Cecilia Lionheart & Wild Rose

Cecilia Lionheart & Wild Rose are Art Gowns inspired by Mother Nature.

In a continued endeavour to draw all of the Art Gowns, I decided to team up these two gowns. They represent my thoughts & feelings on the beauty and horror existing in our world.

Holly – House of Heart models Wild Rose in the sketch. This is the second Art Gown, that Holly has modelled in a drawing.

She has honoured us with this poem, expressing the beauty of a Wild Rose. Click on the body of the poem, and visit her blog.

I wonder what will happen to Wild Roses and other flora & fauna, as Climate Change alters our planet?

Cecilia Lionheart expresses the horror, the evil of murdering beauty.

The post was a tribute to Cecil the Lion. Cecil was was a proud and handsome creature of earth. Protected, living in a national park, he strayed one day. Walter Palmer hit him with an arrow, then hunted the poor thing down for 11 hours, then slew him with a bullet. It was all for a trophy.

I dedicated that post to Marina Kanavaki, a devoted animal activist. In the sketch she models Cecilia Lionheart for us.  

Marina drew this wonderful poster for this post. We are so honoured. Click on the poster, and visit Marina’s blog.

There are now 7 Art Gowns sketched out. They are all in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Wild Rose & Cecilia Lionheart © Resa McConaghy

Wild Rose (poem) © Holly Rene Hunter

Really People? Trophy Hunting? © Marina Kanavaki

You can visit the Art Gowns posts Cecilia Lionheart & Wild Rose by scrolling down the sidebar, finding each girls pic, and clicking on it.

I’ve just begun my 24th ArtGown. They take 3-6 months, depending. She is inspired by the Tango, and will be dedicated to Holly.

In the meantime, there will be a few more Art Gowns Art posts.

B’eye B’eye for now!

123 thoughts on “Cecilia Lionheart & Wild Rose

  1. Timothy Price

    I love your gown drawings and your gowns. Another wonderful one eyed sketch. I think you need to get Holly in the Wild Rose gown and have her recite “Wild Rose”.

    1. Thank you, Timothy! I’m trying to put the Art Gowns to good use. Goodness know they won’t do dishes or vacuum.
      Holly in Wild Rose, reciting “Wild Rose”, is a very beautiful image, indeed. It seems internet has brought us all together, yet, there are still many miles between us.

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    1. None of us can print what we think of trophy hunting.
      I will say; trophy hunters are a sub-species on earth. Maybe some weird alien species that revels in hunting trophy hunters will visit earth. One can always dream!

  3. Nice gowns and sketches, hope these and the poems will impact on those causes, even if I do feel we talk to ‘converted’ people, but nonetheless it a good thing to keep spreading the word.

      1. I still have this project, another one in limbo, waiting, I do have many slides I took working up North in the eighties, then we worried more about the ozone layer…seems so easy to cope compare to now…back to the projetct, a series of paintings, I don’t do landscapes but I think I can get into those pics and paint these vanishing vistas. No words but some painting,,,,

          1. I also remember when finishing my engineering degree, takin ecology courses..always been at odd with my ‘fellow polytechnics collegue’, was talking with marxists too who were trying to give their paper, should have realised I wasn’t at the right place…:D and my project to end bacc was sampling snow studying acid precipitation, another kid stuff compared to now, at least looking to your works and others, does give a bit of relief and hope, a faint one but still some…:)

  4. Just gorgeous Resa, you are so gifted and the beauty of your gowns and art takes my breath away. This particular post is for such a wonderful cause, yes the beauty of our wild flowers, I hope we will begin to take better care of our environment.
    The horror, so wonderfully expressed by Marina, the killing of the wonderful Lion Cecil, living peacefully in his environment and man taking his life. It is horrific. Thank you for including me in this very special post. Just one more magnificent display of your talents and the amazing messages you bring us. ❤

    1. I’m so happy you are part of this post. First, I’ve got a lot of experience drawing you, so it’s fun! 😀
      Your poetry is very special, and your poem Wild Rose fits in beautifully with this post.
      Well, the Art Gowns have always been keen on using their beauty for good causes. Seems there are more and more needy causes, as time goes by. Climate change is one of many at the top of the roster.
      Every time I think of Cecil, I think of all the poor trophy hunted animals, or animals slain for a tusk or a horn. Humankind’s inhumanity knows no bounds. xoxoxo ❤

      1. You know how I feel about hunting for sport. It sickens me. Yes, climate change is already well on it’s way to changing our planet in the most disastrous ways yet the deniers ignore science <3

        1. Yeah… I’ll bet most of the deniers believe climate change is real, but they pretend they don’t believe, because they make $$$ by continuing earth harmful practices.

          1. That’s exactly what’s going on. In Fl under Rep Governor Rick Scott ( now Sen. Scott) his administration and also our federal EPA is not permitted to use their term climate change. Hard to believe but true.

            1. Rick Snott aggravates me. I know who you are talking about.
              Canadians are totally on board with needing to to do something about climate change.
              Yet, when asked how much more they would pay in taxes to help combat it, the average came out to $100.00.
              That is less than a 1 year subscription to Netflix.
              I see that they get us addicted to stuff… like cigarettes, plastic, fast food, industrial approved drugs, gasoline, ad infinitum.
              We need to free ourselves from the grip.

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  6. Hyperion

    Stunning beauty as always. There is much to appreciate here, Resa; not the least your advocacy for serious attention to global warming and the senseless butchery of animals for selfish egoism. The loss of Cecil is especially egregious considering the Lions are disappearing from the African veld, victims of hunters and a faltering environment.

    1. It’s just crazy!
      trump reversed Obama’s ban on trophy hunting last year, allowing tusks and other parts to be brought back to America. This makes me sick, especially as his son donald jr. is a trophy hunter. I belong to AVAAZ. Last year they ran petitions against this, along with pics of don jr. posing with his dead trophy. I’d cry, but it won’t do any good. Canada is not doing much better.
      So, I will use my Art Gowns, as political creatures. I might as well, seeing as they won’t do dishes or vacuum!

      1. Hyperion

        Don’t give up and let your work speak for itself Resa. A real man doesn’t need trophies of any kind. His example is enough to gain the respect of decent people. Hopefully, the next American Chief Executive will undo the horrendous damage the GOO (Great Orange Orifice) has done and make healing a major focus.

          1. Hyperion

            I’m burning incense and rubbing chicken bones together to help make sure we’ve seen our last assclown for a while 🤡

              1. Hyperion

                PERFECT!!! 😃. This would make a perfect line for a new movement #Give Love a Chant. Four Dragon thumbs up Resa!

    1. Thank you, Shey!!!!
      Found this in my SPAM folder! Crazy who ends up in there from time to time.
      I try to remember to check it every couple of weeks!
      Anyway, you’re free now! xo

    1. Thank you! The Art Gowns refuse to do dishes, vacuum or any housework, so I’m putting their beauties to work as charitable ambassadors! xo 😀

  7. Reblogged this on Marina Kanavaki and commented:
    Resa’s amazing talent knows no bounds. Her Art Gowns are exquisite and for great causes too! Holly [contributing with a wonderful poem] and I modeled for her beautiful drawings for “Cecilia Lionheart & Wild Rose”. Honored to be part of this beautiful collaboration!

  8. Your talent knows no bounds, Resa!!!!! I’m speechless to the beauty you bring and so honored to be part of such a wonderful collaboration! Needless to say how much I admire your Art Gowns [out of this world!]! Your drawings, too, are killers and Holly, I love your poem! ..and all this for a great cause. Yes!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Yay! It was a difficult, yet fulfilling post to make. I’m getting better at drawing you, although it’s still not as easy as drawing Holly.(I’ve drawn her a lot, and as different characters)Hopefully you will model for me again.
      I’m very thrilled you are part of this post, and your poster is a valuable contribution. Thank you so much, Marina. Love to you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. I’m also thrilled to be part of this post and my sweet friend, you’ve done so much creative work on this and so hard too! I’d be more than happy to pose for you whenever you want!!!! much much love to you …wait wait, from Hera too, she was happy to see her mom! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. Resa, you know how much I admire your talented gifts of creating such wonderful gowns.. So, so much love is poured into each stitch, to convert from your imagination of art on paper to pattern to cut garment embellished with such detail, I know is no mean feat ..

    Holly’s poem brings to life the message of your gown, and yes I ponder do many humans ever wonder about the flora and fauna of this planet??
    I know Mother Nature is doing battle right now, I was horrified to read only recently that in Europe some 74% of the insect population alone is in decline..

    As to Cecil that magnificent Lion, and that cowardly hunter, It shocks me to think such humans exist who prize a trophy of death and destruction of such beautiful animals
    Marina who is another great friend of mine and of the Earth,
    Both contributions just wonderful additions to your own skills and dedicated work Resa..

    Your well thought out title does justice to both honour our Earth Mother and Cecil..

    LOVE and well wishes my friend ..
    ❤ Sue ❤

    1. Thank you, Sue!
      Yeah, the Art Gowns are beautiful, and even after they are finished being made, they are still a lot of work!
      I mean: they wont do dishes, vacuum, laundry, takeout garbage or any other housework.
      They just lounge around, looking gorgeous. SO, I’m putting them to work, as ambassadors for all good charities, causes, and other humanitarian & cultural needs.

      74% is a high decline number for anything. Plastics need to be on a 74% decline.
      Sue, thank you for all your kind and caring words.
      it’s always a joy to see you here!

  10. Not much left to say after reading the comments. The gowns are stunning, I love the poem, and I deplore the trophy hunting. Love from the two of us. The two girls are doing very well. ❤️


    1. Hello Janet!
      ❤ Thank you!
      It's so great that you visit here. I don't post a lot, because it takes eons to make gowns and draw.
      IKR!! Trophy hunting is disgusting.
      Love back to both of you, and it's a joy to hear the girls are doing well. ❤

  11. These are insanely gorgeous, Resa. Oh my gosh, Sorceress, you truly are special.
    And collaborating with the beautiful Holly and Marina. Bonus!

    Beautiful poem to go with the gorgeous dress and yes. You should have a video of Holly reading her poem dressed in your gown. That would be spectacular.

    1. Thunder!
      I can’t believe all of the comments. It’s taking days to work my way down.
      I’m so glad you are here!
      I do think Holly would be spectacular reading Wild Rose in the Art Gown. Who knows? Crazier things have happened.
      I do believe all that crazy fee art to music has helped, and my sketches have gotten better. I need to keep going!
      I need new art supplies. The art store will be restocked soon, for the Art School & University Fine Arts season coming up. It’s a bit bare bones right now. Can’t even buy an HB pencil.

  12. Another marvelous collaboration that brings together our compassionate community. Thank you, Resa for creating an inclusive space that promotes the best in all of us. Hugs!

    1. Aww, you’re welcome, Rebecca! You are right! There are may wonderful people out here in blog land.
      I thought of you a few night’s ago. There was program on how climate change is affecting crop yields, and not in a good way. Take care!

    1. Yay!! I’m putting to work for good causes. So far, all they do is lounge around looking gorgeous. LOL! xx
      The new Art Gown is started, but it will be at least 3 months, up to 6 before she’s done.
      I’m aiming to get my Barbie Art Gown post up in the meantime. I haven’t found my big angle yet, but it will come to me. I might put her in a post with Rene Rosso. 😀

  13. Resa I love what you do 💕. Fabulous collaborations with Holly and Marina, the lion 🦁 poster is fabulous. I loved reading your post and all the super comments and replies. I know what you mean about your art taking so much time when you’re on a roll, all my best for all your projects.

    1. Yay! Charlotte, I love what you do, too! Listening to you sing is a joy. I never thought I would enjoy Opera so much.
      Well, I will continue to keep drawing, which I think is getting better the more I do it.
      Also, I can’t stop myself from making Art Gowns. The new one is started.
      I would love to do an opera theme Art Gown, and dedicate it to you. It would be the one after the next one. So… in about 6 – 8 months, it would be finished.
      I like to plan these things ahead, so I can keep my eyes out for materials.
      Let me know if you like this idea! 💕 🦁 💕

  14. I’m trapped in a dream/ fairy tale. 🙂 Wonderful gowns. You’re fantastic, Resa! Thank you for sharing, and have a beautiful weekend! Michael

    Hope sometimes we will see Holly wearing one of your wonderful gowns.

  15. Dear Resa, Your art gowns create beauty in what is becoming a dark and despairing world. That an educated, professional man found the killing of Cecil the lion perfectly acceptable is most disturbing. xxxooo Virginia

    1. Yes, Virginia, I agree! You know, You are spot on about the Art Gowns creating beauty. I did the first Art Gown right after my mom passed away. Everything in life seemed dark, drab, sad and scary. I saw some red silk doing nothing in my closet. The creative act of draping, and the Zen repetition of sewing was comforting. The outcome was beautiful and satisfying. I felt renewed. XOXOXO

    1. Our imaginations carry us as far as we allow. It seems the more Art Gowns I make, and then draw them, and give them purpose, the more magic they become.
      Most of us will probably only wear 1 gown in our life, a wedding gown.
      I get to wear the Art Gowns in my imagination, any time I want. Think I’ll be a mermaid in Atlantis Mermaid Love-In today!

    1. Thank you, Ste J!!!
      Your comment makes me happy! You see, they are my girls. They live here, and yes, it is a bit crowded, as the gowns take up a lot of space.
      If I give them a charity to champion, draw them and repost them under different umbrellas, we all get to know them better. They make me very happy!

  16. I adore the colors you use, Resa.
    They’re feminine but show a strength of character in their companion darker colors.
    The poem is a perfect compliment too.
    And, I too cannot state what I feel about animal cruelty. The words would be firey and obscene.
    Have a wonderful week …
    Isadora 😎

    1. Ah! How did I miss this comment? Thank you for your wonderful comment, Isadora!
      Yes, the Art Gowns refuse to do housework, so I am putting them to work for good causes.
      As long as they just have to pose and look gorgeous, they’re in!
      Well, it’s Friday, had a a good week, thank you! Hey, let’s have the best weekend, both of us! 😀 xo

      1. Aahhh …. they are too beautiful for housework. Although, I can imagine myself fressed and ready to hold court with my friends or family. One must be regal and proper to wear such a beautiful gown. I still think Stevie Nicks would look fabulous in your gowns. Perhaps, one day … beofre she gets too old and doesn’t;t need them for her concerts. : ) Thanks

  17. Drawings, gowns, poetry, oh my! A beautiful combination with powerful women and strongly against trophy hunting. I love hearing you are working on a new gown too, dear Resa. xo

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