Rupert Valentino Joins DracGoth & Etagloc

When AGMs Shey, Dale and Gigi vanished into thin air, Princess Blue Holly sprang into action.

She peered into her Tangle – Heart.

It showed her an image of OtherWorld. She saw DracGoth and Etagloc, marionettes at the feet of the SheyGoth effigy.

Rupert Valentino had imprisoned AGMs Shey, Gigi and Dale in a cage. The plan was to turn DracGoth and Etagloc back into normal monsters, and divvy up the AGMs amongst themselves. PBH listened in on their conversation.

DracGoth – You idiot! Moron! Nincompoop! You left the incantation on your coffee table? You’re no 13th cousin of mine.

Rupert – Knock it off, will ya! I told ya, I’ll just slip back through “Nowhere and Nothing” to Earth, grab the incantation offa the coffee table and vavoom, I’m back here.

Etagloc – Hissss… hack, cough…. can ya pick me up some smokes before ya vavoom? COUGH… hissssss. 

Rupert – You idiot! Moron! Nincompoop! I’ll think about it.

With that, Rupert took off!

Knowing Rupert Valentino would transverse through “Nowhere and Nothing”, PBH changed outfits, and tucked 2 magic peach blossoms from AGM Dale’s magic peach tree into her bustier.

Sure enough, in the middle of “Nowhere and Nothing”, Princess Blue and Rupert Valentino (a legend in his own mind) came face to face. He accosted her with a knife.

Rupert – What’re you gonna do now, Blue Holly? Attack me with your feeble poisonous whip? This knife will be the end of it, and you.

At that moment, Blue Holly took out one magic peach blossom, placed it in the centre of her palm, and blew it at Rupert.

Rupert began going through a series of demented changes. While PBH waited for the full effect to take hold on Rupert, she slipped into a new outfit.

AGMs Marina and Holly were modelling Art Gowns from the Classic Collection.

Marina was modelling Belle Grâce, Timothy’s dedicated Art Gown.

Holly was modelling her very own dedicated Art Gown Velvet Tango.

Rebecca was thrilled how the gowns fit so perfectly.

Girls, it’s going to be a magnificent show! Ahh, there’s nothing like the classics. RR should be here shortly to try on Cleopatra CapriccioThen, as soon as Blue Holly rescues Shey, Dale and Gigi, I shall continue gown selections and try ons!

Suddenly, there was a new presence in the room. A three armed woman stood blocking the doorway. Thing is the door was gone!

Bezella – I’m here to be an Art Gowns Model!

DracGoth – What the hell is keeping Rupert? He shoulda been back by now!

Etagloc – Ahhhack – hissss He better remember my smokes! COUGH!

PBH – “Hello boys! Waiting for someone?”

Having delivered marionette Rupert to the SheyGoth effigy, Blue Holly took the second magic peach blossom from her bodice. She blew it at the caged AGMs. In a blizzard of peach blossoms, they were freed and on their way back to earth.

PBH raced through “Nowhere and Nothing” to get back on Earth, before the AGMs arrived.

Back on Earth PBH morphed back into her alter ego. Ms. Rosso threw on a simple house gown. She proceeded to the Art Gowns room, for her fitting.

Sacré bleu! The door was gone, a mirror in its stead! Now what, she thought?

RR could hear the blizzard of peach blossoms bringing Shey, Gigi and Dale back. She’d have to think about what to do later. The AGMs were about to land!

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso characters © Resa MeConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter – Since May 2019

Music selections by Holly Rene Hunter

Visit the AGMs on their blogs! Holly – Dale – Shey – Marina – Gigi

Nature Pics © & courtesy of Timothy Price. Visit Tim at Off Center Not Even

Visit Rebecca on Lady Budd & link to her other blogs from there.

In case you missed the first episode of their most recent adventure:

Glamour – 1940’s Movie Star Style

102 thoughts on “Rupert Valentino Joins DracGoth & Etagloc

  1. Timothy Price

    What an amazing episode. So full of fanciful drama and suspense. And your drawings are just delightful. I love my gown on Marina. That’s a fantastic drawing of Rebecca. Always so much fun in Resa’s world where you use your magic to make something somewhere out of nowhere and nothing.

    1. Thank. you dear Tim!
      I’m thrilled with how Belle Grâce on Marina came out.
      I think I could have captured Rebecca’s smile better, but I am still happy with the drawing. Portraiture is its own creature.
      LOL, I think nowhere and nothing is a good place to start. Something can be the only result. xxxx

  2. Resa.. I have now read this three times and I am still speechless re how epic this is. The best ‘having fun’ free fall ever. Honoured to be a part of it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you and thank you xx

    1. Three times… Must be SheyGoth’s infatuation with DracGoth.
      It is a lot of fun drawing and writing the “Gowntoons”.
      I’m happy to have you here. You are quite inspiring! xxxooxoxoxoxxxxxoxoxoxoooo

    1. Cindy!
      Thank you! (Uch, I missed this comment)
      You are right, I am. creative soul, now that you mention it.
      Thank you.
      I think you are a creative soul, too! 💞💞

  3. I am breathless with excitement, it was touch and go for awhile, we’re it not for peach blossoms I fear the worst, Valentino makes a fabulous marionette. Oh my, the hissing and coughing, PBH could hardly breathe. All’s well that ends well and the AGM’s are spectacular as always. What’s with the 3 arm model? I have a feeling there’s a story behind this sudden appearance. Thank you darling for a wonderful adventure, amazing laughs, beautiful gowns and models. It can’t get better…..and yet it better and better. You’re brilliant!

    1. I’m sure you are!
      Going back and forth to different worlds, through “Nowhere & Nothing”, must be exhausting.
      You were wise to take the blossoms with you.
      I wonder if the “Three Marionettes” will ever be free?
      Perhaps a new evil puppet master?

      I don’t know about the three armed model? She seems to want to be an AGM. It looks like she’s trying to muscle her way in.

      Thrilled this made you laugh! It’s supposed to. It has a lot to do with good villains.
      Of course the fact that everyone’s in gowns adds to the reality.

      Thank you for having laughs with me(ece)!

  4. Fabulous. PBH is amazing and I’m so happy we are free. Already looking forward to the next installment The three armed woman who wants to be one of us…and all the other loose ends. So exciting. Love it and agree with Holly…brilliant.

    1. Thanks Gi!
      Nothing like tying up loose ends, and making new ones.

      My fave is changing PBH’s outfits several times during a super hero mission.
      There’s some super heroes out there that have been wearing the same outfit for 80 years. 😉

    1. Thanks, Trent!
      During lock downs, drawing became important to me. It remains so.
      Yes, the peach blossom blizzard took a bit of time; very relaxing Zen time.

  5. You blew peach blossoms straight to my heart, dahling!
    I’m in awe!
    Your drawings… ah…. from cage to peach blossoms… each one perfect!
    You amaze me, dahling!
    Holly, Rebecca, Tim and all AGMs, rock!
    Huge hug to our shinning star, Resa, love
    kisses and tail wags from Hera!

    1. OMG! How did I miss this comment?
      Thank you Merril! I’m enjoying drawing more and more… and getting better bit by bit.
      YAY! I’m thrilled it was a good start to your day. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Eddie! That is exactly what I mean for all to have when I make up these stories.Of course Holly helps a lot, with inspiration and input. {{hugs}}

  6. Wonderfully creative. Holly saves the day with her peach blossoms and all is well! I love those fluttering petals! And wonderful gowns, Resa. You’re also getting very convincing with those villains. Thanks for the fun!

    1. Aww, thank you, Diana!
      Yes, super heroes need good villains.
      These ones crack me up.
      Blue Holly; the only Super Hero who changes outfits during a mission! Fun!

  7. Resa – spectacular presentation. Your story builds angst and drama, and your humour brings it all together. I laughed out loud when I read “You left the incantation on your coffee table? You’re no 13th cousins of mine.” Your drawings are brilliant. DracGoth, with his hair and eyebrows looks the epitome of evil. The idea of “Nowhere and Nothing” conjures a dark mist of uncertainty. Blue Holly is a true, generous, kind and compassionate spirit that holds the powers of good and purpose. Rupert’s demented changes memorized me. And then the three armed woman blocking the door – Bezella. YIKES!

    Thank you for including me in this wonderful narrative. You ave an amazing ability to create a narrative that reminds us that life is complex, that we will face unexpected challenges, but the strength of friendship, beauty and goodness will hold us safe.

    P.S. The gowns were magnificent.

    1. So happy you got a laugh, Rebecca. We are supposed to laugh, and I think I’m getting better at the tongue in cheek humour in the PBH/AGM posts.
      Although the realities of life can be a challenge, we must rise to each our own happiness.
      Somehow you have reminded me that sometimes I need to take my own advice to heart.
      Thank you for this most thoughtful comment, Rebecca.
      Your comments are always thoughtful.
      “the strength of friendship, beauty and goodness will hold us safe.” ….. wonderful!

      Oh, my Art Gowns mean a lot to me. Now, will be doing an article on me and the Art Gowns. Again the sustainability + art aspect is what will be promoted. I look forward to the day someone wears one to an awards show, or the Toronto Film festival.
      Have a wonderful week! {{hugs}}

      1. I am jumping up and down excited that you will be interviewed by Toronto Life, Resa. You have a remarkable story that inspires us all! I LOVE our conversations. Hugs and love coming your way.

  8. Kudos, Resa! You are so good about including your friends and links to their blogs with these stories. I adore your sketches, and these are better than ever. That was brilliant use of the slideshow feature.
    I’m going to send you an email in a moment.

    1. Thank you, Roberta! Just having fun. It’s interesting, and much like your fondant figures, My drawing gets better every time (well mostly) I try.
      Have a great week!

  9. This was absolutely magnificent! I don’t know what happened, I liked it, had to leave, my computer had its way with it and then I got busy and then I was thinking of this and had to go find it!
    Your story is so full of adventure and you make us all look so fabulous! Your nefarious bad guys are so well done, too!
    Now, I’m not the jealous type and will always welcome someone new into our AGM family. I’m not so sure about this Bezella chick. She gives me the willies…

    1. These bad guys make me laugh. I want to laugh, so that’s good.

      Yes, the Bezella chick. Well, seeing a how she is barging in and just telling everyone she’s gonna be an Art Gowns Model, and blocking the doorway so no one can get in or out, it’s not likely to happen.

      Still, she won’t go away!
      xoxoxo ⚡️💥

      1. They make you laugh because YOU control them! 😉

        Yeah, she doesn’t quite have the proper spirit to be a part of our wonderful group.

        And I don’t doubt that for a second, Sorceress! 🧚‍♀️🌟

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