Otherworld Adventure

Princess Blue Holly descended gracefully into Otherworld.

She was led by her Tangle-Heart. A moonless night was falling, as it watched over the defoliated magic trees.

Upon arrival, Blue Holly adopted the garb of the common peoples of Otherworld. She wandered tirelessly through a dark, eternal 3 a.m., searching for SheyGoth.

At first the song was far away, but PBH followed the music. AGM Shey was an incurable romantic. She was sure SheyGoth was behind the music.

As PBH drew near to SheyGoth, DracGoth intercepted.

“Princess Blue, I call you out! You are not in your league here. You have few powers to do anything. SheyGoth is here of her own free will. She can only leave of her own free will. We are Otherworld lovers.”

Blue Holly faced him dead on, albeit a tad cheeky.

“Was it the red hair that tipped you off? Look, I just want to talk to SheyGoth!”

SheyGoth appeared behind her Goth lover.“Princess Blue, I have no desire to talk with you!”

PBH replied, “then at least speak with Rene. You owe her that much. She made you, and all of the Art Gowns Models international celebrities.”

Driven by her love for all her AGM sisters, SheyGoth conceded. Blue Holly chose Nowhere & Nothing World, for the meeting. SheyGoth slipped on a simple gown, thereby becoming AGM Shey for the occasion.

A hologram of Rene Rosso appeared. “Come home dear Shey!”

“Remember the gowns, the colours, the joys of the catwalk? Remember Holly, Dale, Marina & Gigi? Remember how all the AGMs help each other? They wait for you! Rebecca Budd says she can’t do another show without you!”

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AGM Shey’s memories filled the air around her. Soon her true colour  came back.

AGM Shey looked at RR, and asked,”Will you sing “Once I Was Loved”, by Melody Gardot?”

DracGoth was frantic. “SheyGoth, don’t leave me! I love you! I need you! We are Otherworld lovers!”

“Sorry, Dahling! As much as I love our loving, there is no colour, no daytime, no any other time but 3 a.m. here. The Girlfriends and Gowns are calling. Dahling, you can come up and see me any night! I’ll wait in the dark for you.”

With that, SheyGoth slowly faded into a golden glow. The golden glow was cast upon the leafless magic trees.

Soon AGM Shey’s tree and all other magic trees were green again.

One-eye shed a tear for love.

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since September 2019

Shey Gigi MarinaDale Holly

All magic tree photos curtesy of & © Timothy Price – Off Center Not Even

TWO Things of note.

1. I was commissioned to draw Dracula. DracGoth is some of the drawings that did not win. Here is the winner:

2. AGM Shey/aka SheyGoth/ aka Shehanne MooreIS a true romantic. She writes the best historical romances, ever! Of 8 I’ve read 7. I’ve reviewed 6 here on Art Gowns. More will come!

Click on the above banner & go to Shey’s Amazon page!

In case you missed the first episode to this adventure, click on the pic below, and go there!

195 thoughts on “Otherworld Adventure

  1. Timothy Price

    What a wonderful adventure. Kudos to PBH for rescuing SheyGoth from the doldrums of a persistence of 3am.

    1. I held my breath, Tim, because there was dark magic at work. But PBH is light and colour – I need not have ever worried. Light will always come through….

      1. YES… yes.. he is Goth cute! Sigh! DracGoth needs to realize looks are not all that matters. True, he is also charming.
        Uch… I suppose he will linger in SheyGoth’s heart.

              1. True! SnapChat supers!
                Otherwise, we can all be in Shey’s bedroom at 3 am. Talk about a selfies photo fest!
                Drac will be dizzy from all the attention. I wonder if it will go to his head?

              1. Timothy Price

                It’s obvious you dom’t mess with the AGMs. DracGoth can go suck a bloody 3am egg!

              1. It’s 2 am.. in Shey’s world. Let’s hope she gets through to the morn. Then she can weigh in!
                I’m all for DracGoth….OUT!
                (Thou art more merciful than I)

              2. Lol! well, if he just reclines in the shade he won’t melt.
                SEE! He is already sucking us into his web of… webbing!

              3. True!
                He’s already “made worm’s meat out of me”
                Sorry,I couldn’t help quoting Shakespeare here. (Mercutio said that)There is something very Shakespearean about him.

              4. Lady MacBeth would be proud!

                On another note, have you seen Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 Romeo & Juliette?
                There will never be another like it!

                On another note… Have you seen Zeferelli’s

              5. True!
                Still, I expect it from her. She is the STAR!!!!
                Hello Drac? Hear that? RR is the star!
                I need a joint! OH it’s 100% legal in Canada.
                We keep running out of vaccine, but mj flows like a river! Something is askew!

              6. RR is such a Diva, we are going to have it out! I want those Hermes! Ah, the vaccine, let it flow into the arms of everyone! Here, here’s a MJ. We will find out what is askeW!

  2. What a perfect way to close my day, Dahling. Just perfect way!
    PBH was wise to listen to the AGMs!!!! 😉
    I love your drawings, the story, PBH and SheyGoth, Tim’s photos, DracGoth…
    All perfect!
    Love & many hugs
    from Hera too who was ready to jump in to save PBH!!!

        1. Yikes… I know I wrote this, but NO WAY I’m going to Otherworld at 3 am., or anytime.
          The AGMs need to dazzle the world with a new runway show. (OMG I heard DracGoth is attending all shows!)

              1. NOOOO!!!!
                He will infiltrate the ranks!
                For crying out loud, we have collections on the runway to deliver.
                OMG… he’s already infiltrating!

              2. It’s okay! We’re onto him!
                Imagine him copying PBH’s one eye patch. Has he no dingnity….dignitty… dinngitty.. ditginitty.. Uch! You know what I mean!

              3. Poor? I think not!I heard he’s worth a cool 10 mil!
                He can buy all the girl talk he wants, but the AGMs are not sell-outs!!!!

    1. OH MY! Hera would have had to become an Otherworld Puppy!
      Hmm, boy she sure would be cute! I bet everyone in Otherworld would love her. I hear they have a lot of sponges there, so it could have worked out!
      Anyway, PBH, RR, the AGMs & Rebecca Budd saved the day.
      Dahling, stay safe, and kiss Hera for me!
      🧽xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 🧽🧽xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 🧽
      🧽xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 🧽🧽xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 🧽

      1. A ha ha…. yes, I can picture that!!!!
        They sure did save the day!
        I love these stories and your creations!
        Happy Wednesday, my sweet friend.
        You too, stay safe and… get the sponges out,
        Here comes Hera!

        1. 💞🧽🧽🧛🏻‍♂️💞🧽🧽🧛🏻‍♂️💞🧽🧽🧛🏻‍♂️💞🧽🧽🧛🏻‍♂️

          1. 🎶🧛🏻‍♂️💖🐾🐾💖🎶🧛🏻‍♂️💖🐾🐾💖🎶🧛🏻‍♂️💖🐾🐾💖🎶🧛🏻‍♂️💖🐾🐾💖🎶🧛🏻‍♂️💖🐾🐾💖

            1. LOL!
              Holly had a fab idea that DracGoth could be Boogapony’s Roadie! Drive all night, sleep all day! I can’t stop laughing! And they have the emojis for it!!!!!

              1. A ha ha ha haaaaa…… what an idea!!!!!!!!!
                [and emojis!!!!!]
                😂🤣😂🧛🏻‍♂️🚌🌚😴🌞🧛🏻‍♂️🚌🌚😴🌞🧛🏻‍♂️🚌🌚😴🌞🧛🏻‍♂️🚌🌚😴🌞 😂🤣😂

    1. TOF, you would look spectacular in an eyepatch!
      You’d also look fab in a cabbage patch, strawberry patch or a patch of blue.
      I guess you’re just a patchy kinda guy! xo

      1. You know what, I believe Princess Blue Holly’s eyepatch makes for the finest Bond gal ever. Talking of a ‘patch’ ‘twas just the other day I very nearly had one…an ear patch. George sent me Ms Vladivostok the consummate hair dresser, with the appealing husky voice. While chatting about this and that, out came her cut throat knife thrusted toward my ear. Leaning ever closer I determined I was about to either have said throat cut or would suffocate within her ample cleavage or both. While Shirl, looking on, howled with laughter like a vampire, I took the view that if I had to die, there were worse ways to go! Regards, TOF

  3. I loved the opening lines, “Princess Blue Holly descended gracefully into Otherworld.” The adventure began. I confess my anxiety was high because I knew that PBH had chosen a dangerous journey to save her beautiful friend, SheyGoth. The dark, eternal 3 a.m. is not for the faint of heart. “Come home dear Shey” brought goosebumps. As the Art Director, I knew that I could never do another show without AGM Shey. Would PBH come through the darkness? I wondered. Yes she could, with her colour light and compassion, she brought back AGM Shey’s memories. I felt a little sadness for DracGoth, but yet again, the plot twisted into a joyful “You can come and see me any night!” Resa – you have the best adventures.

    1. Rebecca,
      So happy you like this tale of love, darkness, light and heroism.
      Anyway, how could RB do a show with only 4 AGMs?

      There is some concern about the return of DracGoth, beyond a midnight romp with AGM Shey! However, Holly had the idea to make him Boogapony’s roadie. You know, drive all night, sleep all day! That should keep him busy!

  4. Shivers, it was dark and cold and otherworldly deep in the Goth World but with the help of awesome Resa and her AGM’s and Rebecca and Timothy’s tangle tree, Shey Goth has found the light and spreads her beauty throughout the Art Gown World once again. Such gorgeous artwork, Resa, astounding! Drac is amazingly gruesome and handsome all at the same time ( I think I have been affected by Goth World…) no wonder Shey was reluctant to abandon him. Thank you dear one, you have entertained and delighted us once again. You are so amazingly gifted and beautiful too. Love you to pieces, meeces! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Dear Meeces,

      There’s so much chit chat (which I love) that I have a hard time figuring what I’ve answered, or not.
      I think I missed this one, but if I’m answering twice….. Cool!
      I have lots of enjoyment drawing, and fun playing with you. Everyone is a lot of fun!

      Yes, DracGoth lured SheyGoth into his world, but it was ludicrous of him to think a fabulous AGM like Shey would stay at 3 a.m. dressed in only 1 outfit….forever.

      1 black outfit? Give me a break!
      Anyway, things are turning out well. I have a vision of DracGoth in a Tartan Tam’O’Shanter lurking in the dark at the Tartan Gowns show.
      Working on drawing that Tartan! Not that easy!

      1. I looking forward to Drac in his Tartan . Lololol! Hysterical. I get such a kick out of out the comments, love everyone’s input! You , dear beautiful lady are a genius! xxoo

  5. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:

    It is dark and cold and otherworldly deep in Goth World. With the help of multi-gifted Resa and her AGM’s , will Shey Goth return to the light and once again spread beauty throughout the Art Gown World?
    Find out at the original … more beauty and wonderful music can be found there.

              1. YES! There’s the spirit!
                High Fashion and movie endorsements. That’s where the AGMs should go.
                As a matter of fact, the AGMs are already a Brand, and ready for success!
                Let DracGoth get his own Brand!

              2. Boxes? You mean like…Girl Scout cookies?
                Would you eat a Drac Brownie?
                What are they made of? Are they vegan? If they’re vegan, that could be a seller!

    1. Your help my darling was beyond words. This morning having caught up with my blog I can come by and thank you properly. for your bravery. of course I can’t imagine what I saw in HIM ….. x

      1. It was my pleasure to gracefully descend in hopes of finding you in time. Drac has a rather Rhett Butler sweep one off there feet air about him so the attraction is perfectly understandable . Welcome back to AGM world!

        1. Sheers to you! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
          Or do I mean Cheerios!
          Hic…um Chars!
          Ley me get back to you after 5! I’ll be able to have some 🍷🍷🍷 then, and my mind will strayten out!

    1. Yeah! The colour made it back, and so did you! I trust you had a FAB time.
      It’s taking me forever to answer comments. I can’t stand being home, due to heavy construction outside my windows. I can’t even take my laptop to a coffee shop and do my thing there. Everything is closed/locked down.
      Oh well!!!

      1. Oh, no. You should come to Arizona…but you might not be able to get to the airport. 😦 Had a wonderful time in California and will be driving back to Illinois in less than two weeks to visit friends. Unfortunately you-know-who can’t come but he should be able to go to Wyoming this year. Hurrah!

  6. Oh my goodness, Resa! This is fab. I an undersand Shey’s attraction to DracGoth – he is dreamy (your winner drawing is outstanding). Thankfully the 3 am dark is too much so. That PBH was able to remind her of the beautiful colours up above (not that we are surprised, really! If needed, all the AGM models would have gone down to lend a hand).
    Fabulous, dear Resa!

    1. Thanks Dale! It took me a long time to get the Dracula just right, but we ended up with a fab DracGoth for the Gowntoon!
      Yes, I know you and all the AGMs would all pitch in! ⚡️💥 However, One-Eye didn’t want to take a chance on letting the AGMs out of her sight. Fittings for the next show begin next week, and it’s important everyone be there.
      It’s also it’s taking me forever to answer comments.
      This road/sewer/sidewalk/intersection reconfiguring construction hell hole I’m living through has me disoriented.
      I went for a 4 hour walk yesterday (walked very slowly and had my ankle bandage in my purse, just in case), just to get away from the RACKET!
      Yay, the weekend is upon us, and they are not working this weekend!
      Okay, switching to a different side of the apartment. They’ve got the giant jackhammer and cement claw out in front of this room!
      Thank you for being so fabulous!!! xo

  7. Resa….. I am speechless with what you’ve done here. I do love the princess in that disguise. How could i ever be so silly as to wander off like this and want to miss the show? Well, here I am recovered and able to say so….
    Thank you for the wonderful things you say. You are always too kind. xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Sex….ERM I mean LOVE can have that effect on us humans and Goths.
      Well, no worries, you’re back in time for the next show! Fittings begin next week. Bring your heels for hemming lengths. New heels will be needed for the show!
      We have lots of fun! I say kind things, because you are kind, too! You are welcome!

    1. Thank you Merril!
      The Gowntoons are a fun escape.
      I’m behind answering comments, as the construction has me disoriented and I have to not be here as much as possible during the weekdays.
      It’s ludicrous. We are under Stay At Home orders, so they decide to do something that drives us out of our homes.
      I’m trying to draw Tartan now, for Tartan themed Art Gowns. Not so easy, but another opportunity to advance my skills. Drac really stretched me!

    1. Thank you Dahling Marina! At least SheyGoth is safe. I don’t see what DracGoth has to complain about? He can still visit AGM Shey in the dark of night… 3 am!

    1. PBH’s powers vary, as needed. Her outfits are the same.
      Holly and I have come up with the first super hero who changes outfits to suit the mission.
      Bits of yellow? You mean the Picasso-esque gown with the yellow points?
      Tim takes excellent photos, and he’s a doll to let me incorporate them into my Gowntoons. Just trying to have fun!
      Thank you, Frank!

  8. I was pretty scared when DracGoth showed up, but I knew Princess Blue Holly would save the day!! Wunnaful gowns, I can’t find the nouns, such beautiful dresses, oh how they impresses!! 😊

    1. Thank you Mark! Yeah, that DracGoth is terrifying. It took me 6 weeks to work through drawing him.
      Now, back to drawing GOWNS!!!!! 💃🏽

  9. Look at these amazing drawings, photos, and ladies ~ What’s not to like?! I am thinking now about dresses and sewing and all sorts of crafty stuff!!

    1. You’re going to have fun! Let me know if you need any tips. As you foray into building with fabric & thread, not all will go smoothly. I’ll be glad to help. You have my mail. Perhaps we can save up questions and answers, and the could be a post!

  10. You did it again…that’s no surprise, of course, since you’re fabulous. That was so much fun and your pictures of Drac are great. Holly looks amazing, and so do the gowns on your side-bar. Another wonderful post, Resa. Great fun and wonderful artwork.

    1. Thank you, Gi!
      I enjoy drawing a lot, even more since the lockdown began.
      I don’t know why you can’t reblog. The button is there on my blog and others have reblogged this post.
      Is this just a problem on my blog, or are you not able to reblog from other blogs as well?
      The only thing I can think of is, even though you just recently changed Themes, your new theme is actually an older Theme and not supported by WP.
      When I go to the lower right of the screen, when I am actually on your home page, I see the green Following. Beside that there is 3 dots. When I click on the dots, I get 4 options.
      There should also be the name of the Theme there.
      It is not there on yours.
      I checked a bunch of other blogs I follow, and the name of their Theme is there.
      I learned a long time ago this means the Theme is no longer supported by WP.
      You can still use the theme, but it is prone to bugs.

      You could contact WP Happiness Engineers and inquire if this is or not the case. If it is not the case, they can fix it for you. They have fixed many things for me.
      Nonetheless, I thank you for wanting to reblog. Your blog is one of my faves. Hmm, think I’ll check and see if I can see reblog button on your blog!

  11. Dear Resa this new series is really beautiful, the line is still as dynamic and the colors capture and direct the look. I see these works as a reflection of your talent and quite frankly Picasso seems far away and useless.
    It’s yours.

    1. Oh my!
      Thank you so much Jean Daniel!
      I do feel I am developing a style of my own.
      Hearing it from a wonderfully talented artist like yourself means a lot to me.
      Thank you!

  12. socpapahatzis

    A fantastic idea, otherwordly well executed!
    I will dedicate tomorrow’s musical post [a song of mine about vampires] to you and your post!

  13. I knew Holly by her poems but with your drawings and story you make with her a princess .
    Probably I still have many things to learn about her and about you, Resa.
    Love ❤

    1. Thank you, Michel!

      Holly and I have a lot of fun with our ideas.
      We have made her into: Princess Blue Holly, Boogapony Holly, Rene Rosso and AGM Holly.
      I thank you for your visits! We thank you!
      xoxoxo ❤

  14. So much of this post to enjoy, I’ve been and read it over and over again. Love Tim’s trees the purple heart is a gorgeous photo to take us into the otherworld. You did such a good gown for Rebecca I recognized her straight away. Drac is super and Blue Holly and all the gals. I used to love reading the twilight vampire books

    Hope everything went well with your vaccine we are hoping to have more relaxation of the lockdown restrictions on 17th May including the green light for hugging friends and family. My parents said they’ll come to London at the end of May to see us after they’ve had their second jabs.

    1. Dear Charlotte!
      I’m thrilled you like what I’m doing here!
      You see, Lala is in the next tale.
      I’ve just started drawing the AGMs. I’m hoping to pull off Tartan gowns…
      Lala will attend, as a guest, but will wear … stripes or floral or polka dots or paisley…
      Do you have a preference?
      Timothy Price is sending me pencils, and watercolour pencils. I ordered turquoise and a special pink for your Lala.
      This is because the Art Shops are closed here, due to Covid.
      In the brief moments they’ve been opened, The shelves are bare!!!!

      So, it’s so-so here with the Virus. I have 1 shot of AstraZeneca, as a couple million Canadians do.
      Unfortunately we’ve been told that Canada will not be getting any more AZ deliveries.
      We are anxiously awaiting the UK’s study of mixing vaccines.
      Will keep you posted.
      The UK sounds like it’s doing great!!
      Cheers and love,

      I’m headed over to my GLAM blog, and will visit you from there!

      1. Ooo no preference between stripes / floral / polka dots. I always wish I had more items in my wardrobe in these patterns. I love turquoise and pink.

        There were lots of fab tartan dresses in drag race this last season there was a Scottish drag called Rosie. Vivienne Westwood does a lot with tartan too I can’t wait to see what you do with it, my younger brother has settled in Scotland and is marrying a Scot next year.

        Glad you got your first AZ fingers crossed they sort it out, the UK are hoping to start unlocking next week I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed it goes ok. If so I’ll get to see my parents at the end of May yay.

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