Mosaics, Mesh & Eyelash

While the world awaits Princess Blue Holly to save the Art Gowns Mermaids, let’s take a look at a photo shoot from last month!

Above: In a knockout mesh gown, accessorized with mesh fan, full length gloves and mosaic hair, renowned Torch Chanteuse, Rene Rosso, opens the layout.

Art Gowns was lucky to get Gigi for this shoot. Her fall schedule is hectic, as she devotes much of her time to saving all birds, with a focus on turkeys. Here she is resplendent in a mosaic gown, accessorized with mosaic hair and bracelets .

Shehanne is the meaning of splendour in a mosaic and eyelash gown with full length mesh gloves and mosaic hair. The beauty team gave her a 1980’s Italian vogue make-up look. When she got home the Hamster Dudes didn’t recognize her and called police.

Holly is adorned in a mosaic and mesh gown. Her hair mocks mosaic, with Jet beads set in at irregular intervals. Art Gowns wanted to do something special for Holly. Knowing she adores motorcycle adventures, mosaic gauntlets were added to the gown.

This shoot was Dale’s first time modelling for Art Gowns. We all had a lot of fun working with her. In a mosaic & mesh gown, accessorized with a mesh/mosaic fan, mosaic bracelet & hair, Dale does not disappoint!

Aquileana is marvellous in this mosaic & eyelash gown. Pulled together with a mosaic fan, full length mesh gloves and subtle mosaic hair, this outfit is deadly gorgeous.


The colours of Marina’s mesh & mosaic gown was largely inspired by the Aegean sea colours in a painting she sent me. (I love it!) Half length mosaic gloves and mosaic hair complete the outfit.

BTW! I bought a Marina Kanavaki calendar for 2020. It’s absolutely fabulous. Click on the calendar, and go to her blog’s calendar post. There’s PayPal buttons, and you can get one of your own.

As per her contract with Art Gowns, Ms. Rosso modelled 3  gowns, and had her choice of which gown to open the article with.

Ms. Rosso, a class act, shared her fruit plates and flowers with all of the models.

Impressed with Paloma Fath, Ms. Rosso is currently preparing a new act, featuring all new gowns, and a heavily directed stage presentation.

H’eye there everyone!

I want to let you all know that the new Art Gown is done. So, we’ll all have to wait to see the next episode of Princess Blue Holly.

 Of course I have to dress  the Mini-me, give the gown a final press, vacuum, arrange the plants and then shoot it. After that there is the selection of photos and making the post. I can hardly wait!!! 💖

January – by Marina Kanavaki

140 thoughts on “Mosaics, Mesh & Eyelash

  1. Resa, you have outdone yourself. This is truly amazing. You made all of us so beautiful. Your drawings are incredible and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of this wonderful art post. Thank you so much. ❤

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    1. It’s the best fun drawing my blog gal pals in gowns!
      I’ve been saving the 1-eye for awhile, waiting for the right post. They are easy to do, in a way, but can actually take a long time.
      Thank you, Timothy!

    1. Thank you, dear Aq! 💜🦄
      You know, it is because of you that I started drawing the lovely ladies of blog world in my Art Gowns!
      You are an amazing inspiration.
      I am thrilled that the more I draw, the better it gets. I’m so happy you saw this post. {{Hugs}} to you & happy weekend, too! 😘😘

  3. Dear Resa, I’m going on a trip tomorrow but I had to stop here first! This is so beautifully amazing. I love the mosaic gowns and everyone love so marvelous! The most amazing models ever. Thanks for including RR…love that torch song too!

    1. Have the best time!!!!
      Come back when you return … or if you find a moment with some wifi!
      It’s so much fun drawing all my fave gals in gowns.
      You are all very inspiring to me!
      Paloma Fath is fantastic. RR has great taste!

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    1. The gauntlets are aces… a unique gown accessory inspiration only you could account for!
      (PS … when I finally do the new Boogapony outfit… we need a real cool tune to Boogapony to! Talk later)
      Of course the Art Gown is done… so first things first!

        1. Good!
          I’ll research some street art we want to honour with our dance.
          OH, BTW, negotiations for the new bus are a bit … stalled.
          I don’t see why we should pay full price. After all, RR will be using it on tour, and there is no better advertising for any company.

    1. I’m so happy you got to see his post, and that you like the gowns.
      . It’s very rewarding to draw the girlfriends out here!
      It adds a lot to the drawings. Their individual personalities are presented on their blog. This is the basis for a feel. I use the Gravatar to capture a touch of how they look. My drawings have become a lot better since I started doing this!

              1. Oh, that will sound good when I describe a gown on the runway… ‘Ere’s ‘Olly in jolly good old bean of an Art Gown.
                Actually, jelly beans are very colourful and could make fun summer gowns.

  5. You have a stellar runway! This is better than the Paris runway. You have captured the beautiful spirits of those who inspired these art gowns. P.S. I’m waiting for the calendar to come too! Can hardly wait.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I’m thrilled you see their spirits in the drawings. I enjoy drawing so much more since I started using blog pals. I actually believe it’s helping me get better at drawing.

      You’re going to love Marina’s calendar!
      I thought of you when I bought it, and then again when it arrived. I remember you did a post(s) about having an Art Calendar, and how much you enjoyed it. Hang it up in your home calendars might seem odd to some, but I like having one, and with art on it, it’s a joy.
      Marina’s work in hers is suitable for framing!

      1. I agree wholeheartedly – when we create, work, play within a compassionate community, we grow with wisdom and understanding. I am so excited about Marina’s calendar. Should be in the mail any day!!

  6. Thrilled! Absolutely thrilled to find myself amongst your gorgeous gals…
    What a fabulous song that was, too… my, my, my. What a wonderful thing to come home to at 3 am after working a 10+ hour shift.

    1. Yay! I’m so happy this post has added some energy to you after such a long shift. Coming from film world, I know how hard long shifts are, and how the tiredness adds up. Often the days I wasn’t working were spent in recovery mode.

      I’m thrilled you are here as an Art Gowns model. I thought I did okay capturing an essence of you.
      So, next big fashion show, I want you back on the runway!

      1. It absolutely did! And yeah, my four weeks are going to be the same, basically. Work Friday and Saturday, and recuperate Monday to Thursday to start all over…

        I am beyond thrilled and you did more than okay. I shall be honoured to return to your runway!

        1. Thanks, Thunder! I’m working on something for in the new year, asap. The new Art Gown (based on the Tango) will go up next, then Princess Blue Holly has to finish rescuing the Art Gowns Mermaids. I might be having too, much fun.
          I hope your in between days are restful, and that you still get some life in. At least one can sit while blogging!

          1. Kewl. I’m getting a new ‘do on the 12 December – I’ll send you a selfie 😉 Ooooohhh… Tango! I love the fun you are having because you are bringing us along for the ride!
            They will be…

  7. Oh, Resa…. under the word BEAUTY there ought to be your Art Gowns. I am stunned at the immense beauty and elegance of ALL your Art Gowns… and of, how proud I am to be wearing one of them. Gorgeous models and Resa your drawings are just too delicious!!!!!! 😘 Only problem is, Hera is jealous! 😉🐾😉 Thank you so much for your kind words on my calendar and link. Means so much to me… but you already know! Love to an exceptionally talented girl and her gorgeous models and extra xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to J&J ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Marina!
      You’ve always been a joy!
      (Listening to Roxy Music on Oannes blog, as I write this)
      Tell Hera not to be jealous.She already looks like she’s wearing a gown. Her coat is gorgeous!
      Also J & J want Hera to know they are taking care of the Art gowns over here. As soon as mommy is out of the room and the tail is not pinned up, they add to the design by throwing up & pulling threads with their claws.
      I am becoming better at drawing since drawing my friends out here in blog world.
      I am thrilled you are part of my experience.

      1. And I’m also thrilled to be part of your wonder world!!!!!! You are indeed becoming better and better and it’s such a pleasure watching your talent flourish. I’m just adoring every moment of it! 🙂 xoxoxo
        As for Hera, well, yes …and I think she knows too but, as a girl, she can’t help but wonder! 😉
        J&J better behave!!!!!! 😉 …on second thought, they are probably trying to be creative as well… maybe even help mommy… in their own way! 😉

        1. For sure J & J are being creative. They are using all their talents.
          The one thing that scares me is…Jeep & the pins.
          Man, she eyes the pins. Takes grabs at them, rarely, because she knows not to. Cats!

            1. IKR! Jeep is a total pin brat!
              It’s amazing how many years they can wait for that one opportune moment!
              Well, so can I!!

  8. I followed Dale here after her reblogging of this stunning post (well deserved, Dale, so you know, whatever the ‘selection criteria’ are for glam-attendance, I’ve no doubt you’d belong!) – this is fantastic! These gowns, the imagination and creativity involved! FAB!

    1. Aww, thank you so very much! Drawing has largely come to me only recently. Drawing my blog pals has made it fun, creating the desire to do more. Again, thank you!

  9. It’s like the days before Christmas. Each day is an eternity – waiting for THE day. We are breathless with barely contained excitement. We are waiting, waiting for the great unveiling. Cheers Virginia

    1. How sweet, Virginia!
      Yes, I’m making a couple more flowers to sew on the gown, and planning Mini-me’s outfit.
      I’m thinking the new Art Gown will be published in about 2 weeks.
      I am quite excited, as I extended my abilities, and it seems to be working out. The theme is the Tango, and passion is in the air! XOXOXOXO

      1. How glorious. The Tango. Resa dear Resa this will have my heart beating very very fast. I found a u tube video of a couple dancing the tango and what I absolutely adore about it … the man is definitely older, much older, than his partner. It is incredibly sexy. Don”t we just love sexy? XXXOOO

        1. Adore sexy!!!
          And it could be the other way around. The woman could be older, the man younger.
          It’s a dance of passion. My Art Gown is embracing that passion!
          It really is a gown of art, as with Tango, there always seems to be legs out of a slit, a side seam, high and low hem line.
          Yet, Judy has a metal stem and 4 wheels. How did I interpret in an abstract Art Gowns way?

  10. As I scrolled down I kept saying “This one is my favorite.” Then I gave up. Resa, this is a gorgeous collection. If I were a little girl I would want the whole collection to dress and admire. ❤

  11. Hyperion

    You outdid yourself Resa! What a beautiful show for these lovely ladies who add so much to good to our world. Ah, the torch song in the black gown was stunning and heart grabbing. I did lose my dignity and snort laugh at the hamster dudes. They were so gobsmacked they called the RCMP. I bet the RCMP were gobsmacked as well.

    1. Aww, thank you, Dan!
      Yes, it is a wonderful thing I have discovered; drawing girlfriends. I know I am not a portrait artist, but I really do feel I am capturing an essence of each woman.
      So, the next post on Art Gowns will be an actual Art Gown. It’s finished, but there is lots to do setting the stage before I can shoot it, then picking out shots and making up a post.

      After that, it will be the next instalment of Princess Blue Holly. I will be in touch about PBH . turning into a dragon. Thank you! ❦

      1. Hyperion

        I love how you have captured the essence of each person and given them a fanciful story and, oh my, how well they are dressed for each occasion. It is quite clear how much of your positive energy is invested in your art. It is inspiring work and loads of fun to indulge in. 😃 I’m looking forward to each post.

  12. Resa, I thoroughly enjoy your amazing drawings! Such a magnificent celebration of beauty and the feminine in all its splendor and in all its facets…love it so much! When I was a kid I wanted to be either a writer or a fashion designer, and seeing your art connects me back to that innocent and dreamy time. Your work is fabulous, and very uplifting. Thanks Resa:)

    1. Thank you so much!!
      It is a lot of fun drawing my pals. It started with one, then two pals, and it has been growing ever since!
      Who knows how many I will get to draw.
      The most amazing thing you have said is “uplifting”. That is what I mean it to be!
      Love this comment, dear Gypsy!

      1. Yeah, I can tell! It shines through, what a fantastic project you have going on here. I really love it!:) You are very welcome. Your creativity and gift of marvelous imagination really sparked my enthusiasm here. Talk/ comment soon:), hugs

  13. Loving this post Resa so talented and you’ve featured a lot of my favourite blog friends 😍. Love the triangle highlights, I love arty calendars two purposes one the calendar two you can cut out the images and frame them, Marina’s work is fabulous.
    All my very best wishes
    Charlotte 🙋🏼‍♀️

    1. Dear Charlotte,

      As I look back on this post & these drawings, I see a lot I adore.
      Yes, it seems we have a lot of blog pals in common.
      Marina’s art is wonderful, and I agree about framing her work, as the months pass.
      I’d love to include you (in a sketch) in one of my stories with the rest of the Art Gowns.
      Are you interested?
      Anyway, I have a bunch of drawings of you, and I’d like to get back at them, either for a special post about you, or to include you, as one of the Art Gowns models.
      I’m easy, and I can take a “no” answer!

      Many hugs to my fave soprano! – Resa

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