Princess Blue Holly in Erebos

After a successful Jazz Age fashion show, Blue Holly’s Tangle- Heart showed her a perfectly rosy pink magic tree sanctuary. She decided to see for herself.

She put on her new Sunny Day Super Hero outfit, for the occasion.

However, when she arrived, the perfect rosy pink was being swallowed slowly by darkness.

Looking to another horizon, the dark sky was giving up a portal. The moon marked the spot. Did the AGMs need to be rescued, again? Their beauty was a curse!

Slipping into her invisibility outfit, she slid through the portal. PBH was shocked to see her old enemy from Super Hero College. It was the insulting shape-shifting spirit, Chainelle; who had managed to usurp the spirit of R. Budd.

PBH took some time to eavesdrop.

“Why is everything so dark and murky?


How am I here?  Why am I here? ”

 “You aren’t here RB, only your spirit is here. Your lumbersome body is asleep in its bed. You are here to Art Direct a fashion show for the Live Nitoop Network. It will be broadcast over the entire Netherworlds.”

“It’s all Baby Bat SheyGoth’s fault! I was merely planning to usurp her spirit, as payback for her affair with DracGoth.  Then I saw that hack, Rene Rosso, hosting the worst fashion show ever.”

“The spirits of the AGMs are backstage, getting dressed in fabulous gowns that I designed. I’ll be shape shifting into mine.”

“Dahlings, welcome to the end all of fashion shows! I’m Chainelle your glorious producer and designer of all the Zombie Theme Gowns you see here tonight. Take it away Rebecca!”

“Thank you, Chainelle! It is with great disconcertion  that I present the AGMs in fashions from Erebos.”

“First out on the runway is Gigi. Gigi looks totally not amused.  You can’t see them, but the heels of her stilettos are actual stilettos.”

“AGM Holly can barely walk in this prisoner style gown with brick heavy tail. These bondage gowns are quite popular here in Erebos.”

“It’s not AGM Shey’s fault that Drac Goth left Chainelle for her. Nonetheless, she’s stuck here with the rest of us.”

“Check out the accessory of chain, crosses, skulls and spikes. These cost a small fortune in blood, apparently.”

“Marina’s gown is replete with a live snake chained to her arm. Good work, Chainelle!”

“AGM Dale feigns happiness in this, erm, treacle sweet gown designed by you know who.

“Next out on the catwalk is …Blue Holly in a gown!!! Yay!! Pack it up girls, we’re going home!”

“Hello Chainelle. First send the AGMs and RB’s spirits back to their beds! Then I’m going to thrash you”

Chainelle went wild, shape shifting into a new gown every half second.

“That’s hardly a fair fight. What’s say I send the AGMs & RB back, and we meet for a showdown?”

“Fine! Where and when?”

“Gulf of Mexico, by the coral off the coast of Texas. Tomorrow, noon!”

Blue Holly looked into her Tangle-Heart, and could see the AGMs & RB on their way home.

“Okay, coral…. High noon!”

Rene Rosso spoke to the AGMs & RB from Nowhere & Nothing World, her go to  place when dealing with Netherworlds denizens, and their prisoners.

“It will be night when you get home. It will be dark on the way.” Here’s some night travelling music to keep you safe.”

Hack …my foot! Just to let Chainelle know, as a professional Diva, I can change gowns, hair and make-up in one minute: and I don’t have to shape shift!

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter – Since September, 2019

You can visit the fabulous AGMs on their blogs!

Gigi – Rethinking Life,  Holly – House of Heart, Shey – Smexy Historical Romance, Marina – Art Towards a Happy Day & Dale – A Dalectable Life

Visit Rebecca on her Podcast Blog– From here you can link on to one of her other fab blogs

❦ All magic tree and nature photos courtesy of & © Timothy Price – Off Center Not Even

115 thoughts on “Princess Blue Holly in Erebos

    1. Thank you Dave!
      Just having fun, and feeling satisfied all at the same time.
      Being creative is a must for me.
      I am thrilled there are those, like you, who can enjoy it with me!

    1. AGM Dale Thunder!
      It’s an odd thing that I came to love drawing so much. Having fabulous models has been a massive enticement! Of course PBH will have to reign in Chainelle (play on Chanel) before we get another fashion show. Coming soon to a blog post near you!
      SO, are you 100% recovered… I hope?xoxo

      1. I am so glad you agree, Rebecca. She started calling me Thunder and the name I gave to her was Sorceress of the Cloth. But she is so much more, isn’t she? She’s above and beyond…

  1. Timothy Price

    Great story. Not only is there something in the air tonight, there is something in the drawings today. These drawings are simply fantastic. You have been really productive and your drawing techniques just keep getting better. I’m am blown away by this post. The Tangle Heart Tree has been busy, also.

    1. Aww, thanks Tim! Yeah, I go through fits of drawing, and fits of sewing. Thank Goodness I have paper and pencils! ❦❦❦
      Working on Charlotte drawings now, and putting more time into the Art Gown. It’s about 75% now, so it’s getting exciting! Will use my new lights for some of the shots when I shoot her!
      Besides helping out PBH, what else has the Tangle-Heart been up to?
      have the fires calmed down, or been brought under control?

      1. Timothy Price

        I haven’t checked on the fires lately. There’s still a lot of smoke in the air. I’ve been pretty well consumed with wowlets, so I haven’t been down to the Tangle Heart Tree lately. I need to pay her a visit. I’m really happy you have paper and pencils when I see the results. Is that Charlotte’s gown or the Shey’s gown you are 75% on? Both are exciting.

        1. Shey’s gown!
          1 gown at a time!
          Once I finish Shey’s, I’ll take a couple weeks sewing break, then start up again.
          I finally found the kind black voile I want. (for Char’s gown)
          I should go there this week, before they run out! It’s not too, far from here.
          I’ll call them tomorrow.

  2. yes must save AGM from Chanelle and their infamous zombies gowns….zombies are notorious to have a bad sense of fashion and art….am I a zombie, I am not wearing anything very fashionable…:) Nice drawings, I like the way you draw them, and nice story too. Thanks for your art Resa!

    1. Hahaha! I don’t know? Are you a Zombie? Have you been chewing & eating humans lately?
      Thank you for your lovely comment, JMR! xx

      1. I don’t think so…not sure, but I can’t even approach ‘cervelle’ sell in some french stores, so I guess I am still human…:) but as for clothes, when I venture out of my studio in my ragged clothes, I do probably look like one…but instead of a walking dead, I would more qualify as a drinking dead…:)

  3. I love your space for your gowns, designs, the heart and soul you create them with – and this was so much enjoyable to read with the added life of a story to go with them! 🙂

    1. Thank you!!! It is a lot of fun doing the “Gowntoons”.
      I do have a lovely space here, again thank you!
      My actual Art Gowns each take 4 – 6 months to make, so it’s great to have something to fill in between with.
      Take care!

  4. Oh, Resa, your magical hands did it again! Tim is right, you keep getting better and better, by peaking every single time! You are the best! Love the drawings and the story! Adore you dahling!
    Oceans of love and hugs to you and Holly and AGMs! ….you didn’t think you’d escape her, did you?! Here’s Hera coming with love and kisses full force! ❤️🐾💖🎶🌊❤️🐾🌷🤗💕💜😘🐾💖❤️🐾💖🎶🌊❤️🌷🐾🤗🐾💕💜💖😘🐾💖💜

    1. I’m so glad I have you guys to share my drawings and stories with.
      Otherwise, I would not be so inspired.
      Once PBH has her showdown with Chainelle (Chanel wanna be) we will be back to some Fabulous theme.
      Hmm… what’s a good theme? 1950’s?
      Nurse gowns?
      Gowns from around the world?
      Gowns inspired by famous buildings?
      Let me or Holly know if you think of something!
      Okay, I’ve got a scuba suit on. Release Hera!!!!

      1. I’m looking forward to that showdown!
        Hmmm…. I will let you know of any ideas!
        Hera has bad intentions… you may have to stay in that scuba suit for a while!!!!!

  5. A wonderful presentation, Resa. Your designs, vibrant colours that transition to black and write add dynamic tension to the narrative. You capture our personalities, our emotional trauma and the joyful enthusiasm when I hear/read these words:

    “Next out on the catwalk is …Blue Holly in a gown!!! Yay!! Pack it up girls, we’re going home!”

    Looking forward to the showdown!!!!

    1. Thank you dear Rebecca!
      Yes, you & the AGMs have all gone home. Yet, I don’t trust Chainelle…Chanel wanna be.
      AH! Yes, the showdown at the ok coral… at High Noon!
      More of Chainelle’s true colours will be revealed!

  6. Dear Resa, I’m just blown away by your creativity and artistic talent, the Art Gown Models are amazingly beautiful in their gowns by One Eye (aka Resa). Zombie’s don’t stand a chance against their powers… the AGM’s rock and women everywhere rule! Gotta admit it , their beauty is a curse but Chainelle doesn’t stand a chance as long as they have Tim’s Tangle Heart Tree! Absolutely love this Meece!

    1. Dahling!
      You picked the perfect song. It doesn’t get better.
      Chainelle thinks she can out design me and calls RR a hack…. Beotch!!!
      PBH will take care of this!
      Of course the showdown at the ok coral…high noon…. will be a bit difficult as it is under water.
      Okay… digging out PBH’s new mermaid outfit!
      Thank goodness she can breath under water!
      The Tangle-Heart is one busy tree!
      Tim is the perfect magic tree person. I hope the near by fires get put out!
      Happy Mothers Day! xoxoxoxoxo

      1. No worries, PBH is a certified scuba diver, a sturdy fish net tucked in ( don’t ask where) side her mermaid suit will take care of Chainelle , the beastly shapeshifter! We AGM’s have got this with the help of Timothy! And a lot of sketching by One Eye. xoxoxoxoxo

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  8. Another smash hit for the AGM superheroes. And may I say how much I LOVE my gown and heels. Truly fabulous, awesome and gorgeous. Thank you. Love the song too. Great story. Just love all of it, Resa. You did it again.

    1. Thanks Gi!
      You are the only person I know who can walk in real stiletto stilettos!
      The song is chilling. Holly picked it. She picks all the music for these posts! xoxoxo

  9. Pingback: Princess Blue Holly in Erebos — Art Gowns | Rethinking Life

      1. It’s my pleasure to spread the beauty and delightful tales and gorgeous gowns created by the one and only gorgeous fashionista and bestest Meece our one and only Resa. Love you dahling. xoxoxo

        1. Aww! Love you too, dahling!
          Can you believe the audacity of Chainelle? Something doesn’t feel right.
          …. where’s that mermaid outfit???

            1. To be exact “The Flower Gardens Banks Reef”… a coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas!
              PBH had thought Chainelle might try absconding with her mermaid outfit…. HA! PBH’s Gown converts into a mermaid outfit!!!! I just have to draw it! Ah… and she does have 1 ace up her sleeve. Mersin! Will he keep his promise? xoxoxo

    1. Aww, thank you TOF!!!
      So happy you like this. Magic to my heart!
      Speaking of magic, I have begun your book. I’m several chapters in now. As you know, I am a turtle reader. I will keep you posted!

      1. Lovely Resa, it’s so good to hear back from you ❤️ ! I left you a bunch of longer comments a while back but think they maybe got lost in Spam or so…anyhow, so lovely to read from you!! I have missed you! Let’s always keep dreaming, YES! Big warm hugs from Spain to Canada you outstanding Creatrix! ❤️❤️❤️

        1. Hello Gypsy!

          Ahh let me check SPAM. I check it regularly.
          Maybe I rely on the annotator too much.
          Let’s always keep dreaming…YES!!!!!
          And big hugs to you and besos!! I’ll be by soon.

          1. Hello my lovely and wonderful artist soul friend, yes please do – there is lots of admiration expressed in those hidden away comments:) Love love love your post and refined artistic ways!! Big warm hugs y muchos besos to you in Canada!! 🌈💚💚💚

    1. OMG! I hope you are not too, terrified.
      LOL! The next episode is a showdown, underwater. Then we begin a new adventure with a fabulous show on the catwalk, in the real world! Thank you, Merril!

    1. Thank you, Jaya!
      I’ve got a new crop of ideas. This will entice me to draw more, therefore I will get better,
      OH! The new Art Gown is 75% done. It’s getting exciting!

    1. LOL! No only 1 Invisibility outfit. It’s worth having one though, if you can afford it. 😉
      Thank Christy! I’ll put on a fashion show anywhere. xx

  10. As much as I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed looking at all the real gowns on the right side. Just fabulous, Resa!! Love the boots in some of the story shots. 🙂 And hats. I love hats.

    1. Thank you, Janet! Yeah, the Art Gowns…my prides and joys.
      I’m getting close to finishing the new one. She’s made out of 2 old decorator pillow shams, about 30 yards of old reclaimed ribbon, and some musty fabric that was in someones storage for 25 years.
      You’ll be wearing trash, but you’ll look like treasure!

    1. Lololol!
      Well, he’s a tough one to escape.
      Love the pic you sent me! I’ll use it, if I may, in a GLAM post sometime.
      Welcome home!
      I hear Drac just left for Warsaw. Someone told him you went there to escape. xxxxxx

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