Sleeping Magic

Happy Thanksgiving to Brenda & all of my American friends here on WordPress! Friendly Fairy Tales inspired “La Esencia de Titania”, and she in turn has inspired “Sleeping Magic”.
It’s a wonderful thing!

Friendly Fairy Tales

Art Dress La Esencia de Titania designed and created by Resa McConaghy Photograph Used With Permission of Resa McConaghy

Like cicadas at summer’s end,
a fairy queen’s shell lingers, iridescent, glowing,
with traces of sleeping magic.

A wizard king can wake the dreamer
if he believes

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36 thoughts on “Sleeping Magic

    1. Thank you dear Tosha!
      I’ve thought of that, but …. well let me check out the rules. I might have, too, much professional experience.
      It’s more like; there should be a show …. Art Gowns Challenge. Here the contestants could be ANY AGE, and of any career experience. The gowns would have to be made out of unwanted bargain bin fabric @ $6.00 a yard or less, each gown would have to have an element of recycling or up-cycling, and an art twist. Paint, stencils, glue and other craft items would be allowed.
      Ps: you would look beautiful in one of my Art Gowns!

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