#GreenWhiteViolet A Guest Post on Women’s Right to Vote

I can’t begin to express how excited I am that I have written my first guest post, and for such a wonderful blog as “When Women Inspire” It’s been a crazy summer, with no time to design an Art Gown. However, I feel a bracelet and earrings coming on!
Christy, thank you so very much!

When Women Inspire

Today I am pleased to announce a guest post on women’s right to vote, written by my blogging friend and costume designer Resa. I hope you enjoy reading the post as much I have!



100 years ago, #GreenWhiteViolet meant, “Give Women the Vote.” Yet, what does it mean now, and why do I care?

The largely male-dominated world is a mess. To make it work better, I believe that the pragmatic answer is found by commingling the nurturing intuitional intelligence of women equally with the aggressive hard-line intelligence of men.

Nonetheless, women were and are currently sidelined to varying degrees, depending on the situation and issue.

I believe Canadian women have the earned right, and should be at the forefront of peaceful dialogue for a decent global future. This is because our sociopolitical evolution has been exemplary.

In the early 1900’s, women of the United Kingdom, France and the United…

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11 thoughts on “#GreenWhiteViolet A Guest Post on Women’s Right to Vote

  1. I learned so much dear FGS Resa. What a brilliant and insightful perspective. I am in agreement (just left comment over at Christy’s place) … and hope the energies of masculine and feminine can help our world and sociopolitical systems to a much better place! Brava!!! Much love and admiration always, FRG Robyn

    1. FGS Robyn, I’m so glad you found the post informative. I’ve always loved history, and doing this post was a nice change of pace. There’s a saying “A change is as good as a rest”, and it worked so well that I signed up for a writing seminar. ‘lol”
      A friend of mine used the term co-rule after reading the post. It seems like such a simple idea whose time may not come in our lifetime, but who knows?
      Much love and admiration to you dear Robyn! xo

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