☆☆ Happy New Year ☆☆

Did you ever feel like dreams can and do come true?

Photo © Stephanie Tudin – Art Gown © Resa McConaghy

Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I met Stephanie Tudin.


Photo © Stephanie Tudin - Art Gown © Resa McConaghy
Photo © Stephanie Tudin – Art Gown © Resa McConaghy

Stephanie is a young, talented & passionate photographer who said “I love your Art Gowns, and would love to collaborate on an Art Gowns/Photo Fantasy project. I had just begun Mystic Lake, so she became the first. Stephanie chose Lake Ontario for the location.

Photo © Stephanie Tudin - Art Gown © Resa McConaghy
Photo © Stephanie Tudin – Art Gown © Resa McConaghy

Mystic Lake was based on ducks, swans & pigeons. Once our model, Paige Marie Anderson, began floating along the lake shore, she became Stephanie’s SWAN. She became my SWAN.

Photo © Stephanie Tudin - Art Gown © Resa McConaghy
Photo © Stephanie Tudin – Art Gown © Resa McConaghy

The first post of any new Art Gown will be on Judy, as I have always done. As usual, there will be dedication(s) and/or creative tie-ins with other bloggers. After that, it will be dressed on a live model, and become part of Stephanie’s & my collaboration. The hope is for it to all end up as a gallery show.

Photo © Stephanie Tudin - Art Gown © Resa McConaghy
Photo © Stephanie Tudin – Art Gown © Resa McConaghy

A very special thank you to Paige Marie Anderson, who braved the cruel cold, while Stephanie and I were cozy in our parkas.

Please visit Stephanie’s Website

 Stephanie Tudin on FaceBook – Stephanie Tudin on LinkedIn Stephanie Tudin on Instagram

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Thank you, Stephanie! You are like dreams coming true. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


95 thoughts on “☆☆ Happy New Year ☆☆

  1. Wow, wow & wow !

    Wow for such a beautiful Art Gown !
    Wow for finally having it flowing on a model !
    Wow for the brilliant photographs !

    Congratulations dear Resa.

    Love & hugs. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

    1. Dear Ralph,
      Thank you so much!
      I want Art Gowns to be the most gorgeous fantasies on earth. Beauty for all, not just some. This is why I will never sell one.
      So, Artemis Art Gown is next. What will your gown be called 2 gowns from now?
      Have the best New Year, Ralph! xoxo <# ❤

      1. And yet another wow dear Resa. I am really honoured that you are creating a gown for me. My fabber is ghasted. Thank you so much dear friend.

        After much thought (I do think sometimes) I have come up with these names

        Fiesta Fire
        Dancing With Cats
        Fifth Element

        Then my head hurt. I am sure that you will come up with a great name, but I do like the first.

        Thank you so much dear Resa and do have a wonderful New Year yourself.

        xoxox ❤

              1. …. dot, dot, dot. Annnd ? I am on tenderhooks. The suspension is killing me (or is it my suspenders ?). The tension is rising. Oh you do know how to lead me on dear Resa 😉 xox ❤

    1. Thank you, Carolyn! It was an exhilarating shoot! Thinking of a show… Stephanie has more shots she will edit creatively… Perhaps 8 gowns. The photos grace the walls and are for sale. Some of the gowns go on mannequins, some on models.
      Still working out details, but I want to invite lots of charities, and pitch some ideas I have of how Art Gowns can help them raise money. xoxoxo

  2. Spectacular!!!! I LOVE your work and I’m so glad you are getting the recognition you deserve! Much much more in 2017 I’m sure. You are a shining star with talent to match. Congrats! 😀💕

    1. Hugs and love to you, Rebecca!
      What a wonderful thing for me to hear… “creative spirit” …..
      You are such a lovely and bright dear person. If anyone can see spirit, I know you can.
      Take care! ❤

  3. Resa, that is just amazing. I’ve stated the obvious before and said your designs would come alive with someone wearing them. This is proof – this is beautiful! Keep it going.

    1. Well, I was resistant to the idea…. as you well know! However, when I met Stephanie, she inspired me because she didn’t want to help me sell gowns. She wants to sell art, and ideas to help charities.
      John,thank you for being a long time supporter. It’s much appreciated, and when Canada finally gets a team into the World Cup, I just know we’ll play England. Then…….well, we’ll talk then about that!!! 😀

  4. Wow, Resa. Seeing the gown on a live model takes my breath away ~ Lovely! Mystic Lake looks amazing on Paige and with Stephanie’s beautiful photography ❤ Excellent! Such a great way to welcome the New Year 🙂

    1. Dearest Christy, sister on the front lines, I am so glad to hear these images move you. You’ve always understood that I am not a gown manufacturer, but an artist with fabrics.
      I am really hoping that working with Stephanie will help mainstream my idea that the Art Gowns can help charities raise money.
      Artemis will also go on a live model (once our creative post w/ Aqui has done its time), and become part of a gallery showing.
      Stephanie will sell her fantasy image art (the pics you see, she has done for my blog… she is being more creative with shots she has held back)
      The gowns will be displayed on mannequins and models. I will invite as many representatives from charities as possible.
      Hey… it’s in early stages, and I’m still thinking.
      It’s crazy, but if this dream happens, I think you’ll be here!
      Happy New Year darling Christy! xoxo ❤

      1. Oh Resa, your dream is beautiful ❤ I'm here to cheer you on every step of the way. Your heart is massive and I'm so thankful to know you xx Your partnership with Stephanie will prove to be an essential part of getting the gallery project going. And that's so exciting!! Happy New Year to you too xxoo

  5. Absolutely stunning dear Resa! 😀 the gown looks gorgeous and it is great to see how it adjusts to the model’s body shape for a perfect fit ⭐ sending much love, my friend! 💕😉

    1. Dearest Aqui, thank you! 😀 Artemis will also go on a live model. Of course that will happen after we’ve (you, Christy & I) have finished with our project.
      My gowns have always been more than clothes to me… they are creations that I want to help charities. ❤
      With Stephanie, I feel one step closer to this goal. Having said that, Stephanie & I figure we need 6-8 Art gowns before we can do a gallery showing. Happy New Year & much love _Resa xo ⭐

    1. OMG! Thank you so much, Shehanne! I bet your hamsters would look out of this world in my Art Gowns!
      Okay, your hamsters are already out of this world, but so are we!
      HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ⭐

    1. Motion is a huge new dynamic to Art Gowns.
      Taking the creation off the judy, and dressing it onto a human form is wildly revealing.
      Thank you for your visits to my blog, even though posts are sparse.

    1. Dear Gigi,

      Your comment means a lot to me, because you are such a stalwart advocate for human and animal rights, kindness, beauty, creativity, equality and I could go on.

      I don’t know if you have ever been to my career website, or watched my demo reel. Whatever, in my opinion, I have earned some kind of industry cred.
      I hope someone in the industry or related is listening.
      Art Gowns are not clothes! They are characters that epitomize the charities that they represent. ⭐
      ⭐ Happy New Year, Gigi!!! ⭐

      1. I love your spirit and it shows through in everything you do. I’m so very happy for you. You are a wonderful artist with an eye that is unique and beautiful. I will check out your other website (I’m assuming it’s at the top of this page). Thank you and Have a fabulous New Year…I think it’s going to be a good one. ❤

  6. Absolutely FABULOUS!!! Super perfectly fluid, breezy, mesmerizing, flawless swan awesomeness…and I could go on! What a fabulous idea, the collaboration, the live mannequin it just brings out all those beautiful layers of magical construction and cut and layering of the fabric. What a talent, what a design, you just breathe so much beauty into your gowns is super special to see them coming alive on a real body! A grand round of applause to you my favorite designer, this certainly made my day a happy one. Gowns are just one of my favorite things to design as well even if is only on paper I’m so happy to see that you make real ones for real! Congratulations Resa!

    1. Dear Eva,
      You always leave the most amazing comments. If i could sew your words, they’d be gowns.
      Hopefully my goal of the Art Gowns being ambassadors for charities will come true ow that I am working with a photographer and real models.
      I will always do an Art Gown post on Judy first, then it’s off and onto a live model.
      I’m working on the next gown, and hopefully she will be posted around the end of January. Until then I’ll be visiting you from my GLaM blog. It’s time to catch up on your gown blog! \
      Much love, many hugs and a boatload of kisses!

      1. Oh, I’m certainly looking forward to see all your magical gown creations in 2017! I haven’t been very active with my WP site lately. I had much thinking to do and my year was really very difficult…need lots of time to reflect and find peace and comfort. I do hope 2017 will be a much better year.
        A boatload of kisses back to you my awesome designer friend!

    1. Thank you! Lol, it seems models are quite often enduring something. Well, I guess it goes with the territory.
      Have a very Happy New Year & may your 2017 be awesome!

  7. How can one not believe in magic viewing these outstanding photographs. Brilliant magic that turns fabric into a swan. A breathtaking collaboration of minds. Resa it is such a joy to view your work and these photos taken by the lake are out of this world. XXX Virginia

    1. Dear Virginia,
      I am sure you have stood on this piece of Lakeshore.
      It is across a foot bridge to the lake, at the end of Queen West.
      It is between the Palais Royale and the 1920’s Bathing Pavilion.
      It is the last bit of an incredibly romantic strip of history that the city would love to sell out to developers, but we the people, SWAN’s ducks, seagulls, geese and pigeons are resisting.
      Your spirit is magic, and I adore you!
      Resa xoxoxo
      PS. It is difficult not to think of you when I walk along Queen W.

      1. Yes Resa, I have walked along that piece of lake shore. It is short walk from Crawford Street and it really is a like walking back in time. Darling Resa in a few days we travel together into another year. It is a journey I look forward to. Your elegant and fairy tale like creations light up my life. You are a kindred soul Resa. XXOO Virginia

  8. Really your posts are getting better every day, this is amazing, I can not find the words to describe so much beauty …
    I believe that this artistic part of your work has taken a great step forward, the work of photography and the professionalism of the model bring a new life to your art.
    Seriously, I’m very impressed, my sincere congratulations, this is a good way for your ArtGowns.
    I would like to be informed about your collaboration with Stephanie … and the possible exhibition … or sale of the photographs.
    Hugs, kisses and my wish for a happy new year !!

    1. Dear Belén,
      Thank you so much!
      It is very exciting to see an Art Gown on a model.
      Now when I make one, first I show it on the judy, like usual. Then after that I will do it on a model.
      I will keep you posted! I’m sure it will take over a year to build a collection.
      I’m very happy you have your internet back!
      Much love, Besos & abrazos

    1. Hey Charlie, nice to see you here. Tank you so very much for the beautiful comment.
      There will be more gowns on models.
      I’m hoping every other post!
      Much love, and see you soon! _Resa

    1. Happy New Year to you, too Ste J!
      Hey, my first Art Gown that I ever put on a live model, and the pics were taken at Sunnyside Beach!
      I know, I’m all over the place with creative endeavors, but things eventually seem to come to some fruition. See you over on your blog! ⭐

    1. It is very exciting! 😀 Hopefully for the next several Art Gowns there will be an initial post on the Judy, then the same gown on a model. 😀

    1. Yes, seagulls have a way of infiltrating. This gown was designed on ducks, swans & pigeons. That is why you see a seagull. They are kind of like D.Trump, better at everything than everyone.
      You would look marvelous in this gown, whatever society deems. 😀 😀

  9. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! What amazing work, from all three of you! I can’t wait to see more! I will go and follow the other girls right now, so I don’t miss anything. Legends, all of you!

    1. So happy to see you out and about on WP!
      The new Art Gown will be posted in 2 weeks…. or just after. It will be on the Judy.
      Then Stephanie will shoot it on a model.
      I’d say we are about…. 2 months away from the next live model post.

  10. And I’m loving seeing this flowing in real life. I would not be surprised if we see one of your creations one day at the Oscars- I would just love to see them get all the attention! x

    1. Aww, thank you, Wendy!
      The Oscars would be a great accomplishment for me. In my heart I believe I would make an Art Gown sensation that surpasses the other gowns.
      This is for 2 reasons. As art, there is only ever 1 original Art Gown. 2. I am not a famous designer.
      #2 would open a lot of doors for the rest of us. I think that door is actually a wall of celebrity preference that needs to be torn down.
      Build bridges, not walls. xo

  11. The elegance of this wonderful work is like a warm breeze that adds a touch of comfort to the that cold day.

    People say that it is just by chance that these magical moments happen, but I am entirely convicted that it is possible to open the doors of imagination if we love, believe and trust in our work. Constant effort is the magical spell that makes possible to make our dreams come true.

    Warm regards!

    1. Marcelo!

      I love and I believe and I think I can create a magic for all with Art Gowns.
      I like the idea of constant effort, as that is the state I find myself in.
      Warm regards to you, too! xo

  12. The result of your collaboration is stunning. What a marvelous idea. It’s a beautiful gown, Resa, made more beautiful by the photographer and the model. The second shot is my favorite. I hope you’ll be doing more collaborations! All the best! -Lori

    1. Hello Lori!
      Collaborations are a lot of fun! I am hoping to shoot my latest Art Gown “Artemis by Moonlight” on a live model very soon! Best to you, too! -Resa

  13. Late, better than never – so glad I did a search. Well now if this isn’t the best idea going, very cool collaborating with Stephanie. A magnificent gown, takes the air beautifully – the model works it wonderfully showing off your beautiful work of art. Stephanie your photography was first-rate in this series. Congratulations Resa, your work always astounds me – you are one talented lady!! BTW I grew up right on the other side of Lake Ontario!!

    1. So glad you came!
      Yes, I’m hoping the next leg of Art Gowns is happening. Stephanie is a lot younger than I, and I love her young eye and exuberance. Just like the young artists in the alley, she is taking me on a new wave of discovery.
      Oh, so you’re another Lake Ontario beauty! 😀 Whatever side either grew up on, we are both lake mermaids on the beach of life, kindred souls. ♡

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