Empress d’Amore

Are you like me, at a loss for words to describe an “Art Gown” that is its own Fairy Tale?


Okay, at least we know it opens with: Once Upon A Time

Virginia, a retired chef & her romantic, fanciful blog Bel’ Occhio have inspired this Art Gown. You’ll find some of her recipes on this blog, but if you have the appetite for more delicious creations visit her at Mrs. Butterfingers

Rap 3


There was a beautiful young girl named Virginia who lived in the Empire of  Amore. Unfortunately, she was very poor, a seamstress for the wealthy merchants of the Kingdom.


The Emperor demanded his son, Prince Will, marry. He decreed a holiday with a Royal procession throughout the Empire. All “Virgins” of marrying age were to don their prettiest gowns & attend.

Braids #1

Virgina’s mind was on her sewing when The “Town Crier” made the announcement. What she heard as his words floated up from the street and through her window  was “All Virginias were to don their pretty gowns for the procession.”

Alas, poor Virginia had no gown, but owned some yardage of thin taffeta, the color not in fashion.

Braids #2IMG_9578

Virginia would sew a gown, but it would be very plain. She had no lace nor gems to decorate it with.

All she had was a modest piece of net, a length of ratty marabou & colorful scraps of  silks from her rich clients.

Using “Tailor Tacks” she overlaid the net best she could.

Virginia then decided to make the scraps into an luxurious abundance of braided trim.

She braided for many days and many nights then creatively attached the silk braids to the gown.

Braids #4

When it was finished, her gown was far more beautiful than any of the bejeweled and otherwise overly embellished “Gowns of the Empire”.

On the day of the event, Virginia took her place along the procession route with hundreds of other girls in gowns.

“My, my” she said to herself, “I had no idea how many girls were named Virginia.”

As the parade moved past her, Prince Will was smitten with Virginia’s beauty and the uniqueness of her gown. He took her in his arms, and  asked her to be his future Empress d’Amore.

The Emperor announced to the cheering  crowd that Prince Will had chosen his Virgin bride.


“Oh dear!” cried Virginia, “I’m not a virgin, but my name is Virginia.” The Emperor’s men tore her from the Prince’s arms. All he was left with was a hand full of colorful silk braids.

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Prince Will denounced his title, and set out on his white steed to find his beloved Virginia. He wore the colorful silk braids around his neck, as he wandered the Empire.

Empress 1Empress 3Furious, the Emperor had Virgina imprisoned in a velvet tower where she pined her days away

When Will learned of her lofty prison. He took the braids from his neck & made a rope.

A dove took the end of the silk rope, and flew up to Virginia’s window. Recognizing the braids, she threw open the sash and the dove flew in.

Using the rope, Virgina climbed down from the tower.

  With his Love in his arms, Will galloped away on his strong white steed, as the people cheered.

The Emperor died, unloved and lonely.

Due to the the people’s love, Will was made Emperor, and Virginia became Empress.


Don’t mess with love! It has a Will of its own, and being a Virgin has nothing to do with it.

Empress End



80 thoughts on “Empress d’Amore

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I absolutely love this very unique FaerieTale Gown!
    and the story gave it a life all its own….
    what a wonderful tale you spun from scrapes of net and braids
    Thank you…it was a wonderful feeling there are still dreams
    with Happily Ever After endings of beginnings..
    Take Care….You Matter…

    1. Dear Lady Blue Rose,
      I loved creating this Art Gown and this Fairytale, and I am very happy you have enjoyed it in the Happy Ever After spirit it was written in. Take Care! _Resa xo

    1. Thank you JM! My Art Gowns are very satisfying to create. As an artist, you know how this feels. My Gowns are my Art and my Girls. I love your girls, your art. Take Care _Resa xo

  2. Early morning. Virginia rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She gasped with delight. Her gown, her beautiful, shimmering gown took her breath away. Then she read the fairy tale. Magic in every word. The best part – “they lived happily ever after”.
    How can one not believe in magic when amongst the millions of souls wandering the blog world – two people meet and connect in a very special unique way. A friendship forged with glittering silver bands stretching across the miles. It is truly magic for I can step into Resa’s world and she into mine.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Resa, for the most magnificent gown in the world, and for the dream of story. XX OO Virginia

    1. Oh Virginia, you are a very lovely and inspiring person. Empress d’Amore was a joy to create, and who else could have inspired me to wrap it all up in a Fairytale! Only you, my magic friend!
      I know, let’s both have the best Sunday! Kisses and hugs to you! _Resa xoxo

  3. Reblogged this on Bel' Occhio's Blog and commented:
    If there is any doubt in your mind there is magic in this world read this amazing blog. The dresses my dear Resa creates are made of dreams. She has honoured me with this gorgeous gown and the fairy tale it inspired.

      1. Thank you very much! It’s one of my earlier creations. I keep thing that they just get better, but then again, some of the early ones are quite fab. This is one of them!

    1. Thank you, Janet!
      Well, most of us never do get to wear gowns, except for maybe a wedding gown or perhaps a prom gown. 🙂
      This is why I love making them on my Judy. In our imaginations anyone can wear one anytime, anywhere! 😉

  4. Creativity at its finest dearest FGS Resa!! I love the spectacular gown so much … it is beyond gorgeous in every way! That said, I must be completely honest — I just ADORED your charming story. As you know, I am a fool for romantic fairytale ~ and this one just lifted me up, and made me laugh too! You are pure genius beautiful friend! Any Empress would be proud to wear this royal gown;
    And oh yes, totally do agree:
    “DON’T MESS WITH LOVE” ~ my mantra for Spring! Thank you for this bedtime story tonight 🙂
    Love, FGS Robyn Lee

    1. YAY! Dear FGS Robyn, I’m absolutely thrilled that you adore the Fairytale.
      Also, I’m elated that you found the humor in it! 🙂
      It was a bit of a departure, and in the end a whole lot of fun using an Art Gown to tell a tale!
      What a fab idea to have a Spring Mantra. “DON’T MESS WITH LOVE” will be mine, too!
      Love FGS Resa

      1. yes – the story was so much fun Resa! I keep thinking about it and smiling!
        Also forgot to mention how much I love the lines of this gown… the revealed back and strapless effect is stunning. How can you create such a garment from scraps ~ just amazing!!! xo

        1. Oh Robyn, You are very sweet to tell me that! She is gorgeous. I do love her lines and all her “gown” elements, but then I love all of my girls!
          It feels honorable creating from scraps. I have been trying to come up with other scrap ideas(paper, plastics etc.)
          Oh I had one idea, but not the place to do it. Recycling plastic table cloths into a full gown with pocketed tiers. I would fill the tiers with mud and plant flowers from seedlings. Then I would have a living flower gown.
          Well, that is a dream for the future. I just love how you encourage my creative juices, and I hope I do the same for you!
          xoxoxo dear FGS

  5. Oh my, Resa; you have excelled yourself in creativity both in fashion and in word. Love has won the day, yet again!

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… You are a Master, my dear Resa…

    1. Carolyn dear,
      I do love love. I always have.
      I’m so happy you enjoyed my Fairytale and the Art Gown!
      It was actually quite fun to write a tale to go with a gown. “lol” Will I ever grow all the way up?

  6. Wow Resa. I am just blown away by your creativity, ideas and the love that you have melded into your designs. This gown especially, as the hem braids continue on as rope braids. I love to see beautiful things and your gown blog is one of them. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Big hug. Ralph xox 😀

    1. Dear Ralph,
      Thank you so much. Being creative is a satisfying thing. Some make music, some paint, some write books or very, very unique and funny blog posts, I do gowns!

      “lol” 😀
      Hugs to you

  7. Resa it’s magnificent! I think it’s my favourite. And I LOVE your story that goes with it. You are a true romantic and your gowns are the stuff of dreams, which makes you a perfect match for a fairy tale.

      1. It was very clever.
        And funny the link to Butterfingers… she’s “friends” with Celi over at the Kitchen’s Garden- another blog I like very much- great writing on a farm.
        It’s a small small sphere. Have a good weekend xx

        1. Wendy!
          I’d love to do an “Art Gown for you …. re: Chez Chloe”
          I’m working on ideas, but need some more info, and want to throw an idea or 2 at you..
          I’ll email you at your Google address which is public on your Gravatar.
          It would be my next Art Gown, or the one after.
          You have a great weekend, too! xo

  8. The magical frontier.
    Virginia’s gown is a magical one that acts as an impassable frontier between her true self and the world. It keeps her inner personality invisible to those who didn’t learn this very simple secret: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” *

    * This text is extracted from: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  9. This is such a gorgeous gown and your story blew me away! “Empress d’Amore.” How awesome is this, “Prince Will denounced his title, and set out on his white steed to find his beloved Virginia. He wore the colorful silk braids around his neck, as he wandered the Empire.” He’s so totally smitten to wear the colorful silk braids while searching for her; I just love that detail. bravo. 🙂

  10. Gorgeous gown. I love the rapunzel elements of your story. My son has a followup question. What do you do with your gowns? Do you have a special closet? They are magical and gorgeous. I like that each one has it’s theme.

    1. Definitely each Art Gown has a theme, they are each a girl of mine.
      ❤ ❤ ❤
      What do I do with my gowns?
      Since the last 4, I have them in special garment bags. They live upstairs, wherever I can find room. Most of the others are in 2 or 3 pieces each in a plastic storage box in the basement. There are at least 6 Art gowns that can never be restored.

          1. Aw, thank you. I can see them, in a large gallery, gathered together as family, displaying the evolution of your style. You are truly special, too. I told my daughter what you said about sending Titania, and her eyes lit up. 🙂 We don’t have any definite plans, just a daughter’s greed and a son’s desire to understand the adult world. And art.

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