Graffiti Girl Glam

Have you ever felt like painting a graffiti mural on a beautiful gold lamé gown, then shooting it in the alley beside a mural?


Well I have, & it is inspired by all the ephemeral art my eyes now see around me.

So to thank  Eric Vandersteenen, Director & General Administrator and Monique Deveen, Artistic Director & Main Photographer of the Free Tag Zone network  for introducing me to a new passion, my second “Art Gown” is an FTZ Tribute Gown.

Graffitiglam #11


Graffitiglam #2

Of course, I needed a gold lamé gown to paint on.

So I basted a crinoline onto Judy , and draped a bodice.

The bodice has inverted waist darts set at a dramatic angle.

Graffitiglam #3

Then I gathered 4 meters of lamé over the crinoline.

I basted the skirt to the crinoline.

5 centimeter wide straps were attached to the bodice, and crossed in the back.

There was extra fabric which I draped into a tail. I just love gowns with tails.

FTZ gown #2

Graffitiglam #5

Draping  the gown took only a few hours.

I figured, I would have it painted in no time at all.

I gave myself 2 part days.

Three weeks later, I was finished. I hadn’t figured on my lack of painting ability, and the time it takes paint to dry!

Here is the result.

Graffitiglam #7

Graffitiglam #8

After a week I began talking to her.

Graffitigam #9Her proper name is Free Tag Zone, but after awhile, I started calling her Freeta for short.

Graffitiglam #10

Graffitiglam #14

I really love this gown, and could not stop taking pics of her.

Well, my tribute to FTZ is over, but ephemeral art lives on!

Kisses to you Eric, Monique and everyone who is part of making  FTZ   such a wonderful experience!





101 thoughts on “Graffiti Girl Glam

  1. This is absolutely incredible Resa!! Just so gorgeous that it takes my breath away… I need to check out the slide shows of this dress… what will happen to her now? I can see why you felt inclined to “talk” to her too ~ Wow!! xxoo Love to you !! R

    1. I just love you! You get why I talked to her.
      Well, Freeta is partly basted together, and I will finish doing the rest before I take her off Judy.
      I’ll store her in a gown bag and she maybe she can make a comeback! Hugs to you! xoxoxo

        1. Thank you for caring Robyn! You are very special. I have been working 12 – 14 hour days, 6 days a week since Jan. 2.
          We shot a 1/2 hour comedy in front of a live audience on Friday. It was exhilarating, but I’m exhausted.
          I have a week of wrap, and should be able to get a new Post up by or during next week. Love xoxo

  2. Absolutely stunning….!
    Your images on FTZ are amongst the best I’ve seen. This gown is the perfect accompaniment to the artwork; and indeed, is complete artwork in itself…!
    You are amasing… 🙂

          1. Oh yes, but of course…!
            Have fun, Ms Artwork…!
            That gown really is wonderful. Do you appreciate you must be the first to design this type of art…!?! Certainly a first to be associated with the murals… I’m wondering where this may lead…?

  3. Magnificent, glorious, incredible, elegant, eye-stopping, stunning – every adjective in the book to describe your creation. It is worthy of the red carpet. Your art work is fabulous Resa. Congratulations for this one-of-a-kind couture creation. Bravo. Virginia

      1. LOL, to make a photo I just have to push a button and everybody can do that, but to create these amazing artworks that you make it takes real skills and talent and not everybody can do that, so I wish I had at least a fraction of your talent 🙂

        1. You are very kind to say that.
          I have used my talents to make $ for years and have taken my talents for granted, even not cared I had any talent.
          Then I became inspired to do “Art Gowns” because of FTZ’s love of ephemeral art that has been passed on to me. This is my second “Art Gown” and I look forward to doing more. 😉 😉

              1. In Prague there are several places with lots of murals and street art, but only a few artists are interesting to me, mostly unidentified, who produce some very good pieces now and then. I like to visit those sites often to spot new pieces before they get erased and photograph them. Those I like the most I publish on my phlog. I love street art!

      1. nutsfortreasure

        I am writing a book about me and him I place him for adoption in 77 and found each other 4 1/2 years ago he has really charged forward since meeting me and knowing I never forgot him 🙂 or stopped loving him

          1. nutsfortreasure

            He said when he met me he could tell I had been in pain for 33 years 😦

            He just came back from a 10 day silent retreat I will do mine in March we will have new tools to deal with sadness and loss

            Time to excel at what we both love doing and time will heal hearts

            The book will be gut wrenching but maybe after March and Mediation I can finish quickly 🙂

  4. Passion, inspiration, art, talent et créativité pour ce magnifique hommage à tout le travail de Free Tag Zone ainsi qu’à celui de nos “collecteurs de mémoire”, ces photographes qui explorent et découvrent pour “redonner à l’art éphémère toutes ses lettres de noblesse”, le montrent et le partagent avec le monde entier pour en préserver le souvenir.
    Bravo Resa et merci mille fois!
    Welcome to our crazyness!
    Eric & Monique

    1. Dear Eric and Monique,

      Making this tribute gown for FTZ was a pure joy. Taking pics of ephemeral art for FTZ network has added a richness to my life.
      Thank you both of you for all your hard work to “restore the ephemeral art all its nobility”
      Thank you for sharing your craziness with me!

  5. Sassy

    Wow! It’s beautiful. What a combination! You did great. I love how you incorporated graffiti onto this gown. I call that pure talent. You really are one of a kind. 😉

  6. The tech problem is resolved. The link on your Gravatar works. 🙂

    I saw the goose on the mural, I think. Now I see him on the gown. I have to study the images on the gown since I feel that they are not simply disassociated, arbitrary designs. I am simply fascinated by this creation of yours. I’m kind of at a loss to describe how I reacted to this since my knowledge of the esoteric world of art and the associated jargon is limited. I sense something extraordinary here though. I am a collector of prints, especially those of the known printmakers with etchings being closest to my heart. I have also collected watercolors for a lifetime. Modern art eludes me mostly. I appreciate street art very much. What is ephemeral art? Does the term allude to the fact that it appears on buildings, walls, etc., that will be lost? Duh, Granny… 🙂

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  8. I haven’t got the foggiest in this field, but it’s certainly different ( I guess that’s important?) and very catchy. I would certainly have noticed this creation on the red carpet!

    1. 😀 Thank you! I have a new Graffiti Gown to post soon. I took a gown to the alley and and a graffiti artist painted it for me.
      Your recipes are fantastic!!!! I love animals, but not to eat.
      You are special!

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