Hangin’ with Boogapony & Jimi

High, Boogapony Holly here, and it’s a total freak out to be your host in this Art Gowns extravaganza tribute to the one and only Jimi Hendrix.

I’m not a gown kinda gal, but Resa promised to fusion Boogapony/Jimi/& Art Gowns. I’m thrilled with the results. Also, all my live performances have been cancelled, the Boogapony tour van need$ an overhaul, and I get to keep the gowns.

Did you know Jimi started out in the coffee houses of NYC? Yeah, the Folk scene evolved from the Beat scene. Here was Dylan amongst many, and Jimi did record some of Dylan’s songs.

Above is what I might have l looked like in an Art Gown…back in the early 60’s hip Coffee House days. So cool, right?

Dig this! Resa designed the costumes for a film about Hendrix. I mean he’s not just like this amazing guitar player, but his style of clothing is so Art Gowns! I wonder if he got flashy fashion ideas from playing in Little Richards Band?

Below is a study she did of  Jimi in ballpoint pen on Xerox paper. This was done for the interview.

A water colour Resa did for the interview.

Here’s the official trailer for the DVD release of the movie.

Love this psychedelic, Flower Power gown! The worlds really came together in this one!

We want to share these pics of Jimi from a LIFE magazine article; October, 1969. (Resa just happens to have one in her library)

“An Infinity of Jimis”

Original photos by Raymundo de Larrain – 1935 – 1977

We were listening to Electric Ladyland when Resa designed this Art Gown for me.

It made us think of the video of Denny Dent painting Hendrix on a wall at Monterey Pop Festival. He set a style still used by many of today’s street artists! This 3 min. vid is a must view!

Besides the fact we love Watchtower, this is  a proper licensed video; Sony to YouTube, apparently.

Jimi was an “outasight” poet, in his own right. We can’t find a decent version of “Little Wing” on YouTube, but the words stand on their own.


Well she’s walking through the clouds
With a circus mind
That’s running wild
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams
And fairly tales
That’s all she ever thinks about
Riding the wind
When I’m sad she comes to me
With a thousand smiles
She gives to me free
It’s alright, she says
It’s alright
Take anything you want from me
(Take anything)
Fly on, little wing

On May 3, 1969 – Jimi was busted for heroin at the Toronto International Airport. After posting $10,000.00 bail, he went directly from the police station to Maple Leaf Gardens. He played to a full house.
This pic was shot from the audience. Taken by Resa’s bbf’s mom’s boyfriend, it is 51 years old, 16″ x 20″, cracked & peeling and Resa adores it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In above slide show are some of the pieces Resa bought after the movie came out. Below is a little vid Resa did of the original SHOWTIME movie, for portfolio purposes, only.

Boogapony Holly Character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

“Now if 6 turned out to be 9
I don’t mind,”

Did ya know?

Jimi was in the 101st Airborne. He enlisted in 1961, when the draft was in full swing in the USA. He was given a choice; the army or 2 years in jail.

While serving at Fort Dixon, Kentucky, he met bass guitar player Bill Cox. Later, after the Experience disbanded, Jimi, Billy & Buddy Miles (drums) recorded an LP, “Band Of Gypsys” in January, 1970.

Jimi died on September 18, 1970. He was 27 years old.

Feel free to leave a Jimi song/vid in your comment. Please insert it so that it is a link, not the actual video. Put a space between your comment and the link. Add an x or any character at the end of the link.

118 thoughts on “Hangin’ with Boogapony & Jimi

  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing all of this. Of course, all of your sketches and art gowns are amazing! But those photos from the Life magazine article are way cool, too.

    1. Thanks Merril!
      Yeah.. those photos are fab! I found that LIFE magazine in a used book store when I was working on the movie. I can’t part with it. Stinky musty and crumbling pages, so I’m happy to have done this post. Now I have photographed them, before the day comes when I pick up the magazine and it disintegrates.
      “And so castles made of sand,
      Fall in the sea, eventually” – Jimi

  2. Resa, you have outdone yourself. This is FANTASTIC. I love absolutely everything about it. It’s truly WONDERFUL A PERFECT POST about JIMI. Love your designs…they’re incredible. I can’t believe you have the originals!!!! How amazing is THAT! SO VERY COOL.

    1. You mean the original pics from the magazine? Yeah. Too bad paper crumbles over time!
      “And so castles made of sand,
      Fall in the sea, eventually” – Jimi

    1. Awww, TOF Thank you!
      You impress me too! Once things die down here on Art Gowns, I’ll do a post on GLAM, new art, suggest staying in and reading, mention your and Shey’s books again and a pitch for George’s videos for book sellers! Take Care!!!

  3. Pingback: Hangin’ with Boogapony & Jimi — Art Gowns (If you love Henxrix, you’re gonna LOVE this post from Resa. Don’t miss the video selection or her costume designs) | Rethinking Life

    1. IKR! That is one outstanding piece of viewing entertainment.
      I agree, he is very gifted. I’m very happy you have pointed this out in comments!
      xoxoxoxo ❤

            1. Def both! We are having fun with our posts, characters, just trying things.
              I’m sure broom paint smashing would be fun, creative and therapeutic!!

              1. Yeah!!! Let’s call it Smash’n’Splash!
                Oh I need. a fave flower for RR, and one for Art Gown Model Holly!

              2. RR would likely expect red roses with a bit of glimmer, though she gets moody esp after a “my lover done me wrong” torch song. I’m thinking H would go for wildflowers.
                ⊅⚔︎🧹🎨💐✍︎ ⊅⚔︎🧹🎨💐✍︎ ⊅⚔︎🧹🎨💐✍︎

              3. Ah, of course Red Roses, and nothing less, for the intrepid RR! Wildflowers, I should have guessed! ❦🌹❦💐❦🌹❦💐❦🌹❦💐❦🌹❦💐❦🌹❦💐

    1. It’s about time all those rocks I’ve been saving paid off! 😉🙃
      Thank you Janet!
      I like the same dress, a lot. It is black ballpoint on art paper. Every once in a while I do a ballpoint. It’s not erasable, so I have to focus a little harder.
      Have a Wild and Crazy Fourth of July, you crazy and wild thing!

      1. I think it’s won’t be very wild and crazy, but that’s OK. We’ll spend a bit of time with my parents in the afternoon and Bill will probably take a bike ride in the morning.

  4. Timothy Price

    This is an unbelievably fantastic post and tribute to Jimi Hendrix. You have done so many cool things with your designs. Your sketches and watercolors are fabulous. That’s a wonderful collection of clothing and jewelry. Super videos.

    1. Thank you, Tim!
      It was a lot of fun work, really. Jimi has influenced me in creative expression. It was an honour to be chosen to design the costumes for the movie. I’ve never really gotten over it.
      I have saved everything I can from that time, which is a lot more than I have shown here.

      It’s a lot of joy working on projects with Holly. She’s quite funny, and it is during our humorous banters that we have come up with our fictional characters; Boogapony Holly, Princess Blue Holly and Rene Rosso.
      Best, then I get to draw them, make up stories, and now, hosting a tribute.

      Picking the videos was the most difficult. All footage from Jimi’s time is from live performances, old film, poorly shot and/or bad sound. One of the better ones is from the Newport Festival, a performance of Foxy Lady. It just didn’t seem to fit here, after all, it’s hosted by Boogapony Holly, not Foxy Holly! lol

      1. Timothy Price

        Foxy Holly seems to be a fitting description. I think you just came up with a new character. I think it is so cool you got to work on that film. You and Holly come up with such creative and fun posts. Both of you have a wonderful sense of humor.

  5. Resa that’s amazing, especially that you got to work on a project about a man whose music seems to have played an important role in your life. Way to go, lady! Keep on being your fabulous, artistic self. The world needs your brand of magic right now!

    1. Pam, this is such a very lovely comment! Thank you!
      Yes, Jimi… you got it, an important role in my life. Even though I & many who adore him feel we know him through his music and poetry.
      I am flattered and honoured that someone thinks I have a brand of magic. I will keep on! xo

    1. Thank you so much!
      Was it on your blog… talking about darning eggs?
      Guess what I’m doing and using? I’m saving all my hubby’s socks from the garbage!
      Feels great!

        1. Yes, it’s like weaving ! Although, the sock is a knit. It is best to use an identical wool. First go around the hole to seal off the knit. Then create a warp going one way, then go crosswise in and out though the warp. This is a woof… or weft.
          That’s weaving.
          If there is a hole, or run in a knit sweater, I hook it up best as I can with a crochet hook, then tie it off with a matching thread.

    1. Thank you, Oloriel!
      I was inspiring making this post… and a lot of fun.
      Jimi was a unique, creative genius.
      I hope you are taking care during this scary time. Be Well! ❤

  6. Oh, girls, thank you so much, both, for this wonderful treat!
    Resa…. what can I say to expresses my admiration enough?! Hmmm….that is certainly a hard one. Your work here is beyond beautiful! From drafts, to exquisite drawings to the realization of your Art Gowns: full circle of beauty! Super huge WOW!
    Holly, what a wonderful presentation. Huge hugs to both you girls!
    and L O V E !

    1. Thank you dear Marina! It was a love labour, and we had a lot of fun making this post.
      Jimi will never be forgotten!
      Holly is the best Boogapony, ever! Well, she’s actually the only Boogapony, ever.
      Anyway, so happy you popped in! Taking a bit of a break to work on the new Art Gown, which is about 65% done.
      AND…. thinking about, doing rough thumbnails and looking at pics of Chicago. The next PBH/Art Gowns Models/Rene Rosso adventure will be in Chicago!
      I think each of the models will be getting 2 gowns.

      1. Ah, that’s great to hear!!!! Woo hoo… can’t wait to see!!!!!! You sure are busy! Happy creating, my sweet friend!
        Big big hug and lots and lots of kisses!

  7. Resa, here courtesy of Holly. Well done. I love the art, dresses, and outfits that capture the “experience.” He came in like a comet and left just as fast. It would have been great to see how he evolved with other music. Many people have covered Bob Dylan’s terrific work, but Hendrix’ “All along the watchtower,” with his ability and background, is high on the list of greatest covers, actually better than the original version. Thanks, Keith

    1. Keith,
      How lovely that you have visited Art Gowns!
      Thank you so very much for your positive and enthusiastic comment.
      I agree with what you say about Watchtower.
      I also agree with what you say about how Jimi would have evolved with the changing horizon of popular music.
      When I was working on the movie about Hendrix, the director and I were chatting on set while waiting for the actors to arrive.
      The director said to me, in a kind of sad way, “He never would have survived Disco.”
      I didn’t have time to disagree, but now that you mention it, I think he would have. Disco was not all that was happening.There was Punk and New Wave. Then came Rap. In my heart I believe Jimi would have done just fine!!! — Resa

      1. Resa, great points. The 1970s was an interesting decade for music. It started out with protest, folksy rock, then ventured into pop, then disco, the punk rock, then country rock. But, all this time we had good rock music being played by David Bowie, The Eagles, Boston, Styx, Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton. Hendrix would have done just fine, as talented as he was.

        I would love to have seen him with Stevie Ray Vaughan. Keith

        1. Agree, and I think he would have continued experimenting.

          Speaking of protest song, wish today’s musicians would pick up the torch. The arts have a unique opportunity to speak to the masses!

          1. Resa, so true. We need some contemporary “We shall overcome,” “Find the cost of freedom,” “Blowin’ in the wind,” “Ohio” or “Fortunate Son” songs. Keith

  8. Oh Wow You too. what a collaboration, so loved this mix of art and video’s and information…The legend was born again through this post….
    All of those gowns just beautiful Resa.. and your collection of pieces bought along with your own video…
    That picture you cherish is also despite it peeling looking good…
    Such wonderful music…. And I remember well the shock of his death at such a young age… I was 16 at the time… And well into Music of the time..

    Wonderful Post Holly and Resa…. Have a relaxing weekend both of you ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Ohh, thank you Sue!
      Yeah, legends seem to live on for a long time! Unfortunately Jimi is a member of the 27 club.
      He wanted love and peace and for all peoples.
      Wish he would have treated himself better. He and his music might still be here evolving.
      Anyway, he, as you, are lights in a dim world. xoxo ❤ ❤

  9. WOW! What an amazing ode to a great singer, youth sentiment and your gowns, custumes, absolutely fantastic Resa. Thank you for such a wonderful postie😸Pawkisses for a Happy 4th of July🐾😽💞

  10. Awesome Jimi tribute! I’ll be rocking out to his songs after catching up on this post. I’m also a fan of the flower power dress!! Let’s dance and sing! Uplifting and creative post – I like it 😀

    1. Thank you, dear Christy! Yes, let’s dance and sing!

      Jimi was uplifting, and I want to be uplifting, too. You and your blog are uplifting.
      So happy you enjoyed this! xoxo

  11. What an amazing tribute to a legend who left this world much too soon, Resa. Your gowns, your skill and talent is beyond stunning. You and Holly make a wonderful team, too! Thank you for this fabulous post! 💕

  12. WOW, in every way. Girl, as I said, i don’t know how you do it but you do, every time. Boogapony on!!!!! That photograph of Hendrix is something else And that is just a tiny bit of what is thrilling in this post. it is a treasure trove in every way.

    1. Yay! thanks, Shey!
      This post was a long time in the making. I think it’s a treasure trove, too!
      So happy you got to see it. It will take a bit of time, but the Art Gowns Models are going to Chicago! (and you will be in a black Calla Lily Art Gown! xoxoxoxo

    1. I adore drawing Holly, and see I am getting better at it. Not only Holly, but all of the Art Gowns Models are coming along nicely.
      Ohh, I’d love to see Jackie Kennedy giving a tour of the White House!!! I wonder if that is on Youtube?
      I miss you & your blog, Frank!

    1. Aww, Charlie, thank you! I’m proud of you, too!
      Jimi was a very special person. I believe he would have found you to be a cool & interesting artist of words.
      Sending Hippie Love!

  13. Love the flower power dress and the balance pose. Thanks for all the info about Jimi Hendrix I didn’t know much about him even though I recognise his name and some of the songs. I’m 27 next birthday that’s just no age to die.

    1. My dear Charlotte,

      You are right! 27 is no age to die. Yet, there is a club for music artists who have died at that age.
      Amy Winehouse is the most recent.

      Okay… the balance pose… my drawings have progressed over the year. Now, I am back to drawing you.
      Think I’m doing pretty good! Looking forward to our post!

  14. Resa, you are positively groovy — and so is this post! Watchtower is my favorite Hendrix song. One episode of the “Lucifer” TV show has Tom Ellis doing a fabulous cover of it.
    Speaking of fabulous — so is this gown collection! 35 years ago I had the figure for one of those gowns, and would have been thrilled with any of them. Now, despite all the wild things I write in stories, I could never imagine myself in something so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing this multifaceted extravaganza with us! Hugs on the wing.

    1. PS: The first gown with the fringe (maybe feathers?) on one sleeve, and strappy Roman sandals — that could have been me. That’s even my hair (back in the day it was my natural blonde and so long it reached far below my hips). ❤

          1. YES! I adore them… from my home city of Winnipeg. I actually dated (sort of..lol) Randy Bachman’s younger brother, Tim, when I was in Jr. high. lol

    2. Ahh, but I can imagine you, the you that was before, and I see you in my gowns!
      Beauty begets beauty, at any age.
      Poor sweet Jimi… dead at 27.
      He left us a lot to remember him by. I think perhaps all of us creatives out here are doing just that. We are leaving our thumb print, for posterity.
      This is a wonderful comment, and wing hugs to you, too!

  15. Wow Resa, what an outstanding post once again – you´ve created a real feast for the senses here! Love all your drawings, and that watercolor-piece on Hendrix is just superb. Just fab fab fab. I´ll need to bookmark this and get back to it over the weekend – just so much sparkly magic to take in here! On a different note – if you hear from Drew and how it all went, please let me know, ok? Much love and big hugs to you, dear artists! xoxo

  16. Drew has had his operation… heart bypass.
    Sigh! Seems he is doing okay, but still in pain and recovery.
    I think it will be a good 6 weeks before he posts , and opens comments.
    On another note; so happy you like this post!
    Covid has really slowed me down. Nonetheless, a new Art Gown is posting in about a week – 10 days. It’s been a year. Covid really threw me off my game.
    Hope you are well, and on your game. Will be by very soon to visit!
    Much love to you, dear Gypsy…. adore you! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Resa dear!!! WP didnt notify me regarding this, and I think maybe some other comments!! Argh. Thank you for updating me about Drew! Totally understand that Covid has slowed you down. All those vibes can take it out of you!! Totally feel you… I definitely needed to up my game this year to counterbalance the collective vibes, and some days and weeks have worked out better than others! Just checked out your latest Art Gown – omg LOVE it!!! The 20´s are such a fabulous fountain of inspiration, and taking in your gorgeous art always uplifts and inspires me!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 Much love right back to you lovely – adore you too!!! Big time!!! Mil besos, muak xoxoxoxo

      1. Mil besos, muak xoxoxoxo
        No worries about being notified. I’ve given up on that. I get some, I don’t get some.
        I still manage to vist many people, especially those I super like, like you!

        I’ll be by for a visit soon! I’m in a drawing space right now. That and taking care of this blog, which is very busy when I do a new Art Gown.


        1. Awww you are super-sweet dear Resa!!! I super like ya too 🙂 Enjoy creating more of the magic that only Resa can create! Looking forward to checking out your new art:) Talk soon lovely!! Mil besotes y mucho amor!!! xoxoxoxo

  17. Wow.most amazing post.oh you are most fond of Jimmy.Really his voice and tune of guitar was magical.and your gowns, i think-Angels of heaven will have to wish for wearing.most beautiful design of every gown specially flower’s gown.my dear Resa!! This time,i am thinking if the fate allow me to go USA then i may wear all gown one after one.you are really so much talented.hey my dear!! Please,one best gown for drew’s bride,you have prepared☺much love ya.💕💕💕

    1. Hello Aruna,

      So lovely to see you here!
      Yes, Jimi was special.
      Now, we all wait for Drew to heal from his operation.
      I am drawing many Flower Art Gowns now.
      I hope you are well!!!! 🌹🌸🌺

      1. Yeah.i am well.hope you too fine and well.i have seen those sample of Flower Art Gowns.those are most fantastic and lovely.yeah.me too wait for drew to recover soon and come back on blog.most honest,nice and well mannered friend .he is in his little home in Florida.you know-i have never seen him but feel like a close friend.oh.remember,dear!!one most beautiful gown for his bride.he is lonely and want the company of a woman.this is my wish for him.can you search a girl for him? See ahead-what is in his destiny.🌹🌹🌹xoxo.

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