THE HOT FLASH – Crimson Fox

Did you ever design a gown for a real life Super-Hero?


It’s nerve wracking, isn’t it?

My 6th “Art Gown” goes out to Wendy Anderson who portrays Nealy Gone, a chronic wallflower, who at 50 years old embraces the heat and changes of menopause to become an ass-kicking Super Hero, The Hot Flash

The gown to be was screaming “I’m hot! I’m red! I’m satin!”

So, I went with it, and draped a classic body shape with a modern bodice on Judy.

Hot #3

Hot #4

I used French darts to shape the bodice.

The back was a lot of sexy fun.

Of course in reality the bodice would be heavily corseted.

Both sides of the center front, the French darts and the back’s 3/4 panels would all have to be boned.

Then I needed some fire. As I’m very partial to tails, I decided a spread tail, like fox’s, no point at the end and in red hot sequin eyelash was the way to go. Once the tail was in, I began talking to the gown, calling her my Crimson Fox.

Hot #6b

Then I began thinking about mood swings, and the need for the cooling effect of fans, so I began changing things up a bit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crimson Fox and I love, love, love “The Hot Flash” and want it to be a Web Series.

So visit the Web site The Hot Flash

Hot #1

Or follow on Twitter @the_hot_flash

Or on Facebook Facebook

Hot #11





139 thoughts on “THE HOT FLASH – Crimson Fox

      1. I shall be blogging about the books – a trilogy – but I’ll say now they are a brilliant read. There’s also an excellent film of the first one, starring Jennifer Lawrence, which came out in 2012.

    1. Well, you can wear it in a dream! After all, it’s an Art Gown.
      You can wear it in a photo for everyone to look at in awe forever, or somewhere you don’t know will happen, yet.
      I so glad you like it! 🙂 🙂

  1. hahaha love the Hot Flash.I haven’t figured out who I am at my tender late 30’s age, I was kinda hoping I would know who I was by the time my Hot Flash kicks in!

    dress is lovely too:)

    1. Thank you, Bill! I love the compliment! And thanks for watching the trailer. THE HOT FLASH rocks!
      Interesting comment about men over 50 becoming invisible.
      I always think of men in their 50’s as being sexy, and I haven’t heard a man make the invisible comment before.
      Maybe men and women, as people, have more in common than we know? – Hugs to you!

  2. Oh my darling Resa ~ this gown just screams PASSION! I just watched the trailer “The Hot Flash” — Wow – what a perfect match you created for Nealy Gone! Yes – a contemporary powerful feminine SUPER -HERO! I love everything about it – You are so gifted. This is art. The posterior aspect of the dress is beyond intricate. Can stare at it for an hour and fantasize about all kinds of adventures for this one … Brava once again. Your work must be Divinely inspired! So much Love ~ Robyn

    1. My dear Robyn,
      Seeing you here fills my heart with joy! Hearing your words fills me with light! And you are right… there is a lot of Passion…. and who better to recognize it than you, who is filled with Passion herself.
      Thanks for taking the time to watch the trailer.
      I agree, Nealy Gone is amazing as the contemporary female super hero “THE HOT FLASH”. It is about time we had one.
      Love, love, and more love to you! Resa

      1. Really really amazed at your creations Resa ~ just gorgeous one after the other…. also have been meaning to direct the charity (FORCE) to your site and let you know you honored them too… Tons of Love ~ you are a Super-Hero! xr

        1. You are a Super Hero, too!
          I truly hope the Charities all of my “Art Gown” recipients sponsor get some help.
          BTW I’m thinking of straying here and there from fabric with my “Art Gowns”
          You know, using recyclable materials, completely dead materials, living matter… so many ideas. (Not a meat gown!)
          I just thought I’d throw this your way for feedback as I value your opinion. xoxo

  3. Speaking about “Hot Flash”, you said earlier you don’t mountain biked
    – you can’t sit behind on mine bike… “lol lol”

    This red gown is amazing, I wouldn’t dare show it for my tux – it’s wonderful… 😉

    1. Darling LeDrake,
      It is a wonderful gown, isn’t it! THE HOT FLASH is my new Super Hero and who else but a Super Hero could inspire a gown that requires 2 extra large locks on your tux’s closet door! “LOL”
      You are so sweet. I would let you drag me around on the back of your mountain bike, “lol” but what about the picnic basket? 😉 🙂

  4. nutsfortreasure

    OMG I love this one too! The premise as well thou8gh it seems I aced it not one hot flash though I should keep my mouth shut 🙂
    Wonderful work!

          1. nutsfortreasure

            Man life is better already speaking to my son and all these kisses and hugs I knew I had to make my way back to my blog and beautiful bloggers who follow me and me them XO

  5. Although I am a layman, not acquainted with this type of critique, still I say something about your work.I enjoy the beauty, and I admire your spirit.Excellent professional, technical and theoretical knowledge exceeds my narrative possibilities.
    Your superbly expressed innovative individuality and creative thinking must be in all project phases, from a dreamlike idea through to implementation.Have nice day-

    1. Dear Stefan,
      Thank you so much for your sweet words.
      I hope you enjoyed THE HOT FLASH trailer as much as I do.
      Your poetry Blog is beautiful.
      You have a nice day, too, darlin’! – Resa

  6. There isn’t a woman alive – who’s in the hot flash category – who wouldn’t burn with desire over this red hot mama creation. It is a flaming work of fire Resa. Virginia

  7. Your gown is gorgeous, Resa. I especially love the tail and the cooling effects! All of your gowns are works of art.
    Thanks for introducing me to Nealy Gone. She could definitely wear the gown…and pull it off…anywhere. Thanks for introducing me to her. Loved her Hot Flash video. I can relate to the invisible comments, and I appreciate her work on ‘our’ behalf!

    1. Lori, thank you for the compliments on the “Art Gowns”, and more importantly I love that you appreciate THE HOT FLASH and what she is doing for all us gals! – love to you – Resa

    1. Sharla! Thank you for the compliment! Well, I couldn’t wear this one either, but there are gowns out there, or in my mind, for both of us.I do believe we are both great looking gals! 🙂 🙂

    1. Stan darling,
      Your flattery will get you everywhere! ♥
      You are so talented, and a compliment from you is a treasure!
      Hugs right back to you, love and you go get ’em, too! Resa xo

    2. Ahh, Thanks Stan! Creating these gowns wouldn’t be the same without a compliment from you, darlin”. You know I think I will go get ’em!Hugs – Resa xo
      And is THE HOT FLASH awesome or what?

  8. Love your beautiful gown & what a wild video. Have to check out the Super Hero. I don’t wear dresses but would love to see on some dream women I can think of like Stana Katic or Nicole Kidman. Maybe even Cate Blanchette. Exotic design and HOT w/ a Sizzle! jk 😎

    1. Thank you! Yes that gown would look yummy on all of those women. You have good taste!
      Thanks for checking out the video of THE HOT FLASH and Hot w/sizzle back at you! jk – Resa
      How did you make your emoticon? It’s very cool!

      1. For cool you use an eight 8 then a dash – then use a parenthesis ) and u put them all together and you get cool 8 – )
        😎 let’s check to see if it works. Should be a cool emoticon before the word (let’s)… jk

          1. Yeah! There it is. Sorry the penguins didn’t work. They are particular sometimes. They work sometimes but definitely work on Facebook chat. Here’s another that might work. ( y ) put together and you should get a thumbs up. (y). jk

              1. Yes, That could be it. 😎 Saw an interesting film last night “Hitchcock” w/ Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Quite the film. Doing Argo today or this week. Keep designing. I can enjoy even if I don’t wear dresses. Love the Red you used. I do Art myself so I can also appreciate the designs and colour. Love colours. 😎 jk

              2. Helen Mirren rocks!
                I’m a Costume Designer and I work in film and tv. I got to work with Helen and Design all of her Costumes in “The Passion Of Ayn Rand”
                There are some clips of her in my Demo Reel in my About page.
                She is truly incredible! 😎 – Resa

              3. Love Helen Mirren and she was great as Ayn Rand. Yoou did a fantastic job designing her cloths in that film. She looked great. Great Designs. Such a cool 😎 job. I always felt they she probably was one incredible lady. I’ve been following her career since forever. She is one of the top most brilliant actors out there. WoW. I am impressed. Will check out your about page. Thanks 4 heads up. jk

              4. Oh, I am so wishing I would have been there. I can thoroughly understand why u adore her. Did you see her in the film “RED?” She was so outrageous in that. I think I’ve seen everything she has been in including her TV work “Prime Suspect.” Every episode. jk my ♥ goes out to her. She cracks me up. What a sense of humour. And so non-plus about it.

              5. Oh, yes, definitely the Queen. Loved her in that one. RED— u must check it out. Morgan Freeman & Bruce Willis & Mary Louise Parker. Combined with Helen Mirren it is a spy vs them movie and quite funny in its own way, Highly recommend. Helen Mirren is outrageous in it. Check it out when u get a chance. I think you’ll love it. Helen’s part is so totally cool 😎 & different. jk

      2. should have mentioned no spaces in between like the way I put it before the 😎 image showed up. jk ps Thanks for what u said about those three women. There are three of my favorite actors. I’m really into film but I esp. love Stana Katic in anything. Love Castle. She is so adorable and sexy and would look great in anything. Peace. I don’t know if it will work on your page but how about a few penguins.. <(") <(") <(") Have a gr8 day. 😉 jk

        1. They are not yellow, but they still look like penguins!!!

          Thank you and peace to you, too! (I wish there was a peace symbol somewhere. I would use it all the time!)

          I’m glad you like movies!! – Resa

          1. I wish there wer a peace symbol also. I’d use it on all my posts. Yes, the penguins…do use them the next time u do a FB chat. They really look exactly like penguins. peace my friend and have a great day jk

              1. I go into EDIT in my browsers (I am using Firefox and Safari)
                In EDIT, at the bottom is SPECIAL CHARACTERS.
                The HEARTS are in MISCELLANEOUS. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 4u – Resa

              2. I use Firefox but my edition under EDIT just stops at FIND no extra SPECIAL CHARACTERS.To bad. I will check to see if they have a plug-in that I can add. I like to decorate sometimes. Like ♂ ♀ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♥ but this is all c & p. A bit more effort but for the special person it is fun to do it for them. jk

              3. I use (c) in Word (Office) for that or in my Corel Paint Shop Pro Art program. The 5 version works for that. I am using it all the time whenever I post any of my writing or art online. It’s necessary for protecting it. Not Firefox but I will have to check them out to find a way to add to browser. Thanks for the info. I have combed the web for the peace symbol. u would think someone would have figured that one out. jk

              4. That’s a deal. Have a question: I can’t seem to find you “About” page. Where should I be looking? Not in the usual places. The Peace symbol has to be out there. Got to go. jk

              5. On my SIDEBAR down under the gowns is a TITLE — RESA

                Under RESA is about Resa and other pages, including my tribute to Jimi Hendrix, who I did a moovie about!
                Bye-bye! 😎

              6. Will check that location. Jimi Hendrix, that tribute must have been amazing to work on. You lead an exciting life. Good for u. 😎 Sorry I was called away so suddenly. Something came up abruptly that I needed to tend to. It was vital I gave immediate attention to what was happening. I will read “About” page. Let u know what I think, Thanks. jk Bye 😎

  9. Oh, love it, love it, love it, Resa… You are a marvel…! 🙂
    I adore the styling and the fringe-work of the front. The back is also simply gorgeous; the effect must have taken forever to achieve. It’s simply elegant… xoxoxo 🙂

    1. Dear Carolyn,
      Thank you so much!!! It seems these creations are taking longer and longer.
      Now, I’m thinking of mixing other media in with fabric… such as recycling magazine pages, plant-life, I am sooo open to suggestions here. (not toilet paper or meat) LOL
      You are a fav of mine forever! xoxoxo
      OH!! I learned a new emoticon, the cool one… 😎
      Did it work? 🙂

      1. Indeed it did… 😎

        What a fab idea – to mix various media… No, definitely not toilet paper or meat, I agree…! 😉
        I do have one question though. You haven’t used a pic of the ‘finished dress’ on the sidebar of your Graffiti Lux & Murals site..!?! The pic you’ve used is stunning however, the finished dress with the gorgeous fringe on front is absolutely to die for… 😉

        1. Both are finished… The fringe version is an option.
          I will use it soon, with the fringe, because you like it my dear Carolyn! 🙂 xoxoxo
          I was wondering if anyone even looked at the Sidebars, now I know they do! kisses and hugs to you!
          BTW – if there is a version/shot of your gown you like the best, just let me know… I can use that one sometimes.
          It’s fun to have different pics of the gowns to use.
          It’s like the best! 😉 🙂 😎 ♥♥♥

          1. Oh, I see… Wellllll, I do prefer the fringe version; I think that has something to do with my preference for bling, bling and more bling… haha… 🙂 Though they are both gorgeous…
            xoxoxo 🙂

              1. Exactly… The gowns add to the overall upliftment..! In fact, clothing adds to any occasion; it can ‘make’ some occasions – as well you know as a creator of ‘mood’ for television and films… 😉
                Yes, I’m seeing the actual emoticon with his little ‘cool’ eyes and cool smile…

          2. I adore the image you are using. It lifts my little heart every time I see it… It truly is magnificent, Resa; and it is my most favourite of all. (Now, that’s saying something because they are all stunning.) However, that’s not to say that a change every now and then would go astray… People do notice, and a little change is good for the soul… 🙂

  10. Sassy

    Once again, the ever talented and gorgeous Resa has created another masterpiece! *drumroll* Oh God. Red gowns are the best! And oh, thanks for sharing the Hot Flash, I can’t wait for it to become a full-blown series. I love the trailer you posted.

  11. Oh, Resa, another ‘reveal’…. too, too sweet; now I can see ‘two’ eyes peeking over the phone… So cute… You’ve almost revealed all…! 😀

    I love this dramatic and slow face sweep; it’s almost as spectacular as your beautiful creations…. No; check that…! It’s ‘as good’ as your gorgeous creations…!

    But hey; this is Resa McConaghy we’re talkin’ about…! 😀

  12. Effing amazing. How did it take me a week to get here!! When do you sleep? I think you do still work during the day too.. am i right?
    And this woman is HOT. We’d all be so lucky to look like that at 50! I liked and tweeted.
    Gorgeous dress.
    Makes me want to throw my hands in the air and wear RED!

    1. “LOL” Thanks Wendy, it’s a great gown, and I’m glad you like it. Let’s just say I’m not getting much housework done on the weekends, and even at that my posts are a month apart.
      I’m kind of driven with these gowns.
      THE HOT FLASH is a fab project, and I hope it makes it to series. Maybe if it does more women will look like her at 50, and even at 60! Take Care – Resa xo

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