Art Gowns Art

It began with the fact that my new Art Gown will take at least 6 – 8 more weeks to complete. I wanted to post sooner.

Aquileana said I could use her as a muse to sketch the Goddess Art Gowns we had done colab posts on. Thinking I’d only get to do 1, she chose Artemis. It was so much fun, I painted the sketch. To read or learn about Goddess Artemis, and to view all of the creative collaboration, which includes a poem by Oloriel, see Aquileana’s post-   “Artemis´ Dual Archetype”

Above is Art Gown, Artemis. To view the post “Artemis by Moonlight”, click on it!

It was so satisfying doing Artemis, that I segued into Mnemosyne.

It was fabulously fab to revisit my early fashion sketching abilities. Yes, I have a lot to remember & catch up on!

To read or learn about Mnemosyne, and to view all of the creative collaboration, which includes poetry by Christy Birmingham, see Aquileana’s post- “Mnemosyne”

Above is Art Gown Mnemosyne. To view the complete post, click on the above pic.

Art Gowns Artemis & Mnemosyne designed & handmade by Resa McConaghy

2016 & 2017

Outtakes and filtered images

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sketches © Resa McConaghy – February – 2018


🌹 Thank you so very much, Aquileana! 🌹

I think I should do more Art Gowns Art in the future. What do you think?

159 thoughts on “Art Gowns Art

  1. I’m completely blown away by the beauty of these gowns and needless to say the absolutely gorgeous Aquileana and Christy. You are so very gifted as an artist and designer it’s breathtaking Resa. Never stop bringing these works of art to us. I could never choose a favorite because each one is an individual and unique creation that can hold it’s own alone. I have such fun touring your blog, I can’t tell how much I admire and enjoy your work.

    1. Aww, thank you, Holly! I think we are equal in the creative light. Your poetry is special. Each poem a gem unto itself, as you say my Art Gowns are, and as I believe in my heart.
      It’s been a long journey getting to the place where I get to create for me. My entire career has been getting paid to make other’s visuals into reality. This whole Art Gown thing has become very satisfying.
      Hey, the new Art Gown is taking it’s time, and should be well worth it. In the meantime, I look forward to my next sketch (yet another filler post) of “Lady Anne”!!! xx

  2. Wow…. this is absolutely beautiful…. I am blown away, in many ways… Because of this “tribute”… because of the fact that you brought our collaborations back to the scene… and because of YOU … your versatility & talent…. I agree with Holly: you are so gifted and creative. I admire you A LOT…. I´ll feature this post, as you know. In the meantime, I´ll add a widget back to this post (tomorrow). Much love & thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Re ❤ Hugs

    1. Dear Aq,
      You inspire me, too. I love our collaborations together, and they are definitely worth a second hi-light. Thank you so much for letting me borrow you to help create these drawings. I feel quite inspired to draw all of the Art Gowns, now, and perhaps some I haven’t made, yet. I’ll definitely want to borrow you again, once “Athena” has come and gone. I must draw that one.
      Can hardly wait for your next Tarot posts…. especially 3, 4 & 5!!! Many hugs and hearts to you Dear Aq! ❤ {{Hugs}} ❤

      1. It was such a pleasure, you don´t even need to mention it…. Even more considering that you gave me big hair… among other good Goddess attributes, right!?… 😀
        I am working on the draft of Minor Arcana at the moment… ((Have my computer on Huge TV screen downstairs: It is really flowing. I think I´ll even dare to “sketch” a conclusion… 😉 Huge hugs back and… absolutely!: I am also looking forward to upcoming collaborations. ❤

        1. YES!! Big Goddess Hair … right! So apropos! excited to see the “sketch” conclusion.
          I feel we will have many things to collaborate on. We don’t even know, yet,but will will discover! xoxo.

    1. Many, many thank you’s dear Cindy! I truly appreciate your compliment, after all I adore your quintessential photography, and all the splendid nature & art you bring us. xx

  3. “I think I should do more Art Gowns Art in the future. What do you think?”
    They are like breath to you, Dear Resa; without them I believe you would suffocate; and I definitely would not suggest that… So, that’s settled then; we can all look forward to many more wonderful creations. Add to that more collaborations with Aquileana and Christy, and voilà; instant gratification for all… 🌹

    1. You’re right! I would suffocate without Art Gowns. I could get by without my graffiti blog, or my writing blog, but these Art Gowns are expressions from the inner most joy of my being. Sometimes I feel scattered in my pleasures. One day I believe I will consolidate my energy. 🌹XOXOXO

  4. Please, don’t rush. Creating beauty takes time.
    There is something almost magical about passing the sketch onto reality. It is something like made our dreams come true. 

    True artists posses the gift of making us see other realities, and each of your dreamy Art Gowns is an example of your wonderful artistic capacity.

    Take care!

    1. Dear Marcelo,
      Thank you more than I can express for your wonderful words.
      It has taken me a long time for people to see my Art Gowns as art, and not as clothing/garments.
      I know you have always seen the artist in me. I have always seen the artist in you. Sending love!

  5. Carolee Croft

    I love the Ancient Greek look of these gowns! They’re both majestic and feminine. Thanks for sharing the sketches with us too: t’s really cool to see them taken from sketches into real life.

    1. Thanks, Carolee! I was inspired from reading Aquileana’s mythology posts. I learned a lot!
      And yes, sketch to finish is interesting. Although sometimes for me it goes finish to sketch. 😀 xo

    1. GiGi!
      Thank you!
      You just made me think maybe some would like to have their pic taken in one. ?
      Lol, $till trying to think of an angle! 😀

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  7. Dear Resa wow, I can not wait to see your finished masterpiece. Looks stunning from the pictures of your drawing. And to see again the gown so beautifully sewn together in your collaborated post with Aquileana, and knowing as I do from working in textiles for many years what goes into the creation. From Design to pattern to cutting and sewing…
    And yes I think more art gowns are a must.. 🙂

    Have a beautiful day and Happy Creating Resa. xxx ❤ Hugs xx

    1. Thank you, Sue!
      I appreciate your appreciation! LOL 😀
      Very few people know how to pattern, cut & sew these days. Assembly line sewing is not the same as an all round ability. It seems you learned a lot in the textile industry. Those jobs have largely disappeared in Canada. So, I made art of it. Next week I’m going to a place that does mounted posters. If my pics are good enough, I’ll get one made. Someone is interested in including about 6 in an art show. Well, guess I’ll see what happens.
      Happy creating back at you, and have a fab weekend! Hugs xx

      1. Hi Resa, yes I learnt from the bottom up, starting out in a factory as a machinist, but I was soon home sewing my own dresses blouses and my daughters dresses also..
        I worked hard in the industry, learning all machine skills, until I was promoted to work with designers and create first concept garments and graded sizes as Samples to the buyers. I also learnt how to grade patterns and throughout the years worked in many positions finishing as Training Manager. So I can fully appreciate your clever skill, and all the processes dear Resa.
        I so wish you luck with your posted and the art show. I am sure many will see instantly the talent you have my friend.. Wishing you well in all that you do.. Take care and enjoy also your weekend Resa xxx

  8. You already know my admiration for your work but do you ask?… I look forward to your next beauty, my sweet friend and as Hera would put it… “C’mon! What’s taking you so long? Feed me!” Well, some of us consume beautiful art for a healthier living, what can I say?! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I know… thank you! 😀 I’m painting my next Art Gown, which is why it’s taking so long. I have to keep waiting for paint to dry. I’m using acrylics. It looks quite gorgeous!
      Hmmm, perhaps Hera has been communicating with my cats?
      “C’mon! What’s taking you so long? Feed me!” is a popular refrain around here.
      One day I’ll do a drawing of Cecilia Lionheart. I’m hoping you will let me use you as a muse/model? Much love and I hope all is well! xoxoooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Ohhhhh, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! [Hera too!!!]! I’m sure it looks gorgeous!!!!!!! I know, drying time is always a bummer! I rarely wait myself! 😉 As for Cecilia Lionheart…I’d be honored!!!!!! 😉 Much love to you! [and woofs and tail wags from Hera] xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Maria! I’m glad I started drawing, again. I’m planning to keep at it, so I should get better at it, or at least faster! Have a fab weekend!

    1. Thank you!!! It’s great fun getting back into drawing. I’m even going to invest in better paper, one that I could put more paint on. This sketch paper starts ruffling if it gets, too wet. 😀 Have a great weekend!

    1. Yeah, the Art Gowns make me very happy! It really is wonderful to be sketching, again! Aquileana is very inspiring, what with all her mystic and mythic knowledge. I’m also impressed with how she can creatively apply her knowledge to relevant topics, and make sense out of it all.

  9. I have already said these are some lovely drawn art. you should take it to the next step now, try using a wacom tablet and convert them to digital paint using adobe illustrator and then you can play with it with changing colors and stuff.

    1. That is an interesting thought. I will consider the idea. Of course I have to finish paying for my new laptop. My old one broke down recently.
      Hey, Nalik, can you do things on Adobe Illustrator? I know you are educated in these things.
      If you can do art with it, I would send you a sketch I did a while ago. You could be creative with it. I actually did a series of sketches of women dressed very fashionably, in a modern way, with hijab. I did have some interest in my idea, but no one came through. Now, all the big designers are doing my idea.

  10. When I enter Resa’s world I start taking deep breaths. I must because this exquisite, enchanted place takes my breath away. I ride on clouds that swoop and swirl around your gowns. The trim on the hemline. The bias cut of the fabric. How it clings to the body and creates its own magic. It takes my breath away! How fortunate we are to enter Resa’s sweet world. XOXO Virginia

    1. Dear, dear Virginia,
      It really is like entering someone’s world when I visit a blog. This is why I don’t like the Reader. I don’t get the whole feel and taste of their world.
      Virginia, you make me very happy with your rich, divine & complimentary comments. What would I do without your visits? What would I do without your beautiful on-line home to visit?
      Thank you so much for everything! Resa XOXOXO

  11. Aquileana makes a lovely muse, doesn’t she? She has inspired my writing before. I’m loving the sketches and knowing of your upcoming new gown. Sending you both much love xo

    1. Yeah! Aquileana is a great muse. So happy you love the sketches!!!! Well, the new Art Gown is still weeks away. I’m working on another sketch in the meantime. Lady Anne is my next challenge.
      I have a new victim…… er muse, to help me along! HUGS XOXO

    1. Daunting, yes. Satisfying YES!!! 😀 I’ve been using my design skills for others for many years, in order to earn a living. Now, I’m taking time to do it for me. Well, I suppose it’s never too, late! Thank you for your lovely comment!

          1. Tad old? That would just add to the diversity of it. I often wonder if contestants get paid to be on the show or is it a All or Nothing kind of thing. I’d cheer for you!

  12. Ah, Resa, this is a marvelous reminder that the seeds of artistic endeavour come from deep within us. We must have faith that what is only an anticipation can become a vibrant and joyful reflection of our creative spirit. I loved how you gently brought us along with you on this voyage of discovery. Hugs!

    1. Oh Rebecca!
      I always, always look forward to your inspiring comments.
      I never know where the next Art Gown is coming from. The very first Art Gown was Strawberry Kisses. I opened with: “Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel like designing a gown?” It remains a constant to this day. In the dark, wee hours comes the spirit, comes the anticipation. It is a voyage of discovery, and I feel very fortunate to be on the Starship.
      I also, feel a great gratitude that you come to visit! {{{HUGS}}}

      1. Interesting that you should mention “the middle of the night.” This seems to be a time of heightened sensation that allows us to explore deeper thoughts. My thought for this past week has come from Wendell Berry: “When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at the least sound in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be, I go and lie down where the wood drake rests in the beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds. I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief. I come into the presence of still water. And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light. For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.” I believe that you find this peace in creating remarkable gowns that feed the soul with hope and spontaneous joy. Hugs coming your way.

        1. Dear Rebecca,
          What a beautiful quote!
          You are correct. I do find peace in creating my Art Gowns. Inasmuch as I adore collecting Street Art, writing, cooking and other creative pursuits, these gowns have given me an inexplicable joy. I am so grateful for all who have seen that on this blog. Oddly enough, the sketches drew more “likes” faster than the actual creations. However, I understand that most people have tried drawing or painting, so they can appreciate from the perspective of what they can do, or what they can’t.
          Draping, sewing the entire craft of creating a garment… let alone something that looks like a garment, but is not, must be very elusive.
          I love the middle of the night when I awaken, and think about a hemline…or the tail, or well … the sky’s the limit!
          Thank you for this fabulous comment you have left! {{{{HUGS}}} Watch out! The hugs are a knock over. 😀

  13. I’ve followed and so enjoyed Aquileanas post for many years, I completely understand what brilliant inspiration she provides your imagination. It’s easy to copy, but what you do to come up with unique brand new ideas is so difficult and your work so gorgeous, one day I’d love to sing on stage wearing one, we’ll have to make that happen. Tarot cards would provide great inspiration with everyone wanting good, positive news from a reading.

    I did textile art at school and went to a craft show where a couple were fusing sheer fabrics with soldering irons onto fabrics and felt then stitching on top with sewing machines with silver thread to look like spiders webs, it so inspired me I incorporated it into a top I designed, when I arrived at school on exam day with my soldering iron and face mask I nearly got barred 😳 luckily they found a little side room for me. If you ever need to do that though her name was Margaret Beal, she has lots on the Internet, amazing woman.

    1. WoW!! Love your choice of art on textile art exam day. So happy they found you a room. The spider’s web effect sounds fascinating. I found many Margret Beal videos on line, now, and can follow her on YouTube & Vimeo. 😀
      I’m about 1/2 way through my Tarot Art Gown in Graffiti Style. The skirt is almost all painted. The tail is done. LOL, I’ve managed to add another 2 elements to paint, though. This should be quite unique when done.
      You, dear Charlotte, are an original, which is perfect for an Art Gown!

  14. OMG❤❤❤ This looks so cool😀 I used to design clothing in the Top Model drawing books when I was younger. I’ve started posting drawings of buildings on my blog, but it would be cool trying this out😁

  15. I like your sketches, I think you have talent for drawing … maybe from here comes your passion for graffiti.
    I also make a sketch before creating my works, but with less quality 🙂

    1. Thank you, Belén! I’m very happy you saw the sketches. I’m trying to catch up with blogging and emails. We had a very bad flu before and over the Easter holidays. It is incredible how nasty some of these flu viruses can be. My new gown is taking a long time, but that’s okay. It will be finished one day. 😀 xoxoxoxo

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