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Pam has done a fab job with this interview. I am so honoured to be recognized as a pioneer in the area of SLOW FASHION. Yes, the Art gowns take 3 – 6 months to make, are all sewn by hand and made from anything that is not new product. Thank you, Pam!

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What could possibly go wrong? How do we make it right?

An interview with fashion designer, Resa McConaghy

Resa McConaghy © Resa McConaghy

Three plus decades ago, my Aunt Marylou gave me two black dresses, both sheaths, both high-quality knit — if I had to guess, a blend of linen and cotton — one long sleeve and one sleeveless, the perfect little black dresses every woman needs in her closet.  While not part of my daily wardrobe, I’ve worn them dozens of times over the years when I have a fancy party or a somber occasion.  I’ve purchased many little black dresses in the interim and you know what?  I don’t have a single one of them, but I still have, and wear, Aunt Marylou’s dresses. 

Aunt Marylou was herself an amazing seamstress, but she worked as a sewing machinist in a factory making batch items for larger pieces —…

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79 thoughts on “Fast Fashion

  1. Fantastic interview, Resa and Pam! You both deserve so much respect for your environmental consciousness — and your gown creations, Resa, are of course stunning.

    1. Thank you, Dave! It is an honour to be recognized by Pam, an environmental lawyer. It’s taken years to come up with a philosophy behind the Art Gowns, even though I always did use a lot of wasted product.
      “You’ll be wearing trash, but look like treasure!”

  2. Pam and Resa, a wonderful interview, I can never learn too much about You dear Resa and there always seems more to learn. You are A creative and brilliantly gifted designer, artist, entrepreneur and beyond a doubt one of the kindest and loveliest human beings with a deep concern and interest in our environment and the creatures in it. I’m so honored to know you! xoxoxo

    1. Dahling Meece,

      I was thrilled to do this interview with Pam! The Art Gowns are finally paying off, in a sense. They have evolved a lot since the first one, and the Fire Department crashed in. The steam from the iron was right under the smoke detector. ALL I had on was a mini Betsy Johnson 100% pink cotton robe with ruffles.
      The firemen were all quite strong and handsome.
      Knowing you, and creating with you is a major joy in my life.
      Even PBH & the AGMs struggle for the environment.
      I am honoured to know you!!!!

        1. Dahling Meece,

          I still dream about the lead guy. He had to duck to get through the doorway. Of course it wasn’t the first time the FD had to show up due to one of my shenanigans.
          He bumps into Norm around the hood every once in a while and asks about “the crazy girlfriend”.
          Thank you so much for the reblog! I’ll get the Solidarity with Ukraine post up in a few days.

          Love you from the moon and back to earth!
          Meece rule! xx🐭🐭

    1. Thanks Shey! Hey your Art Gown is next. I’m about 30% in. I didn’t get a lot of sewing done this week. The whole Ukraine thing threw me off. I just adore all you AGMs!!!!

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    1. Thank you, Chris! I’m honoured that you took the time to read it! I’m just about to have dinner, but will be by later, or for sure tomorrow.

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  6. Darling, you soon owe me a tuxedo cleaning, it gets completely insane every time it hears about your wonderful gowns – completely out of pedagogical reach – there are bite marks on the inside of the iron-armed and locked clorset door. 😀 😀 😀
    Apart from all this, you are doing a fantastic job. 🙂

    1. Okay on the Tux’s cleaning, but I’m not paying for his dental work. 🤣🤣🤣
      Thank you so much dear LDN! I’m trying, in my own way. xoxo

      1. Well done. And… maybe on the calendar but Quebec would like to differ. It is snowing. Again. Oh, strike that. It was snowing at lunchtime and is now raining.

  7. What a great interview dahling! I enjoyed every bit of it [including of course the gasping Cleopatra Capriccio & Spring Rhapsody Art Gowns!!!! Super wow!!!!!
    Love and admiration and then more love and admiration….
    oops, sorry Hera… and slobbery kisses [no way you’ll avoid these!]

    1. I’m so honoured to have done the interview. I’m so happy you are an AGM!
      Love and admiration back at you!
      Oh, oh! What’s that mass falling out of the sky?
      It’s Hera’s kisses!!!!
      🌧🚿🧽🪣🧽🛀🏻🧽 xoxoxoxoxoxo🌧🚿🧽🪣🧽🛀🏻🧽 xoxoxoxoxoxo🌧🚿🧽🪣🧽🛀🏻🧽 xoxoxoxoxoxo🌧🚿🧽🪣🧽🛀🏻🧽 xoxoxoxoxoxo🌧🚿🧽🪣🧽🛀🏻🧽

  8. Dear Resa, how nice to learn more about your dress-making process, eco-friendly views, and more! This interview is very well done. Thanks for your efforts in slow fashion and doing your part for the planet – as well as encouraging others to do the same!

    1. How did I miss this comment?
      Thank you, Christy! I just read your article on eco-friendly clothing.
      Well done. We must spread the word!!! xoxo

  9. My dear friend, what a magnificent interview that I have come back to a few times to review. The idea of fast fashion is well known and actively debated. Many have taken great strides to combat this menace to the world and to our survival. This is a complex problem, aggravated by our social need to belong, fashion dictates, and corporate profitability. I just read a 2020 article by Lauren Bravo that notes that “Less than 2% of clothing workers earn a fair wage – while many of us have wardrobes full of unworn outfits.”

    Resa – you lead by example. Your determination to create awareness inspires me. In fact, I felt goosebumps come to me when I read your interview. (I am feeling them again now as I write my comments). Glamour, graciousness, generosity are found in every one of your posts. Your dedication to the environment is embedded in your art gowns. You remind me that clothes are chosen and defined by our thoughts. The way we care for our clothes is the same care we have for our world.

    Many many thanks for your courage and resilience. Your voice is make a difference!

    1. Dear Rebecca,
      This is a well thought out and thoughtful comment.
      I adore your words; “The way we care for our clothes is the same care we have for our world.”
      It is that simple.
      The way we care for our food is the same care we have for our bodies.
      The way we care for our children is the same care we have for their future.
      I could go on, however, a point is made.
      Do we care, or not?

    1. Aww, shucks! Thank you!
      Trying to do something important with my life. Designing for film was great, but it’s not a green industry by any stretch of the imagination. A few companies are making minimal effort. xoxo

        1. lol!!! In the meantime Tim is sending me art supplies. The supply chain isn’t getting them through. There are more important things, like food.

    1. Thank you, dahling!
      I’m back here, on Art Gowns. I was on GLAM!
      I’ve 1/2 drawing to finish, so I thought I would begin my post, A Tangle of Sunflowers.

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