My dress at the 74th Venice Film Festival

Julia’s love of fashion was what first attracted me to her blog. As she has pursued her fashion studies, her talent has kept me an avid follower. This particular design of Julia’s is very Art Gown worthy. This is my second reblog of her work.
I am so very impressed!

Julia Streetstyle Blog

Deutsche Version (English version below):

Hallo ihr Lieben,
nach der Fashion Show im Berliner Columbia Theater, bei der ich meine Capsule Collection Into the Black gezeigt habe (ich berichtete), erhielt ich eine ganz besondere Anfrage. Jule, das Modell, das mein schwarzes Kleid mit den bodenlangen Cape-Ärmeln auf dem Runway präsentierte, hatte bei Instagram ein Foto von sich in dem Kleid hochgeladen.
Wenig später meldete sich die italienische Agentur Beyond the Rules bei ihr und war an meinem Kleid interessiert. In der Anfrage ging es darum, dass die Agentur nach Kleidern für die Schauspielerin Nicole Macchi für das 74. Internationale Filmfestival von Venedig suchte.

Nachdem Jule die Anfrage an mich weitergeleitet hat, kontaktierte ich Beyond the Rules und schickte ihnen weitere Fotos von meinen Kleid zu.

Und dann ging alles ganz schnell. Unter hunderten eingereichten Kleidern unterschiedlicher Designer, fiel die Auswahl der Jury auf drei Kleider, die die…

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47 thoughts on “My dress at the 74th Venice Film Festival

      1. Dear Resa, thank you so very much for reblogging my post and the nice words about me in the introduction of your post. A big cold paralyzed me for a couple of days and I’m glad to be back in action. I am very surprised and pleased with so many nice comments, especially that you take the time to answer each comment individually with equally nice words about me and my work. THANK YOU!!
        Can’t wait to see your new gowns, especially the new graffiti gown. You know how much I admire your art. ❤
        Julia 🙂

        1. You are very welcome, dear Julia. 😀
          I am a fan of yours, and look forward to more designs & styling.
          The gowns take months to make, so it’s nice to have the odd reblog. Also, hopefully a few sketches of my work will appear.
          Sending hugs across the ocean! ❤
          Resa XO

    1. Yes, I see what you did there! How very suave of you.

      Why do I get the feeling that it’s all the best for gown lovers that you are clueless in the area of gown making? Yes, it is all very good! xo

        1. I have thought of designing one dedicated to Mr. Wapojif…. but yes, it does get a bit mental. I’m still thinking! I’ve always wanted to do a gown that encompasses humour. It’s tough, but Lucille Ball was glamorous and funny, so was Mary Tyler Moore! This would be an Art Gown whose time has not come yet, but should!!! xx

            1. Thank you, dear Charlie! Gowns are my art, and painting them is quite often something I do to create a unique fabric, as they are Art Gowns. Yet, doing a Street Art thing on them is a bigger challenge. XOXO

  1. I can see why you are impressed Resa. You are both of you Very talented.. And reading your comments above Resa. Also can not wait to see your New Art Creations in Paint.. 🙂 I am sure they will be just as exciting 🙂 Have a wonderful week Risa.. 🙂

  2. Wow, Resa!!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous gown and Julia really does it justice! I hope to see [as it’s only right and fair] many many more Resa Art Gowns out there. Love to you, my sweet friend and here’s to your next Art Gown! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

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