Breaking News: Art Gowns’ Models Turned into Mermaids

Mermaid Holly here! It’s terrifying, but myself & some of the Art Gowns’ models have been turned into mermaids.

We know who did this, and Princess Blue Holly has vowed to capture the evildoer, and return us to our regular gorgeous model selves. In the meantime, we’ve decided to have a fashion show, and I’m your host for the Art Gowns’ Mermaid Fashion Show.

First on the Runway is Mermaid Gigi, in a very Avant Garde quadruple fin, one shoulder eye catcher. Right behind is  Mermaid Rene Rosso in an ultra-green sweeping fan tail extravaganza with strapless bra top and full length gloves. What a show stopper!

Unfortunately Mermaid Rene Rosso won’t be singing a Torch Song for us, as it just sounds like she’s gurgling.

The usual beauty team can’t breath under water, so some very talented MerChicklets were hired by Mermaid Gigi for the event.

Above: Nora and Skippy were in charge of Art Direction.

MiCHELL was in charge of hair.

Lacy was the make-up artist.

Pearl was the costume stylist.

Coming up is Mermaid Marina. This off the shoulder extra long sweeping, in and out, undulating uni-tail is all the rave this season!

Below, Mermaid Shehanne shows off her, direct from Europe, fan fin and tease tail couturier heartbreaker.

Thank you for attending our show tonight! The Mermaids are very tired now, and are hitting the seaweed hay.

Rene Rosso transforms to Mermaid Rene Rosso, then from Mermaid Rene Rosso to Princess Blue Holly Mermaid. ONE – Starts the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mermaid Princess Blue Holly is off to avenge the Art Gowns’ Models. Stay tuned for more on this story.

🌹Big Thank You’s to all of the Art Gowns’ Models. 🌹

Their names, under their Mermaid selves, are hot. So visit their fab blogs.

All MerChicklets © Georgiann Carlson

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

142 thoughts on “Breaking News: Art Gowns’ Models Turned into Mermaids

    1. Oooo, thank you!
      What a lovely poem for the mermaids!
      …. and I learned a new word. “febrile” It’s fabulous. Why have I never heard it before?
      Anyway, when the spell is lifted, the will be beautiful models, once again, and I will draw them in more Art Gowns’ creations. 😀

  1. You know what? I’m getting a bit sick of Holly! I think she stinks bad and her hair mocks my male pattern balding. But if you and Holly apologise, that’d be fantabulous.

    Otherwise, all is fantabulous! It’s the weekend. Revel!

          1. We can’t let ‘Oron throw us! I told him you wash your hair in morning dew, rose petals and baby’s breath. Stinks??? Indeed!
            He’s a cheese, Roquefort … perhaps?

            1. Yes, to your no! I meant ya to you.
              You see, this is how ‘Oron divides us. Oh I know he’ll claim he was in bed, as it is 2 a.m. where he is, but I don’t buy it!

  2. Timothy Price

    Your mermaids are gorgeous. I love your drawings . And I love all your mermaids. However, the slide show of Ms. Mermaid Rosso turning into Mermaid Princess Blue Holly is stunning.

    1. Thank you, Timothy! The mermaids are waiting to be avenged, and return to their gorgeous model selves. PBH will save the day.
      The transition is difficult, but PBH is up to it!

    1. Well, as it is at the moment, RR is just sitting around and gargling, due to being under water.
      In the next episode, RR will attempt to seduce the evildoer…. with song, of course. Evildoers are big time suckers for Torch Songs.
      A beautiful voice has its siren’s song.
      Nonetheless, I know PBH is swimming herself ragged. Look how thin she is! It’s heartbreaking! What a superhero!

            1. Cool! RR wants to help, but she’s cursed with utter beauty and a siren’s song.
              She practices scales twice a day, and she’s gurgling her little heart out as we comment.

              1. Okay… a bit of a snit here.
                RR refuses to get up at the crack of dawn.
                The most she will do is wear a military themed Art Gown…. once PBH has helped return her to her regular self. RR is worried about her hair and nails, with all this salt water around. She has threatened to not show up for her next gig!
                I’m beside myself. Ive handled a lot of Stars, but she is the most temperamental.

      1. As a Costume Designer, I can attest to the importance of the Beauty Department. So much to say about this, but yes, I Thank Gigi, as well. I mean… who else can breath under water?

  3. Hyperion

    I was immediately gobsmacked by the stunning Mlle. Holly in her mermaid regalia followed by a royal lineup of finned beauties. I found myself giggling through my fingers at RR belting out a bubbly version of Etta James, but when I saw the merChicklets, I was transformed into a state of Narnian wonderment. My Gosh Resa! The evil doer may have actually created a new act to beat all before. I’m a total fool for a nicely adorned mermaid. Ah, but those merChicklets…I can’t look away. Well done Madame, well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    1. Hello!!!

      Thank you so much, Dan! This was a lot of fun! I’ll be following up with the complete adventure on GLAM in about 2-3 weeks…. how PBH & RR work together to catch the evil doer, who he is, and RR will sing a couple of torch songs.

      I just peeked! I see you are blogging again. I didn’t know. I’ll be by after I paint the door outside. How is your respite going. Well, I suppose once I read a post or 2, I’ll know.
      Thank you so much for dropping by! – Resa

      1. Hyperion

        Hi Resa! Awesome news, I never tire of the Gown Gang’s daring exploits. I’m doing good, had some major plan changes due to a whining back so I missed my adventure kick off. Still, I’m filling the Zen bucket whenever possible. Next attempt for a trail walk will be in mid November.

  4. Oh, Resa, you outdid yourself. This is wonderful. Holly is magical and her transformation is amazing and so much fun to watch. The chicklets are as honored as I am to have been included in the fabulous post. I feel that we should gang up on the evil one who attacked Holly and take him for a nice LONG underwater swim. We mermaids stick together and to take any lip for the evil ones.

    Again, this is a beautiful work of art. The mermaids are gorgeous. Thank you so much for including the chicklets and me. We are so very grateful. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thanks Gi! We will hang together & gang up on the evil one..and well, we will prevail.
      There will be a further episode on GLAM. It’s more of a PBH post, but ties in.

      Good you were here with your Beauty Team of MerChicklets. We couldn’t have done it without you! ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Pingback: Breaking News: Art Gowns’ Models Turned into Mermaids — Art Gowns (This is a fun and fabulous post by Resa…please be sure to look at all of her wonderful drawings…Gigi) | Rethinking Life

    1. … and you are the rockingest!
      So sorry I missed this comment!
      Cindy, you are amazing. You get hundreds of comments, yet seemingly miss none.
      I am in awe. Adore you!

  6. Oh my lord… (been trying 3 times to leave a comment let us hope this time it goes through. ) You have outdone yourself. I louve this. All the ladies are fabulous. And pulease thank the Merchicklets. I need to borrow them ,more often.

    1. Yes, the MerChicklets are all very talented. Perhaps they could do makeovers on the Dudes! Do the Dudes swim?
      Yes, the Mermaid post was a lot of fun to make, and the tale of PBH will be continued on my GLAM blog in a few weeks!
      Thank you so much for being a mermaid!

      1. I love being a mermaid. I am sure the MerChickets are more than welcome to make over the dudes… I can just hear them whining from here. And alas they do swim or I’d have drowned them by now…… LOL

  7. another try to comment…
    Awwwwww… absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Stunning all of them!!!! Crème de la crème of mermaid fashion! Resa, wow! Loved Gigi contribution too! Unfortunately queen Hera couldn’t pose as she’s been too busy [the price of popularity! 😉 ] but maybe she’ll make it in another fashion show! Love to Resa and Holly and all the lovely mermaids! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo …wait to Johnny and Jeepo too [how come they didn’t pose …well, at least Jeep!!!? 🙂 ] xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I adore you, and your music!
      And Hera’s music ! WOOOOOF

  8. Resa!!! I love how you “draw” and “colour” us into a world of beauty, joy, elegance, mystery, transformation. Looking forward to the next episode!!!! Hugs and more hugs…

    1. I’m very happy you like these illustrations. It takes a long time to make an Art Gown. So, my drawings and imagination are filling the void….. I hope!

  9. Resa,

    These are gorgeous. And I think you ladies are very mistaken. I believe you have been mermaids for quite some time. I have always found you ladies enchanting. Everything is perfect.

    Sorry, for the late notice, but you are the Inspiring Woman of WordPress for my Monday post. I hope I did you and your blog page justice with my words. I truly admire you and your work and I did my best to convey that. It will post tonight at 10 PM EST.

    I hope you like your little mention on my blog.

    On a different note Ms. Mermaid, I read the lovely comments on this post. There were two you missed replying to. Cindy Knoke and Valerie Cullers. You can erase this part of the message so no one sees it. I just know you would never ignore anyone Sweetie.

    1. OBOY!
      Thank you, dear Lonely!
      I’m having a dinner thingy tonight, but will try to slip away & be the first like, and hopefully comment.
      So thank you for mentioning the 2 comments I missed. I will answer those, and not erase this part of the comment. An honest oversight is an honest oversight.

    1. Lol! I don’t remember, but I do think of mermaids and other fantasies at times.
      It’s part of the creative nature, like when you write poetry. Luv ya! xo

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