. Deah Cindy,

      Stephanie will be photographing this gown on a live model. The model she has chosen is a dark haired vixen, much in the way of Vivian Leigh!
      Seems you are psychic!
      Thank you, Cindy! ❤ xo

  13. This is so gorgeous ❤❤ You have one hell of a talent!! I can’t take my eyes off the dress , all of your posts for that matter!! Love to explore more of your creativity😍

  14. Ohhh Resa, what a wonderful ArtGown, it’s beautiful !!!
    It has a special light that sets it apart from your other designs, transmits light and optimism … joy …
    It is a tribute to your country that makes me think of mine, brings me memories of Andalucía, where Ralph lives, he has to be very happy, I think it is perfect.
    A long and meticulous work (as always are yours) with a wonderful result, congratulations !!!

    1. Dear Belén,
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! Yes, it was a meticulous work!
      When I began the project Ralph had not even met Natascha. It is amazing what can happen in a few months!
      I read your email about Lua! I was quite happy and sad at the same time. I’m very honored she took the flower, and I believe she will happy! Hugs and kisses! xoxoxo

  15. Outrageously stunning! Your creativity is overwhelming. I adore the colors and the implanted kisses. Your friends are really blessed and Canada would be proud to have you. Lots of love and plaudits, dear Resa.

    1. Hello Sidran!
      You are very kind and I am very happy you got to see the gown. When I work on them, it is a meditative state. That is because they are made by hand, there is no machine sewing. It is a slow, quiet and alone process. Very enjoyable!
      Thank you for your sweet words!

  16. Resa, this gown is stunning just STUNNING!! And as I worked in Textiles for 28 years, and have made my own dresses and daughters clothes when she was young, I know what amount of work has gone into this beautiful O Royal Treasure, Just wonderful.. And those flowers so very special to hold your love with your imprinted kisses..

    You are an extremely talented both as designer and seamstress.. 🙂
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend
    Sue ❤ 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Sue! Not many can sew any more. We are part of a dying breed. How wonderful that you made clothes for your daughter. It’s a wonderful feeling. I wonder if kids today would love that, or if they would rather wear the same things from GAP or H&M that their friends do?
      Anyway, weekend has passed, now it’s Tuesday. Have a great rest of the week ahead. I think I will hold over your weekend wishes for the upcoming weekend! ❤ 😀

      1. Hi Resa.. I think most youngsters today want the latest fashions off the peg.. I remember I had a wonderful Shirt dress pattern, that I made time and time again, Yet each dress looked totally different with the choice of fabric, trims and buttons etc.. And thank you for your well wishes for this week. It is getting better.. From rain yesterday to Sunshine today.. Many thanks and enjoy your week 🙂

    1. 😀 You always make me happy, darling LDN! 😀
      You know my gowns are amazing, that’s why I have a gown dedicated to you. 😀
      I love seeing you here, oh, and the tux might need some water. xoxo

  17. Incredible- Your creativity is astounding and must require insurmountable patience and discipline to manifest. And Ralph’s story – what a pleasure to read. The dress seems perfectly suited for his bride. Fascinating world out there! cheers ma dear! x wt

    1. Thanks Wendy! Well, creativity and patience help keep me sane in this fascinating world! Your animals are a joy to see whenever you do a post! They always make me feel happy as they seem to have a natural freedom as they roam your earth and still have a shelter when they need. Thank you for being so kind to your animals!
      And thank you for the fab comment!

    1. Hahaha, a fabric whisperer! Honestly, every once in awhile I talk sternly, even the odd shout at the fabrics. 😀 😀
      I hope your next year is less challenging than this year. I did notice a semi-absence from your blog. Okay, hope to see more of you! xxxxx

  18. Oscar Wilde wrote . . . “and her sweet red lips on these lips of mine/ burned like the ruby fire set/ in the swinging lamp of a crimson shrine.” 150 kisses for 150 years. Is this not the perfect creation for love of country. XXOO Virginia

    1. What a stunningly beautiful comment! You know, I sent an email to the Prime Minister’s office. I tell about the gown with a link to this post. I hope they take a look at it.
      Much love to you, Virginia – Resa XOXO

  19. Absolutely stunning gown again,Resa. Beautiful dedication to the 150 year celebration Canada as well. Which is not only a beautiful country, Canadians are wonderful people too. As I have experienced when visiting your lovely country. ❤

    1. I’m so glad you like our country and people. and that you had a good visit here. ❤
      The gown was fun to make, and soon I will be onto another one! Thank you so much for making a place for my Art Gowns on your blog! ❤

  20. What an outstanning dress with a wonderful story!
    It’s great how you implemented your idea. I admire your work very much.
    You are always working with heart and mind ❤
    A great honor for Ralph and Natascha.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Julia ❤

    1. So great to see you here! ❤ I know how busy you have been with Fashion Studies, and you travels! Happy New Year, and I look forward to reblogging your post with you black and white dress in about 10 days – 2 weeks. Much love!!! 😀 Resa ❤
      And thank you for the lovely comment!

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