Strawberry Kisses

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel like designing a gown?

Well I have, and I totally understand how you feel if you have.

Most recently I’ve thought of gowns as an art form.

I could paint on a gown, or use exotic media (toilet paper, banana peels or my old venetian blinds) to build a gown.

I could write someone’s poetry on a gown.

One recent night I decided an “Art Gown” should be like music.

Live music floats into the air then disappears forever.

Why not a “Performance Art Gown” that I drape on my Judy then take the pins out and it’s gone forever?

Before I take the pins out, why not photograph and name it, like a song performed live,  recorded and enjoyed in the future?

I tremble as I pull Judy out of the closet.

I drag out my stash of fabrics, and make a fabulous and colorful creative mess.I begin pinning away.

I like what I’ve started. However, I see that if this gown needs all this tulle underneath, it isn’t as free flowing as I’m thinking for my first “Art Gown” Post.

I decide to finish this gown later. (I since have and it’s awesome!)

I discover a gorgeous piece of red silk Jacquard that I had forgotten I own.

It’s 6 Meters long, 45 inches wide, and it is stunning.

I immediately think about Boomie and her poetry. I’m truly inspired and name the gown I am about to drape “Strawberry Kisses”

I cut 8 inches off the bottom of the piece of fabric. This is to make a waist band and bow.

Without cutting into the fabric, I drape it continuously over and around Judy.

After about an hour, I end up with a softly pleated halter top gown.

 Boomie , this “Art Gown”, gone forever like a song played live, is for you.

“Strawberry Kisses”

It is backless and cinched in heavily at the waist. That fact that the yardage remains uncut, gives the dramatic swoop at the hem finished with a tail. I love it!


As I clean up my colorful mess, I think about the fun I had designing Boomie’s gown. I feel like an artist. I think of more and different “Art Gowns” I can design for inspiring Blog friends like Carolyn at ABC Of Spirit Talk, Robyn Lee  at Through The Healing Lens or, Imelda Evans at Wine, Women & Wordplay.

Of course Sherrie, my driver, will need a chauffeur gown.

The list goes on like the beat in a song.


I wish everyone’s life could be like a gown, long and beautiful!

71 thoughts on “Strawberry Kisses

  1. Bless your sweet and wonderful heart. You are mighty talented and that gown is indeed a work of art.

    I can almost see myself in it and the beautiful silk falling appropriately on my body :). You are too lovely Resa and are a true artist. Thanks for my beautiful gown. I LOVE it!!!

    God bless!!! Super super hugs

  2. That fabric is sooo beautiful and the gown defies description. Actually it doesn’t, but I don’t want to waste it here. I’m going to save my mental picture of your gorgeous dress and use it in a story. Maybe I’ll even make one just for it. So your empheral creation will live on!

    I love the idea of something beautiful just while it lasts. It encapsulates how I feel about dance, or opera or fireworks. So much work, for something that cannot truly be captured and caught, except in the memory and the heart. Just because it’s beautiful. That we are willing to do so much for beauty’s sake lifts my heart. I’d never thought a dress could be one of these beautiful ephemeral things, but I am very glad to have discovered it is so! Love your work, Resa!

  3. You are a phenomenal artist…. and of the most passionate sort Resa! This is gorgeous… and I love the whole concept of creating masterpieces that are so tangible and then ~ poof – and gone forever – but preserved in your posts!! Stunning work, can just imagine boomie in this dress too! — A very talented lady you are! Much Love to you dear friend ~ Robyn

    1. Much love back to you, Robyn!
      I already have the fabric (raw silk) in my trove for your “Art Gown”. You are a truly inspiring person!
      I hope things are going well for you. I hope Boston was a positive experience and that full healing after “Sandy” is under way! xoxoxo- Resa

  4. Lovely post – no I did never wake up in the middle of the night and feel like designing a gown – but if I have met a beautiful woman wearing a wonderful gown at an evening party – it almost can keep me awake thinking of how well they fit together – really a wonderful gown – you are indeed a very talented woman… 🙂 😉

    1. I sure Love your words!
      Since I was a young girl I always wanted to dress all my dolls in gowns, especially “Barbie”.
      You are so lovely to fall for a woman in a gown. I think that is the sign of a very romantic man. xo – Resa

  5. How stunning…!
    I love the colour; it is indeed a masterpiece.
    Boomie would look grand in this piece; it sings her nature…!
    You are an artist, my dear Resa…
    I can’t help but wonder what you would do for me…!?!
    Now you’ve started something; you could be doing this forever…. 😉
    How many followers do you have…! Hahah…. xoxoxo

    1. Darling Carolyn,
      You know a gown for you is inspiring me.
      I know you ballroom dance, and the waltz is your favorite, (designing a gown for you is why I asked what your favorite dance is.)
      Waltzes make me think not just of flowing fabrics, but soft classic colors.
      What are your heart’s waltz colors?
      xoxoxo – Resa

      1. Aha, I wondered yet wasn’t inspired to ask…!
        Now it all makes sense…
        You are a gem, dear Resa. This is a wonderful thing you are doing. You’ll make many smile over this, for sure…! xoxoxo 🙂

    2. Gold is a favourite however, anything that glitters…!
      I love sparkles; they catch the light you know… 😉
      You are such a gorgeous girl…. I am so looking forward to seeing your next creation…! xoxoxo

  6. I can’t imagine ever waking up and wanting to design a gown, but we artists work in different ways, don’t we? For me it would be with words or music.
    The gown looks beautiful. The fabric and color are stunning. So glad you are back, Resa. I’ve been thinking of you. My mother-in-law passed away yesterday after being ill for a time, so I’ve had a hint of what you are going through. Hugs and blankets to you!

    1. Lori! I’m so sorry to hear about your mother in-law. It’s a sad reality. Many hugs and love to you and yours.
      Honestly, I’ve got to say I’ve been thinking of what kind of a gown I could make out of a patio blanket!
      Take care- Resa

  7. Your wonderful followers have confirmed what I have always told you…you are an amazing talent. Boomie has received the beautiful gift that is you, something I have been blessed with all my life. Only your heart overshadows your creativity. I have always admired you and continue to be proud of you. xoxo

  8. Virginia Duran

    I enjoyed my time in your blog! Loved this dress especially! Thanks for sharing your designs, you have a lot of creativity! Looking forward to your next post!

    1. We all want to be young and beautiful, and in some ways we always are.
      I’m looking to explain the joy of my “Art Gowns” fantasy.
      Your very pretty wife would be spectacular dressed in an “Art Gown”
      As “Art Gowns” continues, I want to introduce other ideas into this Art Of Glamorous Fantasy. (Poetry Shirts, DIY gowns… DIY crystaline accessories…-) Hearts out to you and yours! – Resa

        1. What a fab comment this is! No.I don’t do a slimming tuxedo, not yet, but I have had inquiries! Bill, you’ll be the 1st to know… until then, keep wearing your spandex jumpsuit! Lol & luv! – Resa

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