Princess Blue Holly – Heart

Princess Blue Holly torpedoed herself toward the surface, the moment the Rio Grand’s mouth met the Gulf of Mexico.

Suddenly, just below where the gulf waters met the sky, MerSin confronted her. Not shying away, Princess Blue Holly demanded he set the Art Gowns Mermaids free, and return them to their normal Art Gowns Models selves.

MerSin, under complete control of SinMonto, laughed wickedly. Louder and louder his laughter roared like a fire from hell, as he transformed into a dragon. His evil SinMonto mission; destroy Princess Blue Holly!

Princess Blue Holly was at a massive disadvantage. She called on the master of her inner dragons, Hyperion.

There was no need for words. Hyperion appeared in a roiling fountain of steam and transformed Princess Blue Holly, with a roar like thunder. MerSin fell back in fear. Princess Blue Holly and her gown were now the form of a smaller, yet more fierce blue-green dragon. Her Mission; stay alive and save the Art Gowns Mermaids.

She was unbeatable. MerSin cowered, awaiting his death blow. In the same roiling fountain of steam, Hyperion returned her to her mermaid self. She had refused the final kill. This act, of a kind and noble heart, freed MerSin from the clutches of SinMonto.

A fountain of steam, spinning counter clockwise, and MerSin became merely a lonely voice in the sky. He vowed to return one day, and fight beside Princess Blue Holly.

Her Tangle Heart showed her the fastest way back to Albuquerque. Surfacing at Tingley Beach she realized she had only 20 minutes to make Rene Rosso’s last set.

Using her animal powers outfit, she channeled a Cheetah, the fastest animal on earth. Although Cheetahs have poor night vision, Princess Blue Holly had Resa’s Cottonwood tree guiding the path.

As she leapt past Resa’s Cottonwood, the sky turned from the dark blue ink of night, to orange. It was MerSin’s voice announcing that the Art Gowns Mermaids would return to being Art Gowns Models just after dawn. They would awaken on South Beach, Miami.

Back in her dressing room, Rene Rosso looked in the mirror before going on stage. The salt water had destroyed her hair, and her gown was a no go.

A quick change, with the help of her beauty team, made her only 1/2 hour late for her set.

She opened with  “Baby I’m A Fool” by Melody Gardot, an artist who she admired deeply.

The next morning Rene Rosso was on South Beach waking up with the Art Gowns Models. Their hairs were ruined, their mascara running and gowns destroyed.
No one, save Rene Rosso, knew how they got there.

Photos of Holly’s Tangle-Heart & Resa’s Cottonwood © Timothy Price

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso characters & tales © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter
Drawings of Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso © Resa McConaghy
Dragon Consultant: Hyperion: Return of Dragons
The dragons art is a public mural. The pics were taken in Toronto by Resa – July 24, 2019, and later creatively edited. No financial gain is intended by the use of these photos.
This is the 3rd and final episode of Princess Blue Holly and the Art Gowns Mermaids. If you would like to catch up on the story click on the image above. The category presents most recent at the top, so scroll to the bottom, to read from the beginning!

165 thoughts on “Princess Blue Holly – Heart

  1. Timothy Price

    What a fantastic story. I love that the dragons fought it out and Hyperion Blue Holly won the battle, made her way home, performed, despite bad hair, and saved all the art gown models. I love your drawings. You worked in the photos beautifully. This post is so much fun. Bravo, Resa.

    1. Yay!!!
      Thank you Timothy! I have a lot of fun writing these stories with Holly & drawing the pictures.
      It’s also neat working in your images. PBH’s Tangle-Heart will be in all her tales, if that’s okay with you. It’s like a spirit.
      Well, she is a super hero, so she can do a lot in one post! 😀 😀

        1. Yay! I’ve been collecting them in a file.
          Also, you’ve done some really sharp ones recently.
          You know, I was going to kill off MerSin, but Holly’s got a soft spot a mile wide. So now MerSin will return to help her out in some future episode.

  2. Whatever I write, be it ‘almost’ poetry or a story, my rule of thumb is that the gals must win come the finale. I rather think this piece trumps my efforts in that regard. Super stuff, young Resa. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. Thank you Mr. Old Fool!
      (although you look pretty sweet for an old fool)
      I’m having too, much fun out here! Love the Art Gowns whether I make them or draw them.
      Wait ’til you see Boogapony Holly & the Boogapony Dancers!
      The girls always take the day!!

            1. You are very sweet, Mike.
              When I was young, I loved being funny. One day in grade 7, I held the attention of the entire Junior High school students with a satire/parody of the Romeo & Juliette balcony scene . I played both roles. It was at recess & the teachers turned the bell off until I finished.
              They called my parents and told them how funny I was, how talented and a great character.
              Mom cried for days, saying how horrible it was that I was a character. How would I land a decent husband? She had hopes for me to marry up, a pharmacist hopefully.
              A mom’s tears are powerful, so I took to the sewing machine to make pretty dresses (that my parents couldn’t afford) and learned to run in high-heels.

              No wonder I ran away with a Rock’n’Roll band when I was still under age!

              1. I once knew a murderer. A pleasant enough chap when it came to those he liked; a nightmare otherwise. Like you he played both parts. Having decided to act as his own lawyer when on trial for something terrible he’d done. It was thus he’d stand in the dock as the criminal he was, then exit said dock to cross-examine himself. This process would be enacted time and time again until the judge got the raving hump and, in the end, added another year to his most recent sentence…’contempt of court’ they call it. I suspect he would have been hopeless running in heels though.
                I agree, some mothers are off the wall. As an only child I thought my childhood was normal. I knew nothing else. You see my mother had a germ phobia that manifested itself in her mortal fear of infecting me. It was thus I spent my entire childhood unaware that having a mother who never got close enough to either kiss or even cuddle me was not of the norm. I truly believed all kids had their own silver cutlery and unusual plates sterilized rather than washed before and after every meal…I shan’t bore you with more but the list was endless. As you can imagine, what should have been the halcyon days of my late adolescence in terms of making contact with the fairer sex were…to say the very least… ‘difficult’. I knew not the etiquette of simple courtship or similar. My how I laugh at myself when reflecting upon such parental lunacy.
                Regards, The Old Fool, once, long ago, The Unworldly Child

              2. I find unusual mothers are…years after any and all child managing events…sources of creative writing. It would have to be coffee, by the way. Tea makes me burp!

    1. There are 3 episodes in this tale. We will be doing more tales. SpongeBob will not be making any cameos!
      You know we want to incorporate … something of you in an episode?

  3. Mission accomplished! Lying here on South Beach I really can’t remember a thing, there was MerSin, what a darling, so eager and willing to help save rather than destroy the Model Mermaids! PBH had to let him off the hook and I think he is totally rehabilitated now. Were it not for Hyperion and Tim Price and his beautiful trees this could have had a very different and disastrous outcome. Resa has guided us through all of this turmoil with her gift of art and imagination and amazing energy. Rene Rosso chose a wonderful torch song as usual, thankfully her hair was not too messed or, well things would have gone ugly. SinMonto is still trying to destroy the world but we will be back with the magic of Resa!
    Thank you darling Resa, you are beyond talented, generous, beautiful and I adore you!
    PBH (aka Holly)

    1. As you know, I wanted to kill MerSin off. However, your big heart prevented that. It’s actually better this way. Now PBH has an ally. He will return when he is most needed, as we had discussed.
      I think we have a lot of fun with the characters we have invented. Thank you so much for all your input! I believe I am becoming a better artist, partly because I have something I really want to draw.
      I’ve been working on new Art Gowns for all the Art Gowns Models. I’ve done RR (she’ll need 2 more, as per her contract with Art Gowns) Marina Kanavaki, and Shey. Gi, Dale, Aquileana and Holly (lol) are all up on the drawing block. There’s live music under my bed tomorrow night, and I’ve got all my art supplies lined up.
      Ah, Holly… you are so much fun, a dear heart and I adore you, too!
      PBH should be an emoji!

      1. We’re on to something, a PBH emoji…let’s work on that. You are so fun and such a joy to work (laughs, well you are doing all the work) maybe I can get a band to rock out under my bed and I could be a little more inspiring. Boogapony needs music.

        1. I’m doing the drawings. Without your heart and wit, this story would not be happening so well. Not to mention the characters come about when we kid around. Humour is a wonderful incubator.
          Yes, Boogapony will need music. Are you considering any particular genre? My latest sketch has her in Go-Go boots.
          Also, I’ll use some of my graffiti pics….somehow. TBA

          1. I’m thinking she’s either going to be wanting to head for the Disco in her knock out Go Go Boots! I hope every one is longing for the glitter ball and dressed appropriately! 🙂 Of course there’s Rene…..

            1. Glitter ball… brilliant!
              You know, when I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up and be a Go-Go dancer.
              WTF! Not 1 college in Canada taught Go-Go Dancing! I ended up in a Fashion Design course.
              Rene…. I think there’s a Glitter Ball on the bus!!! We’ll just borrow it!

              1. I like the way we have to stack our minis & boots up on the bus! RR has hogged every inch of closet space for her gowns.
                I hear she’s thinking of adding another closet, and putting our stuff in a U-Haul!

              2. LOL!!! As you know, it’s banned in Canada.
                Hmmm…. tricky! Maybe he can live on regular yeast flakes? (the main ingredient)They are much more delicious than Marmite, legal in Canada and I have a lot of recipes. Barring that, pizza?

  4. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    I really barely remember a thing, MerSin, that darling, so eager and willing to help PBH had to let him off the hook and I think he is totally rehabilitated now. Were it not for Hyperion and Tim Price and his beautiful trees this could have had a disastrous outcome. Resa has guided us through all of this turmoil with her gift of art and imagination and amazing energy. SinMonto is still trying to destroy the world but we will be back thanks to the magic of Resa.
    Thank you darling Resa, you are beyond talented, generous, beautiful and I adore you!

  5. ‘The next morning Rene Rosso was on South Beach waking up with the Art Gowns Models. Their hairs were ruined, their mascara running and gowns destroyed.’
    ‘No one, save Rene Rosso, knew how they got there.’
    But at least they did, thanks to clever Rene/Princess. Wonderful my darling, wonderful. a real treat xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much, Shey!
      I’m already working on new Art Gowns for all the Art Gowns Models. I’ve already drawn you in tulle, with Courtesan hair. (I’ve begun reading).
      DO NOT WORRY about the hair and make-up. I’m sure Gi will send a team of Chicklet beauticians to mop you guys up! LOL.
      You have spoken like a true Art Gowns Model!

        1. xxxxx You’ll love the tulle dress!
          The Art Gowns might do a fashion show in Paris. I’ll send a pic, but I’m a bit away from posting. I’m doing a Boogapony Holly with the Boogapony Dancers post first.
          They borrow Rene Rosso’s bus, and travel to alleys with neat Graffiti and Street Art.
          They bring music and do Go-Go dancing in front of the art.
          I’m just working on the Spring 2020 tour poster at the moment!

  6. Phew! My heart rate is gradually coming back down to normal! Oh, that I looked so glamorous after such adventures…or any other time. 😊. Love the dragons and the photos too. Congrats all around.


    1. Thank you, Janet!
      We had a lot of fun making this post!
      Ahh, true glamour… well, it’s almost a thing of the past.
      That’s where the Art Gowns come in, and my drawings. I can make us all as gorgeous as I want… forever!
      LOL! I’m thinking of doing a series of Art Gowns (drawings) for riding motorcycles. Only an Art Gowns Model could ride in a gown. 😀

  7. Hyperion

    Masterfully done Resa. The storyline is smooth, exciting, and downright entertaining with perfect synchronicity with the art and pictures. What is so remarkable is the force of your personality and multi-disciplined art brought us all together to do some small part that made the story far greater than any piece of the puzzle. You are my write-in candidate for President of the New World. Only you could pull it off.

    1. Okay, but when the New World happens, I insist on a lot of pie baking!
      I really enjoy involving my willing blog pals in projects. Of course it’s easy with the girls, because I love drawing them in gowns.
      Thank you so much for being part of this story, and I know you’ll be back in another story.
      There are other Dragons… wood, earth, fire (ooo that could be exciting) and metal. Of course that’s only from the Chinese Zodiac. You may know of others!

      1. Hyperion

        It would be a pleasure and an enormous honor to serve on your staff in any capacity Resa. I make good coffee and tea in the ancient tradition of China, I can reach high shelves, and fresh pie is my fav health food.

        1. Ahh, pie with whole wheat crusts and fresh fruits… I’ve got an Apple w/ a few raisins (instead of sugar) in the oven.
          You will always be a part of the team, and we both dream on. Our stories are wonderful unrealities.

          1. Hyperion

            Oh em geeee! I could live off of apple pie and raisins. 😋 wonderful unrealities are the best. Let us keep that tradition alive.

            1. Let’s add Blueberry, Peach/w/blueberry, Cherry and just plain Peach.
              I’m a pie dragon. I have 12 frozen pies left in the freezer. Summer food makes winter human fodder.

              1. Hyperion

                I have now added Pie Dragon to my list of Dragons of the Culinary Arts. You can always tell Pie Dragons from other dragons. They are the ones smiling. That’s a lot of pies Resa. If you need help just holler. 😋🥧

              2. Hyperion

                Yippeee! We now have Apple, Berry, and Cherry dragons. There’s more but you get the point. Their iridescent scales are the color of the fruit in the pie trimmed in golden brown and cream colors. Such benevolent beasts they are.

              3. Hyperion

                With my connection to Asian culture, I have really connected with the eastern dragon mythology. All eastern dragons are considered benevolent and with specific powers. But, they are wild beasts and if one angers them with inappropriate behavior, then the dragon could put the scorch-a-rooni to the offender. So, Pie dragons are sweet and charming but evil doers should use caution or they find themselves with a burnt crust. 😎

              4. Hyperion

                Oh, I meant to tell you today is 1/20/2020, a most auspicious day of good luck. Hope you are having a wonderful artful day Resa!

              5. Hyperion

                I replied yesterday but it seems WordPress was not awake yet. 200 is still quite young for Demi goddesses and of course, as a Dark Gothic Steampunk Vampire Dragon, I’ll be well into puberty by that time and hopefully mentally mature enough not to act up in public.

    1. Oh, she’ll always be ready, if you need saving! She’s a Super Hero, and I made her up with Holly, so she can do everything, and has a different outfit for each power, and crime theme.
      And don’t worry, if she does save you, no problemo with any photo shoot or performance the next day.
      Her alter ego, RR will take care of that! 😀 😀

  8. Okay, how much fun was THAT! Great story, dragons, and mer’s…fabulous. Beautiful gowns and our hero always comes through with beauty and grace. Wonderful fun, Resa. Just wonderful. Love it. I’m sure Holly is thrilled. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gi!
      Holly is very happy! So am I.
      I’ve been so busy with paperwork, that I’m behind with everything… even hair washing.
      At least I got some time to draw last night. Tomorrow night, too!

    1. Thank you, David!
      Thank you so very much!
      Yes, we we win with beauty and style.
      Without a sword, there is no ugly.
      A little imaginative magic can come in handy, too!

    1. Wars with gowns… art … thank you!
      The Art Gowns agree, and have been in the trenches of a preferred creative world for several years now.
      Make Art Not War!

      1. No Resa . . . thank YOU!

        We need more of that very thing. Love things up, style things up, give em the what’s what with poetry and romance. And when they can’t take anymore? Really let em have it!

        When art wins, so do we.

  9. A beautiful way to showcase your creations with your drawings and tales. Like other super heroes, I’m always amazed how their transformation from a kind, mild-mannered normal person into a super hero is so energy draining – so much so they don’t even recall what they did. But – it makes sense to me.

    1. Thank you, Frank! It’s taken me days to get through the comments. I’ve been buried in paper work, and I find it drains my energies.
      Well, it’s done, and I’m back to being creative & blogging.

    1. Thank you!
      My imagination seems to be in bloom.
      I spent my entire career, as a costume designer, helping to make other people’s ideas come to fruition.
      Now, I’m doing it for me. We shall see what happens!

  10. Oh Resa! Reading this and taking in your stunning art brought a gorgeous dosage of sparkly magic to my day:) I feel transported to a heavenly world of imagination and beauty, where good always wins and Monsant… ahem SinMonto is finally defeated. How much fun is this! I freaking love it Resa. Thanks so much for this! The song tops it all off perfectly, encapsulating the sweet and playful joy that you and your fellow artists have created here. A dream! Will reread this:) Hugs xx

    1. Dear Gypsy,
      I’m so happy that you like this …. comic book of sorts.
      Yes, Monsan…ahem…. SinMonto must be defeated, forever.
      Princess Blue Holly is also out to save animals, combat climate change and more.
      SinMonto (along with other corporations and governments) is at the bottom of most of these issues.
      I hope more people understand what I am doing, like you do!
      I’m so happy you came and read this! xoxoxoxo

      1. Dear Resa, yes I love it!! And Princess Blue Holly´s mission statement rocks – love the combination of activism and art!! May beauty, justice, and protection for vulnerable beings always prevail. F… Sin Monto and his evil mates. 😉 Love your art and feminine fierceness in all its creative (mermaid-) facets! xoxoxoxo

    1. Dale! There’s so many comments. You work. You get lots of comments. How do you keep up?
      Anyway.. it’s live music night, and I’m drawing! Gotta go set up my art supplies!
      Eeeeeee! xo

      1. I don’t work!!
        And when I did, it was during weird shifts giving me openings. I am now searching for a job so reality shall probably hit sooner rather than later!
        Woot! Draw away!
        Yeeeeee Haaaaaa! xoxo

    1. Aww, thank you, TVTA!
      I just had to sneak in the post. All this paperwork sucks my creative juices. Anyway, I just need to write a cover letter, and take it all to my accountant tomorrow. AND BONUS – there are 2 new massive murals right by his office!!! XXX

  11. Oh, my goodness….. what a story!
    I can’t imagine a fuller experience than this. Art – Writing – Art Gowns – Magic – Poetry – two talented girls and all perfectly intertwined! Resa, you are an angel! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Aww, thank you dear Marina.
      We’re having fun out here!
      I can hardly wait to do the Art Gowns go to Paris post! I adore the sketch of you. Still more sketches to do. It will come together!
      You’re an angel, too!

  12. Thanks for sharing this marvelously whimsical story, Resa. I enjoyed your illustrations and Tim’s photos.
    By the way, I’m using the last of the “random reader things” you left in the next episode of The Delta Pearl. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Yay! Thank you, and I adore drawing and using them in a story.
      Not sure what the next one is, but I’m drawing more Art Gowns on the Art Gowns models.

  13. Oh dear Resa, I’ve missed the last number of posts…. I’ll re-follow and catch up on the first two episodes as time permits.
    Without even reading I know the first two will be scintillating! Princess Blue Holly is a treasure, and boy oh boy I luv her style of music. What a great track… 🙂
    Luv it all, the fashion, music, artwork; hahah all fantastic! But then, is it any wonder?

    1. Yay! Thank you, Carolyn!
      I’m catching up, too!
      I got sidetracked with a project for over a week. I feel like I’ve returned from the moon.
      So, these drawing posts, my comic book in a way are a lot of fun, and with each gown taking so long to make, I have something for in between! 😀 xoxoxoxo

      1. You are such a marvel….. 😀
        Thank You for your lovely comment upon my latest post (free books) you are such a joy!
        I haven’t been inspired to reply to comments on that post. But, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…….

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