The Black Dress

Art Gowns Art presents a collection of black dresses.

The collection is inspired by this poem penned by Leonard Durso, and all my fave models from blog land. Click on the poem, and see it on Leonard’s blog. Have a visit and follow while you’re there!

The opening design and dress below are modelled by Holly from House of Heart.

Georgiann from Rethinking Life models the dress below.

Georgiann introduced me to water colour crayons, which is the predominant medium in this series.

Above is Marina Kanavaki from Art Towards a Happy Day.

For the finale, here above is Aquileana.

Art Gowns Art Black Dresses © Resa McConaghy


🌟 Big Thank You to Leonard for permitting me to use his poem! 🌟

I enjoy all of the creative writing on Leonard’s blog. Some pieces are his originals, others are a glorious find he shares.

You can check out the several books he’s written by clicking on the cover of “Rizzo’s World” and going to his Amazon page. Or you can visit Leonard on his blog, just click on the poem.


All drawings have been done to live music.

🌹💙🌹 Sincere Thank You to all the models. 🌹💙🌹


The musicians were going all out when I tried another Holly dress.

I super love this portrait I did of Gigi.


97 thoughts on “The Black Dress

  1. Resa, black dress beautifully done! I love all of these ,you did a spectacular job with the new medium. To music, you truly are a synthesist! I love Leonard Durso’s poem. Sigh. So Lovely ! ♥️🌹

  2. Timothy Price

    Great poem. I really like Holly in all out jam mode. All the drawings are super, as usual. Wonderful portrait of Gigi.

    1. So glad you like this. It was lots of fun to do! Yeah, the all out jam mode Holly is interesting to me…. just letting the music carry me away, and I really like the Gi portrait. 😀

    1. Thanks, ⚡️💥! It was a fun project for sure. The best thing about making art is that I’m away from the computer. Of course I need my electronics, but I also need to be away from them.
      …. and it all started with a poem.

  3. Oh, Resa, you outdid yourself with this one. I love everything about it. The poem, the artwork, the gorgeous dresses and the fact that you used the crayons!!!!! It’s perfect and I’m so very honored to be among the models. Thank you so much for making me a part of this wonderful moment. ❤

    1. I adore using the crayons. They have set me free, in a way.
      Anyway, I’m so happy you are part of this post! {{{Hug}}} ❤
      Leonard wrote a very short, but reaching, endearing poem.

  4. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    Resa did another wonderful post using Holly and me as models in her LITTLE BLACK DRESS post. I’m so very honored and it’s so much fun. The dresses and shoes/boots are fabulous. She’s incredibly talented and THANK YOU SO MUCH, RESA!!!!

  5. Awesome drawings dear Resa. Did you know that black is the new black and you can wear anything with black. How’s about a blue kitchen sink scarf ? That should work ! 🙄
    Love from all of us xoxoxo ❤

    1. That’s interesting, because black is also the old black! Hmm, I wonder if that’s also tied into “Out with the old, in with the new” and “Everything old is new again!”?
      Life sure works in mysterious ways. Sending love to all in Graz! xoxoxoxo Hey, you guys have 2 black cats. How stylish! 😀

  6. Unbelievably talented – ‘incurably’ sweet and generous, a heart of gold! I’m inclined to favor the drawing you did of me but in reality, I can’t pick. They are all so very beautiful, so well done… Your strokes and your use of color…. ah, Resa, I’m in love with all of them!!!!! A huge hug and loads and loads of kisses to you!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo ps goes without saying, a girl like Resa couldn’t have but wonderful friends, so greetings to all good people!!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. That is one heck of a sweet comment! Thank you Marina! It was a lot of fun doing these drawings to Leonard’s poem! And my new watercolour crayons are wonderful.Big hugs, kisses and loads of love back to you! ❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o

    1. Such a sweet compliment. Thank you, Michael! The new Art Gown is finished. I need time to clean up, and shoot it, then make the post. I think she will be up in roughly 10 days.

  7. Stunning, my friend. When it comes to dresses I always pick up black ones 🖤▪️🖤 you are so talented…. love the drawings and thank you very, very much for including me. Many hugs 🤗😘

    1. Many hugs back!!! Black dresses are the most chic! I will be using your modelling services again. After a few older Art Gowns, I will be drawing Athena, Graffiti Goddess.
      Hope all is well, as I heard about a big black out in Argentina? Will write soon. xoxo

      1. I agree with you as to black dresses 🖤 cool about Athena. I look forward to it…. and, yes as to the black out, it even reached bordering countries, such as Uruguay. Really odd… and it was messy as it happened the same day some provinces here were having governor elections!. Hugs back at you 😘♥️

    1. Well, then look all you want! Creativity is an inspiration, not a job. When we use our talents to make money, it can become an applied art, not our heart’s art.
      It is a wonderful thing when we catch the passion, and art comes out of us. Take care! I know you will be on the other side of the coin soon. ❤ xo

    1. Thank you,TVTA!
      Ah, Aquileana, always a fave. I’m very happy about that drawing!
      Debbie Harry… I can see that… someone else said Stella Stevens. X 😀

    1. Thank you, Charlie! It would be neat if you ever did a poem that I could envision dresses for.
      Like … a poem with a colour & it’s association…like red & heart & love. Anyway would be a fun thing.
      So, my new Art G:Down is finished. I’m about to shoot her. I’m very excited about a new Art Gown post in 10 days – 2 weeks!!

    1. Thank you, Lonely! Yes, the black dress is a classic beauty.
      Lol, I’m still trying to get more models for my Art Gowns. I refuse to pay someone. It’s done for the love of it, and portfolio or personal Queen for a day value.
      It’s passion, not fashion. Hey, I just made that up!

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  9. Love ALL of your Models Resa and ALL of your designs and drawings.. One can not be without a little black dress..
    Loved the poem too 🙂 and will pop along and say so..
    Enjoy your week Resa.. ❤

    1. Thank you, Sue! This was a really fun post to make. I adore sharing and combining with other bloggers. You enjoy your week, too!
      The new Art Gown is finished, and should be along in a week or 2. Thank you so much for stopping by! ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you! ….. and the new Art Gown is finished. Of course I need to take the pics, and do a post, but it is done. I’m quite excited. So happy you visit here! -Resa 😀

  10. Wow, you have terrific models here for the black dresses! I’m loving in particular how you catch Gigi’s cheekbones and the overall likeness of both Marina and Aquileanna 🙂 Well done! Art forward and female focused – you’re speaking my language!!

    1. “Art forward and female focused” that’s a great by-line for an art blog…hmmm, like mine!
      What a wonderful compliment, Christy!
      I am trying harder, in a relaxed way to capture essences of my models. I thought I did pretty good with you! Okay… I’m here trying to figure out what shots to use of my next Art Gown. I seem to be fussier with each post! xo

    1. Thank you, Charlotte! Yes, it seems since I started using blog friends as models, and drawing to music, that I am actually improving!
      So, it’s Charlotte week here. There will be one night to the rock musicians, and one night to your new videos.
      I might even try playing one of your songs at the same time as the jam session musicians are playing. It’s always worth a try!! ❦❦

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