Ashlie in Artemis by Moonlight

Could you recreate a goddess on a mortal?

Well, I can on Ashlie. She’s my great niece, and my Sherrie’s daughter.

She is not a model, but embraced the Goddess Artemis when she put on the “Artemis by Moonlight” Art Gown.

Stephanie, our official Art Gowns photographer, is away on assignment. As Ashlie was only here a few days, I took the pics. Mini-me was thrilled with the outcome!

I am thrilled! What a beauty.

Art Gown “Artemis by Moonlight” designed, made & © by Resa McConaghy – November 2016 – February 2017

Young Goddesses just wanna have fun!

PHOTO OP: Ashlie congratulates Belén Soto’s Black Drake on his upcoming wedding.

Pics taken & © by Resa McConaghy – April 15, 2017

The above shot was in contention for the opener. Blow it up & see my dilemma. All the small pics blow up.

80 thoughts on “Ashlie in Artemis by Moonlight

  1. Timothy Price

    Ashlie makes a beautiful Goddess and is an excellent model for not being a model. And you are a wonderful photographer, Resa. You did a great job capturing the mood of the dress and your Goddess. “Artemis by Moonlight” is a beautiful gown, but I’m not sure you could make a gown that’s not a beautiful masterpiece.

    1. Thank you, dear Timothy!
      Ashlie is so beautiful, and I also think she did a great job modeling Artemis. Thing is, she was just natural. She didn’t know any model tricks or poses. She was simply herself.
      I feel very exhausted after posting this. I suppose it is because I love her so very much, and to see her all grown up and beautiful …. well… there are many emotions.
      I am grateful that I got to capture my sweet dear Ashley as a Goddess.
      Sniff! Thank you, again! ❤

  2. Very beautiful, both Ashlie and the gown. Nice photo job, my favourite is the vignette style with the hair cascading at the same angle as the back of the gown. Lovely.

    1. Wow, Brenda, I love your description! Your imagination is wonderful! I hope your fairy gown will come out so well. Of course, gossamer would be a better achievement for a fairy!
      I’m starting Ralph’s “Humour” gown shortly, Then it will be the fairy.
      I’m hoping to get each Art Gown on a model from now on. First on the Judy, then on a model. As they take a few months to make, it’s good to have some filler posts. ❤

      1. Maybe some of your filler posts could be illustrating the journey of making it — inspiration, anecdotes, sketches, purchasing trips, pattern, cutting, pieces sections, refining idea, ironing, facings, braiding trim, then the piece de resistance (forgive the lack of accents, no idea how to put them in here), the finished garment. Then the “fillers” would be “teasers” instead.

    1. Ashlie is so gorgeous! It was a real treat for me to photograph her in my work! By the way, those Mandarin Ducks you posted are gorgeous! They look like they are wearing Duck Gowns!

  3. Gorgeous work, dear Resa.
    It’s amazing, my tux say it have to leave me and move for Canada now… 😀 🙂

    Not surprising (we’ve seen it again and again) so you still surprise
    with your magic hands and your creative mind… 😉

    Resa, Sherrie and now Ashlie, a family of beautiful girls… 🙂

    1. Dearest LDN,
      Yes, it is a long line of beauties in the family. 😀 ⭐
      However, your tux needs to get control of its emotions and bow ties!
      Does it know how difficult it is for a tux to immigrate to Canada?
      Lol, lol! Maybe it is easier to hire the snappy guard dog, again!
      Much love,

    1. Dear Mr. Wapojif,
      Thank you so much for your appreciation of this gown!
      Ah erm!
      Canadian society would happily allow you to wear this gown….but it seems, according to a recent post on Professional Moron, you would need to lose 26 stones (about 365 lbs) to fit into it.
      I won’t have you, or your forklift tearing the seams open. I hope you understand. 😀

  4. How lovely to see the gown shining in all its glory on your great niece! Fantastic array of photos that catch the beautiful gown from every angle. And Belen will be happy with the surprise you gave her in the photo ~ wedding congrats again 😉 So many smiles for this post 🙂

    1. 😀 Dear Christy,
      Yes, this is a very happy post. I am on the moon with happiness that I got to capture my dear Ashley in one of my Art Gowns.
      Hahaha! LOL! Yes, the gown may have been captured from many angles, but the truth is that I was Shooting Ashley from as many angles as possible.
      Love makes everything work better!
      Love to you! xoxoxo

  5. It seemed incredible but you have managed to find a young and beautiful Goddess, with Ashlie your Art Gown is full of life !!
    All the photos are wonderful and the model performs a very professional session, she’s great.
    Congratulations to both, you are a family of beautiful artists.
    Drake is living amazing moments with you 😉

    1. Drake is very happy now that he recovers from eating the gold foil and chocolate bells.
      No te preocupes.
      Encontraré las campanas.
      Strange, his taste for foil? Although, chocolate is understandable.
      Muchos besos,
      Resa, Drake & Sol

      1. For Drake, the gold foil is a desperate magnetic force, it is difficult to neutralize and prevents access to the delicious chocolate, it is very frustrating, he can smell chocolate but can not see …
        Congratulations on the new look of the blog, is it a new theme? Is a clean and attractive design for the reader.

        1. Ah! Entonces, I will not bring any seasonal chocolates wrapped in foil en mi casa..
          Yes, it is a new theme. Both of my blogs, and website for work are affected by retired WP Themes.
          I do my best to change & catch up, pero es mucho travajo.
          Sol’s gown is finished. Ahora, yo hecho la tiara.
          Resa xoxoxoxoxo

      1. Thanks to you and many thanks to Ashlie for help our duck to live a new moment of glory, is his first photo with a goddess … with the most beautiful !!
        He is so happy with his photo … soon he will ask Resa for a giant poster in the nest

  6. Hello dear Resa 🙂
    Wow !
    First of all congratulations in changing your theme. Looking good ! I do hope that the changeover was an easy one for you.
    Toni was cleaning my apartment today and I showed her this post and we had a bit of fun in knowing that she could have been the one modelling this gown for you. Both Toni and I absolutely love the way your gown was modelled by Ashley. Not only was she very brave, but she showed off your creation amazingly. Well done Ashley .. and .. well done you my friend for taking such lovely photographs and sharing them with us.
    I have so much to look forward to, don’t I ? Your next gown, Resa, and Drake & Sol’s wedding.
    Love and big hugs. Ralph xoxox ❤

    1. Dear Ralph,
      ….. well … I do like my new theme…. yeah. Still working on the changeover.
      Yes dear Ralph, yours is the next “Art Gown”, although I have an interesting post between this and that.
      I’d like to be more active with Art Gowns, but they take at least 3 months to make.
      I’m looking for ideas for in between.
      Say hello to Toni for me. Who took the pictures of her for her portfolio?
      Kiss the cats.. and … oh yeah, a kiss for you!
      Much love,
      ❤ xoxo

      1. Dearest Resa 🙂
        Your theme looks great and I am sure it will look even better once you are happy with it and finished tweaking.
        I know. It takes you ages to create such wonderful gowns and I am so thrilled to be a small part of your next creation.
        Will do. I will pass your hello onto Toni when I next see her. A couple of girls from where Toni works got together and had a photo shoot as a bit of fun.
        Oooh kisses ! And one back for you my friend ❤ xoxo

  7. Love it…. Ashlie is so beautiful… And in that dress even more 😀
    Tell her I firmly believe she captured the spirit of Artemis, please. And that I congratulate for her beauty, too. Great feature, dear friend…. Wishing you a great week ahead…. Much love ❤ xx

    1. Oh, thank you so much Aquileana! Ashlie will be happy to know she captured Artemis so well. 😀 Sherrie will be thrilled as well. It was a true joy to capture Ashley in this gown at this time. You have a fab week, too, and we’ll chat soon. xoxo ❤

  8. My awesome Auntie Resa,

    Thank you for doing this amazing post! I’m so proud my daughter got to wear one of your amazing creations. Wayne and I love all the photos and can’t wait to get some framed. Thank you again! xoxoxoxo

    1. I love you all so much! It was definitely fortuitous that Ash came to Toronto at the time I wanted to shoot “Artemis in Moonlight” on a model. Had Stephanie been here, I’m sure there would have been some more professional shots, nonetheless, I am thrilled to have captured our beautiful Ashlie, as a Goddess.
      I can hardly wait to see the pictures, in frames in your home, when I come for a visit to Winnipeg!
      I’m so glad this happened! xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. Wow; Ashlie looks absolutely gorgeous in your beautiful Art Gown, Resa; Sherrie must be so chuffed. I particularly love the fourth image; Ashlie looks so ethereal and Goddess-like!
    I’m also loving your new theme, Resa. It looks splendid. 🙂

    1. Carolyn!!!
      OMG!! Getting to shoot Ashlie in an Art Gown is definitely a highlight of this year.
      Ah, the 4th image is a beauty. I cannot begin to tell you how difficult is was to pick out what pics to post, let alone the openers.
      The new theme is taking time. I feel overwhelmed recently, maybe it’s the new theme. I have to change my website for work as well. and am using the same theme, there. I love that we are both using Lovecraft. Figures!

  10. Such a gifted seemstress and designer you are. Working my self for many years in the textile trade. I know talent when I see it. And your garments are beautiful and unique.. And you are a very beautiful model for them..

    I came via Aquileana post and your collaboration in the artwork..

    1. Thank you, Sue!
      The textile trade is not the most fun place, and I admire that you were able to hang in!
      For me, it is the most fun out here in blog world, when I get to collaborate with blog pals. I was so excited when I found a mural that I could share with Aquileana.
      It is so cool that you came to check out my Art Gowns blog! _Resa 😀

    1. Thank you, Jackie! Ashlie is like a goddess to me, and I appreciate your comment!
      So, on with the next Art Gown & on with the next Knitting With Heart IPad Show! 😀 ❤

    1. My darling,
      Your opportunity is mine, as well.
      So it goes in life & the world.
      You are more beautiful than any of my words can express. Good thing I have my Art Gowns to tell you!
      Gr8 Auntie Resa

  11. Stunning, gorgeous and unbelievable beautiful. I am in an awe. Beautiful photographs too. Ashlie beauty fit the dress. You are an amazing talened designer, dear Resa. I agree with you on Aquileana’s blog.
    Have a great day ☺️

    1. Thank you, Francina! It is a huge excitement for me to dress my great niece in one of my Art Gowns. Nice to see you around, again! 😀 😀

  12. Your great niece Ashlie was the perfect model for your stunning Artemis creation ~ her beautiful, exotic look and long flowing hair added to the allure of this wonderful gown of yours Resa. Congratulations, this is very special.

    1. It is very special! Thank you, Mary!
      What a joy to see my beautiful Ashlie in one of my creations.
      Her parents are extra thrilled. As a young modern person, she never wears dresses.
      They are having a special large framed picture made with 4 of the images…. to hang prominently in the living room. Her dad has them as screen savers on his computers and more.
      Of course I sent them a lot more photos than I was able to post. I am very happy this event happened!

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