OtherWorld Redux

Princess Blue Holly’s Tangle-Heart guided her to a back window accessing OtherWorld’s tower.

Peering out the only window facing onto OtherWorld, PBH could see DracGoth with Evilomlap Etagloc. DracGoth must have helped Evilomlap escape his imprisonment in a picture frame! Using super hearing, she eavesdropped.

EE – Hissss – This OtherWorld you made is a bit creepy, Drac. Hiss, cough, cough! It’s so dim and dank.

DG – I disagree, Evil. I find it very pleasant down here. I can’t stand all the light and colours up in the real world. That’s why I need SheyGoth to move down here.

EE – Why can’t you just be happy with the effigy of SheyGoth I made you? Hack, cough, hiss!

DG – We used it to crash the Art Gowns fashion show, and suck the colour out of the real world, but all she does here is sit on her throne. Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, Evil!

EE – You really think Blue Holly will…. COUGH, hiss, come here trying to rescue colour?

DG – Of course, and when she does I’ll demand SheyGoth in exchange.

EE – Hiss, cough, and where is the colour hidden?

DG – In the effigy, obviously! Mwahahaha!

EE – Mwaha… hack, hack, hiss…hahaha!

Blue Holly could see that DracGoth had worked some half dead black bamboo into his drabscape. She got an idea. Using her Tangle-Heart, she contacted Rebecca Budd’s Black Bamboo on Tim’s Magic Tree Sanctuary.

She instructed the Bamboo to have the Art Gowns Models wander through and miniaturize them; then filter them into OtherWorld via its bamboo. She knew from her Tangle-Heart that once the AGMs left OW, they would return to normal size.

Hello boys!

DG & EE – What the… Blue Holly and puppets?

First, that’s Princess Blue Holly to you! Only my good friends call me Blue Holly. Second, these are not ordinary puppets. I had the AGMs miniaturized. I thought we could work out a deal. Come closer, look! They’ll put on a fashion show for you!

DG – How did you get in here?

We filtered in through the black bamboo

DG – Evil, burn down the bamboo so they can’t escape!

EE – Done! 🔥

You idiots! There’s more than few ways in and out of here. You’re burning down your own home for nothing!

– Wow! These look good Drac! Hissss, cough! I’ll take Gigi!

“In your dreams Evilomlap!”

DG – I’ll take AGM Marina! I’ve always wanted to play with her.

“I’m with Gigi! In your dreams DracGoth!”

EE – Fiesty little things, eh Drac? I’m taking AGM Holly!

“I’ll be in your worst nightmare!”

Not so fast! First restore colour to the real world, and I’ll give the AGMs to you. It’s a good bargain. If the AGMs were full size, do you have any idea how much their gowns, make-up and hair would set you back?

DG – Evil?

EE – Let’s do it!

DG – Done, “PRINCESS” Blue Holly! It will take an hour for the colour to return completely!

Looking into her Tangle-Heart PBH could see the first bit of colour slicing through the grey.

Then the Tangle-Heart showed her Resa’s Tree. Although heavily frosted with grey, there was no doubt colour was returning.

DG – I’ll grab AGM Dale! She’ll look cute with SheyGoth and Marina.

Dale said not a word. NOW! said PBH! Whereupon AGM Dale, aka Thunder, created a thunderstorm that grew darker and darker; louder and louder.

As much as she loved DracGoth, he could not get away with stealing the world’s colour. She would not be coerced. AGM Shey thrust an arm into the black of the storm. Using her SheyGoth, she broke the inky dark into millions of swirling fragments.

The swirling black fragments turned red, then became Princess Blue Holly’s long red hair. Using her hair, the miniature AGMs climbed into the tower. They escaped out the back window.

When the thunderstorm passed, DracGoth and Evilomlap found themselves as prisoner puppets of the SheyGoth effigy.

EE – This is horrid! HACK, hissss. cough. I’m going to run out of cigarettes, soon!

DG – Cigarettes? What about our dreams of possessing the art Gowns Models?

Hello Boys! I’m an effigy of Rene Rosso. Blue Holly sent me here to brighten up your drab world, and sing to you about dreams, forever!

Colour is restored to earth. Rene Rosso has vowed that the next catwalk will showcase the Art Gowns Models in full colour.

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Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since May 2019

You can visit the AGMs on their blogs. Just click on their names. Every one is hot! Dale Holly Marina Gigi Shey

All photos courtesy of & ©  Timothy – Off Center Not Even

Thank you Rebecca

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Brian at Equinoxo 21 Thank you for thinking of us!

148 thoughts on “OtherWorld Redux

    1. Thank you, dahling!

      Just having fun. Hey, LMAO over what you said on Dale’s reblog.”mistress of sexy mayhem”.
      I always new I could cause mayhem, if I just put my mind to it!

    1. Thank you dahling Shey,

      The puppets were a sneaky trick, but they sure lured DracGoth & Evilomlap in.
      Yes, DG crossed the line. I’m just worried that he might get free of his puppet prison one day.
      He will never quit you!
      Will draw on, my lovely! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

        1. I adore the puppets. Thank you, Shey!
          Laughed myself silly when I finished the AGM puppets.
          As long as DG is a puppet prisoner of the SheyGoth effigy, you are okay.
          Who knows what the future holds?
          Well, I’m working on a new fashion show.

  1. Dear Resa, you are beyond awesome, so incredibly gifted and generous not to mention the otherworldly powers you’ve bestowed on the AGM’s! PBH is exhausted but having restored the worlds color with a flick of your pen and defeating DG and EE she’s sending out a big high five to you gorgeous and to all the AGM’s. Thankfully we have freed SheyGoth from the dark spell of the Otherworld, Cheers to that! You are the sunshine of OUR lives!

    1. PBH should be exhausted. It was a draining experience getting the world’s colours back.
      Yes, I just saw a comment from SheyGoth. She’s sworn off DracGoth permanently.
      Let’s just hope DracGoth & Evilomlap never get free of their puppet prison.
      Sunshine…Thank You dahling!! xoxoxoxo

        1. Let’s hope EE doesn’t come to his senses before he runs out of cigarettes and matches. I’m worried he’ll try to burn the strings that hold the 2 idiots in place! xx

  2. Timothy Price

    What a fantastic post, artwork and story, Resa. You drawings are super for this post. I can tell you have been drawing a lot. Unbelievably Marvelous. I’m happy the trees and bamboo could help out.

    1. Thank you Tim!
      I did put a lot of work into this post. The fashion shows are easy. This was how colour got saved, and it was not that easy.
      Drawing bad guys, landscapes and groups is a challenge.
      Thank you! Yes, the more I draw, the better I get!
      Love the trees, skies, bamboo and more about where you live!
      So happy you let me use your pics!

      1. Timothy Price

        All your hard work really shows. I am super impressed with the drawings. I did a post on your post called “Through The Tangle Heart Clearly”.

        1. Creating darkness…. this is why I made DG & EE idiots. (burning part of their home to create a prison that can never be.)Only an idiot would want to be dark. Yet, they walk among us.

    2. Tim – you are the most courageous of friends. I LOVE my Black Bamboo tree and was excited to be part of this adventure. Your photos illuminated the scene and opened the doors to colour and hope. Many many thanks.

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  4. I was just ready to put some Ricola in the mail to EE to help with that cough. SO glad color was saved!! Reading this story after a glass of wine might have been a mistake but I enjoyed it anyway. TTFN.


  5. I hardly know what to say. YOU’RE FABULOUS! I love the ending to the story (so far). It’s wonderful and you are so generous to all of us. Thank you for making me part of this amazing work. ❤

    1. I’m so happy you are here!
      Hey, from all this drawing, I’m getting better.
      You AGMs are fun to draw. The bad guys are more of a challenge.
      Adore you! ❤

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  7. Working across several genres you, young Resa have the imagination that has, as Shey puts it, an epic. Brilliant…although I live in hope that my bamboo socks can’t escape my shoes. Regards, TOF

    1. Don’t worry TOF!
      If your bamboo socks escape your shoes, PBH will find them.
      Hmmm… although you say escape… not kidnapped.
      Hmm, I need to mull this over.
      Sending shoe tree hugs!

    1. Agree! I wondered how I was going to draw PBH’s and the AGMs’ way out of the situation. Holly picks the music for these posts. “These Dreams” gave me a lot of ideas.
      Thank you, Merril! Happy I helped your day off to a good start! 😀 ❤

    1. Thank you dahling AGM Marina!
      Thank goodness colour is back! I was wondering how I was going to draw PBH’s and the AGMs’ way out of the predicament!
      Now, we can have our colourful fashion show.
      The video didn’t play, but I went to Youtube, and found one there that worked. Great song. Fun for this post.
      Love you to ….hmmm… you’ve got the moon… to Venus! I hear we can get a great sauna there!

    1. You are welcome!
      Found you in my SPAM folder. You are free now. LOL.
      I’ve been over on GLAM. Each is attached to different emails, so I have to log out/in/out etc.
      Thank you so much, Keith. I’m trying to catch up, and will visit you anon!

    1. Thanks Liz!! I just logged back into Art Gowns. I’ve been on GLAM. Each is attached to different emails, so I get stranded, time to time.
      So, that is my excuse for this tardy reply. Cripes, it’s about as long as a gown’s tail!

    1. Aww, thank you, Cindy!
      Pardon for the tardy reply!
      I’ve been over on GLAM, which is attached to a different email than Art Gowns.
      Well, I’m back, and catching up!

  8. Talk about exciting! From start to finish we have a totally different look. Did I say look?
    I mean there is great deal more that just a look as I sure you can observe. Wow!
    double Wow! a total wow!

    1. Dear Eddie!

      Your message was in the “moderate” box. This is probably your first comment on Art Gowns, which is why.
      I’ve been over on GLAM. Each of my blogs is attached to a different email. So, I must log in/out/in/out etc.
      Well I’m back on Art Gowns to catch up, and I am thrilled to find this comment from you.
      It means a lot.
      I really enjoy writing and drawing the “Gowntoons”. I try to include relevance along with humour.

      Evilomlap Etagloc is Colgate Palmolive backwards. Years ago I read that they tested cleaning products on animals. I thought “those snakes”, so I made them into a snake.
      Although, I have come to like snakes, as I adore all animals on earth.
      So, I added a bad habit. Lol!

      It’s crazy! The Gowntoons take a lot of time to draw. The Art Gowns take months to build.
      The Street Art blog gives me time to do both. Crazier is now that people have seen my drawings, I’ve been getting commissions.

      Anyway, I can tend to prate…. but it’s just that I’m so happy to find this comment, and I want you to know why I hadn’t answered you sooner.

      Sending love! – Resa

    1. Yay! Did you get the Rapunzel take?
      This is the second time Evilomlap (chronic smoker’s cough) & DracGoth have been in a story.
      So colour was kidnapped,and restored.
      I wonder what bad guys can steal next?

  9. My dear friend, Resa. This is the third time to your post and I loved all the reblogs and comments throughout our community. Your themes of good vs evil, hope vs despair, colour vs darkness come together in your narrative. I especially appreciate how your embed the characteristic of the “real” people into the AGM’s and PBH, which allows readers to participate within the storyline. Thank you for including me and this epic tale. I knew that my Black Bamboo on Time’s Magic Tree Sanctuary (there is a great deal of magic there – powerful stuff) had healing and miniaturizing powers. These Dreams by Heart was perfect!!

    1. Yes, the Bamboo is particularly mystic.We still don’t know all of its powers.

      Real people… not sure how I could write without the inspiration real people and real life feed me.
      So it seems that the bloggers of WP have provided me a rich idea lode to mine.
      Well, I came out here to have fun, connect and be glorious. LOL! I believe we are all glorious.
      Rebecca, wait ’til you see the next Art Gowns fashion show presented by Rene Rosso, and art directed by you!
      It’s all about beauty and colour. Of course in the fashion show after that….. dastardly events arise.
      Hmm, how would you look as a mermaid?
      {{{hugs}}} (Be careful! The hugs are flying over at Formula One speed!)

        1. No, I did quite well as a free agent. I worked for Showtime for a decade. They were like agents, in a sense, in regards to the USA market networks. Now, I don’t know if I want to return. Covid has given me time to think. I want my own art, my own art show. I was headed in that direction before the pandemic.
          Still, if an amazing opportunity came up…. something that was award worthy, I would do it.
          No agent!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! This post took longer to draw than the regular Art Gowns fashion shows.
      The great part is that I’m stretching my abilities. LOL! I know…the coughing! Chuckled my way through that! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Teagan! I did challenge myself with this one. Art Gowns Models are one thing. Bad guys are another. However, it’s back to a straight ahead fashion show for the next post!

    1. Hello Jeff!

      I found your comment in my SPAM folder. You are free now! Lol!
      I’ve been on my other blog, GLAM, which has a different email attached.
      I have to log in/out/in/out.. etc.
      I’m thrilled you are here. Thank you for your lovely comment!

  10. Love this, your drawings are sooo good. Love the puppet image. Ive been none stop for months now and I know you have been really busy too. So it is nice to finally get a little time to catch up with my blog friends and perhaps learn a couple of new songs over Christmas.

    By the way I had problems putting a like on your post, people have been telling me the same thing, odd? But I like it a lot!

    1. No worries with the “Likes”. It’s an off/on issue with WP. It seems to correct itself.

      So, I’ve been drawing the AGMs a lot, for a couple of years.
      I’ve been drawing Holly’s characters for longer. So, they get better.
      The Gowntoon characters are not exact drawings of those who have inspired me, but essences. You are the only person I have drawn, as you. This is to draw costumes for you.
      I’m finally finding a place where you are you, and Lala is Lala.

      Hope you like the latest Lala drawings I sent. Like I say in my mail, I won’t be ready to do a new Gowntoon until mid January. Hope Lala will be there!

      Sending many warm regards,

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