Dateline: Chicklets’ & Art Gowns’ Host Gala Fundraiser

Art Gowns and Chicklets pooled their talents for a fundraiser, and show of support  for all victims of rape, sexual abuse and crimes of violence.

Headlining the evening at Toronto’s Uptown nightclub, Coopa Cabana, was internationally renown Torch Singer, Rene Rosso.

In a stunning Art Gown designed by Couturier Chicklet, Milly, Ms. Rosso opened with her rendition of Etta James’ “At Last”.

The Chicklet of Ceremonies, Pearl, introduced the entertainers, and speakers.

Key speaker, Georgiann, gave a mind blowing talk. It was filled with statistics and real life accounts. One statistic  from RAINN says, “Every 92 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted; and every 9 minutes, that victim is a child.”

Marina Kanavaki and Chicklet Poppy performed a Ballet Nouveau, to the happy ending of La Fille mal gardée. It is a tale of a girl who is being forced to marry someone she does not love. In the end she weds her love.

 Rebecca Budd, Creative Director, worked closely with Marina and Poppy to choreograph this classic ballet fused with modern jazz movements.

Prominent philanthropists, Sophia, Queen of the Coop, and

Queen Isabella were noted luminaries in the audience.

La Esencia de Titania literally  flew  in with her Fairy Apprentice,  Daisy.

Daisy and Titania had been enjoying the flowers, poetry & Friendly Fairy Tales in Brenda’s garden when Brenda told them about the fundraiser.

In closing the event, Chicklet Diana joined Ms. Rosso in a duet.

They chose “The Very Thought of You”.  It’s their way of saying to all victims that they are loved.

All performers, speakers and behind the sceners donated their time and talents for the evening’s endeavours.

Rene Rosso character © Resa McConaghy (w/Holly Rene Hunter) 2019

Chicklets © Georgiann Carlson

The Art Gowns are very glamorous. The Chicklets are cute as buttons. However, there is nothing  cute or glamorous about sexual abuse, rape and other crimes of violence. There are many ways to help. Find out how by:


RAINN is the nations largest anti-sexual violence organization

Mariska Hargitay, Olivia Benson on Law & Order: Special Victims’ Unit, started JOYFUL  HEART,  in response to the thousands of letters & emails from survivors disclosing their stories of abuse.

CHATELAINE , a Canadian Magazine has a page listing Canadian Help Sites

Georgiann Carlson – Rethinking Life

Holly – House of Heart

Marina Kanavaki – Art Towards a Happy Day

Brenda Davis Harsham – Friendly Fairy Tales

Rebecca Budd – Chasing Art

If you have a Support Organization in your country, leave the link in a comment. I will add it to the list.

97 thoughts on “Dateline: Chicklets’ & Art Gowns’ Host Gala Fundraiser

  1. Resa, I’m so happy to leave a comment. I wasn’t able to before. Even logging in, I couldn’t. I love the gowns, the story, and the songs! All the old songs are so romantic. Have a wonder-filled week. 📚Christine

  2. Timothy Price

    What a delightful post for a particularly sad and not glamorous, as you put it, issue of sexual abuse. Human trafficking is a real issue as well. I just adore your drawings and gowns. Nice musical choices, and a really fun writeup.

    1. Yay! It means a lot that you like this post. I didn’t want to make it so horrible that people didn’t want to read, or know anything. Yet, I didn’t want to undercut the issue. I felt more confident after I went to the Joyful Heart site, and saw that they were having a Gala Fundraiser.
      Yes, Human trafficking is a very sick reality. What’s wrong with some people? I am very fortunate to be living the life I’m living!

    1. Thank you, Jet! I had to step back a bit after I posted this. It was an emotional posting.
      Yes… my sketching is getting better the more I do it. Drawing to music has really helped me loosen up. Love that Etta James song!

  3. Beyond fabulous. I just love the way you put everything together. Your gowns and drawings are amazing and the issue is of the utmost importance. Holly chose songs that I absolutely love and you are incredible. Thank you so much for making me a part of this wonderful event. I’m so very grateful. Thank you agin. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. You’re welcome, Gi, and I thank you, too! You did a really fab job drawing gowns on the Chicklets.
      I still cant get over the dance number costume on Poppy. I may never get over it. Feel free to comment on any comments. I saw some about the Chicklets. They are quite popular. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. Resa, this is so beautiful, you’ve done such a fabulous job with this, I’m just blown away. The art, the gowns, the music, and for such a worthy cause!
    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this.
    Rene Rosso (aka Holly)

    1. Ah… Ms. Rosso, it was very elegant of you to headline the show. You were a smash hit!
      I’m so happy you’re here, and I can’t thank you enough. It’s a tough cause, and after I posted, I needed to chill a bit. Well, I’m back.
      I see the next Art Gown ….Tango…Torch…. I won’t start poking around for fabrics until next month. However, it’s always smart to have my direction, as one never knows what one is going to bump into. xoxoxoxoxoxo

        1. Yes, it was fun! When I went to the Joyful Heart site, I saw they are having a Gala Fundraiser, as well. It reinforced what I was doing. So glad you’re here! xoxo

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  7. Resa – thank you for the invitation to participate in this important fundraiser gala. And to my sister chicklets – you are amazing. I look forward to our ongoing dialogue. With every act of kindness, and by working together, we make a difference.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

    1. Onwards!
      Love this comment, Rebecca. I think you are right. I think Margaret was onto something. Thank you for that quote!
      There will be more projects.

  8. Hyperion

    This is fabulous, stunning, and wonderful, Resa. Big hugs for your effort to bring attention to a horrible sickness that permeates every level of society. You’ve accomplished your goal with your lovely stars, art, music, and gowns in a kind and thoughtful way.

    1. Yay! That is exactly what I was looking to do. It’s wonderful that I wasn’t alone, and so many blog pals helped out. In spite of the horrible subject matter, we managed a bit of fun. Hard to believe this happens in our enlightened age, yet, someone pointed out that human trafficking is a big problem. Will man’s inhumanity to man ever end?

      1. Hyperion

        You do bring awareness in a gentle and graceful way and the message is well received. We must try to stop this inhumanity, we must do it together.

  9. Resa, your gowns are gorgeous as ever. I love the drawings. And the songs sung at your event. Most of all your support for the cause of victims of sexual abuse and violence shows your love and compassion. ❤

    1. Ohh, thank you so much! In some ways it was a difficult post to do. I mean, why do people rape and sexually abuse. Have we not learned better?
      It appears not. Even priests do it! ❤

  10. A beautiful post, surrounded by excellent collaborators, for a worthy cause … it is incredible that in the 21st century we have to continue in this fight, making visible a problem that nobody wants to see.
    Congratulations, well done Resa!!

    1. Thank you dear Belén!
      I love the way you say…making visible a problem nobody wants to see.
      That is very true. Those of us who are not victims, are the ones who can help the most.
      I think we should not be allowed to be blind. That is like helping the perpetrators. Victims, even those recovered and strong need help to expose this horrible reality.
      I know… 21st century! It’s crazy! We also have pirates and sex slaves and human traffickers.
      Love to you!!!

      1. I think we should be united to advance, when all women come together and make their voices heard (March 8), the world stops and those who manage our lives are terrified … but it’s so hard to keep us together.
        Love to you too!!!

  11. Dear Couturier Chicklet, it was an honor participating in this wonderful fundraising Gala for such a noble cause. Your creativity is limitless and I love ALL your drawings so much, not to mention the Art Gowns! What a shinning example you are, my beautiful friend! Love to you and all sister Chicklets! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 🐥xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you Michael! It was a bit of a trying post, but I believe I found a way to use the Art Gowns and the Chicklets to make it work. I’m especially happy you got to see this post. 😀

  12. Beautiful gowns, drawings and music, Resa. A sad cause though. I often read the local news from where my daughter lives, and it is terrifying. Situation here in Ireland is not much better lately.

    1. Thank you, Inese.
      Yes, it is sad. However, it’s good to keep things from being swept under the carpet. We can’t deal with things we can’t see.
      It’s so senseless.

  13. I just saw a movie about this very subject – sex trafficking and abductions. HORROR ….!!!!
    It seems archaic to have this in these times. I could go on but your blog doesn’t need my rant.
    Gorgeous gowns and a most worthy cause. Bless you …!!!
    Isadora 😎

    1. Thank you, Isadora. It is crazy & archaic that slavery and sex trafficking are with us.
      We can’t sweep this away! Pirates; there’s modern day Pirates. Have we come so far that we are going backwards?
      I always thought the Art Gowns would just be pretty. Now, I want them to be useful, as well.

      1. 👍🏻 it’s a topic that one can speak about for hours. Yes, it’s archaic. Just hearing on the news some of the things that happen to women is disgusting. It churnes my stomach. I’m pleased you decide to make the gowns a part of this cause. You are an angel to those who are suffering.
        Have a blessed week … Isadora 😎

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