Dream of Love

Did you ever design a gown about falling in love, and dreams of romance?

Mango #6

Well I did, because “love rules”!

So it makes total sense that my “Art Gown” #5 has been inspired  by Imelda Evans of  Wine, Women and Wordplay.  Imelda is an author, and her first novel out is an EBook romance, “Rules Are For Breaking”on the “destiny Romance” label.

Mango #2

Having read the book, the first thing I was inspired to do was make 4 dozen silk organza flowers in shades of Mango.

Mangoflower #1 To prevent fraying, I cut strips of true bias in five widths (2-6 inches) then made squares.

I fan layered 4 squares of the same size, ran a large hand stitch through the center to give me a point from which to pince, twist and secure with a few hand stitches.

Each flower came out different. I used a wired organza ribbon in green to mock leaves.

I saw the flowers on a black velvet gown with a cut silk velvet asymmetrically draped, creating subtle lines.

When the gown was finished, I had to ask it a question about Imelda.

Mango #1b

 “How did Imelda feel when she found out she was a 2012 finalist in Australian Romance Reader Awards”?

Of course Dream Of Love had a direct quote.

“In answer to your question, my initial reaction to being a finalist was shock.  I truly got chills.  It honestly had never occurred to me that I would be on the list.  So when I came across my name and my book, at first, I hardly believed it.

Mango #3

I closed my eyes and opened them again.  Then I scrolled up to the top of the page to make sure that I was really reading the list of finalists.  Then I went back and looked again.

Mango #4

Then I went back onto facebook and found someone I knew who was online (it was quite late) and got them to confirm that I wasn’t hallucinating.  And through it all, my skin was clammy with the shock.

Mango #5

Since then, whenever I think about it, it has made me so happy.

ARRAImelda #2

I know my book isn’t the best book of 2012, but to be someone’s – anyone’s – favourite anything is so humbling and delightful.  It is so encouraging!  I can’t please all of the people all of the time, but if I have pleased even one person that much, I’m very, very happy.”

Well, I’ve read Rules Are For Breaking and if you love love the way I love love, you might want to read it, too.

IMG_33411234Mango #10






“Art Gown” Dream of Love designed by Resa McConaghy – March, 2013

All photos taken by Resa McConaghy – March 2013

Test shot of "Dream of Love before she was finished.
Test shot of “Dream of Love before she was finished.



161 thoughts on “Dream of Love

  1. wow, yet another rockin creation Resa! We have GOT to find a way to get your work and mine together someday!! Lovely, lovely work. But then again, Black elegance is like my black swan…a very favorite of mine to photograph. Love this wild creative high your rolling on Resa!!

    1. Thank you dear Stan.
      I am an amateur photographer, and I found black to be very challenging to photograph.
      The fact that you like photographing black says a lot about your amazing skills. _ Love to you – Resa

        1. Dear Stan, Sorry I took so long getting back to you, but I wanted to see all 201 pictures before I replied.
          Very good my dear! For some odd reasons, after 1 look at all 201, and then a quick check back on my pics:
          #15 – favorite shot .. #52 – #55 – great eye for in the crowd galas, openings etc! # 68 – fav model … # 122 fav outfit … #135 – (made me laugh & it is good to laugh)

      1. It IS hard to photograph. Even I have discovered this, and a more amateur photographer than me would be hard to find. I’m so glad you persisted Resa, because that figured silk velvet is too magnificent to languish unseen!

        1. IMELDA!!! I just love that you can share this amateur hardship with me. Stan Shillingburg has incredible instinct and eye, and has sent me some tips since this comment.
          Imelda, I waited 3 days for sunlight to shoot this. I love it, I love “Rules Are For Breaking” and I love you! xxo

  2. Oh my goodness, it’s up! Resa, it’s sooo glorious. I can’t express how honoured I am that you did this. I must now run and tell EVERYONE how wonderful it is and make them come and look at it. And for those who don’t know, the mango-coloured flowers refer to something important in the story. But I can’t tell you what, without spoilers, so you’ll have to read it if you want to find out! I love you Resa and your work and I am so touched that you were moved to do this..

    1. I love you, too Imelda! Making the mango-colored flowers was exciting and Zen all at the same time. (Is that even possible?) I hope lots and lots of people read your book, and I agree they’ll all have to find the meaning of mango-colored flowers for themselves.

      So …… How’s the new book coming along? xoxoxo

    1. Thanks for coming by Louise. I am frantically trying to think of a way to put it in a story, which I think completes some kind of cosmic circle of creation, now that I think of it…

  3. Oh my goodness, this is SO GORGEOUS. I haven’t finished the book yet but I’m dying to know the importance of the flowers now. Arghhh its just so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Emily! The book is very fun and romantic,and you’ll find out the inspiration behind the mango-colored flowers! Thank you so much for coming by to check out Imelda’s “Art Gown”! – Resa

    1. Oh wow Resa — you outdid yourself AGAIN!!! There is no end to your creative genius. I love the way you presented this — love that each organza flower came out different – and the way you personified this gorgeous romantic gown with Imelda’s book (which I am going to check out now for sure)… This series is soaring ~ Art Gowns rock – and I love YOU! ~ RL

      ps: Home at last and this was a true treat to discover when I logged on this morning.

      1. Oh Robyn,
        What would I do without you and your enthusiasm. I believe many feel this way about you which is why you are so inspiring to so many.

        Thank you for your comment about the flowers, they are a special touch. “Art Gowns” rock and so do you beautiful Robyn!

        Glad you’re home, and that this post made your morning a bit brighter!
        I love you, too! – Resa

      2. A treat is a perfect way to describe this dress, Robyn! These art gowns are like enormous boxes of your favourite chocolates, except you can consume them again and again without the calories. I adore this whole series and am beyond thrilled to have been an inspiration. Resa rocks!

        1. So do agree Imelda! She has a heart of gold, and these gowns are such a fabulous FUN concept. I am so happy to learn about your book too ~ and plan to get myself a copy asap now that I’m back home and settling in. Thrilled to get to know you through Resa here ~ one day we will have to “mingle” in our gowns in style!! 🙂

  4. Resa this is a dress for dancing in the moonlight. For tangoing under the stars. And as morning breaks you gather you flowers around you and walk barefoot on the sand. May the night never end. V.

    1. Virginia! I just love all of your comments on the Gowns! You have a beautiful and romantic mind and I just love it. Tangoing under the stars sounds like a Dream of Love! – Resa (May the night never end!)

  5. Resa, another GREAT creation! The inspiration for the gown is even more outstanding! I visited Amazon to see if the book is available in paperback and found only Kindle and large print version. Can you find out if it is going to be available in regular paperback? I have not graduated to Kindle 😆

      1. Sharla, I hope you succeed with the Kindle, but if not, there was a limited print run in Australian for a recent convention. I’m trying to get my hands on some for a competition on my blog, so keep an eye on it over the next few weeks!

  6. God gave you a good soul, and incredible strength – expressiveness expression – not many people have such a refined and sophisticated sense of design elements from the environment and implementation – those of his essential values ​in the stunning and brilliant creations appealing to the eye and the heart and soul. You are excellent at it and therefore the value of their need to explicitly emphasize the greatest possible extent free to use the Presentation of yourself – you do indeed have a lot to show the world: I evaluate your work with the highest grade Thank you allows the us a peek into the beauty of your soul.Have nice day !

  7. Imelda shared this with the Romance Writer’s of Australia and I’m glad she did – what an absolutely stunning piece of art, and a drop-dead beautiful dress. Really makes me want to read Imelda’s book now – thanks.

    1. I’m thrilled Imelda has shared this beautiful “Art Gown” with The Romance Writers of Australia!
      I’m a huge fan of Imelda. I find her Blog informative, encouraging and enlightening (I’m a closet writer)

      I’ve also become a fan of Romance Novels, and I’m sure to be reading more “Destiny Romance” Titles.

      Now I’ll have a peek at what I think is a book you’ve written!

  8. That has to be one of the most beautiful, elegant creations I have seen in a very long time! I love it!

    And congratulations to Imelda for inspiring you. Imelda who sat next to me at the author signing at the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Brisbane last week – and I just love her cover!

    1. Beverly, thank you for the compliment on my creation inspired by Imelda.
      So, you sat next to Imelda at the convention! I’d like a chance to do that. Did you girls have the best time? Do you have a book?
      The cover of Imelda’s book is bright, modern and sexy and I love it! I’m so glad you dropped by. I’m going to see if you have a book.

  9. What gorgeous dresses/frocks! I love romantic clothes that flatter a woman’s figure instead of thrusting it into the eye of the world. Really enjoyed my visit to this page. And well done for inspiring the dress, Imelda. I’ve never heard of an author doing that before.

  10. Pat O'Donnell

    What a magnificent creation by an obviously extremely talented designer and can you imagine how proud I am to be the mother of Inspiration? Congratulations Resa on your dreamy creation and also Mel on writing words that inspire this creativity.

    1. Thank you Pat! I’m thinking you are Imelda’s mom. I understand your pride. Imelda is worthy, accomplished and a woman of wonderful words.
      I just love her, and her book rocks! – Happiness to you and yours, Resa.

      1. Pat O'Donnell

        I am VERY proud of Imelda. She inspires us too, and I can’t say how much I LOVE your beautiful creation. If only I was still the age to wear something so lovely. These days I dream of lovely things and enjoy my very busy life, enriched by a beautiful family. Love, Pat

        1. Dear Pat,
          How lucky you are to have such a talented daughter as Imelda. It’s no wonder you are so proud of her.
          It sounds like you’ve got a lot of family that you love and are proud of. Power to you! – Love, Resa

  11. This is absolutely beautiful! I would wear it in a heartbeat. Those flowers are so utterly romantic and gorgeous! Well done to you both for being such kickass ladies!

  12. This is so very beautiful, Resa…. An enchanting gown for an enchanting woman…
    I love the delicate simplicity combined with the silk of the flowers and the way it romances the body. Wonderfully done… xoxoxo

  13. Absolutely Stunning dress! Imelda is wonderful in person and I can tell you I’m not surprised that you were inspired by her book.

    Resa you are a very talented lady.


  14. Wow, how stunningly beautiful, I’m breathless
    – to create these beautiful gowns you are truly outstanding… 😉

    My tux would kick the door out of the closet
    if it were allowed to see this amazing gown… “lol”

    1. Thank you my darling drake! 🙂
      Well, as long as you can’t get into trouble for tux depravity, or cruelty to tuxedos or something like that, the I guess it’s okay to keep it in a closet…”lo!”!!!

  15. Your new gown and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous, Resa. Lucky Imelda! I love how you’ve got your other creations and their dedications in the sidebar now, too. Terrific idea, and I love the opportunity to see them again and again. Such variety and creativity!

    I look forward to checking out Imelda’s book. Thanks for the recommendation, and congrats to Imelda on making the list of finalists!

    1. I know how excited I was that Imelda made the lists of finalists … I can only imagine how she actually felt. 🙂

      Thank you for mentioning the gowns on the sidebar! I hope they help. You are so very lovely to notice, and thank you for saying you like to see them again! – Resa

  16. Oh, btw, Resa, when you put the ‘dream’ into the sidebar, can I have Medecins Sans Frontiers, please? Thanks! I will put a link to it in my sidebar too, when it happens. So hopefully it won’t just be me coming back every day to look at the gorgeousness!

    1. Medecins Sans Frontiers, you got it! I think they are a fabulous cause.
      Of course you can do the sidebar thing with Dream of Love! I’m honored.
      You are welcome to any of the pics, for whatever you need.

    1. Thank you! And I love The Friday Morning Bookclub.
      I may leave the realm of total fabric soon. I’ve thought of ideas such as using the pages from old falling apart ART Books.
      And I’ve got t say i really enjoyed reading Imelda’s book. She is very talented.
      I’m so glad you popped by! – Resa

      1. I love when people make things out of different types of materials. i would love to see a creation made out of pages from a book! I recently bought a necklace made from plastic water bottles. People are just so clever!

  17. Jonathan Gunson

    Resa, of course I had to leave a remark on this stunning creation eventually. Should have done so at the outset. Imelda deserves this, and you too for your magic. Just beautiful. ~Jonathan

    1. I want to make something I see is beautiful and I can share the beauty for free.
      Of course the inspiration from other people lights the fire under my desire.
      Thank you for your lovely comment.

  18. Sassy

    Ohmygod! I’m in love with this gown! I love how you accentuated it with the lovely flowers. It’s really beautiful.

    1. Oh, Subhan! Thank you for such a beautiful compliment! 🙂 Also, did you notice “Art Gowns” for charity on my sidebar?
      When the Post is finished, the gowns go to work for charities chosen by the people who have inspired me to design a gown. 🙂

        1. Aw, Subhan… you are more than kind, however if anyone understands, I think it’s you.
          I have been so blessed with a wonderful life in which I get to be creative, never go hungry and I hope this charity idea does something to help others less fortunate.
          Thank you, again! 🙂

      1. What you’ve been doing is a great thing, Resa! It shows the great love you have for humanity. Keep overflowing love. One whose heart is love is a fountain, not a sponge. It overflows love, not absorbs it. ♥

        I want to tell you something. My uncle has been organizing an orphanage for nearly two decades, and though my brothers, cousins and I don’t have much for ourselves, we’ve been helping him out with whatever we can. Everyone in our family is taught to take some of our earnings to help the children in the orphanage, and we’ve been gladly doing so for years.

        I have also been working with some humanitarian activities at small-medium levels in a number of places in my home country, Indonesia, and I am telling you, there are lots of people who need help. Last time we sent thousands of books to underprivileged children in four provinces in my countries, and I have vowed that things like this would be something that I would do in much larger scale in the future once my writing career is well-established.

        With your idea on this gown thing, I was wondering whether we could take it to another level to help unfortunate children and underprivileged people. You do design, right? I write poetry. Do you think it is possible that your design and my poetry meet somewhere so we can create something that is aimed to help these children? It doesn’t have to be gown, perhaps drawing, or something.

        Sorry, I know you must be super busy, so I would understand if this is not going to be a viable option to you. But if you could, in some way, suggest something that could work well for both of us to help, then I would greatly appreciated. Thanks, Resa, May the Light of Love perpetually shine in your heart. ♥

        1. Dear Subhan,

          What a lovely letter to find in my comments this morning.
          I do like your idea.
          Of course I am busy, but if we keep in touch something may well evolve.
          I need time to think if I have something ready to go, created in the past that could have a second life and help life.
          For now, here is an email: resaswork@gmail.com
          It is Resa’s Work … but somehow Gmail decided my name is Resa Swork LOL!!
          Peace and love to you! ♥

  19. Whirling, spinning, out of control. I feel in love with a dream of dresses flaunting silken flowers, whispering loving words. Calling, calling a name. A name of love. A magnificent moment caught in this creation of yours. Resa, Applause!! nXX Virgiia

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