Jennifer in Velvet Tango

It’s a gluttony of beauty.

In the middle of a Pandemic, Jennifer, who is not a professional model, modelled an Art Gown. Why? Well, I helped mentor her into the Costume department in the film biz. This was her idea of a payback.

It was a first class thrill to see Velvet Tango on Jennifer. I only took around 1200 pics. It’s taken me weeks to choose the best 130, then pare that down to the ones you see in this post.

It was an overcast day. The above shot was taken when the sun came out briefly, but I don’t understand why it is so very different. There were about 6 shots that came out like this.

Bewitched by all the choices, I decided to post them in the location order that they were taken. We started on the fire escape.

Above is the only gust of wind during the entire shoot.

Then we were at the bottom of the fire escape.

From there we moved into the alley. I adore alleys. There’s almost never anyone else. We shot for a half hour. Not one person walked by. One guy did sit on his fire escape to watch.

It was a wonderful day! Jen looks amazing, and she wore no make-up; just lipstick and sunglasses.

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The Covid numbers were down in Toronto. Jen and I took all required precautions.

Velvet Tango © Resa McConaghy was dedicated to & inspired by the poetry of Holly – House of Heart

120 thoughts on “Jennifer in Velvet Tango

  1. Timothy Price

    That is a gorgeous gown and Jen looks amazing in it. It looks like you made it for her. I noticed an accordion on the fire escape. Do you play the accordion?

    1. It’s very thrilling to see one of my Art Gowns come alive. You know this is the 5th time someone has modelled one, but none have been actual models. I like the idea of regular people in my work.
      The accordion… no I can’t play it. It’s one of Norm’s many instruments. Guitar is his main/original instrument, but he plays a lot of different instruments. He has a crazy collection.

      1. Timothy Price

        I think you do well with untrained models. Since your gowns are made from recycled material it seems right to use run of the mill beautiful women to model them.

              1. Timothy Price

                I can tell from your photos and video that they feel the magic when they put on your gowns. It must be a wonderful feeling.

              2. It is Tim! Seeing someone in one of my Art Gowns doesn’t happen every day, but when it does…..WOW!
                There’s a lot of magic in my life, including your trees!

  2. Absolutely wonderful, Sorceress! How fantastic to see your beautiful gown on a beautiful woman (and I agree with you on “using” real women to showcase your works of art).

    1. Thank you, Dale!
      I’d love to get you into one of my Art Gowns.
      After all, you are an Art Gowns Model. Perhaps when the big P is over?

      1. Oh my goodness.. I don’t think your beautiful gowns are in my size 😉 Though that would be Ah-May-Zing!
        The big P will be over. Eventually.

    1. My dear Holly!
      Thank you so much for this comment.
      Velvet Tango was originally inspired by you, and if you couldn’t model it (the border is still closed) then I am glad it is Jennifer.
      Yes, Cheers to Jen & I… and you!

  3. Hyperion

    Remarkable and stunning Resa. Jen gives Velvet Tango life and purpose. I see a story of a young Prince finding his Princess in a magic gown that gives her superpowers of the constellations. This was a perfect harmony. I imagined Jen’s aura and the power of Velvet Tango caused the camera to witness a pure energy born. I’ll say it was a good omen. The gown is gorgeous and Jen is clearly accepted by Velvet Tango and rocks her like a superstar.

    1. Thank you my dear!
      Jen does rock Velvet Tango like a superstar. I don’t need a professional model for my Art Gowns, I just need a person, any age, any look who loves it and feels it.
      You have an amazing imagination, which is why you are so valuable to the Art Gowns, especially the “Gowntoons”.
      So after 2 days of learning to make a GIF, (don’t ask) I finally have conquered the beast.
      The 2nd episode is almost done. We will need a Water Dragon for episode 3, as PBH will call upon Hyperion at the end of 2..
      I know you’ll be up for it!
      Sending love!

      1. Hyperion

        Thank you Resa! You are soooo right. A person that loves and feels in a creative context makes the best art no matter which or what art it is. Hyperion and the Water Dragons look forward to aiding PBH in her quest. We’ll fly in immediately.

            1. Crazy… I was on GLAM, but now I’m back here, working on the post.
              The election is tomorrow. I’m Canadian, so I’ll wait it out baking pies. xx

              1. Hyperion

                It’s going to be a long long day and nobody is going to see their dark fantasies come true. I wish I was at your place. I’d feel safe and I could help with the pies. What was GLAM like? Did you enjoy it?

              2. GLAM is my street art & other arts blog, mostly street art.
                (Graffiti Lux Art & More)
                Art Gowns & GLAM are each connected to different emails. So, I have to log out of one in order to log into the other. Otherwise WP weirdness happens. Also my Gravatar is different on each and not everyone has made the connection.
                It’s a bit of a story how it all happened.
                Anyway, I’m here or there. lol.
                So, 5 pies just came out of the oven. The smell is making me crazy. 1 Apricot pie, 1 Blueberry pie, 1 Cherry pie, 1 very large Apricot Blueberry pie (a circle of Apricots in the centre / a ring of Blueberries around that) & 1 veggie pie!
                My crust is whole wheat & vegetable shortening, the fillings have no sugar (I used a bit of honey for these fruits with either a splash of lime or lemon.) I’ll freeze 3. That will bring my frozen pies up to 9.
                I needed to do something waiting for the polls to close. We are clenching up here in Canada.
                It does seem safer up here, and I could use the pie help!

              3. Hyperion

                I hope I’m going to the right places at the right time. I may have experienced a bit of the old Hyperion Haze. Your pies sound heavenly and surely the after party will be either jubilation the GOO is gone or drowning our sorrows in the comfort of pie love. Either way, our bellies will be okay. 😋🥧🥛

              4. Hyperion

                Egads! The suspense, like waiting to find out if your COVID test is negative or positive knowing the test has the same accuracy as flipping a coin so when you get your results it is highly likely the opposite is true. Good thing you have several days worth of pie. We may need all of them.

    1. Yes, it was an Art Gown inspired by, and dedicated to Holly.
      The poetry of Tango. The Tango of poetry.
      My first dream was to see it on Holly. Well, she’s in the USA, & I’m in Canada. The border is shut tight.
      Most of my AGs never make it onto a body. Jen loves them a lot! So, whatever she puts on, she becomes one with it. This is her second time modelling an Art Gown for me. I am appreciative beyond words. Check her out in
      Enjoy her ability to make it her own, again!
      Love this comment,Trent!

    1. Aww, thanks Shey!
      It’s always a massive treat to get an Art Gown on a real person.
      It doesn’t feel right to hire a trained model to wear an Art Gown for a photo shoot.
      It should be someone who loves the gowns, and wants to wear one just because.
      Any age or look works. Many sizes and shapes work, because of how I have built them, in components. I can literally fit a size 2 to a size 8 in most of the gowns.

      1. You know what? I You sum it up when you say ‘It doesn’t feel right to hire a trained model to wear an Art Gown for a photo shoot.
        It should be someone who loves the gowns, and wants to wear one just because.’ For me your gowns are about the perfection of the soul ( not being poncy here, just saying) ie someone who loves our gowns and knows the little bits of that you built them from.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I’ve been trying to find an enhanced WOW word to write but there is no WOW word, big enough to express my feelings about your Velvet Tango! Gorgeous, my super talented friend. Great inspiration too from Holly and beautiful model, Jennifer!
    A super wow Art Gown! Many hugs! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Marina,
      I’ve been trying to find an enhanced THANK YOU word, but all I can do is send you much love, many hugs and virtual kisses!
      For some reason, I hope S. got to see this. I guess he’s so talented (you both are) that I want to show him mine. LOL!!!

      1. Enhanced hugs back to you and love and xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
        Yesterday he said he was impressed by your Art Gown… I know he was planning to comment. We both admire your talent very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        More hugs and …oh wait, Hera feels left out…
        she sends slobbery kisses and she told me to add her also in your admirers list!

  5. I couldn’t help but laugh at and relate to Marina’s comment because now I’m following in her footsteps with a simple WOW!!! Velvet Tango is gorgeous! I’ve always loved pairing red and black together, so you did a beautiful job, Resa. And Jennifer looks gorgeous and mysterious all in one. The idea of no makeup with only lipstick and sunglasses is perfect, natural beauty and charisma. Absolutely wonderful! 💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤

    1. Thank you so much Lauren!

      We all have an art we love… writing, painting, photography, ceramics… on and on. I just happen to have a passion for making Art Gowns out of garbage….Treasure out of trash.
      This is why a professional model won’t do. Like you say, it’s all natural. Any age, any look is fine for my AGs. If someone has a penchant for make-up, that’s cool too, but they are being their own face artist.

      Good news! Someone sent me 30 pounds of old fabrics from the 80’s. Should keep me busy!

      1. I think it’s great to appreciate all forms of art, which is why I appreciate your talent, Resa. My mom and MIL could sew, knit, and crochet, but that talent flew right past me. 🙂 And how exciting about the fabric. I’m sure you’re swimming in elation right now! Have fun and hope to see some of your creations in the future. Hugs! 💕

  6. Posing can be exhausting — as are the positions a fashion photographer needs to contort her own body. Great work and kudos to both of you, Resa. I like the addition of the red gloves. Thanks for bringing us along for this fashion photography adventure. Hugs on the wing!

    1. Teagan!

      Those red glove are vintage late 50’s, possibly earlier. They are made from red nylon.
      What a joy that shoot was. I’m so happy you came along. Thank you for all your lovely words! {{{HUGS}}}

    1. Oh Rob, thank you so much! This means a lot coming from you. You are a superb photographer. I’ve always wished you were nearby, to shoot an Art Gown sometimes.
      Be well, and your lovely family!

    2. Hey Rob!
      I was just on your blog for several posts. I left comments, but they are not there.
      Could you please check your SPAM, in case I went in there? EEEEEE!!!!!

  7. A superb and glamorous post, Resa. Jennifer brings out the beauty of Velvet Tango, which is captured brilliantly within your photography. I smiled at the number of photos taken. The different locations created varied experiences and stories. I had to look up the history of the Tango and can see how this dance created a movement throughout the entire world. (Remember Scent of a Woman) I found that on August 31, 2009, UNESCO approved a joint proposal by Argentina and Uruguay to include the tango in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Another stellar post!!

  8. OMG! That gown is stunning, but the model is beautiful. She certainly seems like a pro, and your shots are wonderful. The gust of wind was perfect–using your super powers there, I see!

    1. Thank you Merril! Jen is a regular working wardrobe person, but she does have an obvious natural elegance. What a joy this shoot was. Yes, I think my magic trees from Tim rustled a gust up from Albuquerque!

  9. Beautiful shots.. and you got the only gust of wind too… 😀 Jennifer looks stunning in that beautiful gown Resa… And love the shot on the fire escape and the one among the greenery where you can see the lace insert on the train…
    A beautiful gown and a tremendous amount of work in creating it and the the photo’s Resa… Well done you… 🙂 💖🙏💖

  10. Dear designer, this dress is beautiful. Red and black are combined in a very subtle way. the drape of the throne in its different presentations is really a little marvel. I really like this creation.

  11. Aww Resa artista, what a dream! This dress aka art deluxe in motion evokes notions of “Carmen” meets flowing waterfalls meets timeless elegance for me… just stunning. Thank you for taking us into your world of endless and healing imagination and creation once again, amiga. I just love your work!!! Blessed to know you, gorgeous goddess. Big hugs and much love xoxoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Wow .dear Resa !! You have prepared a dreamy gown.wonderful embroidery and amazing combination of black and red colour in your dress.marvellous.💕💕💕💝

    1. Thank you! I was thrilled to see this on a body! You have beautiful hair, too!
      I know it’s been awhile, and I am easy as pie.
      You said I should ask kooky questions for an interview post we might do together.
      Well, they don’t get much kookier!
      You were busy, so I don’t know if you had a peek.
      I will send a link and Passcode for you to take a look. I’ll send it in a private message on Twitter!
      Cheers xx

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