Atlantis Mermaid Love-in

Did you ever get the urge to design an “Art Gown” who could swim the oceans & seas spreading love and peace?

HM #1Well, then you know she’d have to be a mermaid, and speak a lot of languages.

Le Drake Noir, as you speak 8 languages (reading and writing in 4), and are constantly posting pics of or from oceans and seas, This “Art Gown” is for you.

HM #2bMy personal challenge with this “Art Gown” was that I could only use what I had in stock. I was not allowed to buy anything.

HM #20I found:

Blue Crushed Velvet yardage

3 white T-shirts, of my design, and 2 boxes of purple dye. I immediately tie-dyed 2 of the t-shirts, thinking of hippies in their tie-dyes and velvet bell-bottoms.

When it comes to “Love &Peace”, the Hippies were full of it.

HM #22Scraps of $200.00/yd. French Lace

Blue and purple acrylic paint.

I soaked the lace in watered down acrylic paint.

When it dried it had become plastic-like, and looked like fan seaweed.

I found I could cut around the lace patterns and it didn’t run. What fun!

I also found a bottle of glue, which I used to adhere the cut out seaweed pieces to her.

The thing about mermaids is, if you were under the water and saw one, she might be swimming under you, or over you.

As I don’t have a glass floor, I climbed a ladder.

HM #6b

It looks like she’s swimming up at me.

HM #5bWhat a beauty!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I usually do a Black & White here, but this “Art Gown” has a lush glamor that precedes the glamor of the 1940’s, so I antiqued it!

HM #26Le Drake Noir, I enjoy your blog, and I know you’ll look great in this gown!

HM #25

111 thoughts on “Atlantis Mermaid Love-in

  1. Absolutely stunning. You always amaze me!! You are one lucky duck LeDrake!

    Always so proud of you Auntie Resa…keep on rockin those gowns! Love always xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dear Sharla!
      Yes, Eric was a wonderful moment. Free Tag Zone opened my eyes to public art and I’ve loved it ever since, and as you have said “it is how we met!” Take Care and have great days. _Resa

  2. Oh my goodness Resa ~ this dress is just a swimming smash hit! I love it; And to think, you used only materials you had in stock…. truly amazing. I admit, the antique rendition really appealed to me too (guess it’s that love of all things vintage). Truly this is on my favorites list now… and for dear multi-lingual Drake – what a wonderful honor. Fabulous work my dearest F-G-S ~ you never cease to amaze me with your endless talent and creative spirit… A hippie mermaid -what could be more exciting ~ All We Need Is Love…. underwater too! 🙂 Love U ~ x Robyn

    1. Dearest Robyn,
      Thank you deeply for your generous words about my creativity! It means a lot to me because the words come from someone whose creative soul I am completely enchanted with. – All We Need Is Love- Is the perfect sentiment for “Atlantis”. (I really think that the crushed velvet photographs like the shimmer on water.)
      i know, right, the vintage treatment really suits the gown. I had toyed with doing the entire post with that look, but decided to keep it real. “lol” 🙂
      Beautiful F-G-S Robyn, I’m so glad I’ve met you! _Resa xoxoxo

      1. they are lovely — as I once told my wife while we were window shopping at Tiffany’s — now that I can afford to buy you something here, I can’t think of anywhere I would want to go where you could wear it.

        For a gown like that, I think I would find somewhere.


    1. Cheers Shakti! Thanks for liking my “Art Gown”.
      Well, I draped the gown, if that’s what you mean by “adorning”. If so I’m always available in my comments.
      Sincerely _Resa

  3. Une très magnifique robe de soirée – très très magnifique… 🙂

    You are an amazing magician to create these evening gowns – I had to put my tuxedo handcuffed and hire a snappy guard dog to be sure that the tux stays in my closet – the tux (and me) are raving crazy with your gowns… 🙂 🙂 😉

    What an excellent work… 🙂

    1. Dear Le Drake,
      “LOL” You have a wonderful sense of humor! 🙂 Robyn is right, you are very funny. 🙂 🙂 I love this comment , too, and I am so very happy you like your special “Art Gown” Many Hugs to you (and your handcuffed tuxedo) Please say “hi” to the snappy guard dog. Oh…. btw, how are the bow ties doing? 🙂

  4. absolutely stunning dress , Reba. Unbelievable how you do that. I’m always so impressed by your dresses. Gourgeous , simply gorgeous!
    have a wonderful day 🙂
    groetjes, Francina

  5. How resourceful you are…only using materials on hand. I especially love the mermaid shot where it looks like she is swimming up to you. It does exactly that! You’ve added another gorgeous creation to your stunning repertoire, Resa! Lovely. Hugs from Wisconsin!! xoxox -Lori

  6. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I was in awe when you first put it up…
    I meant to come back, but life and Alice and the MadHatter gets in the way….
    This is stunning Resa….beautifully crafted….
    Thank you for sharing ….( David reminded me when I saw his reblog)
    Take Care…

    1. I’d try to enlist for the show, but I’m so busy. I’m on a 6 part mini-series right now, and may be a bit scarce for awhile! Thanks for liking my gowns so much. Maybe I should just have an “Art Gown” show at a gallery one day.
      Take care Susan, and hugs! -Resa

  7. Breath taking. Literally. I held my breath and dove deep deep into this creation. It is spun from dreams. Created from distant atavistic memories that we all evolved from the sea. You are brilliant Resa!!! XX Virginia

              1. “Excruciating” speaks to me. I spend days on a single post sometimes. I “finished” up the last post by working on it 6 hours straight from the wee hours of night. Carpal tunnel at the moment! Feel so bad I can’t visit many blogs and get back to readers. Thk u for the follow. It will be wonderful seeing more of your work. Xxxx Diana

  8. Hi Resa ! every time I see your like on my blog, I shoot over to see if you have posted something new… and every time I see this stunning dress I still love!!!
    hugs, Francina xx

    1. Thanks for coming by! I’ve been away from home for almost 3 months on a work assignment.
      I get to go home in 2 weeks, and am so looking forward to doing a new “Art Gown”
      Love your blog! _Resa xo

      1. My Pleasure to see your beautiful gowns: I enjoy and have a fond respect for all genres of artwork. Wishing you all the Best for the Holidays and New Year. Best Wishes, Nawfal.

    1. Thank you x infinity.
      She really is a beauty! I’m probably crazy or half mad or something odd, but I love my girls. I love creating them, and I love showing them. I even talk to them. _Resa

  9. Absolutely gorgeous…. You conquered the top with those watery colors, dear Resa… I am ready to become a mermaid now (not a siren, though!).
    Thanks for sharing. I admire your creativeness, indeed.
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😀

    1. Aquileana! Thank you so very much for coming to visit Atlantis! It means a lot to me. “lol” I think being a mermaid (not a siren) could be very interesting, indeed!
      I also want to thank you for visiting some of my other girls.
      Take care, and as always, I look forward to the next mythology tale! Resa xoxo

  10. Sassy

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Ah, and why am I not surprised to see how beautiful this is? 🙂 Your works are awesome as always.

    1. You are so sweet!
      Hey, I love to know what Art Gown is doing what for/to you! Part of my satisfaction is that I have brought something interesting/pleasant to you.

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