Film Quizzes: Stylish and Iconic Female Outfits

Hope you have as much fun as I did taking this quiz! Yes, there’s gowns in it! Thank you Alex!

Alex Raphael

I was on Art Gowns’ latest post and as usual, was blown away by her talent. On the comments section we discussed how I had done many film quizzes, but none as yet on fashion. So remedying that is my latest quiz which celebrates the beauty and originality of female outfits over the decades. As these looks are so timeless, it felt wrong to chronicle them, so the order is random. How many of the films they’re from can you get? Which grabs your attention the most?

Fashion Film 1

Red dress Film 2

Fashion green Film 3

fashion white dresses Film 4

fashion blue ball Film 5

fashion marilyn Film 6

fashion in movie Film 7

Fashion outsideFilm 8

fashion yellow Film 9

fashion blue Film 10 Film 11

Fashion in films Film 12

Film Quiz - Inspirational Women Film 7 Film 13

fashion thandie newton Film 14

fashion suicide squad.jpg Film 15

Answers below

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31 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Stylish and Iconic Female Outfits

  1. Such a poor score for me, Resa. I obviously have quite a number of movies to watch. I knew all the old ones.. Marilyn, Audrey and Judy are like breath to me. Next comes Uma, Julia, Reece and Natalie. But then it’s all downhill… With Marilyn times two that made 8.
    But wow; the dresses are iconic, and beautiful. 🙂


    1. 8 is great! 💥😘 It really is a fun challenge, especially for us over here at Art Gowns. 😀
      My new Art Gown is underway, but as you well know, they can take months to complete. So, the in between posts have begun! Many of those will be my sketches of past Art Gowns. Ballroom Lux will be one.
      I am using 2 models. Aquileana, who has already been my muse for 2 Art Gowns, and Holly, who was portrayed on GLaM a while back, as Boogapony Holly.
      However, just let me know if i should do a rendition of you…. or perhaps Veronica in Ballroom Lux. Other than that, I will do what I wish, and let the sketches begin!
      xoxoxox 😀 😀

      1. You do whatever your little heart desires, my dear Resa; your creative talents direct you well…. 🙂 🙂 Just having an Art Gown designed with me in mind has been and will continue to be enough.
        My little heart sings… ❤

    1. Yeah, this is a fun quiz.
      So, Gi, I’m going to be focusing more on Art Gowns in the future. The next Art Gown is underway, and the Cat Art Gown is on deck.
      The thing is that it takes 3 – 6months to make an Art Gown.
      Therefore I am looking at more Art Gown worthy reblogs… and doing a lot more sketches of Art Gowns.
      I love street art, but I am more and more drawn toArt Gowns…my art for everyone. xx

  2. Gowns are magic! And they belong to every age and express the elegance of the era. I remember the 60’s and early 70’s – I loved my white eyelet gown, floppy hat and granny glasses. It was the age of Aquarius!

    1. That outfit sounds gorgeous! It sounds like an Age of Aquarius ensemble. Long dresses are rare enough, let alone a floppy hat. I have a couple of those gathering dust in my closet. It seems I’ve forsaken them for a baseball hat when I need to shield from the sun!

  3. I love Alex’s quizzes and have watched several films after doing them and realising I’d not seen them before. There was only 2 films I hadn’t seen here 3 and 15. Alex has several of my absolute favourites here too; the Black Swan; Legally Blonde; Cher from Clueless; and Cinderella.

    1. LOL! 15 was one f my misses! I missed 3 so you beat me!
      AR does create fun, and I’m happy to know him. Hmm, I could design a Steam Punk Cinderella for you.

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