A Tangle of Music

Dahlings, do you just love my hair done as red sails? I feel like I could fly. It makes me think of songs like: Sailing by Christoper Cross, Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin & Come Sail Away by Styx. This brings me to the theme of our Tribute today, Music!

Take it away, Rebecca!

Thank you Rene! We’ve decided to have a bit of fun with “A Tangle of Music”. Each AGM is presented with 2 or 3 bars of 12, that are the instrumental opening to a famous song. There are other clues, as well.

There is an obvious theme running though each AGM’s gown, that pertains to the opening lyrics. Also, as you can see, I am surrounded by the chords in the song. Note: I am holding an A minor in my right hand.

First out on the Catwalk, with the first 2 bars, is AGM Marina in a stunning 1 shoulder, ultra fitted gown with a fish tail hem.

In order to make sure our presentation is sound, we consulted with Trent, & sent him the pic of Marina.

Trent’s reply: “My piano is way off to the side, and I was trying to play it off of the dress, which has the left hand (on the right side) and the right hand (on the left side) with a woman in between. It took a minute.”

Trent’s advice: “It is easier to see if the two parts (called staves) are together. If you can have the line and bracket joining them, a player knows they are played at the same time.”

As you can see AGM Shey holds the next 2 bars, with the staves joined, in one hand. She shows off the full skirt of the drop waist slip style gown in her other hand.

AGigiM is brilliant in pinch tucked trim accentuating a deep v décolletage. Off the shoulder ruffles make for an innocent (don’t be fooled) effect, while a generous side seam insert of pleats adds drama to her every move. Her right gloved hand holds the 5th, 6th & 7th bars.

Dale, our AGM of Thunder feels easy and breezy, as she leans on a fence of the 8th & 9th bars. Inspired by a gypsy’s dance, her gown is full of romance.

Avant Garde is the term for AGM Holly’s asymmetric gown. She stands nonchalantly by the last 3 bars to the intro.

The theme running through the gowns is  gold. “There’s a lady who’s sure
All that glitters is gold”.

This is an historic tribute performance of the answer!

Now, back to Rene!

Thank you, Rebecca! This is the gown that started it all. It’s a scribble gown, drawn to live music from under Resa’s bed.

Okay, the fun isn’t over yet! Someone’s past boyfriend found them online & sent her the song he wrote for her back when. Perhaps you can guess who? The answer will be on Holly’s blog.

Finally we have many blog pals who make great music. What would a great Tangle be without throwing a few into the snarl!

Click on the cards to visit their Youtube channels!

Check out the music of MK-O – Marina Kanavaki & Oannes (click on above)

Visit them on their blogs!

Holly, Gigi, Shey, Dale, Marina

& Art Director – Rebecca Budd

Rene Rosso character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since 2019

124 thoughts on “A Tangle of Music

  1. Timothy Price

    What a wonderful post that is truly worth “noting”. The musical gowns are fantastic. Thank you for all the YouTube channels. Heart’s performance of “Stairway To Heaven” is super. Another brilliant post.

    1. Aww, Thank you dear Tim!
      Love my AGMs! They gotta have the best gowns.
      Lots of fun drawing, and using up my paper! 🤗
      Still lots left.
      I’ve been smitten by Heart’s performance of “Stairway” for quite awhile. It really is A++++++++
      Neat how creativity feeds creativity! xo

    1. Thanks Cindy! A few have commented how much Rebecca looks like Rebecca. Guess I’m getting better drawing Gowntoons! Rebecca wears Palazzo Pants! They are the gown of trousers. We decided on that together. ❦

    2. Resa is brilliant in her understanding that personality and clothing have a strong connection. When she first suggested Palazzo Pants, she had no idea that Palazzo Pants are my favouite pant style. How did she know?!!! They allow me to feel the material flowing around me giving freedom of movement. They are the epitome of glamour and remind me of the actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

  2. This is amazing my darling. SO peppu I feel I am right there, swanking about in may gorgeous gown. Music is superb too. As for Rebecca? Well doesn’t she look a super cool rocker!

    1. Thank you dear Shey! Yeah, Rebecca has her own style! As the Art Director for Art Gowns, I felt she should have a separate look from a gown. So, we put her Palazzo Pants….the gown of trousers!
      Speaking of gowns, I’m hours away from finishing the green Art Gown.
      I had a slight set back (minor) and added a small detail to the sides.

      1. I do love when you have set backs and then add small details !!! WOnderful. So excited. OOOH!! Rebecca’s style always rocks, never less than directorial cool but this time she looks as if she’s directing the whole universe, it’s THAT cool.

  3. Gold is in the heart of the girl who designed and drew all those exceptional Art Gowns and I am in awe of her talent. So proud to be one of your AGMs and to be included in the music too.
    Kudos to everyone involved [Rebecca, Rene, Trent, Tim and all AGMs]
    Sending mega hugs and love, dahling!
    ….almost forgot: tail wags and slobbery kisses form you know who! 🌊😘🐾🌊😘🐾🌊😘🐾🌊😘🐾🌊

    1. Thank you, dahling! So much fun!
      Where would I be without my models?
      I maintain – I am the only blogger whose #1 emoji is a sponge!
      Kiss away Hera!

        1. Well, it’s a good blame! Love Hera!
          Sweet puppies and kittens need us to love them. Okay cats and dogs…. but aren’t they always our puppies and kittens?

    1. Thank you, Eddie! I think the fact that all the ladies are real, makes it work.
      They are lots of fun. Each is special. It’s an honour to have them for my models!

  4. Oh my goodness, Sorceress! You have outdone yourself. This is marvellously and magically musical. You do make us look absolutely stunning!

    1. Thank you, Merril!
      The AGMs are truly gorgeous. What would I do without the models?
      I love that they are all real people! They each inspire me in unique ways.

  5. Brava dear Resa. This is spectacular. So beautiful, so detailed and creative, and unique The gowns and AGM’s are amazing. Imagine me being in on the absolutely stunning dedication that I am about to reveal. Is it any wonder that you are unforgettable lovely! xoxoxo

    1. Dahling Meece!
      You are in on everything!
      Thank you for your sweet words!
      You are unforgettably lovey, too!!!!
      Going to go see your post now! Eeeeeeeeee!

      1. I’m climbing a stairway to heaven dear Meece. You have outdone yourself with this display of the absolute most gorgeous gown sketches that with a thread and thimble you could make come alive, that is how gifted you are. I love the dedication to you, it’s beautiful. I imagine there are so many who remember you and hold you in their hearts forever for the stunning woman and human being that you are. xoxoxo

          1. I’m back!
            …. and I adore you! We do have a special rapport.
            Thread and thimble… nice. Yes, it is interesting that I can actually make the gowns.
            When I was in college, the fashion industry was alive and well in the world.
            I had a boutique filled with my designs.
            Fast fashion and over priced designer clothes changed everything.
            The education I got became almost obsolete. It’s lucky I wound up in the film industry. It’s a cool career, but not what I set out to do.
            Art Gowns has been my chance to design and build my creations out of recycled, repurposed, unwanted fabrics, etc.. It’s like making swans out of ugly ducklings.
            It means a lot to have RR & the AGMs model for me.
            Boogapony is the most fun.
            LOL, who’d have thought I would be drawing PBH, a super hero who changes costumes? You, that’s who!
            We might be having more fun than allowed, but oh well!!!

    2. Thank so much dear Holly! Your dedication is poetry to my heart!
      Obviously I saw your reblog. It’s perfect!
      You are such a sweet and cool friend. 👯‍♀️
      So, I will be painting RR or AGM Holly tonight. It can be either at this point. (Music night)
      I drew it awhile ago. It’s a gown and crown of Irises. I got inspired by Tim’s Iris shots.
      Thank you, dahling!!!

      1. Ahhh, you touch my heart dear lovely Resa and it’s all from my heart. I know you are unforgettable and there are so many dedications out there to you. Richard is such a special talent, I’m blown away by his gift of song! That guitar is awesome too! xoxoxo

    3. Holly – you and Resa are a dynamic force for life-affirming moments. A few days ago I was reading from your poetry collection and came across this poem that resonated because it provided a wonderful reflection upon adventures, summer, freedom.

      This summer I will
      Indulge in originality
      And lose myself in
      Lie down in the shadow of skyscrapers
      On a metaphor of meadows
      Spread out on clouds of Aristophanes

      In hedonistic adventures
      I will risk the wrath of gods
      While between breaths
      In your day-dreaming tongue
      Your translate “the Song of Songs for me.”

      – Holly, House of Heart

      1. Ahh, Rebecca thank you so much. You are the sweet lady who is so inspiring and encouraging. You’re so appreciated! Btw, I think Resa has nailed your style to a T, gorgeous dahling!

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      1. No, no cat, I lost 2 of them….lessons learned and besides, I will have to cut down on many expenses, retirement funds are barely enough for rent, food, art supplies and some beer once in a while…:) I could probably have taken care of the last one if I had taken her soon enough to the vet, even if it would have cost too much to handle…maybe I will have to keep working..

    1. Well, welcome to the party!
      I guess working in the entertainment industry most of my career has affected me.
      Thank you for your lovely comment!
      I’ll be by soon. I’m having browser issues. Hopefully I can clear this up quickly!

  7. That was soooo much fun. I love the drawings and you always make me beautiful…thank you. LOL I’ve never been dressed so lavishly, and your stories and the other models are fabulous. You never fail to amaze and make all of us happy. Thank you. Just love it. XXOO

    1. Yay!
      Thank you, Gi!
      It’s meant to be fun. It’s easy to dress lavishly when all it costs is paper and a few art supplies.
      Even my actual Art Gowns are made from trash… in a sense. Recycled, repurposed, salvaged fabrics, old curtains….old anything. XOXO

  8. A delightful post from beginning to end–and so very clever! I hadn’t heard “Step Darlin'” before. I’ve saved it to my favorites list. Thank you for a day-brightening post. It’s good to see woman dressed to the nines in elegant gowns.

    1. Thank you, Liz! Glad you like Darlin’!
      It’s a cool song!
      The best thing about drawing the gowns is all I need is paper and a few art supplies.
      I get quite lost into my drawings when I work on them. It’s like getting lost in what one is reading or writing. 🤗

  9. The gowns are all marvelous, and, yeah, the music is easier to read that way 😉 lol. Thanks for the call out. Always glad to help 🙂

    I love that Heart tribute – one of the greatest covers ever! I’ve seen it before, but there must more more to the concert since so many people took the stage at the end – I think Lenny Kravitz, David Grohl and others – I want to hear what they did as well! And as many big names in the audience – how often do you see Yo Yo Ma rocking out?

    1. Thanks for music lesson, Trent! Lol!

      The Heart tribute is brilliant! Hmm… I think YoYo MA cellos out! I wonder if he played at the tribute?
      I don’t know much about The Kennedy Centre Honours. Do they just honour 1 band at an honouring? Perhaps Kravitz was being honoured? Think I’ll look that up!
      Thanks for popping by!

    1. Holly might! Lol! So you see we are in cahoots!
      She is my main gal, but all of the AGMs are modelled from real people who I adore.
      You’ll have to ask them about their gowns. I will share equally any royalties! xoxo

  10. Hyperion

    What a wonderful evening of entertainment you’ve lined up here, Resa. You and the AGM ladies are truly a memorable play in the theater of life. Music is the vibration of the soul.

    1. Thank you, dahling!
      My blog is a bit like theatre. Someone said my posts are like parties.
      Anyway, it’s all for fun over here. There’s enough work to do in life, never mind making my blog a job.
      Take care! 🎼💙🎼

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  12. My dear Resa, how wonderful to be the Art Director and be a part of your stellar events. You see the world through music, colour, you understand emotional nuances that flow within a community. You bring glamour and sophistication – most of all you bring hope that we can change the world together. Thank you for your generosity of spirit that welcomes us all.

    1. Dear Rebecca,
      I’m so happy to hear you say this…I mean you have been kidnapped to Erbos to art direct an otherworld fashion show, had a colourful fashion show turn to B&W and watched the AGMs get sucked up into an evil cloud.
      What a trooper!
      However, I suspect you are here for the Palazzo Pants. 😉
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! Love having you on board!
      Resa xoxo

  13. Wonderful Resa. Magic gowns and magic music. (I loved the tribute to Led Zeppelin with the “old” gentlemen brushing a tear away… (I still have that LP…)

    1. Thank you, Brian! 🤗💕🤗💕
      S2H is one of the best selling rock songs of all time.
      I adore it, and especially Heart’s tribute.
      My N still has that album, too!Some things are meant to be kept.
      Do you have a turntable?

      1. Yes, ma’am, Ah du (as Elvis would have said)
        I’ve kept most my LP’s. The Double White, Sgt Peppers. Fleet Mac’s second album, Cream live… Just to name a few. And I play them occasionally. Magic…
        I do have a Leonard Cohen’s best of. Mid seventies maybe? Or a bit later?

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