Queen Isabella

Did you ever feel like you were sculpting an Art Gown?

Well, that’s exactly how I felt building Queen Isabella.

Dedicated to my sweet friend Isabella: I said to her and T, I want Isabella in the title, but with another word.

Without hesitation, T said “Queen”. Without hesitation, it made sense to me.

Isabella is creative, and supports all arts. She’s a wife, a mother and devoted to her family & friends. She throws dinner parties fit for the Art Gowns.

As Art Gowns must reuse, up-cycle or repurpose,  I challenged Isabella to donate something she’d been hanging onto for years, but didn’t use anymore.

She challenged me back, and gave me a very textured dress. The colour made me think of a purple peacock, if such a creature exists.

I dismantled it, and draped the texture on a different angle. The bodice texture demanded a skirt to surpass it. The Art Gowns’ crinoline was pressed into service. 

To make mock feathers, random strips were cut from a vintage curtain lace. Acrylic paint with fabric medium was daubed on irregularly. This created a visual texture. Partial ruching created volume, and a feeling of ruffled feathers.

Flowers were made, using leftover bits of the painted lace.

I love it when she’s backlit.

Or on an overcast day

Or at night, in a dark room, when she stands under one ceiling light.

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For her first dinner party with all of the Art Gowns, Queen Isabella has decided on live guitar music.

Art Gown Queen Isabella © Resa McConaghy – 2019

Live music – Provided by The Mini-me.

All photos © Resa McConaghy – 2019

🌹 For Isabella, June 26, 2019 🌹

Ta ta for now!

153 thoughts on “Queen Isabella

  1. Timothy Price

    Oh my goodness. Queen Isabella is fantastic and beautiful. Any chance Isabella will get a chance to model this magnificent?

    1. Timothy, we did talk about that! I’m hoping she will model it, or her daughter, maybe.
      I’d love to see her in this, and I know her family would adore to have that as a memory!

          1. Timothy Price

            That’s probably what happened to my comments on several blogs the other night. WP techs are probably tweaking things.

            1. I check it regularly. It’s interesting who ends up in there. Timothy just un-spammed me from his comments!
              I’m quite busy here, but when it dies down a bit, I’ll log out of here, and into GLAM. I might be able to comment on her blog from there.

              1. Snot… yes! Sounds like an ‘Oron comment.
                The Lonely Author has rescued me from his SPAM.
                I feel like a helpless maiden in a tower with nothing but my long hair.
                Oh, that would be you, Rapunzel. I must be your cousin! ❤

  2. Superb work Resa. Isabella is beautiful with her green and purple colours, flowery, summery, mediterranean. I was given a potted plant last year which bloomed this spring – with the same colour purple flowers. The plant and Isabella are so alike.
    Hi to the art gowns :)X

    1. The Art Gowns send a big kiss back to you! X
      It’s wonderful what you see here: the summer, the flowers’ blooms, the Mediterranean.
      A lovely comment, and thank you dear TVTA! 😀 x

  3. Well, certainly, it is unique and amazing art.
    A sculpture is static, and your art is so alive, it exists with females in mind. But maybe I understand what you mean when you say you felt like you were sculpting, you were, but you made something so much more alive.
    Your work is such a celebration of the female Resa, in all the most beautiful ways.

    1. Cindy, that is one heck of a fabulous comment!
      I am celebrating the female; as beauteous as I can, and in a way I know how.

      Lol! I just can’t make the Art Gowns fast enough. As you have seen, I’m drawing and trying to create “in-between” posts.
      I found an old Barbie from 1990. I will make an Art Gown for her, and do a positive spin in an op-ed. I can say that I never wanted to be a Barbie. I just wanted to make clothes for her. So, I did. She is definitely a precursor to my becoming a Costume Designer.

    1. My dearest LDN,
      What a lovely, poetic comment! I’m blushing! I love it.
      You are one of the first who ever followed me on WP, and you are still here. So am I! 😀 xx

  4. Oh, my goodness, Resa, she is gorgeous!!!!! Spectacular with her handpainted crinolin and lace flowers. I love the texture …under any light! Bravo, my sweet friend, Bravo!!!!!! hugs and more hugs to you and love xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Marina!
      Yay! Thank you dear friend.
      I adore making the Art Gowns! It’s crazy they take so long, but I’m developing my drawing skills for in between posts.
      I’m thinking…..The Tango for my next Art Gown. hugs and hugs and love to you! xoxoxoxoxo
      Oh, and to Hera, too! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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  6. She is magnificent! The pictures are beautiful. I especially love the back of the dress and the gorgeous colors. I love reading about how your creativity brought Queen Isabella to life. In short – WOW!!

    1. Thank you so much! 😀 😀 😀 It’s a labour of love with these gowns! I think I always wanted to make gowns, but would never admit it until I started Art Gowns. Here they are art, not clothes meant for the rich and famous.
      I’m happy you like the making of, it’s always a wonder to me when the inspiration comes about.
      Again, Thank you for this wonderful comment, and as always, thank you for visiting! 😀

  7. You have a profound love for this earth, which is reflected in all your artistic endeavours. Queen Isabella is a commitment to building sustainable communities that thrive on beauty, respect, dignity. Hugs coming your way…

    1. Who says one needs yardage of new silk to make the finest gowns?
      I’m proving beauty can come from the leftovers, the castaways and …. well I’m looking at the lids from the cat food tins at this point. I’m thinking, “Hmm, these look like big silver sequins.”
      Thank you for getting my art!!!! {{{HUGS}}}

  8. Hyperion

    You knocked it out of the park again Resa! If Isabella wasn’t the queen before, she is now with that gorgeous gown.

    1. Lovely comment, Hyperion! I like that expression; knocked it out of the park.
      I should do a sports influenced Art Gown sometime in the future. I’ll need some castaway sports uniforms…. or something.
      I’m so into making gowns out of our throw aways!
      One person’s trash is another’s treasure.
      I’m looking at the cat food lids. They seem like giant silver sequins. 😀

      1. Hyperion

        LoL 😆 at cat lid sequins! Only a true artist sees the hidden beauty in everyday things. Your gowns really are art in every sense of the word.

      1. I am a master of the obscure Resa but it definitely reminded me of her, also Dorothea Tanning. Kahlo knew her as well as Carrington’s friend Remedios Varos from Spain. Kahlo called them the European bitches.

          1. Kahlo was on the fringes of surrealism and was critical of the movement (for good reason though she was a little harsh. She also had an affair with Breton’s wife so the whole scene was complicated.

    1. JMR
      I’m so happy you still have time to visit! You must be very busy with your work.
      Yes, the making of is becoming more important, especially since I am using mostly old things and leftovers to create the Art Gowns.
      Of course, the paint is new.
      Have you been painting?

      1. Not much, but a little bit the last two days, sent you some pics…:) Lots of work but I think it is more a matter of kicking my own …… you guess which body part I am referring to….easy to get off track and get lost or just not doing anything else than work..visiting my friends page’s does help me staying in touch and telling myself ‘have to get back to it…’ 😀
        You work is so inspiring and still love peeking to the murals you show of course…:)

    1. I was thinking of offering to rent them out for photos, you know a Queen for a Day special picture. Of course, one would have to be in Toronto. 😀

        1. … like a Queen! 😀
          I think if someone had a photo taken in one of my Art Gowns, not only would they feel special… like a queen, but as time went by, they would feel special every time they looked at that photo.

  9. Wonderful Resa! Looking at your art gowns i always wish to be a woman (for a short time). The name suits, it has i think a mediterranean look too. I apologize in avance, if not reblogged and liked yet. Some days i am something like the Button-haunter of wp.com. Lol Best wishes, Michael

    1. I’m glad you come to enjoy what I do!No worries about likes, reblogs etc.! Nice to see you, and thanks for the lovely comment. Hope you are having a good weekend!

  10. She is… a Queen! She’s not sculpted – she is dreamed 🙂 Love the richness of colors and feathery softness. Well done, Resa. Another stunner added to your collection xx

    1. Thank you so much, Inese!
      I adore my girls.
      I’m trying to make them my future. I’m working on ideas.
      Take care, sweet Inese! Oh, and pet a fox for me next time, please. I wish I had a fox. ❤ xo

    1. Yay!!! She is a very lush girl! The tail is a departure from what I usually do. It was the peacock influence! So glad you got to see her! 😀

  11. I love the texture, as you say it’s like a purple peacock with many feathers – and all beauty round the clock, Queen Isabella is!! Another gorgeous creation, sis xo

    1. So glad you got to see her, Christy! Her tail is a departure! Well, it will be months before the next one, so I better get some more drawing done!
      xo, sis, xo!

  12. Really impressive. The colors are beautiful…. I love how you can almost feel it’s texture. Great job, dear Re. Sending love and best wishes, always 😘♥️

    1. Thank you, dear Aq! 🦄💜
      At least 4 months in the making! I’m very pleased with the tail. It’s a departure.
      Sending love and hugs and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY …on the 9th, right? xoxo
      I’ll write you soon. I just watched Black Mirror – Bandersnatch. I am so confused. I kept thinking of you, wondering if you were confused as I am.

      1. Thank you, yes tomorrow it’s Independence Day over here. 🤗… write me whenever you want!…. I have mixed feelings as to Bandersnatch. The whole concept is mind blowing, I mean the fact that you can create your own story, so as to speak…And try different options, once over again. But the script wasn’t that good. Too dark/rough, I mean Fiction clearly overpassed Reality and my expectations too. I like some light at the end of the tunnel, you know. There is a new Black Mirror season (which wasn’t my fav either) 😝 much love and congrats again for the stunning gown. 😘♥️😘

  13. OH. MY. GODDES. You, my dear Resa, are not only amazing but truly one of a kind. Your talent blows my mind! Isabelle is fit for a Queen! My mouth has yet to close for the amazement I feel at what I just saw, is just so hard for me to believe! Incredible! Magnificent! You must MUST be discovered and out there making hand over fist what you so richly deserve! The colors, the textures, the thought you put into this design and then creating her ….. just WOWOW!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    1. Much love to you, Amy!
      I hope the Art Gowns will be discovered. Nonetheless, in the meantime, they are a passion and a joy for me.
      It seems passion and joy are worth a lot in one life.
      You are filled with passion and joy. I adore you, and your art! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Charlotte! Ooo, Queen Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is a wonderful compliment. I love, love that play. One day I hope to see the opera. 💜💜
      I’ll check out the COC. I know they build in house.

  14. She is gorgeous. Of course I love the bodice. I am amazed you dismantled her and created this work of art. Great talent and creativity Resa.
    I couldn’t dismantle and crewate anything. But I can unhook a bra strap with one hand. One of my many talents.

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment, dear Lonely! Ah… but you do create! You create poetry, and other writing.
      LOL Well, you can unhook a bra with one hand, and I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. Seems we are both teeming with many talents! x

  15. Ohhh !!!! It’s fantastic, a perfect ArtGown for a Queen !!
    You have also been very busy, there is a lot of time and work in this wonderful creation.
    As good artists continue to improve in each new work of art, it is full of imagination and joy.
    Congratulations Resa !!!

  16. “oh my” she whispered. “oh my oh my what scrumptious, magnificent creation do we have here.” Back and forth she scrolled examining every ruch and ruffle, every gathering of painted lace, every romantic fall of fabric. Here was a dress to caress. A gown to dance a tango dream. A gown so lush one longed to reach out and touch the dream. “Bravo dear Resa. Bravo.

  17. Wow, magificent stunning creation, Resa. For me your talent is mind blowing, so many gowns over the years and one even more gorgeous than the other. Your such an amazing artist. Chapeau ❤️

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