Princess Blue Holly – Sauvetage Abstrait

In the last episode, Princess Blue Holly was waiting out the night by a Gargoyle on Notre Dame Cathedral.

When dawn began to break, she looked into her Tangle-Heart. It was oddly far away, on a distorted path. She could hear Rene Rosso’s faint voice. “Beware Evilomlap Etagloc! He has captured the Art Gowns models.”

“FYI – I had to let him think that he has captured me, as well, or he would discover our secret. Follow our Tangle-Heart, over the rooftops of Paris, to his lair!”

Hisssss….. cough ….. cough ….. Hisssss… Ah, Princess Blue Holly, I knew you’d show your face sooner than later!

See what I’ve done to your pal, Rene Rosso, and your precious Art Gowns models! I got the idea when Rene Rosso had her set designed to look like an abstract painting.

I left Ms. Rosso, as she was on stage. The rest, I’ve turned them all into abstracts, and put them in custom frames I had made earlier.

I made Holly – House of Heart to look like poetry in motion.

I gave Dale -A Dalectable Life an arty twist, to mirror her unique takes on subject matters.

For Shehanne Moore, inspiration was taken from her romantic period novels. I quite enjoyed O’Roarke’s Destiny. I fancy myself a bit of an O’Roarke, you understand!

I did Marina – Art Towards a Happy Day, in arty brush strokes… feigning a gown fit for a Strauss waltz. Annoyingly, the one you call GiGi – Rethinking Life is feisty beyond belief. I was  going to show her on a bed of soft peach clouds, but I had  to settle for this.

While Evilomlap proceeded to pick a song from his playlist, Princess Blue Holly sought answers from Resa’s Tree. It was frozen in an artificial winter, but managed to get out a faint message. “Ask him how he is what he is!  Then  you will know how to free the Art Gowns models.”

I heard that! Resa’s tree is in my control, now.

I’m the prodigy of human, animal and viral experimentation. Part man, part snake, part virus; I settled with the corporations for a life of Lair Luxury, with certain powers. I signed a non-disclosure, so that is all I will say.

Princess Blue heard the song Evilomlap had selected, Simply Falling. She could see Rene Rosso in the soft and beautiful gown, when she sang her rendition of this song by Iyeoka, for the first time.

As you see, I still have one frame to fill. It is reserved for you, the prize I have sought all along.

Blue Holly grew darker, yet brighter, as she spoke.

Think again, you virus snake man! I’m going free Rene Rosso & the Art Gowns models. Then, I’ll put you in a frame, forever. As she spoke, Princess Blue Holly called on Hyperion, her inner dragon.

Their names are hot under their abstracts. So, you can visit them with complete social distancing confidence!

Eye hope you will return for the third, and final episode of the Art Gowns Paris Adventure!

158 thoughts on “Princess Blue Holly – Sauvetage Abstrait

  1. Two-Thumbs way up! Each design in your art work fits the personalities of ‘Dale’ ‘Holly’ ‘Marina’ ‘You’ etc. Man, the gowns are beautifully magnificent and uses the emotions of each to speak their own poetic perspective. Resa, I love these very much and I want to see more of your art gown works. 🙂

  2. OOH, I love the whole post you O’Roarke you. And I love that song. My darling, what a share. You have surpassed yourself you know . Thank you so much for kindly including me with these other fabulous ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Yay! So happy you like this tale.
      Seems like I’ve picked up on Comic Book type story telling, at this point.
      Will keep on!
      I just love all you gf’s out here. We get to have fun & I get to be O’Roarke? xoxoxoxoxo

    1. That is so sweet, dear Thunder. Thank you! Hmm, a crew of Art Gowns models. That’s got to be revolutionary in the world of crews.
      Well, time to start drawing the next episode, soon.
      I’m very happy you are here!

  3. Timothy Price

    What a fantastic story. I love your drawings they are simply fabulous. You worked in the photos very well. Princess Blue Holly with the gargoyle is especially wonderful, and I always love your one-eyed beauties.

    1. Thank you, Tim!
      It’s a good time for surreal super stories, and drawing them is fun and therapeutic.
      We had a big electric black out last night. My battery was low, so I had to shut my computer off.
      It was very eerie. We played Scrabble by candlelight.

      1. Timothy Price

        Scrabble by candlelight sounds fun. We used to play scrabble in multi-lingual mode — English, Spanish, French, and Italian were all game.

  4. This may be my favorite post of yours so far with dazzlingly beautiful gowns, et al!! I love the trees as well. Thanks. I needed that today as I went grocery shopping this morning, wearing a mask for the first time. Did not enjoy that mask. Felt as if I couldn’t breathe and I kept trying to peer over the top. Maybe when the ones our daughter made for us arrive, they’ll be more comfortable. Sigh. However, I’m thankful to have the money to buy groceries, a van to get to the store, hand sanitizer, that I found a gallon of white vinegar… The list of blessings goes on so I should have been grouchy. 🥰


    1. I was out shopping today, too.
      It is hard: lining up to get into a store, wearing the suffocating mask (health care workers… you rock!), people who don’t comply, ( I want to hurt you) closed due to Covid-19 signs everywhere, carrying more than I should, wiping everything down when I get home, washing everything I wore & my totes, showering, shampooing and washing my hands 10 more times.
      Be well, Janet! 🥰

  5. Delightful Though I have a confession to make. I worked – briefly – for Etagloc. A client of mine, I’m afraid. I didn’t know their evil ways. I swear… Will I be forgiven?

    1. OMG! You were lucky not to catch his virus. He’s quite sneaky, you know!
      Well, we forgive you, but I better see a fab post when I pop over! 😀

  6. Dear Resa, without you PBH, RR, and the gorgeous models would be forever captive’s of evil polluters of the world. You continue to amaze and astonish with your remarkable and unsurpassed gift of creativity. Ever conscious of the bright lights that help to guide us you enlisted the beautiful models and Hyperion and Tim Price to save the world as well . Thank you for the honor of being included and ensuring that the snake/virus will never capture PBH!
    Hugs xoxoxo ❤️

    1. Love you dear PBH,
      Yes, we are (perhaps raggedy) a pack of heroes.
      The models have enlisted, knowing danger lurks hither and yon.
      Tim and Hyperion have installed instinctual, intellectual and inter-connective imagery tissue.

      That effin Virus!
      Bleach, I tell you, bleach. (diluted with water) kills viruses.
      PBH will never be a prisoner! Jailers beware!!!!

      1. Soaring over the rooftops of Paris PBH has gathered all the strength instilled by Resa’s awesome intuitive gift of creativity ( and with the enlisted talents of Tangle Heart (Tim Price) and Hyperion Dragon Master and led by Resa’s awesome intuition PBH has challenged the enemy ( the snake/virus) Saving the models ( Dale, Shehanne, Gigi, and Marina and of course RR ( such a diva) from abstract captivity which is essential to the finale of Paris Adventures so we will prevail.

        1. It’s going to be a fight to the finish.
          It’s so fab to have all hands on deck!
          The manmade Virus/Snake is out of control.
          PBH will free the Art Gowns models, and release Resa’s tree from the grip of a magic poison.
          Yes, RR is spoiled, but she will sing the victory song in its full glory!

              1. YES!~
                🎵 cause We are the champions
                We are the champions
                No time for losers
                ‘Cause we are the champions of the world 🎵

  7. You’ve done it again. A fantastic story of intrigue and powerful women. I am honored to be part of this continuing saga. How wonderful to see Blue Holly fighting back. Wonderful story and fabulous artwork. I’m sorry to learn that there’s only one more episode for these beautiful Art Gown Models. Having this set in Paris was brilliant. Love that gratitude. ❤

    1. Thank you,Gi!!!
      Well, there will be another story, but not in Paris.
      Ohh, what about a story taking place in Chicago?
      Let’s talk! I have ideas. ❤

  8. Wow … quite the action-packed adventure … and the trio of ladies look as fabulous as always. … but only one more episode? Oh boy … will be waiting. Stay safe up there.

    1. Probably one more…Then a whole new story!
      Yeah… trying to stay safe. Went 10 days w/o going outside. At least there’s creativity!
      You take care, too, Frank!

  9. Sauvetage de VIE, my sweet friend! Reblogged and in awe of your amazing talent!
    Extra love – extra kisses – extra hugs and extra woofs!

    1. Love you, Marina! TY for the reblog!!
      Think I’ll listen to some Oannes music, while I reply to comments!
      J & J send extra fur for Hera.

      1. A ha ha…….
        Extra fur received with gratitude… from Hera!!!!! 😉 xoxoxoxoxo
        She sends some spiky short hair and slobbery kisses!!!!!
        and lots of love from me!!!!

        1. J&J have used the hair for mohawks.
          They think the look quite punky!
          They send Thank you to ‘Haira”.
          They don’t get that she’s a goddess.

  10. A note from one imprisoned within an asylum atop The White Cliffs. Most impressed, Resa. Sublime artwork, a storyline that grabs attention and won’t let go, and ritziness with a hint of surrealism within your unique style of writing. Splendid.

    1. Thank you so very much, Mike!
      I seem to have designed a new comic book hero. I wonder if Marvel will call? I won’t hold my breath!
      Yes, we are imprisoned.
      When will we get our “Get out of jail” cards.
      Going mad from a sort of claustrophobic fear. At least you’re on The White Cliffs. I’m in a White Room!
      Thanks, again!

  11. Stunning again, those gowns are fabulous and spectacular!!!! The models are fabulous women too! Intriguing story , so, my dear Resa, it all fits as a glove. Sublime!
    Chapeau ! 😊💕

  12. Hyperion

    I am at your service RR! Nothing boils the fires of my Dragon more than the evil merchants of suffering trying to imprison the light of life expressed in the Art Gown Models and their gowns along with their artful talents of pen, brush, and song. Awesome story Resa. The graphic story is so well done one can’t help but want to join the fight against this evil and prevent the loss of such beautiful and kind art so well personified. I’m looking for my talons now.

    1. So, you’ll need the talons! … or PBH will!
      I’ve got the fight pics happening (Cat and snake). I just need the rest of the story, and a bunch of new sketches.
      OR…. hmmm???
      Will send you a link and passcode when I’m working on it!
      The evil of Evilomlap must be captured and framed forever!!!!
      So glad you’re here!

      1. Hyperion

        I’m looking forward to jumping in and helping out with putting Evilomlap in contact with PBH’s exceptional evil framing skills. He’s gonna get a kick out of it. 🐍🦶

      1. Hyperion

        OMG 😆 Thank you my dear Princess Blue Holly, I was looking all over for the talons. I was asking myself, where was I last with them? I went to the garage and could not find them. The hamper! Best place in the world to hide something from myself.

          1. Hyperion

            Waaaa haaaa haaaa! The second place I would never look is the vegetable bin 😂. I’m so glad you shared that secret with me. Otherwise, I’d be on Etsy trying to find another pair of dragon talons. 😆

              1. Hyperion

                Well, this Etagloc Evilomlap is especially evil. I might as well shop for an upgrade. Do you still wear the size 5-1/2 talons? I’ll pick up two pair.

              2. Now isn’t the time to be shy with Etagloc Evilomlap creating havoc among the art gown models. Better get The size 6 talons, A precise bite is essential. 🧛‍♀️😎

              3. Hyperion

                Size 6 it is. Those size 6 talons are going to take a big bite out of EE’s crime. 🧛‍♀️🧛‍♂️🦅

              4. Manhole covers flying off the sewers all over the city!!! Great spiked dragon fumes …. gagging bad guys killing each other, and all for a simple breath of fresh air! 😀 😀 😀

              5. xoxo
                Ah… Marmite… that could cause some fab indigestion in Dragons!
                I hope that he doesn’t see your comment! You did not capitalize Marmite.

    1. … Well, more beautiful models? Just kidding!
      I think I’m managing to capture the essence of each of the Art Gowns models.
      It’s fun turning the gals into “Gowntoons”.

  13. You adventures come to live in colour and drama. It is wonderful to see how your capture your friendships in narratives. Sending hugs from sunny Vancouver! Life is the best when shared with kindred spirits.

    1. Best is, I get to do what I enjoy, which is saying a lot during this time of isolation.
      Of course, I’m running out of art paper. So, I’ll draw on the backs of unfinished/not liked drawings!
      …. and you are a kindred spirit, Rebecca! Hugs!

    1. Ahh, thank you , Melissa! Pardon for taking so long to respond, but things are a bit hairy these days!
      I’ve been sewing a new Art Gown, which takes lots of my time, and I can’t be on a computer and sew at the same time.
      Thank you!!!

    1. Howdy Teagan!
      Thank you for coming by! As you know, I’ve been over on my street art blog. I’ve come here to catch up, and see what I need for the next instalment of Blue Holly!
      I actually have to log out of one to log into the other.
      I’ll be back on GLAM in 2-3 days to work on Glowing Pigs!! HUGS!!!

  14. Love love love your ‘gowntoons’ I needed some inspiration today and set about catching up with my blog friends and I am filling up with wellness and energy to get back to practice. Thank you my friend xx0xx.

    1. Hello Charlotte!

      Now, I’m catching up with blogging!
      I love the term “Gowntoons”
      I’m going to use that!
      Yeah, energy has been a funny up and down ride since the Covid lockdowns.
      Thank you, too, xoxoxoxo

  15. All designs of gowns are marvellous,dear!! When the models will wear and do catwalk ,all audiences are surprised to see the glorification of gowns💝

    1. I read backwards, too! It’s the nature of the blogroll. 😀 I’m having fun writing these stories, but mostly it’s about drawing & collaborating with my pals out here. xoxo ❤

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