The Jazz Age

Dahlings! Rene Rosso here, welcome to the Jazz Age!

Defined by writers, performers and artists of the time such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker and Thomas Hart Benton, it was more than a Gatsby, Paris or New York moment. So let’s get the full string of beads from our glorious Art Director, Rebecca Budd.

Thank you, Rene! We know the Flapper dress was the cat’s meow and the Charleston was the hoofer’s delight. Still, we should acknowledge that Vionnet and Chanel were the first designers to get rid of the corset, defining the silhouette of the era. Palazzo pants made their debut, and the cloche hat was the keenest.

Here to show you what gowns were all about are the Art Gowns Models! First out on the catwalk is Gigi. Gigi wears a hand painted silk georgette dress, with asymmetric tiers, accentuated by hand rolled satin rattail. 

AGM Marina is a Deco Delight in her Gloria Swanson inspired fish tail gown. The fish tail is made completely of metallic gold diamonds, and spills gracefully out onto the floor.

I’d like to take a moment here to acknowledge the brilliant work of “The Beauty Team”. On loan from The Coop; hair, make-up and wardrobe have done an outstanding job.

© Georgiann Carlson

It was a tough job for Wiggy, to create all those Marcel Waves on the AGMs, who refused to have their hair cut. Nonetheless, between her skill and ingenuity, all the AGMs are finger waved.

© Georgiann Carlson

Jamie copied the smouldering eyes of the era. Thanks to Clara Bow, eyebrows were severely plucked and pencilled in thin. Of course none of the AGM’s could afford to have their eyebrows plucked due to upcoming runway dates, but Jamie managed a faux look.

© Georgiann Carlson

Judy did a masterful job making faux feathers out of scrap fabrics,  for any trims and boas. Instead of fur, she trimmed Miss Rosso’s velvet Opera Cape, with a lusher napped velvet.

Back on the runway, AGM Dale shows off hand embroidered trims with jewel insets, in this fun design. A cloche hat adds elegance.

Holly works poetry in this AGM must show black silk crepe gown. Its lines are defined  with the latest ribbon imports from Europe.

AGM Shey’s gown, made from a glorious silk jacquard, is reminiscent of the late 20’s as the drape flows into the bias cut of 30’s.

I now hand the stage back to Ms. Rosso!

Thank you, RB! I’m thrilled to present our guest performer of the evening. Here’s the bee’s knees, Lala LaSwirl. Lala has been touring the opera circuit under the name “Soprano Charlotte Hoather”! Tonight she will sing Quando M’en Vo from La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini.

Thank you, dahling Rene! I’m thrilled to be here. I could imagine the character, Musetta, wearing this Art Gowns outfit, as it is very glamorous. I could imagine a director selecting the dress if the setting for the performance was the 1920’s era.

After the show, Ms. Rosso was to attend to a Gatsby themed party in a bias cut dress & velvet opera wrap. In a fun mood, she sang along with her favourite entertainer of the era, Josephine Baker.

Out of the blue, RR’s 6th sense slapped her in the face! She stopped dead in her tracks.

She looked into her Tangle-Heart. My, my she thought, things look quite sweet and rosy. It’s, idyllic, so perfect. Something is wrong!

Dahlings, I know  look simply marvellous in this pic of my Ziegfeld Follies gown. Sad, but it was lost with all my luggage while on tour 3 years ago. Now, it is my thank you Art Gown.

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since May, 2019

🎺 💙 Thank you dear Holly for suggesting this era! 💙 🎺

Visit all or any of these beauties on their blogs. Holly – House of Heart, Gigi – Rethinking Life, Shey – Smexy Historical Romance, Marina – Art Towards a Happy Day, Dale – A Dalectable Life

Check out the land of the AGM’s magic tress and more on Tim’s blog – Off Center Not Even

Visit Rebecca

I adore the new cover for Shey’s book –The Viking and the Courtesan

Let it be known that Shey’s heroines possibly are: strong willed, hard headed, lie, cheat, steal, connive, duplicitous and able to hide a corpse in the cellar. Intrigued? Just click on the book cover and go to her Amazon page!

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168 thoughts on “The Jazz Age

    1. Yay!!!!
      It means a lot to me that all the AGMs like the gowns. xoxoxo
      I’m getting all crazy about drawing perfection, and photography perfection. Someone said I should get an architect’s lamp. Imma going to throw that by Tim!

        1. Not to worry Liz. Resa has arranged for me to be chauffeured in a 1928 Rolls-Royce that has been retrofitted as an electric car. It is similar in looks to the on in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

        1. Ahh, I need to look up the history of palazzo pants!!!! I saw a picture in a book when I was researching the post, and there were 2 gals in white palazzo pants. It said they were the newest in fashion!

    1. Hi Liz – I think that my favourite jazz age poet is Edna St. Vincent Millay:

      “ My heart is warm with the friends I make,
      And better friends I’ll not be knowing;
      Yet there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take,
      No matter where it’s going.”

          1. A theme trip!
            How cool!
            Well, if we can’t get to the Orient Express, there’s always the CNR! We could read Leacock, Leonard Cohen, Joy Fielding, Nellie McClung, and so many more.
            At the end of the first book of her 2 part biography, she weds. Her and her husband stand on the back of the train to Winnipeg, and she leaves her pioneer roots behind.
            I know it’s an autobiography, but I have never read or seen or experienced any pioneer history of Canada like she tells it.

            1. Oh, Resa – I have enjoyed many many many CNR trips between The Pas to Lynn Lake, Manitoba. We traveled through Cranberry Portage and Pukatawagan. It took 11 hours to travel 200 miles, but what a magnificent view out the window. I treasure those memories. I have Charlotte Gray’s book on Nellie McClung! My stack of books is nearing the ceiling.

              My most favourite quote by Nellie McClung is: “Never explain, never retract, never apologize. Just get the thing done and let them howl.” So let’s howl!!

              And remember the story of the steamboat Mariposa Belle sinking in Lake Wissanotti in Sunshine Sketches. I “howled” with laughter.

              Many thanks for a wonderful look back!! Hugs and more hugs!

  1. Oh my goodness, I came on specially looking to see if your post was up and it is and it is BRILLIANT. I so love this era, the music, the style, the EVERYTHING. And you’ve captured it brilliantly. I love, love LOVE all the gowns because they show the emerging different styles. . ALSO, I can’t get over the silk one you’ve drawn for me. I had a dress like this, given to me by an adult pupil, whose mother was in the Bluebell girls in the 30s in Paris. Alas it fell to pieces eventually BUT I still have her coat. resa thank you for this wonderful post, all your work and also for the mention re the new cover for Viking. You are always so good to me xxxxx

    1. My dear AGM Shey! I adore you, and you are good to me, too!
      What fun it was drawing these gowns.
      Yours was the 3rd gown I drew. I didn’t even use the first one I drew.
      Crazy how fast a person can improve on an idea!
      Interesting that I hit on something you once had.
      Of course it fell apart… It’s sad that clothes don’t last the trials of time, or moths etc… jewelry or paintings and other things. Writings can be re-published.
      I’m awaiting Eternity!

      1. Well I am on the abso last lap of some weeding on it. I do that as I go along formatting for kindle. And I know that the bit from now to the end is prob fine. So news soon. She’s just a difficult gal and i don’t want her coming over too brittle. Yeah that gown was gorgeous but it was done. I have another early 30s black lace one with a nylon bodice cos it’s quite daring and like that you have to take great care when you wear it cos it’s so fine and so old now. My darling who I beyond adore, your drawings are epic. you always suggest so much with the flick of a pen.

        1. Adore you!
          Don’t rush the book! You’ll be back mopping up.
          I feel it’s close now!
          Your black gown sounds stunning.
          Speaking of pens, I’m going to need a new batch very soon! xoxoxo

          1. Oh it’s there.. I just want to take care a of a few of the little things re her…My darling you email me an addy for ANY pens xxxxx That black gown is nice. Gonna ‘fess up mow that years ago in a big stage costume transfer knowing in a theatre merge its destination was an incinerator , I behaved badly.

    2. You look ravishing in your glorious silk jacquard, Shey. And that necklace!!! Simply deliciously glamorous. I agree wholeheartedly that Resa has captured the energy, glitter, mystery, and merriment of the Jazz Age.

      1. She has captured the entire age, I am always gobsmacked at what she creates with the flick of her pen. I must say you are ravishing yourself, lady of the palazzos. Always very stylish. In real life and here too.

  2. Timothy Price

    What a fantastic post, Resa. You worked everyone and everything into the post so beautifully. The drawings of the gowns are out of this world fantabulous. Perfect for the time. Teagan’s going to go Lady GaGa over this post with the flappers, feathers and frills.

    1. Thank you, Tim!
      It was a passion doing this. Still, after the heat of passion, I’ve had to make several corrections.
      Thank you for your beautiful Tangle-Heart!
      Do you think an architects lamp could help me take better pics easily?
      Taking pics of art is daunting.

      1. Timothy Price

        I put a link to this post on my post that I just posted. There’s also and new song on the post I just posted. Speaking of songs, did you see my Wolf Guitar post?

  3. Hardly know where to begin. The gowns are fantastic and capture the true feeling of the ear. I just love them, and I should only be as fabulous as you make me look. Your artwork is incredible and glamorous. I’m happy the chicklets could help. They had a wonderful time. You really outdid yourself Resa. What can you do next to top this amazing gift to all of us? Actually, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble at all. It’s truly wonderful. Thank you for letting me be part of it. You’re amazing. Hugs xxoo

    1. Gi,
      This era has been a lot of fun to draw.
      We should do another era…. but what could be as neat?
      I can’t thank you enough for the loan of the Chicklets Beauty Team from the Coop!
      All of the AGMs look so marvellous in the Art Gowns. What fun!
      I already have the idea for the the sequel… a kind of trouble in paradise phase that PBH goes to straighten out.
      Hugs xoxoxo Oh, and pets for Em!!!!

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  5. Dear Resa, you have outdone yourself! I always adore your drawings. This is perhaps my favorite era for fashion. I pos-i-lutely love the clothes. You sincerely have done it justice with your designs. Coco and Erte would be proud.
    Congrats to Shey too.
    Hugs on the wing.

    1. Dear Teagan,
      Thank you so much!!!!
      It is a wonderful period for design, and not just clothes: architecture, interior design, furniture, dishes…everything!
      Love Erte! I have a few posters around here, and a massive book, Erte The Last Works – it’s a first edition.
      I am humbled that you would think of me in the same breath as Coco or Erte.
      Are you a fan of Vionnet?

  6. Dear Resa, I’m swept into that golden era where I’ve always wanted to go. Thank you for this lovely journey into that magical time. I’m Blown away by these beautiful gowns that suit each AGM so perfectly! You are truly a magnificent artist snd designer. I adore the music by Charlotte and your choice of JB epitomizes the swinging 20’s, such absolute perfection in every way. Tim’s contribution is the icing !
    Congratulations dear Meece! You’ve brought something so gorgeous to us, thank you dahling. xoxoxo

    1. XOOXXX
      OMG! You are the one who suggested this era to me.
      I meant to put a thank you for that!
      I’m going to do that.
      I’m coming back! xoxoxoxoxoxo

        1. Lol! xoxoxoxoxoxo
          I’m thrilled to design for you any day!
          So after the next horror that PBH solves, we need I new show theme.
          I’m still struggling with tartan and motorcycles.
          The AGMs would look so cool in gowns on motorcycles! xoxox

    2. Thank you for everything you adore about my designs/art!
      You are a part of it!
      I added a thank you for the 20’s suggestion! xoxoxoxo

      Yeah, Cahrlotte did good !
      OMG.. oh no
      I’ll be back!

      1. Lovely Fashionista, you’ve epitomized the rocking roaring twenties in the most beautiful way. You’ve perfected your art to the level of excellence, cheers dear Fashionista! ⭐️🥂⭐️

        1. Next… besides getting better at drawing, I need to perfect taking pics of the drawings. Someone suggested an architect’s light.
          xo ⭐️🥂⭐️ xo

    3. I agree, Holly. Resa brings us the glamour, beauty and pure joy of a bygone age. I am honoured that I have been granted the title, Art Director, and am have been included in the company of the famous Art Gown Models and Tim, the bringer of mystical trees. Resa is the epitome of what Coco Chanel believes “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

  7. and of course Judy, Jamie, and Wiggy fabulous make-up artists as we all know and count on! Congratulations dear Shey, your book cover is fabulous and I can’t wait to read what’s inside! ❤

        1. Yeah, the Chicklets did great! 🏆
          Not a bad idea. The Coop could have its own awards show. You know, The Coop Cup, or the Coopies, or the Copper Cup! xoxoxoxo

              1. EF!
                Norm is having music tomorrow night. I won’t go down, but I will be working on my commission. 3 musicians are coming, that makes 4, with Norm.
                They are all vaxxed and boosted. 2 had breakthrough infections. They were mild, and all have recovered from what they say was a mild cold.
                The room is big, high ceilings, they wear masks when not eating or drinking. No one faces each other.
                When they stop to snack and drink, Norm opens the big back door, even if it’s cold.
                Norman, Paul, Sasha & JK! What a great combo! They will probably have a short night, as an extra precaution.
                I miss the old days when they would play until 2 am.
                They sure miss playing! I miss it too.
                First jam in almost 2 months! xoxo

              2. Thats fabulous! It’s so great to hear the band is getting together and they’ll be rockin music going on there! Enjoy it dear Resa, hopefully the day will soon come when you can go down stairs or just listen till the early morning. I’ll be thinking of you. xoxoxo

    1. Dear Dave,
      Thank you!
      I enjoyed drawing these Jazz Age gowns. I’m now thinking I should try other eras.
      In my early days, I did some Fashion Show hosting, in which I described the clothes as they came onto the runway.
      In some ways my training and choice of career were somewhat shallow. However, I feel I am putting it to good use now!

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            1. xo
              I’m behind blogging, as usual. I miss Twiggy and Lucy. I’ll be by soon (ish)!

              OH.. yes.. you too! duh… dogs over humans. What am I thinking?

  9. Those really were the days. WW1 over, and a short lived yet immaculate freedom followed…as defined in large part by the style of dress. Most splendid, young Resa. Regards, TOF

  10. Oh, Resa dahling you [and all your beautiful friends] have colored my white day with beauty! You are so talented, my sweet friend and I can’t say it enough times! Wow! Your Gowns are absolutely gorgeous and your lines in your drawings: perfect!
    Huge heart & huge hug!!!!
    We’re all very proud of you!
    Extra kisses from Hera [you know what that means!!!!

    1. OMG!!!
      I found the Hera kisses! 🌧🌧☔️🧽🧽🧽🧽🌧🌧☔️🧽🧽🧽🧽🌧🌧☔️🧽🧽🧽🧽
      Thrilled that you love the gowns! Wait ’til you see the next episode!
      My lines…. that means a lot to me, coming from you! xoxoxoxo
      Hearts and hugs back to you all!
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ❤️💙💚💜🧡

      1. Oh, and you got plenty more kisses!!!!!!!! Sponges out!!!!
        I adore your Gowns and yes, I can’t wait!!!!!! …and I adore your lines too!
        and love and many many hugs!!!!!!!

  11. Those gowns recalls me, for a part, the gown my mother wore for her marriage in 1927 and whom I have the photo . But it was less luxuous and artzy than the yours , Resa.
    Love ❤

  12. My dear Resa, you are the most incredible artist – intuitive, creative and dramatic. You design the gowns to individual personalities and bring history alive in exquisite detail. I felt like had stepped back in time just like Midnight in Paris. Thank you for the gift of being the Art Director – it is an honour!!

    1. … and all that Jazzzzzzzzz!
      Thank you!
      As usual, I’m under a blogging snow drift. Will be by to visit soon.
      I’m one of those people who rarely uses “reader”.
      I prefer coming over for a visit.

    1. Thank you dear Brian!
      Charlotte approved her gown, and submitted the video.
      I am so honoured to have her here!
      We have another surprise in the future.
      All the AGMs are the most beautiful women. I am so fortunate to know them, and to have their inspiration to draw upon… and then draw of.
      So happy to see you!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Pam!
      Heading to the doc tomorrow. Then I will focus on sending you images on Friday.
      I’ve already been thinking about what Art Gowns to send.

  13. Where to start on such a gorgeous post. Stars – I love the stars in the first picture. All of your design drawings are just getting better and better. I love the jazz age I would wear all of these, just gorgeous, the artwork hairdresser is just fabulous. Thanks for sharing my video for some reason the sound isn’t coming through I’ll check if that is my end.
    Just back from a family visit to Romania so a bit of catching up to do. Hope this comment comes through I’ve had a devils own job getting it to click.

    1. Dear Charlotte,
      Thank you for this amazing comment!
      It’s true. The more I draw, the better I get.
      I am so thankful for all you gals who let me draw you, and write my Gowntoons.
      The video link is working perfect over here.
      Lol… a devil’s job… I like that saying. We don’t use it here.
      Anyway, it’s come through.
      Oh, Tim from Off Center Not Even (a huge fan of yours) is thrilled we are making an Art Gown for you. He said he recently shipped something to the UK and it was expensive. He has offered to help me out with shipping costs… and any other special things I need. Pretty great, hey! He said I could tell you!

      1. Oh wow what excellent news Resa, I’m a big fan of Timothy too, I love seeing his world. You both inspire me, I’ve had an awful near fortnight now one bit of bad news after another, it can only go up from here I hope. Thank you for making me smile. At least I can sing again now.

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