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My name is Resa McConaghy. I’m a Costume Designer for film and television.

My first Art Gown “Strawberry Kisses” was to create some beauty in my life after mom died. It was a hit with people, so I continued to make and post more “Art Gowns”.

At some early point, I began upcycling, repurposing and in general making the gowns out of any fabric that was not new goods. I was using up anything headed for landfill.

The “Art Gowns” tagline was “The Art of Glamorous Fantasy”. I have changed it to “SustainableGlamour”.

The Art Gowns are available to borrow or rent (situation dependant) for Gala’s, photo shoots and film production.

This article explains the Art Gowns nicely. Just click on the header below:

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  1. Hi my darling F-G-S — just getting over to see how your Art Gown blog is going — wow – so you will move into other garments here too — Oh my — i better get shopping for the poet blouses this weekend… could not find a perfect one – but maybe one or two to run by you. I have faith this “line” and blog showcase will be a masterpiece – as you are! Love Love Love to you – RL

  2. Dearest Robyn!
    So glad you are checking things out! I’m even thinking a man’s shirt in a softer, not stiff cotton. (No tuck/pleat in the back) I love the shirt tail effect over tights.I would cut off the top collar, leaving a band neck. I could do a boho inspired treatment with some paint and / or/ lace … a few beads perhaps? F-G-S – Resa xoxo (I’ll try some different sizes and cuts on this weekend)

  3. camilla wells paynter

    Good lord, this work is beautiful, Resa! The concept, the astonishing staging and lightwork, and of course, the Art Gowns themselves. They are like something you find yourself in in a dream, one of those dreams that you just KNOW was REAL. Each one has its own magical spirit. I’m so glad you posted your link on GAM’s blog and lured me in with the Art Gowns’ siren song!

      1. camilla wells paynter

        The energy you put into each one shows: they sing, telling their stories to the viewer. I hope you were serious about a gallery show (hopefully one in Vancouver, so I can go to it :-)). I think that’s a splendid idea. Can’t wait for the next one!

      1. First of all, I wouldn’t wear it.;)

        If I were to get one for my wife, she doesn’t wear sleeveless. Then again, she wouldn’t want one because we don’t attend functions of this of attire.

        On the other hand, we do enjoy social ballroom dancing .. and do attend semi-formal ballroom dances.

  4. I would never have discovered your beautiful blog if it weren’t for Robyn. I am not the least bit talented in terms of artistry of any kind but I can certainly appreciate yours, Resa.

    1. Robyn has that natural ability to bring people together. She is very special. ♥
      My creations are a way of saying things, they are 3-dimensional words. Thank you for enjoying!
      It took me a couple of days to find this message. My blog has been overwhelmed, in the best of ways.
      Take care! _Resa xo

  5. austeracompositae

    Resa, Federica here – hi! We met yesterday at the Ritz thanks to Norman, I just visited your blog and I am blown away, but I already knew it had to be fantastic because you are so stylish! I am going to post about your art gowns on my blog

  6. Resa I can’t believe I didn’t see your gown site before – I mean seriously? The collection is gorgeous, elegant, evocative and brilliant. Now I’m going to spend some time to really go through and enjoy. Glad you mentioned it to me.

    1. You are the best! I am so loving being recognized by an artist, especially of your caliber. The show is going well, but is a lot of work, as is expected! Will be back soon, & with a vengeance!

  7. Hyperion

    I just love the thought of my Tiger Mom wearing a gown like you design here on your website. Mnemosyne is one of my favorite goddesses and you do her justice with the gown designed in her name. Oh, and I think the jackets are fabulous. You or any other woman becomes sublime art by wearing your art.

    1. What a lovely comment! Mnemosyne certainly is a special Goddess. If I hadn’t collaborated with Aquileana & Christy, I would have remained ignorant of the beauty, & this marvelous Art Gown would never have been created.
      Thank you so much for visiting & all the likes! _Resa

    1. Thank you very much! Your comment means a lot to me. I only get to do 2 or 3 Art Gowns a year. There’s currently a new one in development.

    1. Thank you, Jane! I’m very glad you found your way here through Aquileana. Collaborating with other bloggers is my fave.
      I only get the time to make about 3 …. 4 if lucky, Art Gowns a year. It’s a lot of satisfaction, and my aim is that the Art Gowns will become famous ambassadors for their charities. xx

      1. Jane Sturgeon

        Resa, I just don’t have the words to do justice to your Art Gowns. They are stunning… I am grateful to Aquileana for highlighting your creativity and connecting us. Xx

    1. Thank you. Clare. My Art Gowns are my creative release, and they arekind of like a family… a family of gowns. It is a pleasure to follow you!

  8. I love your subject line under your blog’s name, ‘Creative Fantasy’. I think the wonderful dresses I see you designing are described perfectly by that phrase. Fashion is not really my thing. I know what I like. But you Rena have a gift! Good luck in your craft!

        1. That is a good, and important question.
          At first …say 3 or 4 Art Gowns, they were mostly pinned (craftily) then I took them apart, and recycled the fabrics.
          Close friends and family were a bit freaked by this build and un-build idea of mine. So I began hand sewing them, and only pinning certain sections. I took them apart in …say …. 3 sections, put them in boxes in the basement.
          To me it was all about the photos on the Judy. You know, like when musicians play music, it’s gone forever. Unless, someone records it.
          NOW, I spend months and months making them. They are completely hand made, totally Haute Couture. That would be the last 4. I am working on #5 at this moment. So, 3 of the last 4 have been shot on humans, and can be worn again. These are stored in special bags upstairs.
          The latest thing is I have begun sketching and painting (fashion art style) them using blog friends as models of sorts. It began with Boogapony Holly sketch. https://graffitiluxandmurals.com/2018/01/16/boogapony-holly/ I have a post coming up here on Art Gowns in about 2 weeks with 2 works of my Art Gowns.
          As you can see, creativity is not my problem. How to capitalize on it, is!
          Sorry for the long answer. LOL!! Thank you for asking!

  9. On my Blog? Go to the first Tourist in my home town post and click on the gibbes museum. We have also done a lot of old Museum home to and in each one will be life size portraits of the lady of the house wearing some very beautiful dresses as well I hope you like it

  10. Although going through their website real quick, it is not real revealing if you know what I mean. They don’t show a lot of their exhibits but only glimpses.You might find more rich Antebellum dresses on my blog post from the pictures that I took their

    1. Hi Kevin!

      Your Truffle recipe is no trouble to follow. 😀
      I went back to check your other blogs.You will see I clicked LIKE on a few posts.
      On the Student Recipes blog, I can’t seem to FOLLOW the blog. There is the FOLLOW button on the lower right hand corner. It’s as though it’s frozen. It won’t work when I click on it. I tried a bunch of times today… I tried from home page, and from the permalink of a few posts. So, it still won’t work.
      Perhaps you need to re-set it?

      I’m not on Facebook! It frightens me. LOL!

  11. It’s not the gowns that snag me, though the designs are luscious. It’s the fabrics that swirl, that drape, that hang and fold and cling, and above all,l it’s the movement, the ‘let-me-hug-you-ness of the textiles chosen. And, of course, the colours.

          1. Wow, that’s a double wow. Though I did make by hand years upon years ago. Sometimes that’s preferable to a machine. More control. And I love the feel of fabrics. But all that belongs to a previous incarnation (when I was young and nimble fingered). I admire your work, greatly.

  12. Rhiannon

    I am sure, you have not cats 😉

    Your dresses are great. Be proud on your work, I am sure, you do it in a great way.

    1. Thank you very much, Jonathan!
      I want to make more poetry shirts. I need a venue to sell them!
      Right now, I’m making a new Art Gown, and it will be dedicated to Holly. It’s all very exciting! 😀

  13. Hola Resa.

    I am doing a little tribute to women on my blog.

    As you know, I have a large female following. What no one knows, is that many women follow me, but only have the nerve to reach out and comment via email. They are too shy or frightened to comment on my blog. Some of these women are trapped in bad marriages or have cheating husbands, others suffer violent relationships, and a few were molested during childhood.

    I am hoping to use these next four months to introduce strong bloggers, and hopefully a few weak ones who have the courage. If I can introduce the strong females examples, perhaps it may help the weak and frightened. Yeah, I know, it sounds like a drean, but i am a dreamer.

    Would it be okay for me to mention you and your blog on mine. You are a talented, inspiring woman. And I would be honored for you to say yes.

    I mention my little tribute on today’s post. INspiring Women of WordPress.

    I hope you say yes,

    Thank you Sweetie.

    1. Yes, of Course!

      It sounds like a worthwhile project.
      It’s difficult for me to imagine a woman being afraid, or trapped by a man, or circumstance.
      Of course now I think of how women are treated in the Middle East….. man and circumstance at its lowest.
      Still, in first world countries like ours, there’s almost no excuse.
      Many women need more self confidence, and many men need to open their eyes and minds and get with it. Lonely, I see men as the main problem. I have been raped.
      However, empowering women is a great beginning.

      1. Why am I always feeling as if I have to apologize for the rest of my stupid brothers?
        Sorry, anything like this ever happened to you. You are too sweet, beautiful, and amazing to have memories like this.
        I really wish I could hug you. xoxo

        Thank you for your yes. It means a lot to me. I will try to write a great post and intro
        the day I highlight your blog.
        Thank you Precious.

        1. Aww, thank you! You are very sweet.
          There are wonderful men out there (like you), less than more.
          I look back…. waaaaayyyyyy back, lol. I was a teenage runaway, living on the streets and at its mercy (less). One day a band… musicians took me in. I made their performance clothes. They were kind to me, and we were all kind of crazy. So, that experience led me to my design career. There were hardships after that, but the point is…. it was all men in the band.
          It seems to me creativity is/can be a way, a path to a higher understanding.
          Make Art Not War

              1. Not always, but my adoration of musicians, artists, poets, thespians, etc. lead me to some interesting situations with artists.
                You’ve just caused a happy flood in my mind.

    1. No… that was a girlfriend of mine. My Hubby wrote all of the music this song and all other songs on the album it comes from. He also produced the album! Thank you, Mark!

  14. Timothy introduced me to your world, and I love it! Your work is beautiful, I’m glad I visited your site. I didn’t manage to subscribe, something went wrong, but I will come back.

  15. Hello Resa,
    My name is Fariha, I am from India, and i absolutely adore your work. My school conducts an annual programme where we interview various artists and designers and their journey, it would be absolutely fantastic to have you on board for this event. Let me know if you are interested (:

      1. Delhi Public School Whitefield, Bangalore, India. OH WOW! your professional website is amazing! It would be our pleasure to host you however we don’t have anymore vacancies for the event, I’ll talk to my teacher and get back to you (:
        I am super glad that you reached out, and its an absolute pleasure to know you!

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