Princess Blue Holly vs Etamilc Egnahc

It was a very serious situation!

The moment Rene Rosso felt Rebecca Budd’s estranged & frantic energy, she instinctively morphed into Princess Blue Holly.

Princess Blue Holly looked into her Tangle-Heart. The signal was weak.

Her Tangle-Heart managed to connect via the moon to a magic orb from Dale’s Peach tree.

It led Blue Holly to a wind farm outside of Chicago. It was here she found the Art Gowns Models planted firmly into the good earth.

She also found the tornado that had captured them. It was Etamilc Egnahc.  Poor thing had once been Blue Holly’s friend; a gentle, soothing summer breeze. Then climate change turned her into a PBH nemesis.

“Blue Holly, welcome to my Art Gowns Models Plantation! Seems whenever the Art Gowns Models are in jeopardy, you come to the rescue. Well, you’re too late! They’re already growing roots, and once they go to seed I’ll be planting Art Gowns aplenty.”

“I’m sick and tired of wearing doors, chairs, trees, birdbaths and whatnot. From now on it’s nothing but Art Gowns in my crown, and I’ll be beautiful.”

Suddenly, cries of “help me” were heard. It was the scarecrow.

 “His name’s ‘Oron. He’s from Manchester. I picked him up while on a whirlwind tour of the U.K. Thought he’d make a good scarecrow, which is what you’ll be when I finish with you!”.

With that, Etamilc became very aggressive, growing until she finally sucked up Princess Blue Holly.  Unfortunately, she also sucked up the scarecrow. Etamilc began winding her way to Lake Michigan, where she intended to dump Blue Holly.

We interrupt this currently scheduled blogcast with Breaking News! The AIDASAssociation of International Divas And Singershas just revealed that renown Torch Singer Rene Rosso, previous to her most recent concert, had hired One-Eye for the position of Personal Manager.

Lala Laswirl, Spokes-Singer for the AIDAS, sang out harshly against the move. She also chastised Ms. Rosso for copying Veronica Lake, accusing her of trying to suck up to One-Eye. “It’s outrageous, and unheard of! No one has ever hired a One-Eye blog mascot for anything!” 

” This is the most outlandish move Rene Rosso has made since she incorporated a rendition of a Stevie Nicks Rock’n’Roll song into her Torch repertoire!  I wouldn’t be surprised if One-Eye put her up to it.”

As they approached Lake Michigan, PBH was whipping her spiked leaves and poison berries at the walls of Etamilc’s vortex. ‘Oron’s head snapped off the scarecrow’s pole, and  whirlpooled into the exact centre of Etamilc Egnahc, causing her to go off balance and plunge into the massive lake, taking Blue Holly and ‘Oron with her.

Using her cyclone power, Etamilc arose from the lake as a waterspout. No matter how hard PBH tried to climb out of the swirling water, Etamilc managed to keep her prisoner.

Using her Tangle-Heart as a conduit, she called upon her Inner Dragon. Hyperion heard, and roared loudly.

It was at that exact moment that Art Gowns Model Dale connected to her Peach Tree. The magic tree was confused. It was above and below. What did it all mean?

Rene Rosso & Princess Blue Holly Characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

All magic tree photos © Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even

Centre tree inspired by Marina Kanavaki’s art series – As Above So Below

You can visit all of the AGMs on their respective blogs. Just click on their names!

Dale / Gigi / Holly / Shey / Marina

How will Hyperion – Return of Dragons help PBH? The next episode will tell!

Visit Rebecca at Lady Budd

Visit Alex aka ‘Oron at Professional Moron

In case you missed Episode One- Check it out by clicking on the pic below!

168 thoughts on “Princess Blue Holly vs Etamilc Egnahc

  1. Timothy Price

    What an amazing post, Resa. I love the wildness, the dialog, the drawings, the cool gifs. This is a super fun post. I hope PBH can overcome that Etamilc waterspout. Bitting nails over this one.

    1. Yeah!!
      Wildness…. yay!
      Omg, it took me 2 days to figure out how to make a GIF! I needed something more snappy than a slideshow.
      I hope Lala LaSwirl didn’t annoy you, too, much. She can be quite the beotch, but she is the spokes singer for the AIDAS.
      Thank you!!!!!

          1. Timothy Price

            You did good, too. I assume your phone has live view on the photos? There’s an app you can get called Live GIF that will convert your live view photos into GIFs or short movies. It’s a great app. I use it quite a bit.

            1. Interesting.
              I did my gifs from still photos on my laptop using Keynote.
              My eyes aren’t the best, so the small screen on the phone is annoying.
              Yes, I do have live view photos on my phone. It took me a minute to get what you meant.
              It really is a lot of fun on the computer.
              It makes all this drawing and sewing come to life in a way!

  2. Holy frijoles, Resa! This is a wild and crazy part 2!
    You did a more than amazing job. I am breathless with it all.
    We await Hyperion with bated breath
    And yes… what does it mean to have my tree above and below… maybe the below will have some sort of connection to something… oooohhh

    1. Ah, dear Art Gowns Model Dale,
      Yes… you are onto my story telling. Above/Below
      Dale’s tree is on the brink.
      Hyperion is on the job!
      This may have to be a 4 part episode. Rene Rosso (aka PBH) is determined to wind it all up with an Art Gowns Models Fashion Show.
      Funny how wind is a homonym of wind.
      Anyway… connections will be made, & PBH will morph at least twice more!

      1. I still can’t believe I am one of the Art Gowns Models. Can’t wait to see what that peach tree does.
        Four parts… wooo hooo!
        Cannot wait to see how this plays out. How will the models stop rooting; how will Hyperion come to the rescue; what role wil Rene Rosso (PBH) play? So many questions.

        1. Yes, lots of questions.
          You are an Art Gowns Model because you are cute and perky….. and I like you!
          The Peach tree is on it.. love to spill a few beans, but I won’t!
          I’ve got a few sketches done, and tend to draw 4 nights a week.
          I’m also into the next Art Gown. Need to put a bit more time into that.

          1. I can wait… and you are sweet… I’ll take cute and perky but especially, I’ll take the like.
            No spilling. We’ll wait…. impatiently, but we’ll wait.
            Ooooh… Can’t wait to see!

    1. Dear Art Gowns Model Shey,

      I know how terrifying and exciting all of this is…. but I have to tell you… Etamilc has sucked up your heels.
      I doubt that you will get them back.
      Be brave! Princess Holly is on the job! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

        1. Dear Art gowns Model Shey,
          You will have to be uprooted first! I only hope you don’t go to seed before this can be accomplished.
          Goth boots are a good idea for nemesis stomping! xoxo

    1. Thank you!
      Several people have mentioned the colours. I think I do think about that, but kind of in the back of my brain. I’m just thrilled when I get a sketch that’s good enough to colour in! LOL!!!!

  3. You could tell from the first outfit that action was on the way. Reminds me of when Mrs. Peel would wear a snazzy jumpsuit. Fighting was sure to follow!! And you’ve given a whole new side to “Suck it up.” 🙂 Crazy good fun as always!


  4. I’m so glad you have gotten the latest adventure out dear Resa, It ‘s been a whirlwind of excitement and believe me we are just recuperating from being sucked up and planted, going to seed, I thought it was the end of our modeling careers, When I saw that ‘Oron had become involved in the disaster I feared for his stitches but thankfully we saved ‘Oron! He owes us big. When his head snapped off the broom stick I thought I would swoon and be of no good at all, but I sniffed my smelling salts and with a bit of Elmer’s we were off with the help of PBH’s magical Tangle Heart and the models treasured tree’s all compliments of Timothy (thank you Timothy!) it’s left us all feeling “dragged around” ya know. I can say with confidence that when RR hears what Lala Laswirl has had to say about her choice of ONE EYE as her future manager she will go into full Diva mode, “Katie bar the door” if you know what I mean (you have to be from the south to know what I mean). There will be a reckoning for Lala Laswirl. Dearest One Eye, you have outdone yourself, the art models are amazingly awesome, each and every one, GiGi, Dale, Shey, and Marina, so beautiful in their art gowns and so brave. I am preparing for the upcoming adventure, I am counting on Hyperion to intervene with Etamilc Egnahc, hard to imagine she was once our friend….xoxoxoxoxoxox

    1. Dear PBH,
      ….Ahem… erm … hem..
      Dear Holly,
      The Art Gowns Models have a good chance of their careers still flourishing, but of course, you’re right. It’s crazy exhausting!
      ‘Oron has been an extra added… broom stick attachment.
      Your feet have been planted, but there’s always more feet at the end of my pencil.
      Lala …. I don’t know how to get rid of her. She is, after all the AIDAS spokes singer. She will probably be a huge irritant in the future.
      All of the models adore you, and each other. Hyperion is roaring in readiness.
      I agree. It is difficult to imagine that Etamilc was once a good friend.
      This is what has come from climate change.
      I’ve had a preview of the dragon that Hyperion is sending in. Wicked!!!!
      (will send a pc tomorrow!)

      1. Exhausting all this flying around and being planted, saving Oron, he’s not a small scarecrow you know. Thankfully Hyperion is on the scene. Lala is such an irritant. But she will never come between RR and One Eye! The best manager ever for Divas. ❤️🥰xoxoxo

        1. ‘Oron’s head weighs a ton!
          PBH needs to uproot the Art Gowns Models & return them to Chicago. ‘Oron’s head needs to go back to his other body in Manchester. Although, he’s been heard asking if he can be returned to Toronto.
          RR has a new theme for a new Torch Set and Art Gowns Fashion Show. One Eye has already mentioned it to Rebecca.
          RR has her gowns picked out.
          You’re right!
          This is all so exhausting.
          I hear Hyperion is bringing in a Fire Breather, to help with Etamilc, and Dale’s tree is trying to reach PBH.
          xoxoxo ❦🎨❦👯‍♀️❦💃🏽❦🐲❦🌪

          1. So exhausting but there’s work to do. Thankfully One Eye and Rebecca are on the job. ‘Oron better get himself to Florida and get a tan, head (no pun) back to Toronto in the Spring. Lol, I make myself laugh. PBH is swimming everyday, dying to see her mermaid gown I would love to visit Dale’s Peach Tree and gather up a basket of fruit. Lucky Dale! Meanwhile I’m trying to connect to Hype via the Tangle Heart but Timothys Owls are creating static, that’s their home you know.

            1. The owls…. we will have to work them in!!!
              Brilliant idea, dear PBH….erm Holly.
              OH…. you gave me an idea. Will have to tell of that in email.
              Will have Timothy send me some OWL pics. I hope he has some of them in the Tangle Heart.
              Dale’s Peach tree is an import conduit, right now.
              I just know I can tie this all together.
              AND, I still have to draw Rebecca in Palazzo pants and an arty top.

              1. I’m so excited about how the AGMs get back to Chicago! Will organize my idea, and send it wth the first Tangle of Stars drawing in a day or 2! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    2. Don and I read the post together this morning – what a great way to start the day. My fingernails have been bitten off and I still feel the goosebumps. Courage, resilience, determination – all of these things come into full strength in this daring adventure. PBH will prevail, the Art Gowns will gain power over Etamilc Egnahc. Resa – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a backwards Climate Change.

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  6. Absolutely worth the wait!!!!! Out of words here… you’re just unstoppable aren’t you?!!!!!!
    Hurricane Resa and friends: BRAVO!!!!!!! 👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌

    1. Ah, Dear Art Gowns Model Marina, it’s all so exciting. I’m unstoppable because it’s so much fun drawing you Models in Art Gowns, and creating adventures for PBH.

    1. Thank you dear Art Gowns Model Holly!
      It really is amazing how many characters we’ve turned you into.
      Get some rest! The big fight is coming up, and PBH needs to morph into her new Mermaid outfit! xoxo

      1. You’ve created a world of beautiful art gown models and a gift of escape to a fantastic world of adventure, fun, danger, and humor but above all, beauty.
        How does one even begin to express how awed we are at your talent and gift of creativity?
        I am preparing myself for the Mermaid phase, I’m excited. ❤️

        1. Keep swimming! ❤
          Will send early mermaid pics… soon.

          In the meantime, (as if there is any meantime) I've begun "Her hair a tangle of stars" drawings.
          RR will be hosting an Art Gowns post that announces my guesting in a Rebecca Podcast, on Tea Toast and Trivia.
          I've got to find that poem on your blog.
          RR wants to call the post "A Cavalcade Of Stars" (of course she thinks she's the real star)

          RR really is something. She's pissed at Lala, and is considering what to do about it. One Eye called the lawyers.
          Very hectic over here.

          1. I’m really looking forward to posting your podcast Resa. Your ability to see enormous possibilities even as we face incredible challenges is heartening. You inspire us all to see that we can prevail, that kindness brings hope, that caring for our environment is safeguarding our survival. And you do this with humour and joy. Still have goosebumps!!!

            1. Thank you, Rebecca!
              Well, the adventure isn’t over. I’m planning a “for now” happy ending for Etamilc.
              You’re back in Chicago, creating the Art Direction for the RR inspired follow up fashion show to all this insanity.
              Let’s just hope the Art Gowns Models get back okay!

              1. I have every hope that the Art Gowns Models will get back okay. You have created a runaway best seller, Resa. And what better way to celebrate but with a fashion show. Hugs and more hugs.

  7. How poetic this post about fantastic gowns inspiredd by shapes offered by a generous nature and translated in drawings and words . I rejoice to read you are presenting your gowns creations like a garden !
    In friendship
    Michel ( come here via House of the Heart )

    1. Thank you so very much, Michel!
      I’m not sure if I have your name correct. Please correct me.
      It is lots of fun here in “Gowntoon” land with the Art Gowns Models.
      Holly, from whence you came here, is a huge inspiration, and cohort in making these stories.
      We have a lot of good times.
      In friendship,

  8. Thank you Resa for using your humour, brilliant wit, artistic talents that went in to creating a narrative that keeps us ever on the edge of our seat. You bring new ideas together with drama and set the stage for the next chapter. I was especially interested in how Etamilc Egnahc wanted to possess beauty and in so doing, destroy it in the process. LOVE LOVE LOVE the gif. Hugs and more hugs coming along with my gratitude for being a part of this narrative. We are in an adventure – together.

    1. Rebecca,
      I adore that you see what I am doing.
      Someone said: Your Gowntoons are cute, but shallow. I said … but PBH is taking on Climate Change and so much more. In the first adventure she took on Monsanto.
      In the second, she took on greed for greed’s sake. How is this shallow?

      1. It is NOT shallow. And your use of humour brings out the message – loud, clear and with possibilities. As Victor Borge once said: Humor is something that thrives between man’s aspirations and his limitations. There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth.”

        1. Ah, Victor Borge! 😀 😀

          I agree there is truth in humour and that within humour is truth.
          Humour is an art form. Even in the hands of the lewdest of Comedians, there is truth therein.
          If it’s too, raucous, I don’t have to be there/listen. Yet, sometimes…it’s funny there.

          Once the word “fuck” was illegal to use in a stand up comedy act.
          Lenny Bruce paid dearly for the right that many comedians enjoy today.

          “Take my wife, please!” Henny Youngman.
          “I don’t get no respect” Rodney Dangerfield.
          “Give me a new exciting, one-of-a-kind gown, or a one way ticket to Paris” Rene Rosso. (working on that one, as RR is not a comedian, but she is a cartoon!)

          Sending hugs!

  9. Reblogged this on Professional Moron and commented:
    Another slice of global fame for Mr. Wapojif here. There are other things about 2 loyal brainwashed blog readers of mine (keep sending me your money!!!!), but also me in a fetching scarecrow getup. Nice! Courtesy of the one and only, and only and one, Mz. Resa.

    1. HAHAHAHA….erm ahem… I mean thank you for the reblog. Loyal or not, we will not send $$$. Although, if everyone else wants to..YAAY!
      I agree the outfit is quite fetching. Working on a new one for your return to Manchester.
      Sorry, we could not accommodate a return to Toronto. Seems you were rejected due to …AAGGRRRGHHGRR.

  10. Hyperion

    What an adventure. I love how the writing has such an urgency to it. I really get the feel for the predicament the AGMs, OBH, and Orion are in. Geez, lost his head over it 😳. But PBH always keeps her cool. Hyperion has summon up his Dragons and as soon as we can get a grid lock, we’ll Astro project some serious Dragon Action on this pesky water spout. Maybe a little deionization will bring Etamilc Egnahc back to her former lovely self. But, Lala! Now, there is a nebulous and nefarious agenda. The Art Gown Model stories are really coming into their own power and magic. Well done, amazing Resa!

    1. Thank you dear Dragon Master!
      It will be a little time, as I need to draw everything, but I am really having a lot of fun with my “Gowntoons”.
      Lala is a bitch. Holly and I are working on where that will go. I wish there was a blogger who would be Lala. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a happy bad guy. LOL! xo

    1. YAY!!!
      So happy you like the “Gowntoons” (you gave them their name)!
      Something for the future: Ya wanna be a Gowntoons Character?
      I’m thinking Lala LaSwirl? xo The most highbrow of all! 😀
      Whatever…. no problem! Worked a bit on the interview post tonight. Now, I’m drawing Rene Rosso in “her hair a tangle of stars”. That’s a line from one of Holly’s gorgeous poems.
      … So excited about our interview post! ❦❦

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    1. Yes… we are taking on all of the bad stuff on the planet. We’ve done Monsanto & basic greed. Now, Climate Change. 2 more episodes.
      Then… well, working on that one! 😀 xo

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