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My name is Resa McConaghy.

“Art Gowns” is a creative project that has sprung from my old Blog,  Queen’s end.

As “Art Gowns” continues on,  I will Post other creative clothing ideas with the “Art Gowns” branding.

All of these ideas, of course, will revolve around the “Art of Glamorous Fantasy”. I’m thinking things like Poetry Shirts, DIY Gowns and DIY Crystaline Accessories.

This is all new to me, and should develop with time.


85 thoughts on “About Resa

  1. Hi my darling F-G-S — just getting over to see how your Art Gown blog is going — wow – so you will move into other garments here too — Oh my — i better get shopping for the poet blouses this weekend… could not find a perfect one – but maybe one or two to run by you. I have faith this “line” and blog showcase will be a masterpiece – as you are! Love Love Love to you – RL

  2. Dearest Robyn!
    So glad you are checking things out! I’m even thinking a man’s shirt in a softer, not stiff cotton. (No tuck/pleat in the back) I love the shirt tail effect over tights.I would cut off the top collar, leaving a band neck. I could do a boho inspired treatment with some paint and / or/ lace … a few beads perhaps? F-G-S – Resa xoxo (I’ll try some different sizes and cuts on this weekend)

  3. camilla wells paynter

    Good lord, this work is beautiful, Resa! The concept, the astonishing staging and lightwork, and of course, the Art Gowns themselves. They are like something you find yourself in in a dream, one of those dreams that you just KNOW was REAL. Each one has its own magical spirit. I’m so glad you posted your link on GAM’s blog and lured me in with the Art Gowns’ siren song!

      1. camilla wells paynter

        The energy you put into each one shows: they sing, telling their stories to the viewer. I hope you were serious about a gallery show (hopefully one in Vancouver, so I can go to it :-)). I think that’s a splendid idea. Can’t wait for the next one!

      1. First of all, I wouldn’t wear it.;)

        If I were to get one for my wife, she doesn’t wear sleeveless. Then again, she wouldn’t want one because we don’t attend functions of this of attire.

        On the other hand, we do enjoy social ballroom dancing .. and do attend semi-formal ballroom dances.

  4. I would never have discovered your beautiful blog if it weren’t for Robyn. I am not the least bit talented in terms of artistry of any kind but I can certainly appreciate yours, Resa.

    1. Robyn has that natural ability to bring people together. She is very special. ♥
      My creations are a way of saying things, they are 3-dimensional words. Thank you for enjoying!
      It took me a couple of days to find this message. My blog has been overwhelmed, in the best of ways.
      Take care! _Resa xo

  5. austeracompositae

    Resa, Federica here – hi! We met yesterday at the Ritz thanks to Norman, I just visited your blog and I am blown away, but I already knew it had to be fantastic because you are so stylish! I am going to post about your art gowns on my blog

  6. Resa I can’t believe I didn’t see your gown site before – I mean seriously? The collection is gorgeous, elegant, evocative and brilliant. Now I’m going to spend some time to really go through and enjoy. Glad you mentioned it to me.

    1. You are the best! I am so loving being recognized by an artist, especially of your caliber. The show is going well, but is a lot of work, as is expected! Will be back soon, & with a vengeance!

  7. Hyperion

    I just love the thought of my Tiger Mom wearing a gown like you design here on your website. Mnemosyne is one of my favorite goddesses and you do her justice with the gown designed in her name. Oh, and I think the jackets are fabulous. You or any other woman becomes sublime art by wearing your art.

    1. What a lovely comment! Mnemosyne certainly is a special Goddess. If I hadn’t collaborated with Aquileana & Christy, I would have remained ignorant of the beauty, & this marvelous Art Gown would never have been created.
      Thank you so much for visiting & all the likes! _Resa

    1. Thank you very much! Your comment means a lot to me. I only get to do 2 or 3 Art Gowns a year. There’s currently a new one in development.

    1. Thank you, Jane! I’m very glad you found your way here through Aquileana. Collaborating with other bloggers is my fave.
      I only get the time to make about 3 …. 4 if lucky, Art Gowns a year. It’s a lot of satisfaction, and my aim is that the Art Gowns will become famous ambassadors for their charities. xx

    1. Thank you. Clare. My Art Gowns are my creative release, and they arekind of like a family… a family of gowns. It is a pleasure to follow you!

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