Blue Pearl

The Art Gowns love Eva Marks’ fashion illustrations. They love to browse her site while enjoying champagne, chocolates & strawberries. Check out Eva’s sketches, especially the gown sketches, to see why the Art Gowns are so enchanted!

Blue Pearl

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45 thoughts on “Blue Pearl

    1. Thank you Christy very much for spending time with my illustrations and thank you as well for the follow! I’m glad you decided to join me in my world of fashion illustrations!
      Wishing you a most wonderful day! ~ Eva

    2. Alright Christy! Here have some chocolate. You’re just in time, as the Art Gowns are planning to eat them all! 🙂 (I have no idea how they keep their figures!) 😀

    1. Eva is very inspiring! I’ll be away working for awhile, and may not get to actually do an Art Gown. If not then I will attempt to draw one or 2 while I’m away. 🙂 xo

      1. Eva, your work is wonderful. I love the vibrancy of your colour choices, and your shoe designs and delicate visuals take me to all kinds of gooey places. They are so delightfully playful. ❤

  1. Love your post and shout-out of Eva’s gorgeous fashions – this blue pearl is an amazing and very chic design! I love her work – very fresh and intriguing. I read above that you’ll be gone for a while, travel safe ~ looking forward to your net design.

    1. Ah, thank you, Mary! The good news is, as busy as I will be, I will be in Ottawa, Canada’s capitol. There are some murals there, and as I have about 400 pieces of street art in my kitty, I should be able to post sometimes & keep up somewhat.

  2. I would like to “Thank You” all and each of you beautiful people who took time and looked at my illustration(s).
    It was a most wonderful experience to be part of the Art Gowns and share a space with the most talented designer I have ever known, Resa. She is one very special lady, a wonderful and most kind human being and an extremely talented designer with a beautiful imagination which comes to realize in the most amazing gowns you will ever see.
    Thank you Resa so very much, I’m humbled by this experience and most inspired by your spirit!
    Take good care and safe travel to you.
    Much love~ Eva

    1. Darling Eva,
      It has been an honor for me to present your amazing work on Art Gowns. Praise from you is like praise from Mnemosyne, whom we all know is a Goddess.
      I promise I will take care traveling, & I will be in a most glorious city. Perhaps, if my hotel room is large enough, I might be able to rent a Judy & chip away at an Art Gown during my stay. If not, I will attempt to sketch an Art Gown.
      Well, see you on WP my dear, and thank you so very much for allowing me to reblog the most gorgeous Blue Pearl! _Resa xoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Thank you Resa, have a great time in that glorious city (whichever that would be) and enjoy your stay, hopefully you will get a comfortable room with good service! Sketching some gowns sounds fabulous, I would really love to see it, of course if your time permits it a real gown would be even better. Looking forward to see which will come up on WP. The pleasure was all mine, I feel very privileged that you picked my work. Was a wonderful experience and I met and follow some other interesting people because of you, so once more a big fat THANK YOU!!!
        Sending you much love and many hugs dear friend, take good care and enjoy your stay in the most glorious city!

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