“Art Gowns” for Charity

“Art Gowns” are my creations that have been inspired by beautiful people who care.

On the side bar are all of the Art Gowns. Click on her pic and go to her Debut Post on Art Gowns! The logo below the Art Gown is her pet charity. They are easy to find online, and worth visiting.


The One and Only!

⭐ ⭐ “ART GOWNS” ⭐ ⭐

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57 thoughts on ““Art Gowns” for Charity

  1. A holiday treat that brought a smile on my Christmas morning. Sorry I suddenly vanished last night, but I glanced at the clock and noticed I was running late. Are these your creations or simply your eye at work?

    Most importantly, great idea linking each to a charity … wonderful spirit of the season!

    1. Thank you Frank! ….. Then I disappeared to eat, drink and be merry!
      Yes, all of the gowns are my creations, done from scratch.
      Designing them is the joy of my life. I hope the Art Gowns for Charity goes somewhere. They are here with their charities all year, so I guess in some way the Christmas spirit is here all year!

      I hope you are having a great holiday season.

    1. Thank you, Subhan. I have been very blessed in this life and in my career.
      Did you find your way here through my old url? I lost many followers when I dedicated my old url http://resamcconaghy.com/ to being my CV site, and started a more focused creative blog with my “Art Gowns”.

      Let me say what a fabulous person Jeremy Irons is. You know he has a huge heart and is a generous person. I enjoyed my time working with him more than I can say.

    1. Thank you, Aquileana! xox I’d like to spend more time here at Art Gowns, but it takes me 2-4 months to come up with a new one!
      Of course, work gets in the way.
      There’s a new Art Gown being born out of men’s ties right now. 😀

    1. Hi Christy!
      I love that you said I was a sweetie!
      This is actually a constant Page on my “Art Gowns” blog.
      I started the “Art Gowns for Charity” idea very early on, by the 3rd “Art Gown”
      They used to share my URL from My Queen’s end blog, but they got evicted because they just wanted to lounge around looking gorgeous!
      So, in order to afford their new digs, I put them to work as Ambassadors for Charities.
      ❤ ❤
      They run down my sidebar with their chosen Charity logo below, and the Logo is linked to the Charity.
      All "Art Gowns" have been inspired by and/or are dedicated to someone.
      2 of my Girls were inspired by a Romance Writer from Australia, Imelda Evans.
      After I post, the person of the "Art Gown's" dedication chooses the Charity the Art Gown will be dedicated to.
      Of course I've had ideas for an "Art Gown" for you, and Aquileana.
      Much Love,

    1. Dear Cindy,
      I feel the same!
      Autumn Orchid is now on the “Art Gowns” sidebar with her Charity, MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES, as well as on this page.
      Thank you for picking such a great charity! Happy Easter!

    1. I agree, Rob! I’m always thrilled when people realize “Art Gowns for Charity”/
      I’m being creative, and trying to do something good at the same time.
      Thank you, Rob, and I saw you tweeted this. Love to you! Resa

    1. How sweet, thank you!

      Well, the initial push was that I wanted some beauty in my life. My mom had just passed and I needed to rid myself of a dark cloud. That was “Strawberry Kisses”, my first.
      Then it became a challenge, which I love to rise to.
      They are Art Gowns, as I may not buy expensive fabrics. I must take bargain bin leftovers, and turn them into beauty. I upcycle and recylce. I find that inspiring. I embellished one gown with 300 wine corks “La Vie en Rosé”.
      Another gown “Cecilia Lionheart” was made of used men’s ties.
      So, I collect anything that might become part of a gown, one day.
      I am allowed to buy paint,
      “Athena Graffiti Goddess* was painted on an old $4.00/yd curtain lining that a decorating shop was trying to get rid of.. Street Art and Graffiti inspired that. I’m also inspired by Mythology.

      So, one fellow blogger writes about mythology, and I have been inspired by that blogger for 3 Art Gowns, all Goddesses.
      Another blog pal writes about fairies, and inspired the idea for “La Esencia de Titania”.

      So in the end it’s inspiration from fellow bloggers, combined with the challenge of turning sow’s ears into silk purses.
      They are sewn completely by hand, and I have never sold one. I used to take them apart after I posted, but the last 6 are intact, and I have allowed 3 to be photographed on regular women, not models.

      The Art Gowns are for all of us, not just those fortunate enough to walk a red carpet. Although, now, perhaps a loaner for a red carpet, one day. I am inspired by Charlotte Hoather, an upcoming Soprano, and I would love to see one of my girls on her, one day.

      LOL! Took me forever to get here.

    1. Sewing is a dying skill. Factory piece work might involve sewing machines, but it is not the same as 1 person sews a garment together. I’m happy you had your mom as an example! 😀

      1. That is so true! My mom made a lot of my clothes in the ’60’s and 70’s. In home-ec we had to sew an A-line skirt. Mine had the zipper in the wrong side, was hemmed crooked, and the waistband was a mess. I never liked sewing at all. 😏

    1. OMG! Thank you, Holly! Well, no sense letting the Art Gowns do nothing. They are spoiled enough as is. Imagine refusing to do dishes, vacuum or dust, and Im cooking for all of their dinner parties!
      They can at least be ambassadors for charity!

  2. Hi Resa, your gowns are simply gorgeous and I’m glad you sent me the link. I’m now following you so I can keep up with your latest creations! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 💕💕💕

    1. Oh Thank you! Well they re not normal gowns. However, I would lend one to be worn to a special event, or for a photo shoot, if it helped a charity or Art Gowns to become better known.

      1. Well, if I ever have occasion to be on a red carpet, I’ll reach back out to help make Art Gowns better known. 🙂 Just to step into one…. Oooohhh… Especially that silky silvery one….

        1. Ahhh, Mademoiselle Emily. Yes, she lovely! I got the silvery fabric (curtain lining) at a liquidation sale for $0.75 a yd, and the lace for $0.50 a yard. I dedicated her to a friend, as it was inspired by her cat, Emily!

  3. So, you mentioned Trash to Treasure, but weren’t pleased with it. What about Rags to Regal? Mess to Dress? Scraps to Wraps–nope that doesn’t quite work. Frown to Gown? Haha. I feel like there was at least one more I’d come up with… 🙂

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