Goddess Mnemosyne

Have you ever felt the breath of Zeus down your back?

MNE #20

No! Then you’ve never created a gown for the Goddess Mnemosyne.

MNE #3

So, now you want to know about Mnemosyne. Well, you’re in luck because Aquileana has posted Mnemosyne: https://aquileana.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/%E2%96%BAgreek-mythology-mnemosyne-collaboration-with-resa-mcconaghy-and-christy-birmingham-%F0%9F%92%AB/

MNE J #2

Big Bonus: Christy Birmingham of Poetic Parfait  penned a poem about Mnemosyne for Aquileana’s article. Art Gown Mnemosyne is there, too!

MNJ #6

Intrigued by Greek Mythology since I began reading La Audacia de Aquiles, I thank Aquileana for all the heady gown ideas.

MoMne #1MoMne #2My first inspiration was the classic white draping associated with ancient Greece.

I found yards & yards of natural white curtain sheers in a sell off bin for $2.00/yd. At that price it must have been around since the 1970’s!

MoNme #3Judy is off white and I got a fret on that the fabric wouldn’t show.MoMne #4

I consulted with Aquileana & she said red or blue could work.

So, I styled a fine red silk jacquard under dress for Mnemosyne.

Art Gowns refuse to iron, so I spent many days at the ironing board preparing the white sheers: hand stitching & pressing.

On the right: Mnemosyne inspects & critiques my fussy & diligent work.

It was worth the effort. Mnemosyne is a true classic beauty.

Christy’s  poetry is super meaningful, & is making this Art Gown even more special. Thank you so much dear Christy!

MNJ #4

Here are some out takes.

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Mnemosyne allowed me to experiment with a slight re-drape.

MNJ #16

I wanted to show off all the gorgeous vintage golden brass pieces a friend gave me to help me express Mnemosyne. To me, these represent Zeus.

MNJ #3

Together with the red silk they are the Muses.

MNJ #18

Mnemosyne is the mother of the 9 Muses. Zeus is the father.

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Mnemosyne & all the Art Gowns welcome you into the Art Gowns’ home for a celebration! Dionysis is bringing the wine, so it’s got to be good.

MNJ #7b

I will be preparing the meal, as Art Gowns don’t go into the kitchen, ever.

MNJ #192

Art Gown Mnemosyne designed by Resa McConaghy – January, 2016

Mnemosyne Photos taken by Resa McConaghy – January 19 – 30, 2016

All rights reserved © Resa McConaghy


Above: Mnemosyne w/ Mini-me. Below, a Queen of Goddess.

MNJ #14


91 thoughts on “Goddess Mnemosyne

    1. I am pals with some of the best bloggers, including you, Cindy! I wish I could make the gowns faster, but they really do take a lot of time. I also need to step away a lot, especially at the beginning of the process, or I lose sight.

        1. Such a sweet tux! 😀 Of course the Art Gowns wouldn’t stand a chance, as it is very hard to run in a gown. So, I suppose it’s all for the best that tux remains incarcerated. … poor thing! 😀 😀

  1. Oh, my goodness, Resa, what a breathtaking gown and the details are exquisite! Chapeau, my dear friend – BRAVO you talented talented woman!!!!
    I can’t wait to read Aquileana’s post too! 🙂 hugs + love xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you dear Marina! I’m so happy you like her, and thank you for the Chapeau & Bravo. I work for a long time on each Art Gown, so it means a lot to me. Many hugs + love to you, too! xxxxxx

  2. Oh my Resa, when you do it you know how to take things right over the top! This creation is exquisite, beautiful draping and ties, and the gold touches are perfect. It’s pretty special to be able to collaborate with these two awesome bloggers (love them both btw) for inspiration in the makings of this gown. I can’t imagine how my eyes would have held up. I’ll bet your stitching is amazing, it’s the true mark of the fine one in her trade.

    1. Thank you, Mary! I’m so glad you came by. It means a lot to me. It’s pretty great collaborating with Aquileana & Christy. I can hardly wait for the Mnemosyne post with poem.
      I guess I do go over the top, but I have to keep them art, not garments. I think your eyes would hold up just fine. lol After all, look at all the texture and detail you produce with your fabulous art!
      Stitching can be very Zen, and yes, I am good at it. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment & all your great art. Much love, Resa

  3. A gown worthy for a goddess, Mnemosyne would be very proud to wear it.
    Your hands are magic when they handle the fabrics … it is amazing to see the results !!!!
    Congratulations on this new work of art, I am looking forward to the joint work of the three wonderful bloggers.
    Much love & hugs dear friend.

    1. Dearest Belén,
      Thank you for you wonderful words! As I adore your work, this is an important comment to me! I, too, am looking forward to Aquileana’s post on Mnemosyne & Christy’s poem! What fun this is.
      My dear, we should collaborate. Let’s chat in email about this. It takes months to do an Art Gown, so we don’t have to rush,
      Much love & admiration, Resa xoxoxo

      1. I love that idea Resa, I also admire your work and would like to work with you on some nice post, thanks for giving me this opportunity, it is an honor and, above all, a pleasure to coordinate our creative minds 🙂
        We’ll think of something appropriate for both …
        Kisses ❤

  4. Wow, dear Resa… the gown is stunning… you could not have done better with it… I mean it…✨✨✨
    I love the choice of colors… they get intertwined in such an `iconic´ way…
    the details are remarkable and show the background study concerning Mnemosyne … the two masks, depicting Comedy and Tragedy are my favorite ones… Furthermore, the golden traces representing Mnemosyne´s offspring are beautiful …
    This gown is not only a fashion beauty but an intellectual prowess, my friend…
    So glad to be able to continue your post here on my blog… Soon… (How soon is now?, as the song says)… I am looking forward to it…
    Love and best wishes from the argentine beach. Aquileana 😀

    1. To the Argentine beach from a Canadian parka..
      Dear Aquileana,
      I am so elated, and honored that you have so many wonderful & insightful thoughts about Art Gown Mnesomyne.
      I did think about her accolades when designing her gown & your suggestion of Red or Blue was pivotal to my creativity. The creating of this gown is a definite highlight in my Art Gown expressionism.
      I am very excited to read your post.. soon.. (ish) about Mnesomyne & am very anticipatory for Christy’s poem!
      Intellectual prowess …. tear in my eye … heart exploding.
      Have a fab time, and see you soon! _Resa xoxoxo

        1. Hey beautiful friend!
          Just here, working on the side bar, where Mnemosyne & her charity will live. New Art Gown should post in 1 – 2 weeks.
          She’s finished in a couple of days. Then I get to take pics, and make a post.
          It’s all very exciting! Much love – Resa xoxoxo

  5. GLORIOUS goddess perfection my dear Resa! It is truly amazing how your creativity, imagination and skills combined together can accomplish! This is a heavenly gown truly fitting a goddess, the color combination is right on point and the addition of gold is very smart. Your draping skills are superb and your design vision is fabulous. I’m so happy that you made this gown, always looking forward to see your creations of one of a kind, what a treat for us to witness such fantastic creativity and fabulous details, yes you pay so much attention to details and that makes your gowns magical and special! Congratulations Resa excellent work! Much love and hugs to you!

    1. Much love & hugs to you, too, Eva!
      What a wonderful comment! You are so artistically informed, you should be an art critic. I too, always look forward to your next piece. It would be fantastic not to have to go to work, so I could just do gowns. Hope the sun is shining on you today, but if it’s not, it will tomorrow! Resa

      1. Oh, you’re so sweet my dear Resa! You always put a smile on my face, your positive energy is like a battery which recharges my artistic appetite! There is no sun today but you’re the one who shines for me! We should all quit and do what we love for a change 🙂 Much love and hugs to you~Eva

  6. ⭐ Wow ! Another stunning creation from you my friend. Your work and this blog is so unique. I am so glad that I found you and I can’t wait to see what you have next in the pipeline. Well done dear Resa ! ⭐
    Ralph xoxoxx ❤ #< #<

    1. Ralph!
      I love the word “unique” , as Art Gowns should be. ⭐ Thank you for the lovely comment, and I look forward to your next post. Take care, Resa – xoxo ❤ #,

      1. You’re welcome dear friend 😀
        I’m working on the photos at the moment. A lot of work, but fun !
        If it’s okay, I would like to use one of your photos in this, your post, as a link to your Art Gowns blog. Is that okay ?
        Taking care. Ralph xoxo ❤ #,

        1. Of course you may use an Art Gown!
          However, dear Ralph, ❤ as there is a big post coming out about Mnemosyne in about a week, I would ask you to use any other gown you want. I'm saving Mnemosyne for the other 2 posts connected to this post.
          I hope this is okay? There's lots of Art Gowns to choose from. Much love _Resa xoxo ❤ #<

          1. Thank you so much dear Resa. It took a while, but I’ve found a great one. I couldn’t spell Miss Anemone anyway. The post is almost finished so I may have it ready for the weekend. Much love back. Ralph xoxo ❤ #<

    1. I’m such an amateur photographer. so I thank you for your wonderful compliment! Your pictures of flowers, etc. are outstanding. I was unsure about the colors, at first, but I really love them now.

  7. Oh sweet, talented Resa! How you crafted such a marvellous gown that Zeus himself would be proud of. I am honoured by the words you shared about my writing here and I cannot wait to have all three parts of the project go live! Your gown is so inspiring to me and has truly helped me with visions for my poem xo Love you! ❤

    1. Dear Christy,
      How special it is to hear that my Art Gown, Mnesomyne, holds creative value for you in your writing!
      This is such an exciting project for me with you & Aquileana. I can hardly wait for the next 2 parts! Much love, hugs & kisses for you from me! xoxo ❤

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  9. The golden goblets were raised high to toast the Goddess. A jealous wind whipped the threads of red and white and then contrite returned them to their state of grace. All bowed before the beauty in respectful silence.

  10. I absolutely love this gown for Mnemosyne.

    I’ve always loved the Greek myths.

    I’m a big fan of both the goddess Athena and the Nine Muses.

    I just dropped by to thank you for your positive comment and your congratulations on my new novel on my friend Mithai’s blog.

    I’ve meant to drop by your blog to thank you for that and I finally found time this evening.

    I love this gown and judging from the pictures below this post, I love your other gowns as well.

    Now that my Sherlock Holmes novel has been published, I’m working on making the first novel in my vampire series of novels ready for publication.

    The first novel in my Vampire Chronicles series is called The Vampiress With Amnesia.

    Like most authors, I often try to imagine my book as a movie.

    And since I generally have my vampiresses wear the most elegant evening dresses in my novels, I know who I can call on to design them should my books ever be made into movies- you!

    Here’s my own blog if you want to take a look at it:


    1. Dracul,
      Well, how lovely of you to take the time to write this comment. I’ve been designing for film for a long time, but I prefer creating gowns.
      I would love to design a series of Vampiress gowns.
      I’m now following, & will return to your blog soon.
      Thank you so much for looking at & liking my Art Gowns!

  11. The love within your heart, the beauty which is part of your selfless lovely spirit is always amazingly displayed in all of your creations. It captivates my senses Resa…it is such a gem. What I feel as i gaze upon it reminds me of how much I always love you and what you share dear sister! God bless you!

    1. Dear brother Wendell,
      This is a very uplifting comment. You must have had a sense to come here!
      She is a beauty, and all are welcome to wear Mnemosyne, or any other Art Gown in their minds & hearts. You are one who understands why I don’t sell them. Of course,I’ve put them to work with their charities, and it would be great if that could turn into something more tangible one day.

  12. Good lord…what beauty. I see M floating up the mountain with trails of red and white hovering over the ground. She’s holding a special Valentines Day card for her lover… or better she’s memorized it and needs only to breath the words. This dress even makes me feel romantic ( not one of my stronger attributes). Amazing creation once again Resa. xx wendy

    1. Wendy! xo
      M is truly a lover. I do believe you are right… she only needs to breathe the words.
      What a lovely comment this is. Thank you so much for … “Good lord…what beauty.” _Resa xoxo

  13. It reminds me of an ice cream – strawberry and vanilla. Glorious! How on Earth do you actually go about creating these things? There’s a skill! I tried knitting a few years ago and it was a disaster.

  14. Ah, yes… vision through knitting. I understand where you are starting from, as I have an honors degree in Knitting Technology. I k(n)id you knot!
    However, as far as “Art Gowns” are concerned, my inspiration was, is and so forth shall be…love ❤ !

  15. Pingback: Thank you Resa! | ChasingART

    1. Thank you! Big apologies for the extremely slow reply. I’ve been working hard. I always appreciate your visits & your blog. Lol, wish I had more time.

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