Blue Venus

Did you ever feel like sculpting a gown, but marble and clay aren’t materials you work with?

Venus #1e

I faced that exact conundrum when designing my fourth “Art Gown” which is inspired by Robyn  from THROUGH THE HEALING LENS

Robyn’s Photos combined with her poetry are soothing, loving experiences.

Venus #2

When I asked her about color, she replied that she loved earth tones, and blue like the sky. I also thought of water, as many of Robyn’s pictures are from the beach.

I found a piece of stretch fabric that made me think of deep blue water.

To keep with a sculptural art theme, I stretched a two-piece sarong reminiscent of a 1940’s glamor cut over Judy.

Venus #3

I then began draping a piece of fabric I found in Affordable Textiles, a store on Queen West, pretty close to Qe.

When I saw it on the bolt, I blurted out that it looked like a sky with clouds. At that point the proprietor informed me that I was looking at the wrong side of the fabric.

Venus #4

Draping in the spirit of ancient Rome or Greece was a lot of fun.

Using the wrong side of the fabric, I split it lengthwise, divided one of the lengths into thirds then slashed up for about 2 feet.

 I braided the thirds into a front strap, and did the same for the back.

As an amateur photographer, I rely on natural light. I wanted a sunny day to take the pics of Blue Venus, so the sky with clouds effect would be perfect. The sun peeked out only a few moments. I did my best, and over exposed when things got too, dark.

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Well, that’s my Blue Venus. Thank you Robyn !

I think I’ll say good-bye in Black and White.

Venus #12Venus #13

Venus #3b




118 thoughts on “Blue Venus

  1. Michelangelo will have to take a back seat here. In fact he would be pea green with envy if he saw your creation Resa. This is red carpet fashion at its finest. Drop dead gorgeous blue creation. V.

  2. Resa — YOU OUTDID YOURSELF!! This is spectaular ~ Am now fantasizing about wearing this masterpiece as I stroll along the shore, under a mysterious sea of clouds ~ enveloped by natures grace — and dancing in the salty ocean breeze …. Of course it is sunset too ….

    Truly I am without words to express how much I LOVE and appreicate this generous gift of your brilliant creative heart. Nothing could be more special — and this has filled me with heaps of joy and smiles ~ I know you only asked about colors — but it’s like you had keen intuitive powers, knowing exactly what my dream gown would look like…. knowing just how to bring out the ‘goddess’ in me ! This my dear friend is a wonderful thing…. You are phenomenal – your work, Divine ~ Venus Blue ~ PERFECT 💙 So much Love ~ Robyn

    1. Dear Robyn,
      Your words bring a HUGE smile and a happy beating heart to the front of my life at this moment!

      You are an incredibly beautiful and inspiring person. That you are pleased with Blue Venus means a lot to me!
      You are a goddess my dear Robyn, and this “Art Gown” celebrates the goddess within you.
      You have written some very wonderful words to me tonight.
      I could not be happier.
      With much Love- Resa – xoxo

      This “Art Gown” Celebrates

  3. Just so thankful ~ it’s such an incredibe honor to have “Blue Venus” reperesent me this way. You know what a fan I am of your work dear Resa ~ this oncept of the “Art Gown” is thrilling to me in many ways… And to be a part of it – well …

    YES – I will celebrate — and if you approve, would love to feature her (Blue Venus), along with you and your blog – in a post over the next week or so…

    Magnificent… you are!
    Much Love ~ RL

    1. YES, dear Robyn, yes!
      What an honor you are extending to me to have Blue Venus featured on your Blog.
      As much as they love to look at them, many around me don’t understand my “Art Gowns”.
      I believe there is true art here….. not just a garment.

      LOVE IS BLUE … oh I have shivers!
      Let me know if you need something.
      Much Love – RM

      1. So of course I was in wicked pain last night and just kept staring at my “new gown” to escape into a world of wondrous romantic fantasy 🙂 Bet you didn’t know how healing your ‘art gowns’ could be!

        Thank you sweet friend. I also poured some words out in the midst of it and finished up your ‘tribute post’ honoring this glorious creation…. Let me know if you have preference on timing for post– can do it later today or wait a bit if you want … totally open, and still in awe of Blue Venus. There is no way I can actually transform this art into wearable dress … is there? I know not typical and no idea what that would entail, but would consider if feasible. Regardless will treasure the image and the loving gesture as well! Much Love ~ RL💙

        1. I’m thrilled “Blue Venus” was not only a joy for you, but was healing as well!
          What an honor that you have done a ‘tribute” post. Post it now!!!!! I’m so excited.

          Yes, Blue Venus …. what to do with the gowns?

          At this point the gown is draped (titled and photographed).

          To make it wearable, a Couturier Seamstress would now make the marks, disassemble and reconstruct properly.
          Fittings are required. It’s very time consuming. Yet, there are those on the planet who still afford Couturier.

          Robyn, I will disassemble your gown as carefully as possible, and at least for now will keep it stored safely, together and separate.

          What makes a gown “Art” then what keeps them “Art”? If someone wore one, they would not be wearing a garment ….. they would be wearing Art.

          I’ll get back to you with my thoughts on that, or I’ll be here a long while 🙂 … and if you have any thoughts, I’m really open!
          (I’m thinking of showing them somewhere … a gallery … I’m looking into display Judys so each gown has its own form.)

          Much Love to you sweet Robyn – Resa – Much Love

      1. nutsfortreasure

        I hear you I have been so busy building a website and blogging and following so many too 🙂 walking with my man and the dog along the coast and SHOVELING! 🙂

    1. Thank you Benjamin,
      You saying that I captured a part of Robyn is most important to me.
      This is the main creative hi-light o every “Art Gown”.
      Without an inspiration, a muse… there is no “Art Gown”.

        1. “Blue Venus” is an “Art Gown” It only exists as long as it’s on the Judy. 😉
          It is named and photographed for all to see forever, like a song recorded to hear forever.

          Of course I could finish sewing it together before removal.
          I have one of my Art Gowns stored that way.

          I am looking into buying multiple Judys and adhering the gowns to the point of no removal.
          Then they would truly be pieces of art and not clothes.

          “Art Gowns” is a new exciting concept that t I just made up.
          – Resa

              1. I never thought of it before, but a photograph or painting is supposed to use the lines to draw the eyes in. Looking at these dresses does the same, the lines move the eyes just like a painting. That’s what’s fun about life – we are always discovering new beauty. – so thanks!

  4. I love it! Echoes of Dorothy Lamour in the ‘Road’ movies, especially in the under-piece. The colour is extraordinary. The blue is a really shiny version of the deep deep blue of the sea in places where the sky is cloudless and hot in summer and seems to go on forever. And I love the cloud effect of that fabric and what you’ve done with the braid. So clever you are!

    1. Oh Imelda, thank you! All the things I thought, you have put brilliantly into words.
      You know I loved your book “Rules Are For Breaking”. Romance rocks!

      For your inspired “Art Gown” I’m looking for some kind of fabric that makes me think of mangoes and skies.
      Also, I don’t want to lock myself in, but I have this crushed ice velvet in a turquoise.

  5. WOW!!! RESA…WOW!! Oh how I would LOVE to get this out on the beach and photograph it! You did WONDERFUL! Actually I had several of ideas for locations come to mind for photographing this incredible work of art…but finding one that would be worthy of this design…now THAT would be a challenge. So very wonderful of you to honor Robyn this way (((applause))!! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine;s Resa!! Hugs to ya lovely one!

    1. My Dearest Stan,
      Thank you for referring to Robyn’s gown as a work of art, because “Blue Venus” is a work of art.
      That “Blue Venus” has inspired you to think of shooting locations is an honor to me.
      Your talent and style are uniquely yours, and “A+” in the world of creativity.
      Stan, I know our talents can combine into an explosion.
      Never lose touch!
      With much love and admiration,

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      1. 💙 You are such a love Resa ~ so happy you thought well of my post… Someone I’m close to (outside of blogworld) just me beautfiul poem today inspired by Blue Venus ~ and her vision of how i may have inspired your designing it – gosh may have to do another tribute post with maybe different angle of dress? Everyone seems so much to be enjoying this wonderful blog project of ours ~ was a wonderful expereince ~ remember – let me know if she becomes for sale – size 3 or so!! Sending Love 🌹

        1. Dear Robyn,
          What a lovely letter to wake up to on a Monday morning.
          The fact that “Blue Venus” is inspiring others is a true joy, but not a complete surprise. Look at the source of the inspiration!
          I would love to read the poem your friend has written!!!!
          I will partially baste “Blue Venus” together before dismantling. No one will ever own her, except for you or me.
          Judy is a size 5/6. I need more Judys in different sizes.
          Oh Robyn, what an exciting day it was for me yesterday after you did that fabulous post!
          Thank you so much!
          Sending Love back to you! – Resa xo

      2. For you ~ thought was appropriate here :

        also ~ planning to do a post in next couple days with Monica’s poem ~ its 3rd level of inspiration here in our little project… she loved Blue Venus and then imagined me in it and poem was born. She’s an awesome poet ~ wish she would blog!! Anyway – heads up — another view of Blue Venus to be displayed in my next post ~ Love to you beautiful one ~ 💙 RL

        1. Thank you Robyn! What a nice video to have a morning coffee with. Rita Hayworth is a true classic beauty, almost as beautiful as you.
          I’m really looking forward to Monica’s poem, and the third installment of our project.
          Love to you to, dear Robyn.
          Ps. In terms of earth tones, I had thought of Metallic Copper. I’m going to keep my eyes open for such a fabric. Who knows, down the road where I’m going with these “Art Gowns” and you are inspiring enough for at least 2 gowns!

        1. Good morning Robyn! Round III is wonderful. Monica is wonderful, and you my dear Robyn are amazing. Your “Blue Venus”, a blue shadow on the beach is incredible.
          I thank you for everything. I’m very inspired. Much Love to you – Resa

        2. Dear Robyn,
          I have this idea to use the “Art Gowns for Charity” I would put the “Art Gowns” on my side bar and link them to charities. I’ve written the others who have inspired me, and of course all have the option to have their “Art Gown” to participate or not. I’m asking each person with an “Art Gown” to pick a Charity they favor that their Art Gown” can represent.
          It’s a new idea that I’m working on. What do you think? _Love Resa

          1. oh wow Resa… that is a very lovely idea! It would add a an altruistic flavor to your project. I like the concept because ~ links an element of humanity to the glamorous/artistic aspect of your work. I’d have to think about a charity to name… there are many. Let me know if you go ahead with the new idea. It sounds wonderful! ~ xMuch Love, Robyn

            1. Dear Robyn,
              “Art Gown” #5 should be finished today. Of course, I still have to take pics and write the Post.
              I will launch the “Art Gowns for Charity” with the new Gown Post.
              So, dear Robyn, there is no rush, but if you could think about what Charity you would like “Blue Venus” to host and let me know I would be honored to do this.
              Love Resa xo

              1. Oh – great cant wait to see your next gown ~ so excited.
                It’s hard for me to narrow down one charity but there was one organization that was very supportive to me in making decisions regarding genetic breast cancer when I had to face that challenge in 2001. FORCE is the not-for-profit organization and they offer a ton of support and education to those facing this risk due to having BRCA gene.
                So I will name them as my Art Gown Charity for “Blue Venus” ~
                Let me know if you need any more info – the site tells much about them. xo Love to you Resa – such a wonderful idea.

      3. Thank you so much beloved friend! ~ This was just all so much fun and to have a chain of inspiration like this warms my heart. The dress is beyond amazing… something out of a dream. You truly are an artist – and I love this concept of your art-gowns created with human connection in heart/mind. Something just very cool about that! Monica felt it too — and thus her stunning poem flowed right a way…. and for me – was lucky to have that shadow shot that refelect the spritit some … and made it blue too!! You are an angel — So much Love ~ Robyn💙💙💙💙

        1. I somehow missed this comment, and now that I have found it I want to send more love you. Please send some more love to Monica as well! You have been supportive of my ideas since the first time you ever visited here, and your work is truly inspirational. The posts you did in response to Blue Venus touch me deeply. Yes, it was a “fun chain of inspiration” (you have such a great way with words). Take care Robyn! You are an angel, too!-Resa xoxoxo

      4. Oh thank you Resa ~ i have not been getting notifications of replies on blogs other than my own~ lucky this one came in my email as I have you on email notice now… Yes – was felt very connected to you and your blog first meeting!! So happy to know you – and will always support — So much Love ~ Robyn

  7. I’ve never met someone in real life or this virtual life who is a designer. It fascinates me to imagine creating a piece of clothing like this… beginning with inspiration as all works of art, creating, manifesting and displaying. And then giving it such a beautiful title. I’m so glad we stumbled into each other’s “lives” and I get a peak into a whole other world. Thanks Resa x wendy

    1. Dear Wendy – It has been interesting to design these gowns. In my work, all designing is done for a specific purpose.
      On my blog I can design from pure inspiration. I am so glad you come to see what I’m up to, and I love to visit you and see what you’re cooking up now!
      Thanks to you, too! Resa – xo

  8. Oh wow…! 😉 This is gorgeous. I’m sure Robyn must be verrrryyyy pleased. The colours are beautiful; so serene….
    You know, Resa; I think this style would suit ‘you’ too… xoxoxo
    😉 😉

  9. Julie Catherine

    This is an absolutely gorgeous gown, an exquisite work of art – and suits our lovely Robyn perfectly! I am in awe of your talent! ~ Julie

    1. Thank you, Julie! It is a very beautiful creation. That fact that you see it suits Robyn is a wonderful compliment. She is a very inspiring woman!I’m so glad you came by to see all the shots of it! Sending love!

  10. Resa, how I love this dress…the black and white photos just exquisite…I bet Robyn loves it and it would be perfect on her. You are one beautiful generous talent my friend. Bless your lovely heart.


    1. Elizabeth, each “Art Gown ” is a Love Affair. I’m so happy you see their beauty. You know, they are almost real people to me.
      Thank you for your lovely comment. – Resa

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